What does driving a convertible say about you? Answer is going to surprise you

What does driving a convertible say about you ?

The car market is full of different types of cars in a wide range of colours, shapes, and sizes.

Convertibles, showy sports cars, high-priced vehicles, and anything in bright red are all examples of fancy cars that are designed to catch attention. While being noticed by others, driving a car of this kind also implies that you’re willing to risk being the subject of unwelcome attention and basically you are a risk taker.

I have often wondered why car manufacturers have chosen to make cars in so many different types, colours and shapes.

What made them want to try that strategy? Studies have shown that the person who buys a car is a reflection of their personality.

As long as the buyer doesn’t think about what they’re buying, their conditioning, background, and status all play a role in what they buy.

Most drivers didn’t think about why they bought a car because they were happy with what they thought was the best choice.

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Mini cooper Convertible 2019 Model that we love

So, how does the driver know if he or she has chosen the right cars? The obvious answer is that drivers know what they like, but they haven’t thought about why they like a certain car.

We wanted to find out what drives people to buy things, so we did psychological tests, surveys, and consumer patterns. Results show that people choose a car because it shows how they are as a person.

We looked at cars Mostly convertible of all shapes, models, and colours to figure out what kind of person the driver was.

Our research said that cars were a way to show off one’s personality.

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Do you regret buying a convertible car?

Why Men Who Drive Convertibles Will Never Be Taken Seriously

Many drivers dislike convertibles because of the exposure they afford. Introvert drivers enjoy the privacy provided by an enclosed car. 

Convertible drivers appreciate life and are go-getters who live it to the fullest.

They are proud to show everyone that they are extroverts and that they enjoy a fantastic life. 

They adore living life in the fast lane with the wind in their hair. According to Compare Gurus, adventure and experiencing different destinations are high on their schedule.

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The indulgent joy of driving a top-down convertible

When you’re driving around in what would otherwise be a completely regular car, but without the roof, there’s something quite naively indulgent about it. 

Akin to skinny dipping or working without trousers at your desk, this is the automobile version of both.

Not everyone does this, or at least aspires to do so. If you had the ability to mow the grass with a flame thrower or go fishing with a clutch of hand grenades, just imagine how happy you would be. 

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That’s exactly what convertibles are for.

They take something that many people consider to be an inescapable or pedestrian aspect of life and turn it into something spectacular, and the enchantment works whether you’re stuck in traffic or speeding down your favourite back road.

We have Mini cooper Convertible which we love,  convertible that my partner & I  usually drove with the top down. Unless it was pouring cats, dogs, and horses. 

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What is it like to daily drive a convertible?

We drive  a brilliant sea Blue Mini cooper Convertible, which we still  love. 

I think it is freeing to drive a convertible everyday. There are lots of times where the weather begs for the top to go down and you just have to oblige. 

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You find yourself enjoying the moment, enjoying the drive, and enjoying life. It is almost impossible to stay stressed if the top is down. You notice nature, you notice other people, you simply soak up life.

Even when you don’t put the top down, you know you have the possibility. When the weather is the really bad, you have a reminder that it will get better.

It gets in your head that you could drive thousands of miles on your own and you enjoy it in part because the fresh air you find once in the middle of nowhere.

I have occasionally thought it would be nice to have an SUV or something but I really think I have to have a fresh air vehicle!

The issue with driving a convertible in Australia is that it’s too hot late spring & summer.  Miserable heat, not seductive, smoky, look-at-me hot. And it’s blowing a gale out there! 

When my hair was untied, it would obstruct my eyesight; when it was pulled back, it became tangled and knotted.

In other words, driving a convertible daily was much like driving any other vehicle. The roof remained above.

Driving at night in a convertible? Those were some of the best moments of my life. On some reason, going for a drive with the stars above you and the radio booming was one of those things that simply made you feel good about being alive.

Fun about 50% of the time or more, if you are in Australian cities( I live in Melbourne)

Noisy. Really noisy, so most music does not come through – forget Classical or Jazz, Rock, Pop, and Rap are the options.

Too cold or too Hot: Winters are too cold in Melbourne and Rainiy too > And summer is too hot (+35 degrees). So, Only the best time to drive Open hood i -Autumn and Spring( to some Extent).

Really fun in the Spring & early Fall. 


  • Top down & a rain squall is approaching … gotta out run it … RED LIGHT! … Soaked. … Oh well.
  • Colder then flap in the Winter!

Much, much less trunk space, which can be a real problem on road trips.

Unless you get a very new, expensive convertible, there will be shaking and vibration, and if you go over bumps or rail road tracks on a curve, you can end up going in a different direction that you originally chose.

In a mild winter, if you dress warmly and turn the heat up, you can enjoy the outside up to about 45 mph.

In hot dry desert areas, you better put the top and windows up, and turn on the air conditioning. 

Why ? The fast moving very dry air can dehydrate you faster than you can drink enough water to keep up. Also, the sun will bake or burn you unless you limit your top down time to early morning or early evening.

On the plus side, you can sometimes take oversized objects, like a ladder, that would not fit in a hard top car.

Downside is the potential theft issue if you have something valuable looking in the passenger compartment.

Would I have another one ? Yes, if it was not my only car.

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Are convertible cars more fun than regular cars?

Convertible Cars  are FUN!!

EVERYONE should get to drive around in a convertible for a several days in the course of their life.

A few people who happen to live in places with extended periods of moderate (not too hot / not too cold) temps should have access to one whenever they want to have FUN!! driving.

Do not own a convertible as their ONLY car.

They are noisier, have less (or no) storage & seating space, and are less safe (harder to see out of Plus less stiff in terms of body twist Plus don’t fare as well in wrecks) than “regular” cars.

Yes, however there are certain limitations. 

Convertibles aren’t all the same. It’s common for me to categorise things into two groups: natural and unnatural. 

Natural convertibles are automobiles that were designed from the ground up to be convertibles. 

Stiffness, less leakage, and less need for frame bracing are some of the advantages. 

Unnatural convertibles are automobiles that were originally coupes that had their roofs hacked off and replaced with a convertible top. 

These vehicles are heavier than their coupe counterparts, more susceptible to leaks, and less sporty to drive than their coupe counterparts. 

Although there are some exceptions, there aren’t many of them.

Now that that’s out of the way, I’ve been driving a Mazda MX-5 for the last six years. 

So, yes, I will be driving my convertible all year long, regardless of the weather. It’s true that if there’s snow on the ground, it doesn’t move at all. 

Even if there is only a little coating of snow, there will be no traction for your vehicle. 

For some individuals, they’re a no-no, but my wife and I find it enjoyable. 

There are certain people who refuse to ride in my wife’s car even if they are in great weather conditions.

The positive aspects:

It’s a great way to release pent-up emotions. Take a drive if you’ve had a difficult day at work and it’s a lovely day. You’ll feel the tension slip away.

You get to bask in the sun’s beams for hours at a time. You’ll enjoy the best view of the night sky when you’re on a route that isn’t near any towns. 

One of the most memorable moments of my life was when I took my daughter out for a late-night drive when the sky was lit up by a storm on one side and the stars on the other.

Radar visibility is reduced. Having less metal to bounce off of, the radar guns aiming at me will have to get closer to me, which means fewer fines. 

The truth is, it’s an advantage to me.

You see a lot more now. There are no blind spots.

Negatives Points!

You may also smell the good and the evil in the air around you. It happened to me once when I was travelling behind a huge truck that was transporting live chickens. 

This wasn’t pouring, as I originally assumed. While driving and trapped behind a garbage truck, horse trailer, or cattle transporter, the scent of it is all around me.

You’re more likely to be hit by a distracted motorist if you don’t have a roof over your head. 

There have been five instances in six years that my automobile has been struck by someone who claims they were distracted by their cell phones and didn’t notice me. 

I began running with a dashcam primarily as a means of capturing evidence in the event of an accident. 

In addition to that, I’m very certain there will be another opportunity.

Weather. Having the top down is far more acceptable to my wife than it is to me. 

If the sun is out, there isn’t much wind, and I’m not driving on the highway, I’ll open the top when the temperature is just above freezing. 

My heated seats and a heater are available, as well as an anti-freeze windshield that may keep the cold out. 

When it’s hotter than 90 degrees outside, driving with the top down and stuck in traffic isn’t all that enjoyable. 

The A/C can’t address all of your problems.

If you drive quickly enough in heavy rain and the top is down, you won’t get wet. 

As a result of traffic slowing down, spray from other cars washed over me during a test run. Perhaps further testing is necessary.

The strangest of the strange points!

During a traffic stop, strangers will approach you and start a conversation. 

They want to chat to you regardless of the vehicle they are in. 

There are moments when it’s enjoyable, and there are others when it makes you wonder where mankind is headed.

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Why are convertibles ‘girl cars’?

Depends on the girl, as with anything else.

Many girls do not  like getting their hair messed up.

 Convertibles are fun for a minute, but then your hair & skin is in knots, and you can’t hear anything because of the wind whipping past your face… 

then you sit at a red light and just COOK in the sun and get all sweaty ( Places in Australia, Florida and LA)

Do women like guys who drive convertible cars?

Some people don’t seem to grasp why a lady likes a man with a nice automobile. 

Because of the flash? Is it sexy? Is it expensive?

No. A good automobile indicates that you are financially secure. You have a steady enough income that one of your comforts is a car? Brilliant. 

So he won’t need a mother figure to provide for him? That’s a hottie.

Women prefer good-looking males. Or amusing. Or clever, attractive, or all of the above. 

A man seeking for a mate on equal terms. Believe me when I say that everything else is a bonus.

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Is driving a convertible going to make me more appealing to the ladies?

Most women want a man that will make them feel alive but will also keep them safe. It is a fine line and a car isn’t going to fix it.

If you’re already desirable to the women, a convertible might help you become even more so. 

On the other hand, if you’re an overweight 60-year-old a hole with little money, no car will have much of an impact on your relationships.

Convertibles are perceived as feminine by women. I wouldn’t wear it as a masculine option to parade about in. 

To be honest, any lady that wants to date you only because of your vehicle isn’t the sort to bother with. 

She is solely interested in your money. 

Cars and motorbikes do not provide the functions that mankind tend to believe they do. 

Hold your head up and speak like a mature guy who understands when to be a gentleman and when to let the beast within show.

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