What Should You NOT Say to a Car Salesperson?

What Should You NOT Say to a Car Salesperson?

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Purchasing a car can be one of the most stressful moments in one’s life, in part because people frequently fear that the salesperson will exploit them. 

While it is true that automobiles are sometimes more expensive than anticipated, this does not indicate that every salesperson is out to get you.

Nonetheless, there are several strategies you may employ to improve your chances of having a pleasant encounter, and it all begins with refraining from stating the following to your salesperson.

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I Love This Vehicle

You are permitted to fall in love with a vehicle, but you do not want to disclose this to the salesperson – at least not first.

Bear in mind that automobile costs are always adjustable, and if the salesperson knows you’re interested in a specific model, they may be inclined to increase the price slightly.

Keep your lips shut about how much you adore a particular car since this will increase the likelihood that the salesperson will jump through a few hoops to get you a good bargain.

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I Am Not Interested in Being Taken Advantage of

Believe it or not, the majority of vehicle salespeople are honest individuals looking to earn a job.

The last thing you want is to assume that the person assisting you is an untrustworthy slime. 

This indicates that you’ve already gotten off to a bad start, which can certainly put a damper on your next discussions. 

Rather than that, be cheery and positive, and most importantly, avoid saying anything that will automatically disrespect the salesman with whom you are interacting.

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I’m Buying the Car in Cash

While roughly 85 per cent of car buyers finance their vehicles, you should not disclose upfront that you are paying cash for the vehicle.

If he or she is aware that you will be paying in cash, it is considerably less likely that you will wind up getting the greatest offer. 

If salespeople know you’re going to pay cash for the automobile, they may not work as hard to offer you a decent bargain. That is all.

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Where Are the Cup Holders/Does This Have a Red Background?

We all have preferences for the colour of the car and additional features such as cup holders and a third row of seats, but the start of the talks is not the time to bring them up. 

The salesperson may believe you’re not serious about purchasing a vehicle because you’re just concerned with minor details.

Rather than that, enquire about critical factors such as gas mileage, reliability, and comparable items first.

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I’m Not Very Knowledgeable About Automobiles

This is a statement that the majority of salesmen enjoy hearing. 

If they believe you have no knowledge of automobiles, this frequently gives them permission to pressure you into purchasing an extended warranty that you may or may not need.

Before you visit the dealership, you may want to brush up on your knowledge of the vehicle you’ll be viewing in order to have it readily available should the need arise. 

Additionally, it increases the probability that they would attempt to sell you a vehicle that is more expensive in the hope that you will not notice the difference. Always keep your ignorance of automobiles to yourself.

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My Credit Isn’t That Great

Dealerships earn a significant amount of money from consumers who finance their vehicles via them, so this is welcome news for salespeople. 

Rather than that, check around for the best interest rate at several banks and credit unions before visiting the dealership, as this will give you the most influence over the monthly payment you’ll be paying once the talks are complete. 

Avoid financing through the dealership unless absolutely essential; you’ll save a fortune this way.


My Trade-In Is Conveniently Located Outside

If you inform the salesman that your present vehicle is parked outside, it is likely that someone from the dealership will request your keys in order to go outside and inspect the vehicle in order to determine its value. 

This puts you in an unpleasant situation if you want to leave before they’re finished, so it’s better to (1) avoid mentioning your present vehicle until the discussions progress further, and (2) keep your keys with you for as long as possible.

I Can Afford Only $520 Per Month

You’re likely to determine how much monthly payment you can afford before you arrive at the dealership, but the salesperson does not need to know. 

They may inform you that a $350 note is available, but does this indicate the loan would have a duration of 60 months, 72 months, or something in between?

It can become complicated if you simply throw a dollar figure out there, and you’ll almost certainly end up paying more than you intended.

I am a physician/lawyer.

To some sellers, hearing that you work in a field that typically pays a high salary may imply that you’re okay with paying a greater price for the car.

You’ll eventually be required to disclose your salary and occupation to the dealership when you complete the paperwork, but until then, it’s best to remain silent about your occupation.

If you do not, they will undoubtedly see dollar signs…

I need the New car TODAY!!

Nothing illuminates a salesperson’s eyes more than the knowledge that you cannot wait long to find a new car. 

This indicates that you’re in a rush and will likely accept whatever they offer, even if you can’t afford it. 

The truth is that the more impatient you are to get your next vehicle, the less likely the salesperson will go out on a limb for you and locate you the finest offer on the lot.

They are all aware that the more time you have, the less likely they are to be able to convince you into purchasing something you will ultimately be unable to pay.

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