How to Get From Marco Polo Airport to City-Cheapest and fastest Options [ Venice airport to city ]

How to Get From Marco Polo Airport to City-Cheapest and fastest Options [ Venice airport to city ]

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Tips on How to Reach Venice City from the Airport
If you are going to arrive in Venice by plane, you may be curious in how most tourists travel from the airport to their hotel or other destination in Venice. 

Since we had travelled this route three times in the past several years, we figured it was about time that I disseminated this Information to all of our friends and family members.

To begin, it is important that you be aware that the Marco Polo Airport (VCE), which is the primary international airport that serves Venice, can be found on the mainland around 13 kilometres away from the city of Venice( the Island) 

Although individuals who have previously been to Venice may find this to be self-evident, it is possible that a new visitor or a casual tourist who is making their first trip to Venice would not immediately recognise its significance.

Do you want the most convenient transfer choices and the quickest service by boat, bus, or taxi from the airport to Venice, Italy? Take a look at this article.

Taking the bus is the most cost-effective method to travel to your destination from the airport. 

However, it is necessary to be aware that Venice, Italy utilises two airports in the surrounding area. 

Treviso Airport and Marco Polo Airport got their names for this reason. Which airport do you fly out of?

I take it you were unaware of the fact. Or maybe someone gave you directions on how to go from the airport to the main part of the city! You have arrived at the correct location… 

Both of these options are quite useful to me, so keep reading to find out which one is preferable to travel to Venice from the airport…

Are you making the trip from the airport to Venice for the very first time? After then, read the rest of this page as well as the other parts because they provide a lot of information on Venice.

If you book your flight with a low-cost carrier, the Treviso Airport is most likely where you will end yourself. If you need to go from Treviso Airport (TSF) to Venice, read the information in another Blog.

if you Take a look at this map of venice Airports, the Treviso airport is located around 35 kilometres (26 miles) from Venice City. So, the Marco Polo Airport is far more convenient.

How can I travel from Venice’s Marco Polo Airport to the Venice city itself?

The Marco Polo Airport is served by major airlines.

Venice is around 10 kilometres (6.2 miles) away from the airport. there are many Airline services that provide the greatest service and has the most convenient flight schedule throughout the day, so I typically fly with them when I travel to Venice.

Water Transport from MarcoPolo to Venice city

There is water transportation available between Marco Polo Airport and Venice.

Alilaguna line is a rapid transfer service that runs between Venice Airport and Venice itself. 

Have a good day on the Alilaguna boat! The terminal and the dock are each a ten-minute walk away. You won’t get lost because there will be signs pointing you in the right direction, so don’t worry about that.

The Alilaguna boat will make stops in Lido, an area close to the Rialto Bridge, and St. Mark’s Square in Venice throughout its route. 

This boat service runs between the airport and Venice until midnight, making it feasible to travel between the two locations.

Luxe water taxis

The wharf that the Alilaguna boats depart from is the same one that the water taxis leave from. 

There is a price range of € 110–€ 250 for taking a water taxi to Venice. 

A significant disparity between their respective pricing. You may also prearrange a taxi ride to Venice, at which point you will already be aware of the cost. You will be responsible for paying the amount per group.

We tried out yet another possibility last time were in Venice. The journey from the airport to Venice in a shared water taxi costs 32 Euros and is an unforgettable experience. 

In a water taxi, there is room for a maximum of eight passengers and 10 luggage or suitcases. 

This (shared) departure point is all the way to the left of the quay, and you may locate it there. To go from the airport to Venice as quickly as possible, you should use a water taxi.

The Cheapest way to Reach Vencie City from Airport is Bus

The shuttle service provided by ATVO buses is the most convenient and cost-effective way to get between the airport and Venice. 

To purchase tickets online for the ATVO Bus departing from Marco Polo airport, please click here.

They make the journey from the airport, through Mestre, to Piazzale Roma in Venice once every half an hour. 

The trip takes around 25 minutes and costs approximately € 15 for a return ticket, while a ticket for one-way travel is € 8. The cost of the ticket includes one piece of big baggage.

One more reasonably priced bus alternative. This option is the Aerobus number 5, if you so want. 

This bus route is run by ACTV, which is the public transport company that operates all throughout Venice. 

To get to Venice from the airport, use the Aerobus. Pay close consideration! 

On the bus, you are not permitted to bring heavy luggage with you. The price of a ticket is around 8 Euros.

The Airport taxis

The quickest and most pleasant method is to take an airport taxi to Venice from Marco Polo Airport. 

This is referred known as the “auto taxi.” You are able to make reservations for these in advance, and when you arrive, the taxi will be waiting for you. 

The same rules apply whether you wish to go to an airport in the United Kingdom or the United States. Therefore, ensure that you are comfy, and get a good start on your adventure.

In any case, we thought it was enjoyable. But how can I make a reservation? 

You are guaranteed to never lose more than the pre-agreed-upon sum that was allotted for the ride. 

Now that we have that out of the way, you have some useful knowledge regarding…

The Train

It is possible to go to Venice by rail, but this is not the most convenient mode of transportation for tourists arriving at Marco Polo Airport. 

In order to reach the Mestre Train Station, you will first need to take a bus from the airport itself.

It is possible to take the train across the lagoon from this location; but, the prospect of transferring from a bus to a train after having already transferred from the bus does not seem attractive. 

Should you want to go with this alternative, however, the cost of the bus ride from Marco Polo to the train station in Mestre is only 8 euros. 

The Santa Lucia Train Station in Venice may be reached quickly and affordably by train from this location for as little as 1.5 euros.