Should I Buy Mini Cooper S or Mini Clubman S? What are the pros and cons of each?

Should I buy Mini Cooper S or Mini Clubman S ? What are the Pros and cons of each?– MINI Car Buying advice

Well, the moment you are considering a Mini Cooper, you are making a conscious decision to buy a hot hatch (high-performance hatchback car). Of course, you have many options at this price point. 

You have the Kodiaq and Superb from Skoda, Toyota Fortuner and Ford Endeavour OR the A-Class, CLA and GLA from Mercedes Benz and Q3 and A3 from Audi, if you want to go for something premium.

All of these are good cars but are not as fun to drive as that Mini.

The Mini s a gem of a car, Whether if you want to buy Mini COOPER S or Mini Clubman is the decision you need to make depending on your circumstances and factors.

But still, It depends on these factors

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How big is your family

If you have a Big family, then it’s a better Option to go for a Club man.  Low riding small cars like the Mini Cooper are great in the city and small Family.

How Big person are you?

One of my Friends Loves MINI but he can’t have one because he is too tall and Big and won’t get in the car. 

He tried my MINI COOPER S, it’s too much hard work to make him sit on the Driver’s seat.

So, If you are a Big lady or a Guy AVOID MINI Cooper S. Instead, go for Clubman which is spacious enough.



Are you a Long-drive person?

Mini will do a long drive perfectly well – it’s not a big saloon car though. 

So, you won’t get the sort of cosseted luxury that you’d find from some larger vehicles Like Benz Or BMW.

The MINI Cooper S and  John Cooper Works has sports seats that have a bit more side support than you might find in some cars – whether this is comfortable to you or not is really a personal preference.

Otherwise, despite the JCW is a noisy little thing if you’re driving it hard (or, as I like to think of it, driving it properly) once you’re up to cruising speed it’s as quiet as nearly any other petrol-engined car out there.

Mini Clubman is an awesome car for Long drives and  Outdoor activities.

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Things to think before Buying a MINI COOPER

  1. Future maintenance costs – The MINI Cooper is shaping up to be a very expensive vehicle if you own it for more than a few years.
  2. Finding qualified maintenance personnel – In the USA and other countries like Australia and the UK, you’re good. If you move to a less populous state, you’re going to have problems.
  3. Driving on the highway Or Freeway – Low riding small cars like the Mini Cooper are great in the city. They’re frightening, however, on the highway with many big rigs and large SUVs
  4. Cargo capacity – The Mini doesn’t hold squat for cargo. If you travel a lot or shop a great deal, the Cooper will fill up quickly.
  5. UnComfortable ride for lengthy distances – The Mini Cooper is, again, great for short travels around an urban area. It can be unpleasantly cramped for lengthy road trips

What do Mini Coopers have that other cars don’t within the same price bracket?

You’ll need to go for much more expensive cars in the realm of lotus Elysee, Alfa Romeo and other very small cars that are small in size in spite of not having extremely powerful engines, have strong performance and manoeuvrability.

Minis just don’t have incredible top speeds, as that requires lots of power.

The Audi A1 doesn’t have a sporty version any longer, and it’s geared more towards comfort anyway.

Audi and VW try to appeal to a wider public whereas Mini is a small niche oriented brand:

Mini is expensive for its segment, very impractical comfort-wise, while not bad at all for the F57 generation up to the S model.

This might change soon as the car industry as a whole struggle to keep good profit margins (except for Ferrari mostly) even among premium brands.

Hence the push towards trying to appeal to an increasingly wider audience while diluting the qualities that were not associated with the brands in a past era.

MINI Is an Awesome car

Mini cooper is such an awesome machine, in its outer appearance as well as its power. No one can change their mind while seeing the beauty of a Mini Cooper.

The first Mini was an aftereffect of a plan challenge from Sir Leonard Lord, proprietor of the Morris Company, to his top architect, a man named Alec Issigonis, in 1957.


A lot of models are available in Mini Specifically, Some of the cars that are Famous among the People are,

1. Mini Clubman

2. Mini Convertible

3. Mini John Cooper Works

4. Mini Cooper S

5. Mini 3 door


  1. Great fun to drive, especially in sport mode, reassuringly heavy steering yet the car feels very light and has awesome grip
  2. Plenty of power for a relatively small car – 170hp and 7.4s 0–60mph (also pulls very well at motorway speeds 70+) and if your gentle with it the engine is very smooth and quiet
  3. The very high-quality interior feels like a much more special car to drive than other cars in a similar class
  4. Great cruising on the motorway.
  5. Very good level of service with the warranty – BMW emergency roadside cover included for the duration of the car’s warranty. 
  6. More practical than you may imagine.
  7. Extremely good Infotainment system – as BMW owns Mini it uses their iDrive system with is renowned for being very good (great nav system, high-resolution screen, play Spotify from your phone etc.)

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  • The ride is quite firm, going over larger bumps at motorway speeds the car can “Thunk” down into the road
  • Quite a bit of road noise especially at motorway speeds, it feels like this is due to the relatively upright windscreen, you can hear the wind whipping around, pretty large wing mirrors probably contribute too
  • It is a small car so could be not much space, but if you’re buying a Mini you have to expect this…

Owners of Mini Cooper S vehicles, Why did you buy One

For me, the following features are absolutely essential to have in a vehicle:

  • Fun to drive
  • Reasonably applicable to real life
  • Good fuel efficiency

When it comes to most automobiles, you would think that you receive one or two of the aforementioned three features, but I’ve discovered that with the MINI, I get all three of them.

The MINI is, without a doubt, the most enjoyable vehicle to drive that I’ve ever owned. Because of its low weight, it is nimble on its feet, and MINI has done an excellent job of tuning the suspension so that you have the impression of being highly connected with the road. 

The disadvantage of this is, of course, that you will feel highly connected with the road, as well as all of the faults that are found on US roads.

In terms of functionality, the fact that I am a man who has a significant other means that I am never required to transport a large amount of belongings. 

If you do, I’ll be able to fold the rear seats down and cram everything into the trunk. I find that the trunk space of the MINI is sufficient for my day-to-day commuting needs as well as the occasional trip to the supermarket. 

Additionally, it is excellent for manoeuvring into congested city parking areas as well as any other parking spot.

Even with the highest-performing John Cooper Works trim, I still get an average of 37 miles per gallon on the interstate with it, and I get 30–31 miles per gallon on my daily commute, which is split between the highway and the city. 

Yes, it does require premium fuel; but, the price gap between regular and premium fuel in California is not nearly as extreme as it is in Wisconsin, where I formerly called home. 

There, the cost of premium gas would be anywhere from 50 to 70 cents higher than normal.

In addition to these features, MINI provides a wide variety of customization possibilities, allowing you to give your vehicle a one-of-a-kind appearance. 

Additionally, MINI provides a wide variety of premium extras, which help to make my vehicle a highly liveable daily driver. 

However, if I want to challenge myself behind the wheel, I can take the JCW up into the mountains, where it is more than capable of negotiating tight corners at high speeds.

 It is strongly recommended that you take a test drive of one just to get a feel for what it is like.

Mini Clubman Pros:

Powerful Engine:

The Clubman engine power will take you by surprise. A car this small can produce up to 170 horsepower! 

It can also accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 7.4 seconds. The engine’s quiet running and smooth handling will impress you.

Attractive Design

How thrilling does it sound to be able to customise your car’s colours and features? 

Mini gives their customers the choice of buying a personalised car from a variety of models. 

Simply select a model from their website and continue customising your dream car by selecting the paint, interior, engine, wheels, technical features, and a few other choices. 

It means that two Mini cars, despite being the same model, can be completely different.

Less frequent maintenance.

Like most vehicles, a MINI Clubman does not need an oil change or routine repairs every few months. Instead, you should wait two years to get the car inspected.

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What kind of an experience is driving a Mini Clubman like?

Quite admirable, if that by “genuine Mini Clubman” you mean the model that was manufactured all the way through the 1970s. 

One thing to keep in mind is that in 1975, all of the manual models were “up-gunned” to 1098cc, while the automatics remained at 998cc. This is an important distinction to make.

The saloon versions were obviously lighter, making them a little bit quicker in their factory settings. 

On the other hand, the estates provided a slightly improved ride quality as a result of their longer wheelbase, were better balanced, and were more useful because of the additional space in the trunk.

Final Thoughts

Whether it is  Mini COOPER S or Clubman  The Mini ride is firm and Enjoyable.

MINI COOPER is a small  Luxury car So if you are looking for a small car with HIGH Power then go for MINI COOPER. 

If your family is big and looking for more space then go for Clubman.

The Mini Cooper S is quite an impractical vehicle, and this is especially true of the three-door variant of the automobile. However, it has a very firm suspension, which at times can be very harsh because the car is so energetic and enjoyable to drive.

The trunk of the five-door model has a little bit more space than the trunk of the four-door model, but it is not a significant amount more space. 

The five-door model can accommodate people who are smaller than the normal human on the rear seat while still allowing simpler access. It acts in most respects in the same manner as the 3dr version.

The clubman is a larger segment, has a superior inside, and it is significantly more practical; nevertheless, it is also slower and less nimble than the hatchback and, of course, it costs significantly more when outfitted to the same degree. 

Its ride is noticeably more comfortable than that of a standard Mini S.

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