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Hello, fellow travellers and shoppers! It’s natural to want to bring back a piece of Parisian charm to share with loved ones or keep as a cherished memory when visiting the lovely City of Light.

You’ll find innumerable gems that encapsulate the soul of Paris whether you’re exploring the twisting streets of Montmartre, strolling down the River, or admiring the masterpieces in the Louvre.

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We’ve compiled a list of 11 cool and distinctly Parisian souvenirs to inspire your shopping expeditions in this blog post.

These gifts, which range from delectable French delicacies to stylish fashion items and magnificent art, will remember you of your amazing trip to the city where romance, art, and style rule supreme. So, take your shopping bags and let’s dive into the world of Parisian treasures!

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French Perfume

Oh, let’s talk about the ultimate Parisian indulgence: French perfume!. You know, there’s just something enchanted about spritzing on a luxurious scent that whisks you away to the dreamy streets of Paris.

The best materials are used in the creation of these wonderful perfumes by expert perfumers, who produce seductive scents that linger tantalisingly in the air.

There is a French perfume for every taste and personality, from renowned labels like Chanel and Dior to specialised perfumers like Serge Lutens and Annick Goutal.

Finding the ideal French perfume is like discovering your very own olfactory love affair, whether you are drawn to the sophistication of a classic flower or the mystery of a smokey, sensuous aroma.

So go ahead and treat yourself to a fragrant keepsake that will serve as a constant reminder of your adventures in Paris!

Designer French Wallet

WOW!!, let me tell you about the ultimate chic accessory to bring back from Paris: a designer French wallet! These stylish and sophisticated wallets are the epitome of Parisian elegance, crafted by the finest luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, YSL, hanel, and Hermès.

They’re made from exquisite materials like buttery-soft leather or iconic patterned canvas, and boast impeccable craftsmanship that’s simply unmatched.

Plus, every time you reach for your wallet, you’ll be reminded of your fabulous Parisian adventures. It’s like carrying a little piece of French luxury with you wherever you go!

So, if you’re looking for a fashionable and practical souvenir that will stand the test of time, you can’t go wrong with a designer French wallet. C’est magnifique!

📍 Tips: Some Simple Souvenirs to Get from Paris

Some Simple Souvenirs that I usually Pick up: 1. coin Purses and Pencils Or pens with Paris attractions on them 2. Paris-Specific Drink Coasters, French Berets, Macarons, Little Key Rings with Eiffel Tower, and Monoprix Bags.

Marseille Soap bars are wonderful

I’d surely get a Variety of Magnets & Postcards. Magnets are easy to stow up.

Les Secrets LADURÉE par Mark’s Inc. Key Chain/Reglisse

Oh, you’ve got to check out these adorable Ladurée Macaron keychains!  They’re supposed to resemble the renowned patisserie’s iconic, colourful French desserts.

Each keychain includes a small macaron in a variety of flavours, as well as the classic Ladurée logo charm.

They’re not only a fashionable and amusing accessory, but they’re also a pleasant remembrance of your Parisian vacation.

These macaron keychains are simply too lovely to resist, whether for giving or adding a bit of Parisian elegance to your daily life.

French silk scarf

You know what’s effortlessly chic and quintessentially French? A gorgeous silk scarf! These exquisite accessories will quickly boost any look and transport you to the streets of Paris, even if you’re thousands of miles away.

They are a timeless addition to your wardrobe due to their beautiful designs, rich hues, and buttery soft feel.

Plus, there’s something special about wrapping a French silk scarf around your neck, wrist, or purse. It’s like taking a piece of Parisian beauty with you everywhere you go. Believe me, this is one keepsake you’ll want to wear again and again!

Something from Shakespeare and Company Bookstore

Famous bookstore located across from Notre Dame features several floors of books and Paris literary history.

Oh, let me tell you about this magical little place in Paris called Shakespeare and Company. It’s an iconic English-language bookstore nestled in the heart of the city, just a stone’s throw away from Notre-Dame.

Upon entering, you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped into a literary wonderland thanks to the cosy corners, floor to ceiling bookcases, and resident cat!

The business has a long history that dates back to the 1920s, and literary greats like Ernest Hemingway and James Joyce previously made it a regular hangout.

Shakespeare & Company is a must-see if you enjoy reading or simply crave a little old-world charm. You might even find a unique edition or signed copy to take home as a memento of your Parisian escapades!

Souvenirs from Local Museums

The world-class museums in Paris are a treasure trove of one-of-a-kind and unforgettable keepsakes. Here are some suggestions for mementoes you might find at nearby Parisian museums:

  • Bring home a print or a poster of your favourite piece of art from the Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay, or the Centre Pompidou. You can get excellent replicas of well-known artwork, including sculptures, paintings, and other works of art, to beautify your walls and bring back pleasant memories of trips to the museum.
  • Get more familiar with the histories of the works of art and artists you learned about during your museum trips by reading art books and exhibition catalogues. To learn more and relive your experience, many museums offer beautifully illustrated art publications and catalogues from past and present exhibitions.
  • Souvenirs with a museum theme: Search for one-of-a-kind things like tote bags, notebooks, puzzles, or even clothing that are inspired by the museum’s architecture or collection. For instance, the Louvre may sell a tote bag featuring the Mona Lisa or the Musée d’Orsay may sell a notebook featuring Van Gogh.
  • Collaborations with well-known designers: Some museums work with renowned designers or artists to produce limited-edition items like scarves, jewellery, or home décor. These unique items make for unique and fashionable keepsakes that you won’t be able to find anyplace else.
  • Educational toys and games: Several museums provide a variety of entertaining, instructive toys and games relating to their collections if you’re seeking for mementoes for children or the young at heart. Consider puzzles with an artistic theme, imaginative craft sets, or even plush toys based on well-known sculptures.
  • Stationery and art supplies: Express your creative side with high-quality stationery, sketchbooks, or art supplies that are based on pieces you’ve seen in Parisian museums. It’s a wonderful approach to promote creativity and preserve the memory of your artistic exploration of the city.

Be careful to browse the gift stores of the numerous museums you visit when looking for the ideal memento. You will undoubtedly discover a special souvenir that encapsulates the essence of Paris and the art that makes the city so alluring.

Get some Madeleines

Donsuemor Traditional Madeleines

Ah, let me introduce you to the delightful world of French Madeleines! These charming little shell-shaped cakes are a true Parisian indulgence.

Made with simple ingredients like butter, sugar, eggs, and flour, Madeleines boast a tender, melt-in-your-mouth texture that’s just irresistible.

The secret to their scrumptiousness lies in their signature buttery flavor and a hint of lemon zest for that perfect zing.

One bite and you’ll be transported to a quaint Parisian café, sipping an espresso while watching the world go by. So, if you’re looking for a sweet souvenir that embodies the simple pleasures of French cuisine, Madeleines are the way to go.

Trust me, your taste buds will thank you!

Pre de Provence Soap

Oh, have I got a treat for you! Picture yourself stepping into a warm, fragrant bath, surrounded by the soothing scents of Provence. That’s the experience you’ll get with Pre de Provence Soap.

These luxurious French soaps are crafted with the finest natural ingredients, like shea butter and essential oils, and are inspired by the picturesque landscapes of the French countryside.

Each bar is beautifully designed and comes in an array of enchanting scents, like lavender, rose, and verbena. They’re like a little piece of Provence wrapped up in a bar of soap!

So, if you’re looking to pamper yourself or treat a loved one to a touch of French elegance, Pre de Provence Soap is the perfect souvenir to bring back from your Parisian adventure.

French Scented Candles

I’d like to acquaint you with the magical world of French scented candles. With just a flicker of a flame, these elegant candles may whisk you away to the stunning landscapes and charming nooks of France. These candles, which are made by well-known French companies like Diptyque, Cire Trudon, and L’Occitane, feature the best waxes and essential oils.

Each candle has a distinctive, alluring smell that can transport you to a Provence lavender field in the sun or a warm Parisian restaurant on a rainy night. The exquisitely crafted vessels lend an air of elegance to any setting, serving as both a visual and auditory treat as well as a stylish addition to your home’s interior design.

So French scented candles are the ideal memento if you want to bring home a little bit of France that will make your home cosy and smell wonderful. Light one, close your eyes, and allow your senses to transport you to the City of Light once more.

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