Understanding the Auto Window Feature in Your Car

What makes car window go down by itself

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There are two positions for the power window down switch.

Push the button all the way down, and the window will automatically close.

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When pushed halfway down, it lowers the window until the switch is released. It is probably prudent to read your owner’s manual. 

There are some models that include an auto-down feature that may be connected to your door opener.

You could also return the vehicle to the dealer and request an explanation.

What makes car window go down by itself

The following diagram illustrates how it works with My Mercedes, and I’m guessing the majority of Luxe automobiles, are similar.

Another possibility is an auto-reverse safety feature of the window. 

I’m not sure if the passenger window has it, but I am pretty sure the driver’s window (at least) has it. 

If the closed position is programmed wrong or it is acting up in some other way, it could open the window. 

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I believe this feature opens the window about 80% of the way rather than all the way.

A short in one of the window switches for that window could also cause this.

Temporary fixes would include unplugging the door’s wiring harness near the hinge, or pulling the fuse for the window.

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How do I stop my car window from going down?

To open:

Press the window switch down to the first detent position (5) and Release the switch when you want the window to stop.

To close:

Pull the window switch up to the first detent position (5). Release the window switch when you want the window to stop.

Auto up/down window (if equipped)

Pressing or pulling up the power window switch momentarily to the second detent position (6) completely lowers or lifts the window even when the switch is released.

To stop the window at the desired position while the window is in operation, pull up or press down and release the switch.

To reset the power windows

If the power windows do not operate normally, the automatic power window system must be reset as follows:

1. Place the ignition switch to the ON position.

2. Close the window and continue pulling up on the power window.

Switch for at least one second. If the power windows do not operate properly after resetting, have the system checked by an authorized

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Will the car windows close after the engine stops?

Nowadays there is too much improved technology in the sector of the automobile. 

In many luxury cars, there is a system fitted so that the windows of the car can be rolled up once the engine is turned off.

Nowadays this system is available in many cars,  there are windows which can be controlled remotely.

In Some cars Like Mercedes and BMW power remains for some time (30-45 secs)after the engine turns off so that you can slide up your window without starting the engine again.

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However, the power window systems found in modern automobiles are quite advanced technologically. 

Nowadays, the majority of advanced and high-end vehicles feature multiple powered components, such as power windows, power doors, and power ORVMs (Outside Rear View Mirrors).

In such cases, automobile manufacturers have a difficult time condensing all the wires into one.

That is why all wires are consolidated into a single module, allowing for the monitoring of all controls.

Due to the fact that all wires are consolidated into a single module, power is transmitted directly to the central wire module and then to all four windows at the driver’s push of a button.

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Positive Proof

To be certain that the problem is electrical, connect a jumper wire directly from the battery’s positive terminal to the positive side of the motor and see whether it comes to life. 

Be careful that some window regulator systems continuously supply 12v and swap the ground side of the circuit. 

Examine the diagram. In addition, most vehicles feature the option to lock and unlock the back windows. 

If only the rears are jerky, check this switch. Occasionally, the real issue is a faulty motor.

You’ll have to get a new one. Otherwise, simply trace the wires until you identify the issue.

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Some late-model luxury vehicles have frameless windows that automatically crank open a quarter-inch or so when the doors are opened. It happens so quickly that you might not notice. 

The window opens quickly, removing the seal before the door latch is released.

After the door latch latches, it closes automatically approximately a second later.

There are two benefits to doing so. 

First, the slightly open window allows inside air to circulate, which can make doors on tightly sealed vehicles difficult to open by springing the door open against air pressure. 

It also allows the producer to instal a completely different type of seal on the top of the window. 

The seal may resemble the seal on a sedan door, with a little lip protruding over the top of the glass.

Because the glass must clear the seal when it opens and shuts, this sort of seal will not operate on frameless windows. 

This seal allows for less water and noise infiltration.

The disadvantage lies with the logic control module required to accomplish this. 

Repairs will almost certainly necessitate the use of a factory shop manual as well as potentially costly parts.

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Final Thought

Powered windows started way back and were a feature that shouted ‘luxury’ and ‘exclusivity’.

By about the 1970’s they started to appear in more and  more cars & having electric windows was a big feature, almost something to boast about.

You could even get kits to electrify your plebian, manual, windy-knob windows..

As with just about all things automotive, what started as a luxury feature (air-con, central-locking. power steering) became standard, to the extent that people generally regard a car without these feature as being cheap and substandard

It was a luxury convenience feature that became standard. It is useful to be able to lower window in other door from the driver seat, but really? A/c is better…

Yes, it can be inconvenient to have to switch the ignition back on to raise the window you forgot to raise before you switched the car off. 

However, off late many cars give that 30-45 secs window period when your car off you can use the power windows.

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