Staged house vs empty house-which will sell faster and for top dollar?

Staged house vs empty house-which will sell faster and for top dollar?

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Staging vs Empty House

When it comes time to sell your home, there are a lot of choices to be made, including whether or not to stage it and whether or not to sell it empty. You are responsible for making decisions on when to sell it, who to engage to sell it, what price to establish, and a lot of other similar factors. 

The requirement of constant decision-making is one factor that contributes to the fundamentally stressful nature of sales.

Another topic that may require an answer is the following: “Should you stage your home, or sell it empty?”

It’s reassuring to know that the answer to this question, like the answer to so many others about real estate, is “it depends.”

There is not necessarily a straightforward response to this question due to the fact that each choice comes with its own set of advantages as well as disadvantages. 

Let’s look at the stats:

  • According to 82% of buyers’ agents, staging a home makes it easier for a buyer to see themselves living in the property in the future. (as per National Association of Realtors) is abbreviated as NAR.
  • 47% of real estate agents claim that home staging had an effect on most buyers’ view of the home. (as per National Association of Realtors) is abbreviated as NAR.
  • The sale price of staged homes on the market was 25 per cent higher than the sale price of unstaged homes. (as per Realtor Magazine)
  • In 2019, a home staging project cost an average of $400 in terms of dollars spent. (National Association of Realtors) is abbreviated as NAR.
  • The home office and any guest bedrooms are the two spaces in the house that are least critical to the stage. (as per Homelight)
  • Comparatively, the amount of time a house spends on the market is reduced by 73% when it has been staged by a professional. (as per Staging for Professional Events)

Your personal preferences will ultimately determine whatever option you choose, so make sure to keep those in mind. It is necessary to consider both the positive and negative aspects of the situation before making a decision. Both selling an empty house and selling an occupied house come with their share of benefits and drawbacks.

Read the information that is provided here, and then have a conversation with your Real Estate Agent to evaluate which option is best for you. There are some real estate markets that are so competitive that it won’t make a difference what you do.

Staging a home might be the one thing that puts you ahead of the competition in a market when buyers have a significant advantage. Is it really worth it though?

Staged house vs. empty house-which will sell faster and for top dollar?

Selling a Home That Has Been Staged


Advantages of Staging You have more control over what potential buyers see when you stage your house, which may make it easier to sell. Buyers go in and immediately get the impression that they could kick their feet up and unwind in the home because of the cosy furniture, lovely décor, and general cosiness throughout. The better they can picture themselves living in the home, the higher the likelihood that they will purchase it.

An additional important advantage of staging is that it has the potential to make listing images look more inviting. Because the listing images that you provide are typically the first view of your house that prospective buyers get, it is only reasonable that you would want to make sure that they appear as good as they possibly can. The benefits of staging the house are obvious, especially if it can make the photographs look better.

(Remember that there is nothing that can make up for lousy real estate photos.) As a seller, one of the most important things you can do is make sure that the photos of your house are taken by professionals. They sell your home more than anything else you do.

Some companies now provide “virtual staging,” in which they will digitally add furniture to your images in order to give the appearance that they are staged.

The verdict has not yet been reached on that matter. Even if the photographs could look fantastic on the website, the buyer might be disappointed when they get at the house and find it vacant.

The final big advantage of staging is that it enables you to demonstrate the functionality of spaces that have odd dimensions. Staging enables you to illustrate that a room, despite its size or shape, still possesses worth, even if the room is on the smaller side or has an unusual design. provides users with helpful advice that can be followed.

There are always things that you can do on your own to make your house more appealing to buyers, even if you do not have enough money for full-fledged staging. These are, in the opinion of the vast majority of real estate brokers, important guidelines that, if followed, will result in a quicker sale.

What’s the most important thing in staging your house so it will sell fast?

Cleanliness. You can do everything else right, but if it’s not clean, and sparkling, it won’t be inviting.


Time and financial investment are the two main drawbacks associated with house staging. It takes some time to get a house ready for showing. It could take the house stager several days to bring in all of the items that are required to stage the home and even more time to organise everything in the right way.

The removal of the staging materials also takes time, and the amount of time it takes can sometimes exceed the amount of time you are willing to wait.

The expense of staging a house also needs to be considered. It is possible that the staging of a large property with gorgeous and appealing furnishings could cost several thousand dollars, depending on what is required. It’s possible that you don’t want to spend a lot of money on staging, or that you just don’t have that much extra laying around. 

Home stagers will certainly make an effort to make use of the items you already possess; nevertheless, in many cases, this will not be sufficient to get the desired results.

Do you really want to have your home staged, which would cost you hundreds of dollars every single month? Is there a need for it? Wouldn’t it make more sense to invest that money somewhere else where it would have a far bigger impact? 

These are the kinds of questions you should ask the real estate agent who is handling your local transaction.

Staged house vs. empty house-which will sell faster and for top dollar?

The quickest and easiest way to sell your home for the most amount of money is to stage it.

When you provide individuals with a place to live, you not only create value for the long term but also make a fantastic investment in your own future. 

Although a vacant property could seem like an eyesore to you, experts who have made real estate investments will tell you that it is one of the most crucial things to have.

 It not only fosters a sense of stability and security, but it also exudes a good attitude! Because of the rapid expansion of the property market, there is a significant need for purchasers. 

Given the cutthroat competition and high expectations placed on sellers in today’s market, a positive first impression is essential.

 Staging your home can assist in presenting it in an appropriate manner, which can help you get the most value out of it.

 In addition, staging your home can ensure that prospective buyers have an appealing view into their future selves at this property both now and in the future, when they may start looking again or have someone else represent them, along with other essential details such as pricing information and other stuff. 

Staging your home can also help you get the most value out of it.

Staged house vs. empty house

Putting an Empty House Up for Sale


Advantages of Selling an Empty HouseThe most significant advantage of selling an empty home is, surprisingly enough, the same as the advantage of selling a property that has been staged. This advantage is the ability to sell the home faster. 

When they go up to a house that is now empty, prospective buyers may find it simpler to picture themselves living there. These potential buyers may have a more difficult time imagining how they would incorporate their own lives and belongings into the image once the home has been set.

The problem with a home that has been staged is that it is styled in such a way as to appeal to the greatest possible number of potential buyers. As a result, it can come across as either being too generic or too specialised to a certain group of individuals.

Some individuals will just be uninterested in staging, particularly if it is not executed effectively and is not subtle enough. If it is too obvious, the potential customers may become discouraged and annoyed. In other words, they may have the opinion that their very own belongings will make the house look like a dump.

Another advantage of selling an empty home is that it displays that you have moved out of the house and that it is now ready for another family to come in. This makes the home more appealing to potential buyers. Some prospective purchasers are in a rush and do not like to wait for the current owner to exit the premises before making their offer. You are probably aware that moving takes a lot of time. It is to your advantage to demonstrate that you have already moved out of the apartment.

When a house is vacant, it is also devoid of its usual contents, which is desirable from a selling standpoint.


An empty house gives the impression of being a cold and unwelcoming place to be. If you want to cultivate an atmosphere that is warm and inviting, having a home that is vacant can work against you.

Another thing that can be a problem is the fact that flaws have a tendency to become more noticeable in a house that is vacant. When you have a house that is full of furniture and decorations, it is much easier to hide or be distracted by the house’s flaws, such as cracks in the wall or ceiling, stains on the carpet and tilts in the ceiling. 

But because there is nothing to conceal them or divert attention away from them, you are left with all of the minor dings and things that customers will undoubtedly take issue with when they look at the item.

Taking pictures of an empty house and publishing them on the internet may also increase the likelihood that the house will be broken into. Squatters and vandals are always hunting for the ideal vacant home to break into and occupy for themselves.

The final drawback that comes with having an empty house is one that has to do with image and perception. When you put the home for sale while it is still empty, it may give potential buyers the idea that you are in a rush to close the deal. It’s not uncommon for people to buy and sell a home in the same transaction at times.

Buyers may approach you with the intention of making a cheap offer because they believe you are in a vulnerable situation. Whether or whether this is the case, it is never to your benefit to give the impression that you are desperate for a sale.

There is little question that when a home is unoccupied, prospective purchasers have the impression that the seller is more willing to reach a transactional agreement.

Should We Stage Our Home Before Selling It, or Should We Sell It Empty –

Staged House vs Empty House

The decision as to whether to stage a home or leave it empty depends on a number of criteria, including the following:

  • The conditions that currently exist in the real estate market.
  • The standard practice in your region.
  • The cost that is associated with staging.
  • Just how much of a change it’s going to bring about — (where are you starting from).
  • are the better choices in relation to the cost.
  • Consult with a real estate agent in the area, but ultimately you are the only one who can decide if it is worthwhile or even required.

It is not necessary to stage a home in order to sell it.

It Is Not really Necessary to Stage a House to Sell It Staging your home before selling it can have both positive and negative effects, but it is crucial to remember that staging does not sell your home. 

Some real estate brokers, particularly those who own a staging firm or who have personal connections to house stagers, may try to convince you of the benefits of hiring a stager.

This does not mean that staging is bad; on the contrary, it can be very effective. However, you should be aware that the most important tools for selling your property have little to do with the furnishings and accessories that you choose to display there.

A trustworthy real estate agent will have no trouble selling a house in either staged or unstaged condition. To be successful in selling something, you need to have the appropriate contacts to get the word out, as well as the marketing skills to guarantee that the appropriate individuals view the listing. The property will sell itself if the right buyers can be found for it.

If an agent believes that staging is the solution, you should not trust that agent. Not the ice cream itself, but the cherry on top is staging. There are real estate brokers out there who will make an effort to persuade you of the significance of staging. The vast majority of the time, it is not!

When it comes to selling your property, there are a few things that are very necessary. The following are some of them:

  • Acquiring the knowledge necessary to choose the most competent real estate agent – Without a shadow of a doubt, the Realtor that you hire will have the most significant impact on how quickly you sell and how much money you sell for.
  • Accurately pricing a home is the number one mistake that most sellers make; the opposite, not accurately pricing a home, is the number two mistake. Finding the proper real estate agent is directly related to setting the right price for your home. A truly exceptional real estate agent will almost never overprice a place. A house that is priced incorrectly will not sell no matter how well it is staged.
  • The use of quality photography is the next step in providing exceptional online marketing for real estate, as was stated earlier. You should also look for a real estate agent that is willing to put in the time and effort required to compose an excellent listing description for the property. Choose a broker who won’t treat this as a side project!
  • A real estate agent who is committed to serving YOU and NO ONE ELSE BUT YOU! Never, ever settle for a real estate agent who works for both you and another client. You should look for a real estate agent who will always put your needs before theirs.

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