So, which Mercedes Models have 360 degree cameras ?

This post contains affiliate links, which means we'll receive a commission if you purchase through our links, at no extra cost to you. Read the disclosure here.
This post contains affiliate links, which means we'll receive a commission if you purchase through our links, at no extra cost to you. Read the Disclosure here.

Mercedes introduced the 360° camera a few years ago, and since then, a 360° camera has been available for every Mercedes model, commercial or non-commercial.

In different markets, the 360° parking camera is included as part of the Parking Package or the Vision Package.

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A 360° camera is a useful piece of technology that improves safety and makes parking and manoeuvring in tight spaces as simple as possible. 

Almost all newer cars come with optional 360° cameras, and some governments even require reversing cameras to be standard equipment on all newer vehicles.

The Parking package with 360-degree camera is optionally available for the V-Class and V-Class AVANTGARDE, and standard equipment for the V-Class EXCLUSIVE.

The following Mercedes vehicles are equipped with 360-degree cameras that helpful for Road trips.

  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class
  • Mercedes-Benz E-Class
  • Mercedes-Benz C-Class
  • Mercedes-Benz GLE
  • Mercedes-Benz GLS
  • Mercedes-Benz GLC
  • Mercedes-Benz CLS
  • Mercedes-Benz SL
  • Mercedes-Benz AMG GT
  • Mercedes-Benz A-Class

It’s important to note that the availability of 360-degree cameras may vary by model year and trim level. For the most recent information, it’s always best to contact your local Mercedes dealership.

What 360 degrees Camera for cars?

A gadget known as a 360-degree camera projects a view from above your vehicle, taking in the surroundings around it as well as the vehicle itself.

That is to say, the image that is being projected onto the display screen of your car is quite similar to the image that would be captured by a drone or blimp.

In addition, a proximity alert and a split view image are two additional capabilities that work in tandem with a 360-degree camera.

360° camera capability

A Mercedes 360° camera is made up of four or more cameras, one on the front bumper, two on the mirrors, and one on the rear bumper. 

These cameras are intended to provide visual assistance in parking situations, as well as in other scenarios such as off-roading or as dash cams in crash situations. 

These cameras also have additional features, such as night vision, which allows you to see pedestrians or animals in low-light situations, as well as potential hazards on the road ahead. 

These cameras can also read traffic signs and display speed limits and other useful information on your dashboard.

These cameras also include advanced parking sensors that work in tandem with the camera to precisely determine the position of the car in seconds. 

When reversing, Mercedes models also show live directions of travel, which makes it easy to park exactly between the lines.


In fact, Mercedes vehicles with 360-degree cameras can be helpful on long drives. The 360-degree camera system offers a thorough picture of the area around the vehicle, making it simpler to move in confined spaces, park in tight spaces, and avoid obstructions on the road.

The 360-degree video system can also be quite useful in unfamiliar locations where it may be difficult to see traffic signs and landmarks. The technology can assist drivers in staying on route and avoiding getting lost by giving a bird’s eye perspective of their surroundings.

The 360-degree camera system is a useful feature for all drivers, but it is especially useful for individuals who frequently travel by road or manoeuvre through new terrain.

Beneficial Aspects of a Camera System Capable of 360 Degrees

In other words, it gives you an aerial perspective of your car as well as a vision that extends several feet in all directions surrounding it.

Split-View screen: When your vehicle is in reverse, a rearview or backup camera will only display what is immediately behind your vehicle on the screen.

The view from the 360-degree camera encompasses not just your car but also the surroundings in all directions.

When you are backing up with a 360 camera, the split-screen displays the image from the rearview camera as well as the image from the surrounding-view camera.

This dual-image is especially helpful when parallel parking or pulling into a tight parking place in a parking lot or parking garage since it allows you to see both sides of the road at once. When backing into a space like that, having this ability is quite helpful.

Warning about closeness:You can easily see an object behind you and adjust your path if you have a camera that captures a 360-degree view.

Why is a 360-degree camera the best option for this?

Even if you already have some kind of protection, it’s possible that you won’t be able to pinpoint the exact location of that thing.

Off-roading applications: Despite the fact that 360-degree cameras are advantageous as a safety feature, they are also useful in other contexts, such as while off-roading.

When four-wheeling off-road, one of the most significant advantages is to have an unobstructed vision of the terrain, including any objects or obstacles that may be in the driver’s path.

Because larger automobiles require it: Now, allow me to present the Captain.

Obvious rule: The larger the vehicle, the more useful a camera that captures a full 360 degrees will be.

Which mercedes has 360 deg Camera

  • Mercedes-Benz X-Class: has the Parking Package with 360° camera.
  • Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupé
  • Mercedes-Benz C-Class: safety. The Parking package with 360° camera in the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Saloon makes it easier to find a parking space and park in as well as manoeuvre out of it.
  • Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV: safety. The GLC SUV comes standard with a Parking Package that includes a 360-degree camera, which gives the driver a virtual all-around vision while parking and manoeuvring the vehicle.
  • Automatic high-beam assist and a 360-degree video system are now available on a GLC300.

Pro Note: The Parking Package of Mercedes Benz: , which includes a 360-degree camera, can provide the driver with a better view of their surroundings and assist them with parking and manoeuvring more easily.

The 360-degree camera gives the driver a bird’s-eye perspective as well as a view from below the window line, allowing them to see the area directly surrounding the car.

Parking Package with a Camera Rotating 360 Degrees

Easier parking and manoeuvring.
The Parking Package provides support for both the search for available parking spaces and any parking manoeuvres that may be required.

The Parking Package includes a 360-degree camera that assists the driver in finding a parking space, parking in that space, and leaving the parking area.

The Parking Pilot will search for places that are either parallel to the vehicle or at an angle of ninety degrees that are acceptable for it, and it will then automatically manoeuvre the vehicle into those spaces.

The area immediately surrounding the vehicle may be seen with the 360-degree camera, both from above and below the window line, providing a comprehensive perspective.

It is also helpful in identifying any barriers that may be in the surrounding area.

The grille of the car has a camera installed, as does each of the vehicle’s outside side mirrors and the handle of the tailgate.

The other camera is located in the tailgate. On the media display, reproductions of their likenesses can be seen.

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Camera modes that rotate 360 degrees

As previously stated, this system consists of at least four cameras that cover the entire surrounding area of the car at all times. 

Depending on the situation, modern Mercedes models offer a variety of camera modes and angles.

The first mode is the standard reversing camera. 

This camera is usually located above the licence plate, and some Mercedes models, such as the E-class sedan, use a pop-up camera, which is a good idea because a rear-view camera tends to accumulate a lot of dirt and grime, rendering it unusable in some vehicles.

In most cases, the mirror housings house two cameras that cover the sides of the vehicle. 

These cameras also have additional functionalities and modes, such as junction modes and visual parking assistance modes, which help you avoid curbing your wheels when parking. 

These cameras are also useful for off-roading.

The AI 360° mode, which uses all of the cameras at once and provides you with an outside view of the car that looks incredibly futuristic because these systems are the pinnacle of automotive visual assistance technologies, is probably the coolest of them all.

Mercedes-Benz Parking Package equipped with a 360-degree camera

If you want the full functionality of the Mercedes 360° camera, you must opt for Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC, which includes the most advanced Mercedes visual assistance features currently available. 

This system utilises 12 ultrasound parking sensors, four in the front and rear, and two on each side.

This system immediately displays a crisp and clear representation of the current parking situation on your infotainment screen once you begin using the cameras. 

The system is capable of actively searching for available parking spaces in the cars around you and recommending a location for you to park.

The most advanced versions of these systems, which are standard on the new S-class, are even capable of driving the car autonomously in a variety of situations. 

Additionally, this system includes additional multi-purpose cameras on the vehicle, and when combined with Intelligent Drive and 4-wheel steer, this system is capable of parking the vehicle even when the driver is not present.

Mercedes Parking Package with a 360-degree camera is available.

If you want to take advantage of the full Mercedes 360° camera functionality, you must choose the Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC, which provides the best Mercedes visual assistance features currently available on the market. 

Each of the 12 ultrasound parking sensors, four on the front and back and two on each side, make up this system.

Using the cameras, you will be able to see a crisp and clear representation of your specific parking situation on your infotainment screen in real time the moment you begin using the system.

The system is capable of actively searching for available parking spaces in the cars in your immediate vicinity and recommending a parking location to you.

The most advanced versions of these systems, such as those found in the new S-class, are even capable of driving the vehicle autonomously in a variety of situations.

This system also includes additional multi-purpose cameras mounted on the vehicle, and when used in conjunction with the Intelligent Drive and 4-wheel steer options, this system is capable of parking the vehicle even when the driver is not present.

The Mercedes 360° camera system is extremely advanced, and it is used in many of the vehicle’s safety and luxury features as well as other aspects of the vehicle.

And those advantages are not available with aftermarket 360° cameras, and aside from the cost, there is no other reason why an aftermarket system would ever be superior to the original system in terms of performance.

Is the Mercedes 360° camera system dependable, and are there any limitations to its capabilities?

 The modern-day system installed in newer Mercedes models has undergone extensive testing before being introduced to the market, and Mercedes is confident that the new system will be as reliable as any other mandatory system in the vehicle when in use. 

These systems are becoming increasingly common, and in the future, a 360-degree camera, similar to the reversing camera, may become a standard feature.

A number of different scenarios, such as when the doors or the tailgate are opened, will prevent this system from functioning properly. 

It will also not respond if your mirrors are folded in or if the weather conditions are extremely poor outside your home. In addition, if the system is damaged or extremely dirty, it will not function.

You should never rely solely on automobile safety features, because the car manufacturer will never accept responsibility if the system fails to detect any potential hazards on the road. 

These systems are not intended to replace your eyes; rather, they are intended to assist you.

Parking package with 360° camera.

Park in a more relaxed, less stressful manner. The combination of PARKTRONIC Parking Assist and the 360° camera supports you even when looking for a parking space, as well as when entering and leaving a parking space and manoeuvring. 

The all-round view thanks to the 360° camera including a virtual bird’s-eye view is particularly impressive.


  • PARKTRONIC Parking Assist with display of detected parking spaces in the instrument cluster plus visual and audible warning of detected obstacles.
  • Provides assistance by accelerating, braking and steering plus changing gear in conj. with automatic transmission when reversing into and out of parallel and end-on parking spaces; end-on spaces can also be driven into forwards.
  • 360° camera with 4 networked short-range cameras in the radiator grille, next to the release handle in the tailgate plus in the exterior mirror housings for displaying all four vehicle sides and visualising the vehicle and surroundings from a bird’s-eye view in the media display
  • Display of obstacles located outside the direct field of view of the driver, for example kerbs
  • Different views selectable for best possible visibility during various parking and manoeuvring moves.
  • Overlay of PARKTRONIC information corresponding to distance and position of detected obstacles in the colours green, yellow and red along the external contour of the displayed vehicle
  • If crossing traffic is detected when reversing out of a parking space, Rear Cross Traffic Alert can emit a visual and audible warning and, if necessary, initiate emergency braking automatically (only in conjunction with Active Blind Spot Assist/Blind Spot Assist).
  • Drive Away Assist can briefly reduce the moving off speed if an obstacle is detected within a distance of less than approx. 1 m when changing gear when the vehicle is stationary (only in conjunction with automatic transmission).
  • Ultrasound sensors: positioned in the front and rear bumpers
  • Button with status LED for PARKTRONIC Parking Assist ; PARKTRONIC Parking Assist is only available when PARKTRONIC Parking Assist is switched on(Source)


Frequently Asked Questions about Mercedes vehicles equipped with 360-degree cameras for travel include the following:

What exactly is meant by the term “360 camera”?

A 360-degree camera is a set of four or more cameras that capture a view of the environment on each of a vehicle’s four sides. 

This type of camera is sometimes referred to as a surround-view camera or a birds-eye view camera. 

After that, an image-processing programme takes those four perspectives, stitches them together, and places a model of the vehicle in the middle of the resulting image. 

The finished product is a display that is from the top down and gives the impression that it was shot from a drone. 

The completed image is then projected onto the touchscreen of the vehicle, or another display device, in order to assist you in parking or navigating through locations with limited space.

How much does a camera that captures 360 degrees cost?

The pricing of a 360-degree camera as a standalone option on a brand-new automobile, truck, or SUV is quite uncommon. 

If you are able to locate one, you may expect to pay between $900 and $1,200 for it. 

Car manufacturers will typically include it in the price of a model’s higher trim level, or they may sell it as part of a bundled option package. 

An aftermarket 360-degree camera set can cost anywhere from $200 to $900 depending on the features included.

Does it make sense to acquire a car that has a camera that rotates in a full circle

New automobiles priced at less than $25,000 typically do not come equipped with 360-degree cameras because of their high cost and limited availability. 

Even on models that fall within that price range, you will only find them on higher-priced trims or combined into more expensive option packages if they are available at all. 

If you are planning to spend more than $35,000 on your next new vehicle purchase, you will find that a multitude of vehicles, trucks, and SUVs have a camera that captures an entire 360 degrees. 

It is well worth the money to have this option, considering how much less stressful parking will be as a result.

A 360-degree camera system: what is it?

A group of cameras positioned all around a vehicle to give a thorough picture of the surroundings is known as a 360-degree camera system. The cameras record photos from various perspectives, which are subsequently combined to produce a bird’s-eye view of the vehicle.

What advantages can 360-degree camera systems offer for road trips?

A 360-degree video system can assist drivers with manoeuvring through parking lots, avoiding roadblocks, and staying on course in uncharted territory. It offers a thorough picture of the area around the car, making it simpler to drive confidently and prevent accidents.

Are 360-degree cameras available on all Mercedes models?

No, not every Mercedes car is equipped with a 360-degree camera. Generally speaking, this feature is offered on higher-end models and is an add-on option for some lower-end ones.

Are 360-degree cameras helpful when driving off-road?

Certainly, 360-degree cameras can be helpful when driving off-road. These can aid drivers in navigating over difficult terrain and avoiding potential blind-side hazards. It’s crucial to remember that 360-degree cameras cannot replace safe driving practises and off-road experience.

Can 360° cameras be turned off?

Absolutely, you can disable or turn off the majority of 360-degree camera systems if necessary. It’s crucial to remember that doing so could impair the driver’s vision of the area around the car and raise the likelihood of collisions.

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