Don’t Get Tricked: The Top 7 Used Car Scams to Watch Out For

Top 7 Used car scams to avoid while Purchasing pre-owned car

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Experts’ Top 7 Common Scams to Avoid When Buying a Used Car
There are so many different types of automobiles, and finding one that is in excellent condition can be a challenge. 

One of the most serious issues with the used automobile industry is that customers are unable to rapidly spot frequent used car frauds. Some secondhand automobiles may appear appealing at first appearance, but they may be deceiving on the inside. 

This frequently leads to unanticipated maintenance and unpleasant repair expenditures, both now and in the future.

Mileage Rollbacks

 Every sixth vehicle (16.7 percent) in the carVertical study had its mileage recorded. 

Mileage fraud is widespread among scammers who import secondhand automobiles and try to sell them with bogus odometer readings. Diesel vehicles are far more prone to mileage fraud.

If the year of the automobile does not correspond to the amount of kilometres indicated, you should be wary.

Scammers frequently tamper with the odometer or lie about the number of kilometres travelled.

Fortunately, these may be easily verified by having the automobile independently evaluated by a professional.

According to the Australian Financial Security Authority, “ask your state road assistance organisation or motor trading association for a proposal.( Source)

A single odometer adjustment is an inexpensive technique on the black market, but it may increase the value of an automobile by 25% or more, especially for highly coveted vehicles.

Cars with mileage ‘rollbacks’ may be easily identified. Typically, a vehicle’s wear and tear may speak for itself. 

If the seats, steering wheel, or gear selector are worn but the mileage seems low, purchasers should take a step back from this vehicle.

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Significantly Damaged Vehicle that appears fine at the first look

Drivers are more likely to be involved in an automobile accident as cities get congested. 

According to carVertical’s analysis, roughly one-third (31%) of all automobiles assessed through their platform suffered damage.

When shopping for an automobile, be sure that all of the gaps between the body panels are equal. 

If some gaps are bigger than others, this might suggest structural problems or shoddy fixes. Customers must scrutinise the car closely since some fraudsters try to conceal these.

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Sellers that promise/Insist to deliver the vehicle to you

A vendor proposing to transfer a car interstate in an exceptionally short amount of time is an increasingly typical scam.

They will frequently offer to accomplish this through a third-party Transport companies and will want the full cost of the vehicle up in cash.

If this occurs to you, call the police immediately.

Exchanges of solely text messages

Scammers will occasionally target internet vendors by impersonating a possible buyer.

These fraudsters will send an SMS asking an email answer. The SMS sender will pretend to be very interested in the listing and will frequently offer a substantial quantity of money.

These communications are typically sent by international fraudsters who prefer to contact by email or text message in order to translate dialogue online.

The fraudster would most likely request the seller’s PayPal information before sending a phoney receipt claiming to have sent too much money and requesting that it be refunded.

When in doubt, request a phone conversation with a possible buyer.

The vehicle was either a taxi or a rental automobile.

Some drivers are unaware that their vehicle was formerly a taxi or a rented automobile. 

Taxi drivers generally accumulate significant miles and, for the most part, transport customers on metropolitan roadways. Taxis and rented automobiles often wear out faster and are frequently neglected.

Approximately two thousand automobiles were recognised as ex-taxis or rented cars using carVertical in the previous year. It is sometimes easy to recognise these, for example, by the colour of the paintwork, although skilled fraudsters may even repaint the car. History reports are the greatest way to avoid such vehicles.

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The car’s pricing is too cheap.

 Used car Buyers  should also avoid suspiciously low-priced autos, albeit the temptation is too high for many. If the price appears to be too good to be true, buyers should conduct more research by comparing the vehicle to similar vehicles in other used car marketplaces. 

If it seems too good to be true, it generally is – and nowhere is this more true than in the case of secondhand automobile costs.

Examine similar vehicles online for an approximate pricing reference and compare any possible purchases to this.

If the car appears to be overpriced, especially given the year it was manufactured and the kilometres it is said to have covered, you should schedule an in-person examination. (In fact, if feasible, you should inspect in person.)

If the seller persists, a Car-dealer spokesman says, “it may be worth undertaking some further investigation or walking away from the sale completely.”

Such vehicles are sometimes imported, timed, or have hidden damage, giving the appearance of a great deal. 

Buyers may be better off stopping right there and looking for another offer.

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The automobile has been stolen.

Purchasing a stolen automobile is maybe the worst of all used vehicle scams. 

Typically, the unlucky new owners have their automobiles taken, and recovering the money spent for the car might be difficult. 

Several hundred stolen automobiles were spotted by carVertical in the recent year, saving consumers significant time and money.

Wrapping up

Buying a dependable secondhand automobile is a difficult undertaking. Buyers may, however, learn the genuine identity of an automobile and prevent common frauds by using online car history records. 

Buyers may avoid being duped and rescue themselves by developing a critical mindset.

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Even if the seller offered you with thorough information regarding your vehicle, it is always a good idea to double-check with third-party sources like carVertical. 

This will almost certainly assist you decide whether or not to purchase the exact automobile. Perhaps you will discover fresh negotiating points.

carVertical provides a free first VIN check. You will see the make and model of the car being tested, as well as a list of data accessible to us, which may be purchased as a complete report, as part of this examination. 

Many other  car VIN History companies  also provide free preliminary reports. When offering their reports, other companies like autoDNA, on the other hand, divides the data into multiple distinct reports based on the country from which the car was imported and other factors. 

Meanwhile, carVertical compiles all accessible data into a single report. carVertical is the pioneer of connected reports.  CarVertical integrate multiple advanced information sets with data coming straight from connected cars. It means more accuracy and more up-to-date information for you.

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Quick Tips to Purchase a Used Luxe Car(Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Maserati, BMW ,Audi…Etc)

Buying the first model you see just because it’s inexpensive is the worst option. Do your homework if you want a reliable vehicle that will last you for years.

The worst thing that can be done is to get the cheapest model available. If you want an automobile that is in good condition and will provide you years of driving pleasure, you must conduct study.

Perform your Own research and adhere to these Nine steps:

  • Investigate the vehicle’s history.
  • Conduct a system check on the vehicle (request this be done with your pre-purchase inspection).
  • Most crucial, have an expert Luxury car Mechanic evaluate the vehicle before you purchase it.
  • Test drive it before Purchasing it
  • Check the Interiors Completely and Thoroughly
  • Check the Insurance costs
  • Check internet reviews and ratings, as well as  online forums.
  • Negotiate the price of the used Luxe car
  • Apply for AUTO Loan

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