✅Why is Maserati not popular as Porsche cars for Road trips- 5 Useful facts to know

5 Reasons Why is Maserati not popular compared to Porsche

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This article is about why Maserati is not as popular as its counterparts Porsche.  

I’m planning to buy my next Exotic car ( After having my Luxury Mercedes for a few Years now).

So I did a lot of Readings and Online research. This is what I found.

Maseratis are Not so good automobiles because they are costly to maintain and have poor interiors.

The suspension is sluggish and causes significant body roll in corners. 

Plus, in terms of dependability, they are extremely expensive to maintain, as their parts are expensive and frequently fail.

They have, in my opinion, the best exhaust note of any automobile, but that is their sole redeeming quality.

Porsche, on the other hand, has superior straight-line and cornering performance and is the most dependable German automaker. 

The only problem is that when parts fail or you need to replace common items, they cost a lot more than a typical Subaru.

Maserati and Porsche are two luxury car manufacturers known for producing high-performance sports cars. Porsche, on the other hand, is more popular than Maserati, thanks to a long history of producing iconic and successful models such as the 911.

One possible explanation is that Porsche has a larger and more diverse product lineup, which includes SUVs and sedans as well as sports cars.

Maserati, on the other hand, focuses on sports cars and SUVs, which may appeal to a more specialised market.

Porsche also has a strong brand reputation and a loyal customer base, which can help to boost its overall popularity. However, both Maserati and Porsche produce exceptional vehicles, and the choice between the two ultimately comes down to personal preference and individual needs.

Why are Maseratis not as popular as Porsche cars for Road trips?

Rick M says “As a dealer… whenever you sell one it seems to come back to haunt you.

Reliability issues, expensive to service, the build quality on the Ghibli is shocking, weak tech, etc.

Better cars exist for the money, or for even less”

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Maserati Cars:

Maserati automobiles depreciate at about the same rate as any other luxury vehicle manufacturer, with an average three-year depreciation rate of roughly 45 per cent.

One of the main reasons is that Maserati is an UNKNOWN cool brand among many people who have no knowledge of the car industry but have enough money to buy these kinds of cars 

As Maserati is quite an Unknown cool Brand unlike the more famous Porsche or Mercedes,  people do not want to buy Maserati thinking that no one will recognise the car like a Lamborghini. or a Porsche or a Mercedes Benz.

Porsche Cars

Porsche produces cars that are brilliant engineering marvels, dependable, and so versatile that their fastest supercars can be used as a daily commuter car with no problems. 

Porsche’s engineering prowess and build quality rival that of Ferrari and Lamborghini. 

Porsche’s R&D department is active, and its vehicles are constantly tested throughout the year.

Maserati on the other hand is known to have inculcated very poor and scarce R & D, with very few developments and improvements taking place over a span of many years.

Porsche is just better than them in every aspect.

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Porsche has the most recognisable car shape in the entire automotive industry. 

Everyone knows what a Porsche 911 is, and when you combine that with the fact that they have the best engineering and technology of any company, you have a recipe for success.

Porsches frequently punch above their weight; they’re quality products with good performances and superb engineering; any 911/Cayman is a good example, as is the 918 against the rest of the Holy Trinity.

Maserati has the issue that it is an Italian supercar brand, when you think of Italian supercars, you immediately think of Ferrari, or Lamborghini, and now Pagani.com to an extent.

It’s even worse that they don’t have the best record in reliability and performance (when compared to other supercars), newer cars don’t have the same character as their 50’s and 60’s models.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is the company which owns both Maserati and Ferrari.. Maseratis are, however, the forgotten stepchild in that relationship. Maserati’s Reliability is quite poor, and they fail to meet any of the good benchmarks. They aren’t particularly good in any category. 

However, Porsche, for example, has a long racing history and is well-known. 

Ferrari and Lamborghini are two of those cars that you saw as a kid and wished you could own.

Maserati does not have the same brand recognition as Ferrari.

Another big issue is that Maserati is  Ferrari’s sister company, they’ll always be in their shadow, unfortunately.

Maserati Ghibli: Too Average A Build

Getting a Maserati is a dream for many people because it is a status symbol unlike any other. 

At $75,000, the Maserati Ghibli does not appear to be an expensive car – after all, it is a Maserati – and does entice people to buy it in order to join the exclusive Maserati owners’ league.

Regrettably, the Ghibli is rarely rated highly among midsize sedans. There’s also the matter of its unimpressive reliability rating to consider.

Simply put, the Ghibli is not what you’d expect from a Maserati, even if it is the entry-level model.

The Ghibli is not what Maserati dreams are made of, with its unimpressive design and low power output.


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The Maserati GranTurismo

The Maserati GranTurismo has a 4.7-liter V8 engine with a flat plane crank that growls like a T-Rex at high speeds. 

However, despite its race car-like sounds and performance, the GranTurismo does not hold its value. 

You pay more than $130,000 for it, and it sells for $50,000 after five years.

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Technically, you’ve just spent $80,000 in five years on a car that no one wants to buy used because it’s out of warranty. Maserati also does not prioritise dependability.

Why does Maserati get so much hate?

Sopana( Maserati owner) says ” I admit that I am not a huge Maserati follower, but, as far as I know, they sell overpriced old technology and their cars are not reliable at all. 

It’s a shame because I remember how the old generation Quattroporte (the one made in the 2000s) was a beautiful sedan, and their engines sound amazing. 

Their current models are also stunning.

As for the brand’s discontinuation, I don’t think it will happen. 

I believe FCA will give more attention to Maserati and revitalize it, just like they did with Alfa Romeo.”

As per Dega F

“Maserati’s are a self-identifying flag that says “I have more money than knowledge of cars”.

Unreliability coupled with expensive repairs that take longer due to parts availability and you have a rather perfect storm. “

Mesarati’s Reliability is Unknown!!

Maserati, like other more exotic brands tend to depreciate because the reliability is largely unknown and demand remains soft, mostly for that reason. 

There are no Italian cars that are considered all that reliable, unfortunately, and they all tend to not do well when it comes to depreciation.

Expensive to maintain a Maserati

Like any luxury automobile, they become expensive to repair and keep on the road as they age. 

Parts and experienced service personnel will likely only be available at a dealership. 

These are not high volume cars, replacement parts are not manufactured under large scale economies.

The dealer network will have to warehouse parts for years before they move. 

Somebody has to pay for this, it will be the customer in the end. 

Aftermarket suppliers are simply not going to start to manufacture parts for something that has little or no value.

Think of a Chevrolet being sold in Russia. There will be so few of them, no local manufacturers would even think of manufacturing parts. 

Anything necessary will have to be imported from the USA, one piece at a time.

There will be many (Quite too MANY) repair records from the owners of three different Maserati sedans that I know.More time spent in the shop for those repairs as well.

Replacing parts is Expensive

Maserati’s lose value also because the replacement parts are very expensive, there aren’t enough sold to have a used parts market, and the tools and knowledge to repair them is largely proprietary.

So, once they get to the point that lots of maintenance or repairs are needed, they are not economically feasible to buy due to the grievous cost of repairs in labor and required tools/parts.

Outrageous service and parts costs

Stephen S says “Horrible reliability coupled with outrageous service and parts costs makes Maserati lose value crazy.

Maserati is a low production import brand. Which means parts are in short supply and expensive.

And service technicians that know how to service that makes are in short supply as well and expensive.

Oh, and the horrible reliability and quality control. 

That goes for most if not all European brands in the American market. 

Parts for exotic brands like Maserati tend to run about ten times or more than for say, a Toyota or a Honda. 

Part of the reason is they’re not produced in enough numbers to benefit from after-market parts.

Fiat currently owns Maserati. 

For almost all its history, Fiat was known for producing cheap economy cars and never had a stellar reputation when it came to reliability and quality. The Fiat 500, when it was originally produced had a 500 cc engine

Why do people buy Maserati when it’s such a low quality car?

There are 2 categories of people who buy Maserati’s.

  1. The Smart ones – important to get this sorted out of the way first as they know Maseratis aren’t worth it. They usually buy a 5-year-old Ghibli with an extended warranty from a dealer for the price of an Accord. 
  2. I was at one point very tempted to buy one but somehow I just couldn’t bring myself to do it knowing what a rip off this car is to the consumer. Just the infotainment was impossible to operate. It will be a great car to rent for a road trip but not worth it to own in my opinion especially if it is going to be your daily driver.
  3. The Blue Blood ones –Now there are truly wealthy folks who don’t know better. The owner of digitallyDiv Web Agency is wealthy. These folks haven’t been in a Dodge to know the similarities between their Maserati’s, Benz or Porsche and a Dodge Caravan or Dart. 
  4. Many wealthy people usually change cars within 3 years odd to truly have any maintenance nightmares as well with these Italian & German beasts.

Which is better, a Porsche or a Maserati?

I’m Voting for  Porsche on this one for one very important reason.

Unlike the other exotic brands (Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, and so on), Porsche has figured out how to give their cars a level of year in and year out reliability that rivals Toyota, Ford, Honda, and Chevrolet.

At worst, they’re no fussier than a Mercedes-Benz or a BMW. They’re a car you can drive every day of the year, use for mundane errands, and just consider transportation.

Do you have any of the other exotics? Budget $5-7k per year for maintenance costs.

Whether you drive it every day or park it for the majority of the month and only take it out on a warm sunny Sunday.

That is general maintenance. If something major goes wrong, the bill will start in the five figures.

I’ve never understood why other manufacturers can’t compete with this level of performance. Yes, Porsche parts are pricey… but you don’t have to fix the damned thing very often.

And, if you’re looking for a high-performance, two-seat sports car, there’s only one car that’s more reliable and less expensive to maintain than a Porsche while still performing in the same league.

A Porsche remains a Porsche. To see how Porsche compares, Check the  bar charts here  at JD power  Initial Quality Study (IQS) and JD power  U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study.

By either of these standards, a Maserati is a revived name with no engineering continuity or proven quality.

The success of such efforts is hit or miss. Westinghouse TV is another revived name. 

So, in the grand scheme of things, Maserati is just an attempt to capitalize on an old, fine brand name. It remains to be seen whether the engineering that goes into it is up to the task.

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