✅ Electrifying or Exotic? Comparing Tesla and Maserati for Your Next Road Trip

Tesla Vs. Maserati -Which will you choose ?

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When comparing automobiles, there are a lot of different brands that are perfect for comparing apples to apples. Aston Martin and Maserati are two examples of such automobiles. 

The Porsche and Mercedes combination is yet another winning combination. 

The comparison of Maserati and Tesla is one that you probably haven’t thought about, and that’s perfectly understandable.

Tesla is, without a doubt, well-known for producing electric automobiles that are at the forefront of their industry. 

This aspect serves as the foundation around which Tesla’s entire brand is constructed; in fact, it is impossible to get a Tesla vehicle that does not run on electric power. 

Maserati, on the other hand, is synonymous with high-end automobiles that feature powerful and aesthetically pleasing engines. 

As of the time this essay was written, Maserati does not even have an all-electric vehicle on the books, and their first full-electric vehicle may not arrive until the latter half of 2022 or the early part of 2023.

If you compare Maserati and Tesla side by side, you’ll notice that their disparities rapidly cancel out their commonalities. 

Both of these companies are known for producing some of the world’s most expensive automobiles; but, their approaches to design, engineering, and overall business philosophy couldn’t be more dissimilar.

Whereas Maserati is known for promoting traditional Italian design while maintaining a high level of prestige and exclusivity, Tesla is known for combining modern American aesthetics with technology and innovation

This results in some highly contradicting comparisons, as will be shown in the next paragraphs. I spoke to many  Tesla and Maserati owners and I also put their feed back in this blog.

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History of the Brands( Tesla Vs Maserati)

Maserati is the embodiment of Italian elegance, and its vehicles are immediately identifiable by the famous trident insignia that has been used since the company’s founding in 1914. 

The engineers behind the brand combine the qualities of speed, performance, and great engineering with a particular Italian aesthetic to create a product that represents elegance and exclusivity.

In contrast, Tesla was established in 2003 and rose to prominence almost immediately for producing electric automobiles that were both innovative and friendly to the environment. 

Elon Musk, the mysterious boss of the company, is credited with successfully launching an automotive corporation that places a premium on technological advancement above all other considerations. 

Maserati is the best option for drivers that prioritise richness and grandeur in their vehicles. Tesla is the company that is leading the way in terms of innovation and technological advancement.

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Choosing Your Next ride

Depending on where you Live -Tesla Vs Maserati

When it comes to the chick factor and the wow factor, the Maserati is the clear winner.In addition to having poor brand recognition, the mode X looks hideous, whereas the mode S has an acceptable appearance.

Women often mistake the appearance of a Maserati for that of a Ferrari because of its stunning good looks.

Practical: tie . It is dependent on the location of your home.

Tesla is victorious in the urban area.

If you live in a major metropolitan area such as New York, the Model X is clearly the superior option because of a variety of factors.

1) The number of charging stations much exceeds the number of gas stations. In addition, there is constantly a line of people waiting to fill their cars at gas stations in Manhattan. 

When driving a Tesla, simply pull into practically any garage to charge the vehicle during the night. You wake up with a full tank, which, under typical circumstances, ought to be plenty to last you a whole week.

2) Don’t bother driving in New York City; the traffic is terrible. If you drive a regular gas automobile, you will spend your entire life stuck in traffic.

Utilizing a Tesla You can text, talk on the phone, or read a book while the car drives itself if you activate the auto drive mode.

Outside of populated areas, the winner is the Maserati.

Because you can charge your electric vehicle at home while you sleep, I do not believe that the charging versus petrol debate is relevant.

The driving experience is the primary motivating factor. The handling of each and every Maserati is clearly superior than that of any Tesla.

The Tesla is more swift, but the Maserati integrates itself so seamlessly with your body that you barely notice the difference. 

There are not many automobiles on the planet that can compare to the sensation of driving a Maserati through the curves of a highway with the top down while listening to the sound of an engine that will make you want to have an orgasmic experience.

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Other Factors to consider to choose your Next ride ( Tesla vs Maserati)

The chick factor

Do people still believe that this approach is successful? Don’t be that guy who goes out and buys a car in the hopes of picking up women; it’s embarrassing and it doesn’t work. It’s like trying to get girls by investing in a motorcycle; that strategy never works either.

In point of fact, given that bikes attract the attention of males, the only people to whom I would ever suggest buying a bike for the purpose of action are some dudes

1. Outward presentation- Appearance

If you have to choose between the fishy broad mouth of the GranTurismo and the techno curves of the Model S, my advice is to go with the GranTurismo, which has an odd appearance but is more likely to attract the attention of an older guy than it is that of a woman. 

The Authentic Story Behind Women and Motorcycles

I’ve heard that each and every Maserati is absolutely stunning, and that chicks mistake this particular model for a Ferrari. 

I can say with absolute certainty that the vast majority of people, whether male and female, couldn’t care less about your car. 

They would look at it and think it was a Ferrari or a Hyundai and get to the same conclusion. In all seriousness, we couldn’t care less.

2. Practicality

The Tesla Model S is the superior option whether you reside in a major metropolitan area such as Dallas-Fort Worth or New York City, or even a tiny town, a medium town, or pretty much anywhere else. The Model S comes out on top for a variety of reasons.

3. Rechargeable Battery Packs- Charging Stations

Because wall plugs are present virtually everywhere, charging stations may be found in every location. 

There are also more potent stations springing up everywhere every day, including eating establishments, grocery stores, educational institutions, places of worship, parking garages, parking lots, amusement parks, and even public utilities.

You shouldn’t be too concerned about this because gas stations still have maybe a few years of market domination left. 

In addition, Tesla provides roadside assistance, which means that if your battery dies, someone will come and charge it for you. 

Because there are so many chargers, there should be no need to keep you waiting. 

You’ll never hear me say that about a radio station in the nation’s capital.

4. Auto Drive

The traffic in the city is terrible, as is the traffic in the suburbs. These days, traffic is almost always an extremely frustrating experience. 

If you drive a regular gas automobile, you will spend your entire life stuck in traffic. 

You may text, watch a movie, talk to a friend, read a book, work, study, or even have sex while the Tesla is driving itself thanks to the auto drive feature.

In the Maserati, none of these customization choices will ever be an option for you. 

Let’s start at the beginning: do you know what it is that women seek from men? 

Attention, they want you to pay attention to them, remove your hands from the wheel, relax, and have a conversation with them. My friend, I predict that this Tesla will result in you getting laid.

5. Years spent behind the wheel

Tesla wins duh. The Tesla is a feat of engineering, whereas the Maserati is a can of farts, has antiquated controls, and a massive centre console; in fact, it looks and feels just like the interior of my old 1999 BMW, despite the fact that we are now 20 years farther along. 

To those who despise TeKnorogy, I applaud Maserati for retaining its traditional aesthetic; they will be pleased.

Did I mention that the Tesla can operate without a driver? 

Yes, it doesn’t make a difference how much you pull the windows down on the Maserati since traffic is so bad these days, the police are everywhere, and even if you were speeding, the Maserati still sounds like farts in a can. 

If you are still set on purchasing that Maserati, you should be aware that its value will rapidly decrease over the next several years due to the exponential growth of the electric vehicle sector. 

Models Available

Maserati has developed hundreds of models over the course of its history, some of which are as recognisable as the 250F, A6, and Birdcage. 

Contemporary examples of the brand’s cars, including as the Quattroporte full-size luxury sports sedan, the GranTurismo and GranCabrio tourers, the Levante SUV, and the Ghibli executive edition, are responsible for the brand’s current success.

Tesla has maintained a culture of innovation over the course of its existence, as seen by the presence of the Model S, Model 3, and Model X on roadways all over the world. Obviously, the contentious Cybertruck that the corporation released not long ago was responsible for recent media attention.


It is difficult to compete with Maserati when it comes to power because the company has introduced models to the market such as the Levante GTS and the Trofeo. 

The hot-blooded duo are the first V8-powered SUVs produced by the Italian manufacturer, and they give considerable oomph. 

The Levante is equipped with a Ferrari-powered 3.8-liter twin-scroll turbo V-8 engine that produces 550 horsepower.

In spite of this, Tesla remains competitive with its most recent Model S, which features an all-electric motor and a 100 kWh 400 V lithium-ion battery pack, allowing it to achieve acceleration from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 2.4 seconds and an amazing range of 379 miles. 

In addition to that, there is Tesla’s Roadster, which the company asserts is the quickest automobile in the world.

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Choosing Your Next ride

How will you choose- Tesla Vs Maserati

The Maserati is brilliant..It´s beautiful, it´s classic, it has style, and of course, a Ferrari engine….

The only possible explanation for you to buy a Tesla is if you want to help the environment(though the difference is small)..

So, simple answer is Drive both and decide…

Why should I invest in a Tesla Model S?

You should buy a Tesla S if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are among the top 10 percent of the world’s population.
  • You prefer high-end saloon cars.
  • You live in California or another state with a well-developed charging infrastructure.
  • You enjoy cutting-edge technology.
  • You want to leave a slightly smaller carbon footprint than someone driving another luxury vehicle.

According to Mike

“The main differences I noticed between any other car and the Model S during the 700-mile road trip were performance/charging, electronic interface, and safety/service.

Tesla Car performance and charging

The engine sound was one of the most noticeable differences. While some drivers prefer the engine sound when accelerating, I preferred the quiet Tesla battery engine. 

I was able to reach speeds of around 95 mph at one point while my uncle slept in the passenger seat. He did not awaken.
Driving with only one pedal. 

If you take your foot off the accelerator, the car will automatically slow down and eventually come to a stop. This significantly improves the driving experience. It also means you’ll almost certainly never have to replace the brakes.

The superchargers placed along the route were extremely easy to locate. The supercharger locations are automatically loaded into the GPS. 

The only minor drawback is that the battery takes some time to charge. When it reaches a certain point, around 70-80 percent, the charging rate drops dramatically. 

As a result, we never charged completely, which required us to stop at nearly every supercharger. 

We were driving in an unusual manner, in that we accelerated frequently and went up and down many hills, which likely contributed to our need to stop frequently.

Tesla Vs Maserati: Models Comparison

Tesla Model S Versus Maserati Quattroporte

Because the Maserati MC20 and the Tesla Roadster have not yet been released to the public, this competition is between the most advanced models from both manufacturers.

A comparison of the Tesla Model S and the Maserati Quattroporte, with particular emphasis on the difference between the Plaid and the Trofeo versions of each vehicle.

The Maserati Quattroporte Trofeo tops the financial scales at almost $145,000 before options, while the Tesla Model S Plaid with all of its options will set you back only a little bit less than $150,000. 

The Quattroporte suffers from the fact that a significant portion of the justification for that additional expense is open to interpretation.

Maserati Levante versus Tesla Model X

When compared to the fully optioned price of the Tesla Model X Plaid, which comes in at $144,000, the Maserati Levante Trofeo retails for little more than $150,000. 

On the other hand, the price of the Tesla Model X Plaid is exactly $144,000. 

This turns the earlier comparison on its head because even while the base model of the Tesla Model X costs $104,000, the base model of the Maserati Levante costs only a relatively modest $78,000.

The Maserati Levante Trofeo and the Tesla Model X SUVs go head to head in this comparison. 

Despite the significant price gap between the two vehicles, this matchup comes somewhat closer to being fair when both vehicles are equipped with their most luxurious features.

Tesla Model 3 Versus Maserati Ghibli

The Tesla Model 3 costs $52,190, and it is estimated that drivers will save $5,900 on gas costs over the course of a year.

How on earth can we even compare something like that to the Maserati Ghibli in terms of how much value it offers for the money?

Let’s have a good chuckle and try to keep the two of them entertained for a short while.

And to be perfectly honest, I have nothing against internal combustion engines; yet, how can you ignore the fact that the Performance version of the Tesla Model 3 costs only 52,190 dollars and has an acceleration time of 0 to 60 miles per hour of just 3.1 seconds?

It’s incredible that such an outstanding number can be had for such a modest cost. In addition, the vehicle is capable of reaching a top speed of 165 miles per hour, but who in their right mind would do that on a public road?

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What If i decide to buy Maserati?

Are there any reasons to avoid purchasing a used Maserati Granturismo?

As Tina Mentions

If you’re thinking about buying a Maserati, new or used, you already know they’re not cheap and they’re not fuel-efficient – but that’s not why you’re doing it. 
I’m currently on my third. I previously owned a 2004 Gran Sport, a 2008 Granturismo, and a 2016 Ghibli S Q4. I bought mine because they’re unique, beautiful, and perform admirably. 

I drove the Granturismo for about 8 years and 50K kilometres with no problems other than routine maintenance. Every time I fired it up, it brought a smile to my face. 

That is why you purchase an exotic car. If you need a reliable daily driver to run errands and haul cargo, neither the Maserati nor any other sports car is a good option. 

However, if you want something unique that you won’t see on everyone else, it’s a great option.

Is a Maserati more expensive than a Tesla?

Is a Maserati Capable of Exceeding the Speed of a Tesla?

At this point, we have reached a position where it is nearly impossible to compare the two brands without falling into the trap of comparing electric engines to internal combustion engines.

When compared to conventional engine-based drivetrains, electric cars have the advantage of having a power loss that is far lower to the wheels.

Electric vehicles do not require transmissions since they do not use traditional engines, which must route their power through gearboxes, driveshafts, differentials, and transfer boxes (although not always all of these components are present).

In point of fact, the designs of electric vehicles are going more and more towards individual motors for each wheel, which virtually eliminates this power loss.

How do the annual operating costs of a Tesla and a Maserati compare?

Tesla’s electric fuel costs about 3 cents per mile. 5 miles per kWh, or 15 cents (high national average).

Maserati gets about 16 miles per gallon, so at $3.20 per gallon (all M’s use Premium gasoline), it’s 20 cents per mile.

Many Tesla owners pay half that for solar power, or 1.5 cents per mile.

Due to regeneration, Tesla brake wear is significantly reduced. There is no need to change the oil, air filters, fan or serpentine belts.

Is a Tesla worth the price tag?

The car is expensive, but when you consider its resale value and how inexpensive it is to run and maintain, it is actually a steal.

Every year, it appears that I spend $750 on maintenance for my Golf, followed by a $350 service and oil change. Not every year, but more than every other year. 

Then I spend about $200-300 per month on gas. This car is also not cheap to insure, but since I don’t have insurance on the car itself, only damage to others, it’s not too bad.

As Paul D says 

I’ve had Tesla for nearly two years. In total, I have spent $0 on maintenance. Based on usage and electricity prices, I estimate that 
I spend about $20 per month on electricity, possibly $30 in December. My full insurance is less expensive than that of my Peugeot 308 sw.

So, yeah, sure. I drive a fantastic car that looks great, handles well, and performs admirably in snow and bad weather. Is always warm and inviting. On long journeys, it treats me well.

The best deal ever.

I first purchased a Tesla Model S P85 2014 model, then traded it in for a 2015 Model S 85D, both purchased from Tesla.

Is it expensive to maintain a Tesla? What kind of maintenance does a Tesla require?

I Got my Model 3. So it’s been two and a half years. Here is the maintenance and cost that I have done for it during that time:

  • Les Schwab offers free tyre rotations every 7,500 miles.
  • Les Schwab offers free tyre rotations every 15,000 miles.
  • Free recall for trunk latch adjustment; service technician came to me.
  • Les Schwab offers free tyre rotations at 22,500 miles.
  • Washer fluid refill – $2.50 per gallon
  • Wiper blades cost $30.
  • Total for the previous 30 months: $32.50

The comparison between a Tesla and a Maserati is a challenging one, and there are, in all honesty, only two ways that it can be broken down. 

There is not much in the Tesla line that will make you turn your head if you enjoy the sensation and sound of a powerful combustion engine or the style of Italian sports vehicles. 

In comparison to the majority of Tesla vehicles, the inside and exterior styling of a Maserati is far superior to that of a Tesla vehicle.

Wrapping up Note

Depending on your requirements and tastes, a Tesla or a Maserati can both be excellent choices for your upcoming road trip.

Tesla is renowned for its cutting-edge engineering, strong electric motors, and long driving range. With technologies like Supercharging, Autopilot, and over-the-air upgrades, Tesla automobiles may provide a distinctive driving experience that is both practical and fun.

Tesla models are the best vehicles for extended road journeys because they have a roomy interior, comfortable seats, and lots of storage space.

Maserati, on the other hand, is a high-end Italian automaker renowned for its workmanship, performance, and style.

Maserati vehicles stand out on the road thanks to their strong motors, nimble handling, and distinctive Italian styling.

With amenities like heated seats, a top-notch sound system, and cutting-edge safety technologies, Maserati cars can provide a sleek and pleasant journey for long distances.

The ideal option for you will rely on your personal tastes, financial situation, and requirements. Both Tesla and Maserati have advantages and disadvantages when it comes to road trips.

While Maserati can provide a more opulent and fashionable driving experience, Tesla may be a more technologically advanced and efficient option. In the end, it’s crucial to think about your priorities and conduct research before choosing a choice.

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