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When buyers tour a home’s bedrooms, especially the master bedroom, the atmosphere should be relaxing and tranquil. 

A bedroom should feel like a retreat that buyers can imagine unwinding in after a long day and feeling refreshed in when they start the next one.

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Some simple home staging tips can help you achieve this. It doesn’t take much effort to make any bedroom in your house more appealing to buyers.

It’s simply a matter of toning down bold or gender-specific decor, adding some luxurious touches, and cultivating a sense of relaxation.

The following 7 bedroom staging ideas will show you how to make this space more appealing to buyers and inspire them to make an offer.

Staging a bedroom for Selling

How to stage Bedroom for sale – a faster, more profitable home sale
Master bedroom Staging

Tip 1: Start by Decluttering the Bedroom and make sure Not to have any clutter on the surfaces.

The end tables in your bedroom shouldn’t have more than a couple of decorative objects on them at most at any given time. The ideal combination consists of a lamp and a single accessory. 

During the time that the house is on the market, you should store any personal belongings, including the TV remote, in a drawer. 

Your dresser and any other flat surfaces in the room should also be dusted regularly. 

Clutter will only serve to distract from the idea that you want purchasers to have of themselves unwinding and relaxing in the bedroom after a long day, which is why you want it to feel like a retreat.

Tip 2: Check to see that the bedding meets the requirements of the hotel.

When you are staging a bedroom, a good rule of thumb to follow is to imagine that you are trying to capture the appearance and feel of a luxury hotel suite. 

Utilizing appropriate bedding is one of the most important aspects of achieving this goal. 

To begin, we strongly suggest that you use white sheets because hotels are known for their clean, sophisticated appearance, and white linens contribute to that look. Then, go for a comforter that is both understated and sophisticated. 

Avoid anything that is overly vivid or bright; save the livelier accents for your pillows, as was suggested in tip number two. 

If you have pets who lie on the bed at night, you should use a different comforter overnight and then replace it with one that is clean and ready to be shown off to potential buyers during the day. 

Additionally, don’t forget to iron all of the bedding so that it will appear it’s very best!

Tip 3: Pile on some additional pillows on the bed.

The appearance of the bed will be transformed into one that is instantly more comfortable and luxurious if more accent pillows are added to it. 

On average, we use anywhere from five to eight accent pillows on the bed, each with a unique colour scheme and design. 

Mixing up the colours, patterns, and textures is an excellent method to add some visual interest because it allows you to include some pops of colour, pattern, and texture. After you have neutralised the colour palette, this is a fun approach to inject some character back into the room while still ensuring that all of the elements work together to create a cohesive whole. 

They will also help you produce an environment that is more conducive to relaxation.

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Tip 4: If you don’t have a headboard, get one.

If you don’t have a headboard, add one.
The bed should be the focal point of the room; yet, a bed that does not have a headboard will give the impression that the room is out of balance. 

By using just one basic element, you may really help to anchor the area. Look around secondhand shops and garage sales in your area for a headboard that you can buy for a low price and then freshen up by painting it. 

This will help you save money. You may also make use of some different materials, such as an old pair of doors or a screen that folds up. 

Another easy solution is to hang curtains behind the bed; this not only draws attention to the bed, but it also adds a sense of sophistication and opulence to the room

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Tip 5: Ensure that the space is not overtly gendered specific- keep it in Neutral color( Not too pink or Blue)

During the time that the house is on the market, it is essential that each bedroom, just like the rest of the house, have a colour scheme that is neutral. 

When it comes to these areas, it is not difficult to find oneself gravitating more towards a masculine or feminine atmosphere. 

It is best to keep bedrooms, especially the master bedroom, as gender-neutral as possible so that they will appeal to purchasers of all genders. 

Since a bedroom is the most personal space in a home, this is especially important. Your goal should be to design a sophisticated environment that both men and women are able to enjoy.

Tip 6: Add Area Rug

When you are trying to sell your home, the flooring that is currently in it is of the utmost importance. Nobody wants to buy a house that has flooring that is worn out, dirty, or out of style.

Although wall-to-wall carpeting is the norm in bedrooms, an increasing number of purchasers are interested in purchasing homes with hardwood floors.

You may create the illusion of a larger room by positioning an area rug in such a way that it hides the wall-to-wall carpeting in the space. This will also make the space appear more put together.

You want to make sure that the texture and colour of the area rug you choose is substantially distinct from the carpet that is already there. This firm shag rug will not only give your toes a toasty sensation in the morning but will also give prospective purchasers the impression that your property is both contemporary and homey.

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Tip 7: Hide all the gadget’s Wires

Not only are exposed cables annoying, but they also present a potential safety risk, particularly if a visitor to your home is unaware that the cord is present. Invest in some cable covers in a colour that blends in with their surroundings, and use them to conceal any cords that run through your bedrooms.

Be sure that the method you use to conceal cables does not present a risk of starting a fire. It is possible to conceal power strips in a way that is both secure and unnoticeable by using heat-resistant containers that can be slid under the mattress.

You may also just remove the cables during the open house or showings and store them in a drawer or box until the showing is complete. This will ensure that the wires are out of the way but still secure.

Kids Bedroom Staging Ideas

It can be challenging to create an inviting atmosphere in a child’s bedroom, particularly if there is a child already residing there. 

When staging your kid’s room, use the suggestions listed above for staging a bedroom, but keep the following additional considerations in mind:

Show the potential buyers that this room is used by a child and that it can accommodate all of their belongings, including their toys, clothes, and stacks of stuffed animals. 

Your child’s room should ideally appear so flawless that a buyer might easily picture either their current child or a child they may have in the future occupying that room.

Maintain a neutral colour scheme for the walls, and let the furnishings, accessories, and contents of the room serve as the source of the room’s character. It’s possible that your 7-year-old girly girl adores the bright pink walls, but it doesn’t mean that every youngster will feel the same way.

Even if you don’t have children of your own, you could always borrow some nursery furniture and transform one of your other rooms into a makeshift nursery. This could be a very important consideration for younger couples who are just beginning their lives together and looking to start a family.

Ideas for Decorating the Guest Bedroom

You are more than welcome to convert your guest room into an office by using a pull-out couch or futon. 

These days, a lot of individuals are working from home, and having a home office can be a significant advantage for them. In the absence of any office space at all, a combination of the guest room and the office is preferable.

Make sure that all of the pieces of furniture fit in the room neatly; if they don’t, it could give the impression that the room is much smaller than it actually is. 

If you already have two bedrooms staged, we recommend choosing an office if you are forced to pick between staging a guest room and staging an office for the purpose of selling your home.

Wrapping Up Note:

When someone is looking to buy a home, they are doing exactly that: buying a home; a place where they will live for a significant amount of time and feel at ease.

You want to give the impression that someone is living in the house when you stage it for sale. You want the person who walks through the door to think to themselves, “I could totally see myself living here.”

One could argue that the bedroom is the single most important room to stage for an open house. It is an art form to know how to properly stage a bedroom.

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