Staging a bathroom for top dollar House sale

Tips for staging a bathroom – real estate expert tips when selling your home

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It is important to not undervalue the importance of staging a bathroom prior to selling a house. Bathrooms do matter when it comes to making the best possible impression on a buyer, even though it is true that kitchens and living rooms are the most important rooms to stage well in a home when it comes to selling a house.

When you want to sell a house quickly and for the best possible price, staging it properly can often make the difference between success and failure. In order to get their expert advice on how to make bathrooms more appealing to potential buyers, we surveyed seasoned real estate agents, home staging experts, and interior designers. This is what they shared with us..


When it comes to staging a bathroom countertop, the opinions of our experts are unanimous: you want one that is as clear of clutter as is humanly possible. Personal items are permitted as long as they are stored tastefully in bottles that match one another, but there should not be an excessive amount of them. 

According to the guidance of our resident real estate expert Marco, the only thing that should be kept on the countertop is hand soap.


When entering a bathroom, prospective purchasers are looking for “a relaxing, spa-like feel,” and as a result, all of your staging decisions should adhere to this principle. 

Regardless of the dimensions of the space, a luxurious atmosphere must permeate the bathroom in order to attract potential buyers. 

This includes the colour scheme, the selection of towels and toiletries, and other elements.

Staging a bathroom for sale – a faster, more profitable home sale

Tip 1: Make sure AN Absolutely stellar STANDARD OF CLEANLINESS

“Showing off high standard bathroom matters more than any other aspect of the staging or design,” says  Simi G, a real estate agent in the Cranbourne metropolitan area and author of several ebooks. Erin is emphasising the importance of “showing a pristine bathroom.”

Her most helpful advice is to “put the toilet seat down,”, particularly when taking pictures, and to “make sure that every speck of dust is wiped away and also put away all the cleaning materials in the closet.” It is recommended that glass showers and mirrors be completely free of streaks.

Tip 2: Purchase or hire some Exotic Accessories

Whether or not your bathroom is appealing to potential buyers depends on how much attention you pay to the details. Simi suggests designing a chic and relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom for guests to enjoy. 

First, you should hang what is described as “brand new, fluffy towels, regardless of whether you live in the home or not.” Next, you should place a candle or diffuser on the counter, but you shouldn’t add any scent to the room because this can be off-putting to buyers who are sensitive to smell.

Simi warns against putting out toilet paper because if you do so, you will be inviting potential buyers to use the bathroom, which would defeat the purpose of all of the cleaning you did.

‘Finally, you should think about staging a scene to highlight a beautiful bathtub. In the immediate vicinity, place a book and a washcloth on a wooden tray. 

Place a brand new soap dispenser (that is empty) on the vanity, or arrange a small grouping of stylish glass or ceramic bottles as a decorative accent.


Things that do not fit into that peaceful image include your shampoo bottles and other items that are used for personal hygiene. 

Simi notes that “most of the prospective buyers are looking for a bathroom to feel like a peaceful and cozy whether it’s a tiny en suite bath or a cavernous space with a soaking tub and fluffy robes.”

To put it more succinctly the Certified Interior Designer at Melbourne CBD Designers, Maine  Bozzo, who works there, says, 

When someone walks into the bathroom, they do not want to see bottles of soap or shampoo that are only partially used up in the shower. Put away all of these different kinds of products until after they have exited the building.’ In the same vein, you shouldn’t just leave towels lying around; instead, you should fold them up neatly and put them away..

Tip 4: Add White Towels

People may be reminded of staying in a luxurious hotel if you provide them with crisp white towels. 
To add even more aesthetic value, you might consider rolling up some hand towels and putting them in a basket. 

One more possibility is to decorate the bathroom with lovely apothecary jars that contain various toiletries such as cotton balls and loofahs. If there is room, you can embellish the room with a lovely plant like an orchid.

Tip 5: CONSIDER ADDING Plants to your bathroom

Even though it might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of staging a bathroom, including a plant in your ideas for a small bathroom can be a very effective way to make a big difference.

The best piece of advice that Simi has to offer is to “Put a few plants in the bathroom, whether it’s a real one or a fake one; this will instantly make the space smell more pleasant”

 Adding green accents to a small bathroom helps the space feel less sterile. You can make the space feel less clinical by placing a cute succulent on the counter or hanging a plant in one corner. These are all uncomplicated additions that don’t call for much work but have a significant bearing on how prospective buyers perceive your location.