The Real Cost of Luxury: Understanding Why Maseratis Lose Value

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Why Maserati lose value?10 things you should know about why Maserati cars have such crazy depreciation- Car Buying Guide

I am planning to buy a Maserati and doing a lot of research on the car before I purchase one. 

This article is about Why Maserati Depreciates so fast and loose its value.

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A Maserati is not worth a third of its purchase price, neither is a Ferrari, nor a Bugatti, Mercedes, and Audi but much of those cars buyer market is old enough to remember how good they actually used to be once upon a time! 

They buy on an age-based remembrance!

The depreciation on a Maserati is probably no worse than it is on a lot of other expensive European brands and the issue is…… Age!

Before the European Union formed the various European countries produced products of outstanding quality, it had to be done once and done right, and  hell ya, it was!

The British Land Rover opened up the world. Every continents expansion is due to the remarkable reliability of the Land Rover. 

The only reason Toyota called their imitation the ‘Land Cruiser’ was because it was close as they could get to Land Rover without actually calling their offering Land Rover.

The French Peugeot was legendary for its reliability. It indeed won every endurance rally around the world. 

It along with Renault and Citroen with their 2CV vehicles were just outstanding quality.

The Italians with Alfa RomeoFerrari, Bugatti consistently won almost all GP races prior to the 1960s. Their vehicles were of outstanding quality.

The Germans gained a reputation for excellence with Mercedes Benz and to a lesser extent Volkswagen.

Every country in Western Europe produced revered and sought-after vehicles, including the Maserati.

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Luxury automobile manufacturer Maserati is well-known for its production of high-performance sports cars as well as SUVs. However, just like any other type of automobile, the value of a Maserati might depreciate over time due to a variety of factors.

The following are some of the potential contributors to the depreciation of the Maserati brand:

  • The age of the vehicle: A car’s worth may decrease as it gets older due to the natural wear and tear that occurs with age as well as the availability of newer models.
  • The state in which the vehicle is currently: In most cases, a Maserati that has been well-maintained will hold onto more of its value than one that has not been well-cared for.
  • The model, and the trim level that it has: There is a possibility that the value of some Maserati models and levels of trim will remain stable for longer than others.
  • The balance of the market’s supply and demand: It is possible for the value of Maseratis to decrease if there is a strong supply of the vehicles in comparison to the demand for them.
  • The effectiveness of the brand in its entirety: There is a correlation between the financial health and performance of the Maserati brand and the value of its automobiles.
  • The cost of repairs and upkeep: If a Maserati needs expensive repairs or has high maintenance needs, the value of the car may decline as a result.
  • The other contenders: The value of a Maserati vehicle could go up or down depending on how many other luxury sports car manufacturers are available on the market.
  • The demand for the model can have an impact on its value, as can the popularity of the model. Some Maserati models may be in higher demand and popularity than others.
  • The vehicle’s original price when it was purchased: It is possible that the value of a Maserati that was purchased for a high price will decrease more rapidly than the value of a Maserati that was purchased for a lower price.
  • The number of miles driven by the vehicle: The value of a Maserati may be decreased if it has a higher mileage than one with a smaller amount of miles driven.
  • If you have a good understanding of these elements, you will be able to make a more educated decision on the purchase of a Maserati and will also be able to better plan for the possible depreciation of the car.”

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Maserati, like other more exotic brands, is prone to depreciation since its dependability is widely unknown, and demand remains weak, owing to this. 

Well, there are NO Italian automobiles that are considered to be very reliable, and they all have a poor track record when it comes to depreciation.

What makes Maserati so bad when it comes to Resale value?

The brand isn’t recognised for being very dependable, with the most typical problems being electrical or axle and suspension-related. 

Unfortunately, despite the fact that Maserati is getting more popular among purchasers, its reliability has not improved much.

So why does Maserati Depreciate so fast -10 Reasons why Maserati loose value: Find out in this article.Why Maserati lose value?10 things you should know

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Why Maserati lose value?10 things you should know

1. Maserati is UNKNOWN cool brand

Maserati automobiles depreciate at about the same rate as any other luxury vehicle manufacturer, with an average three-year depreciation rate of roughly 45 per cent.

One of the main reasons is that Maserati is an UNKNOWN cool brand among many people who have no knowledge of the car industry but have enough money to buy these kinds of cars. 

Also, the main reason is not even because they want but because they believe other people want, those kinds of people just need to boost their ego, just feel other people look at them!

As Maserati is quite an Unknown cool Brand unlike the more famous Porsche,  people do not want to buy Maserati thinking that no one will recognise the car like a Lombergini. or a Porsche or a Mercedes Benz.

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2.Reselling Maserati is hard

The Highly depreciation Happen when is very hard selling used(pre-owned)  models, which happens mostly for the reason I just explained, most people with that budget want a fancy car for getting attention from people and not because really want to enjoy the car.

People who are looking at Exotic cars and if they cannot afford Ferrari or a  Lamborghini,  they have to look one step down, they’re the first choice will be Porsche. 

Independently of the model Porsche is better or not, but Porsche is a more well-known brand and will push much more they’re ego driving around than

Maserati, on the other hand, people will worry if everyone knows that brand, they don’t, wanna feel the risk of someone around doesn’t look at them like something unbelievable.

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3.Fixing old Maserati is not easy

If you buy a Maserati with 10 years and over 160.000 km, is normal anything could be broken any time!

The difference is because those people are trained with old Mercedes, Audi and BMW, what they sell much more cars and their engine is used in a lot of models and after 10 years cheap parts  can be found easily online and can fix many things very cheap.

However, with Maserati  you wouldn’t find cheap parts even after 10 years. 

This is  because the stock is much short  than any everyday brand car.  So, when a Maserati model becomes old, all the stock of spare parts are not sold at a cheap price . 

They will never sell because every day is fewer people interested in that parts and everyday is fewer people interested in taking in consideration of fixing an old car.


4. Repairs are Expensive

Repairs/parts are expensive, (but if you can afford one, that isn’t a problem).

In conclusion, Maserati isn’t very dependable. 

At all. Their exclusivity means that they do not have the mass-production set up that many of their competitors have, which goes some way in improving reliability. 

This also means that they are expensive to repair and the parts can take a long time to source.

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5. Reliability is UnKnown

Maserati, like other more exotic brands tend to depreciate because the reliability is largely unknown and demand remains less. 

Unfortunately ,there are no Italian cars that are considered all that reliable, and they all tend to not do well when it comes to depreciation.

If you want to know the real depreciation of cars, ask the dealer to quote you some lease rates and look at the residual value as a percent of the total value. 

Compare it to other models and brands.

German cars come out a little better, but not by much. Take a look at the depreciation of an S-class Mercedes. 

It’s terrible. Again, it largely tracks with perceived costs to repair in the used market.

But assuming Maserati is a good car, I think everybody knows someone with a Porsche or a Mercedes that is permanently parked and taking up space in their garage, while the car that runs and they use everyday sits out in the weather.

Luxury cars in general face horrible depreciation. Most are sold to people who lease them and probably manage to get a tax write off, like a lawyer, who claims he uses the car for work.

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6. Maserati Used Car Market is dismal.

The used market for these cars is dismal.

They are so expensive to own that if you can afford to maintain one, why would you buy a used one?

These cars are about status and used cars are not the pinnacle of status. Period!

Many of these cars are so cutting edge that they don’t last very long before requiring insane amounts of expensive maintenance.

Buying one with 50,000 miles on the clock is just…well, Not so Great!

Some of these cars are just the descendants of great cars…like the Maserati. 

Maserati  hasn’t been a player in the market for decades.

They hang on by the strength of their name but there isn’t much substance there.

5 Reasons Why is Maserati not popular

7.Expensive to maintain a Maserati

Like any luxury automobile, they become expensive to repair and keep on the road as they age. 

Parts and experienced good service personnel will likely only be available at a dealership. 

These are not high volume cars, replacement parts are not manufactured under large scale economies.

The dealer network will have to warehouse parts for years before they move.

Somebody has to pay for this, it will be the customer in the end. 

Aftermarket suppliers are simply not going to start to manufacture parts for something that has little or no value.

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8. Frequent Crash damage

Maserati cars have a tendency to sustain frequent crash damage and once you have one there isn’t really a lot you can do with one.

For instance they struggle on the road where I live due to the speed bumps (and busses and pedestrian crossings) and if you go on the main road there are average speed cameras set to 50 mph all the way to the motorway and then they are set to 70 mph (usually, can be less if busy.)

The last one seen in these parts was trashed by a weekend renter who failed to get around a corner on the motorway!!!.

The one before was seized for being uninsured.

9. Replacing parts is Expensive

Maserati’s lose value also because the replacement parts are very expensive, there aren’t enough sold to have a used parts market, and the tools and knowledge to repair them is largely proprietary.

So, once they get to the point that lots of maintenance or repairs are needed, they are not economically feasible to buy due to the grievous cost of repairs in labor and required tools/parts.

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10. Outrageous service and parts costs

Stephen S says “Horrible reliability coupled with outrageous service and parts costs makes Maserati lose value crazy.

Maserati is a low production import brand. Which means parts are in short supply and expensive.

And service technicians that know how to service that makes are in short supply as well and expensive.

Oh, and the horrible reliability and quality control. That goes for most if not all European brands in the American market.

Parts for exotic brands like Maserati tend to run about ten times or more than for say, a Toyota or a Honda.

Part of the reason is they’re not produced in enough numbers to benefit from after-market parts.

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Few Interesting Q&A about Maserati

What is the most dependable Maserati?

Reportedly, Maserati’s best-seller is also their most reliable automobile. 

The Maserati GranTurismo was debuted in 2007 and has already sold approximately six thousand copies.

It’s ranked as the highest in terms of dependability, although Maserati as a whole doesn’t score very well in these measures.

Is Maserati a cheaper alternative to Ferrari?

Maserati is a well-known Italian automobile manufacturer. Maserati is often referred to as the “poor man’s Ferrari” because of this.

The Italian trident-wearing automobiles come with a Ferrari-derived engine in a vehicle that sells for less money.

What is it about Maseratis that makes them sound so good?

The sound of a Maserati engine, according to a research undertaken by a British insurance firm, is aphrodisiac. 

Many people have changed their vehicles to improve their sound.

Is a Maserati GT reliable?

Maserati has not had the greatest experience with dependability but since since Ferrari took ownership, things have changed dramatically. 

Both engines have been on sale in the GranTurismo and GranCabrio for years now and have shown to be quite dependable.

How frequently does a Maserati require an oil change?

Most Maserati cars only need a synthetic oil change once per year or every 10,000 to 15,000 miles.

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Final Thoughts

Luxury cars in general face horrible depreciation including Maserati. 

Most are sold to people who lease them and probably manage to get a tax write off, like a lawyer, who claims he uses the car for work.

The irony of used luxury cars is that if you have the money to fix them, it means you have the money to buy a new one, and it will come with a warranty.

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