Can Mercedes go through the car wash?

Is it ok to run a high-end car through Automatic Car wash? Can Mercedes go through the car wash?

Cleaning your Benz is essential because it prevents dirt, grime, and air pollutants from tarnishing the paint and finish of your vehicle. 

Can Mercedes, on the other hand, go through the car wash?

Yes, Mercedes can be washed at the car wash station. However, not all Mercedes models are capable of being washed in a car wash.

Aside from that, some Mercedes models that have been customised with additional parts should not be washed through a drive-in car wash. 

This is due to the fact that if the extra parts do not fit within the car wash’s specifications, they could cause havoc on the vehicle.

The Mercedes GLS 2020 and earlier models are among the Mercedes models that should not be driven through a car wash. 

Additionally, any Mercedes can be driven to a car wash, if desired. You will, however, be required to select the type of car wash that will be used on your vehicle. 

Soft-touch car washes and touch-free car washes are the two most popular types of car washes.

Can Mercedes go through the car wash?

Most Mercedes cars can go through a car wash, including automatic and touchless car washes. However, it’s important to take the following precautions to protect the car’s finish and avoid damage:

  1. Check the owner’s manual: Some Mercedes models may have specific guidelines for washing the car, and it’s important to follow these recommendations to avoid damage.
  2. Avoid high-pressure sprays: High-pressure sprays can damage delicate parts of the car, such as the windows, seals, and lenses. Choose a car wash that uses low-pressure sprays, or wash the car by hand.
  3. Remove dirt and debris: Before entering the car wash, remove any dirt or debris from the car, especially from the wheels and underbody, to avoid scratching the paint or causing damage to the car wash equipment.
  4. Avoid automatic brush washes: Automatic brush washes can scratch the paint and damage delicate parts of the car, such as the mirrors and antennas. Choose a touchless or foam car wash instead.
  5. Protect sensitive areas: Cover sensitive areas of the car, such as the antenna and mirrors, with protective covers or remove them before entering the car wash.

By following these guidelines, you can help ensure that your Mercedes is properly protected during the car wash and avoid damage to the finish.

What Car Wash is Best for Your Mercedes-Benz?

 Use a Soft-Touch Car Wash

Because the car is collecting grime and dirt from the road, you’ll want to scrub it down thoroughly before driving it. 

Leave all of that gunk on the paint for an extended period of time will cause damage to the vehicle, especially if there is salt from the road. In this situation, a soft-touch car wash is the best option. 

Each of these models has a computer-controlled pressure system as well as specialised detergents to ensure that your vehicle is thoroughly cleaned.

Thanks to the fact that, as long as you use a reputable location, the pressure rarely becomes too intense to cause damage.

Touch-Free Car Wash for Your Luxury Automobile

 If you’re concerned about driving your Mercedes-Benz through the rollers, we understand your concerns.

When you have antennas and other protruding parts on your vehicle, it makes sense to use the touch-free option whenever possible. 

Rather than touching the vehicle, these car washes use a low pH acid and a high pH alkaline soap to thoroughly clean it.

Touch-less Car Wash 

This is also referred to as a hands-free car wash, which is the automated mechanised car wash that we all enjoyed as children. While automated car washes are generally less expensive than bringing your vehicle in for a hand wash, they do have some advantages and disadvantages:

Hands-Free Car Wash Advantages

  • Convenience – Automated car washes are designed for speed and efficiency, having your vehicle cleaned in less than 10 minutes.
  • Easier on Your Paint – Touch-less car washes are gentle on cars to avoid paint scratching and damage.
  • Cheaper Costs – No manual labor is involved in a touch-less car wash, so the costs are fairly low.

Hands-Free Car Wash Disadvantages

  • End Result Might Be Unsatisfactory – Since automatic car washes are gentle on car paint, they’re not always great at removing stuck-on debris.
  • Water Spots – Usually air dryers are at the end of automatic car washes so that they remove any stray water droplets, but they’re not always effective. Your car can still end up with water spots.

When using an automatic car wash, what can I do to keep damage from occuring?

Some of the things that you should do to keep your Mercedes from getting damaged while it is being washed are as follows:

Common Car Damages Sustained at the Car Wash

Prior to visiting an automatic car wash, you can take some preventative measures to help avoid costly damages.

Verify that no cargo or other equipment was left on roof racks, as they are frequently too tall for car washes or can be ripped off during the car wash process.

If you have retractable antennas, remove them before entering the car wash. They are easily removed from the car during the wash.

Maintain good condition of your side mirrors; if they are loose, they are more likely to be knocked off by the force of the brushes as they clean your car.

Ascertain that you are visiting a well-maintained car wash. 

If an automatic car wash is still using an old brush, the bristles may have exposed wires or be too rough, scratching your paint and wheels.

Water and soap can seep in through leaking windows. Additionally, before entering a car wash, ensure that your windows and doors are completely sealed. 

Forgetting to close the back window a crack can result in a disaster!

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Which Mercedes models should not go through a car wash and why?

Not all Mercedes-Benz models should be washed in an automatic car wash, according to the manufacturer. 

For example, Mercedes-Benz GLS models manufactured prior to 2020 should not be washed in an automatic car wash system.

Because this model is equipped with a Smart-key function, you must leave the car running while passing through an automatic car wash. 

As a result, if you want to turn your car off while it is in the car wash, you will be unable to do so due to the Smartkey. 

The good news is that this problem will not be present in Mercedes GLS models manufactured after 2020.

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What is the best way to properly clean my Mercedes?

Remember to clean your Mercedes when it is cool outside and in a shady area to keep the shine and finish looking as good as it can.

You should also wash the exterior of the Mercedes with a vehicle shampoo to keep it looking its best.

Utilize a Mercedes-Benz paint cleaner to remove any stains that may still be present on the car before you begin polishing it.

When washing the exterior, use a vehicle shampoo diluted with water, such as Mercedes-Benz Car Shampoo. 

Washing is most effective when the weather is cool and in a shaded area. Use Mercedes-Benz Paint Cleaner prior to polishing to remove any surface oxidation or stains that did not wash away during shampooing.

Cleaning Your mercedes at Home

What is the procedure for activating the Mercedes car wash mode?( available only in GLS models from 2020)

Vehicles in Car Wash Mode are prepared to be washed at a car wash by ensuring that all programmed items are completed before the carwash begins. Invoking the car wash mode is a straightforward process. 

The following is the procedure to use it

Wrapping up

When it comes to washing your Mercedes-Benz, there is no right or wrong way to go about it. It all boils down to what kind of vehicle you drive and what kind of lifestyle you lead, really.

Drivers may experience some anxiety when using the soft-touch option because it provides the best clean. 

If you don’t want your vehicle to get scratched, the touch-free option may be your best bet.

However, keep in mind that it may not be effective at removing deep-down grime..

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