Should I buy a house as a single person-Things you should know

Should I buy a house as a single person with no kids-Things you should know

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Homeownership has absolutely nothing to do with one’s marital or familial circumstances. It’s all about what you want to achieve and how you want to live.

In the United States, owning a home is the best method to accumulate wealth. 

It’s a fact that not everyone likes to be in charge of upkeep. It’s unlikely that everyone will stay in the same place for an extended period of time to accrue equity. Having renters is not for everyone.

As a result, the solution will be unique to each individual. Because you’re not buying a property for someone else, this has a number of advantages. This is what you do when you rent an apartment or a house. 

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Tax benefits and the ability to personalise a home are two more advantages. 

You have the option of painting, rearranging furniture, and picking out new appliances, among other things. Another advantage is that you are under no need to relocate unless you so want. 

Until you stop making payments, no one can state they won’t renew your lease and you have to vacate within 30 days of the expiration date on your lease agreement.

The disadvantages are that you are responsible for the property’s upkeep, and you won’t be able to up and go at a moment’s notice. 

Making a purchase if you know you’ll be relocating due to your job or because you ‘want to’ is a bad idea.

 For property owners in the United States, I’d estimate it takes an average of 3-5 years until you’re able to recoup your investment. 

The cost of purchasing and selling varies from area to neighbourhood. Please keep in mind that your monthly payments are not a deposit on a house or apartment.

 It was less expensive to live there than it would have been to rent if you made any money off of your sale.

When individuals relocate, many opt not to sell their homes. 

They generate money by renting out the property. This is a well-known method of accumulating riches.

Should you buy a house as a single person

Whether you should buy a house as a single person depends on many factors, including:

  1. Consider your Long-term goals: do you plan to stay in one place for the long term?
  2. Financial stability: are you financially secure enough to afford the costs of homeownership?
  3. Lifestyle: do you want the freedom and flexibility that comes with renting?
  1. Responsibility: are you prepared for the responsibility of maintaining a property?
  2. Lifestyle change: are you ready for the lifestyle change that comes with homeownership, such as yard work and home maintenance?
  3. Future plans: do you have plans for starting a family, which could impact your home needs and finances?
  4. Market conditions: what is the current state of the housing market in your area?

It is important to carefully weigh the pros and cons and understand the responsibilities of homeownership before making a decision.

It is recommended to carefully consider these factors and seek advice from financial professionals before making a decision.

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Single Home Owners – Stats:

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reports that between 1981 and 2011, single persons aged 25 to 34 accounted up 34.6% of all homebuyers, or more than a third of all purchasers. From 2001 to 2011, the proportion of single homeowners aged 35 to 44 increased, reaching 37.2%.

Reasons why you should buy a house if you are single

“Single” is a status that can change at any time. Period!!. So,  Being single right now does not guarantee that you will be in a relationship one year from now, many alone five years from now. 

A house may be a wise investment even if you don’t intend on getting married for another 10–15 years and know that you will stay put where you are now. 

This is especially true in areas where property values are rising. If you are between the ages of 20 and 30, it may make financial sense.

Being unmarried and having real estate has disadvantages that manifest considerably later in life, when it may be counterproductive (at least in the United States). 

Unless a person is very affluent, most individuals will require Medicaid, and in order to obtain long-term care, a property like this must be sold to balance the money the government has paid. 

If you’re married, your partner can stay in the house with you until they need long-term care. 

After five years have passed after the property was deeded, some clauses become applicable to the issue (children). 

To put it another way, purchasing a house means you’re effectively buying something the government will take away from you should you never get married.

I have the money to purchase a house right now, but I want to wait till I’m married to do it. 

As important as his buy-in is to me, I don’t want to make such a significant choice without his consent. 

Even if the person I marry doesn’t want a home, I’ll accept their decision if they don’t want the added expenditures and upkeep that come with having one.

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If you are considering buying a property in the future, it is much easier to do so when you are single.

Decisions are easy to make. As a single individual, you have greater leeway in selecting the necessities for your home. 

You just have yourself to think about. When you have a spouse or children, you must consider their wants and requirements; this reduces the number of possible residences.

Financially stronger. Any funding will be dependent on a single source of revenue. When a couple buys a property, both of their salaries are taken into account. 

If a parent loses their work or decides to stay at home to raise their children, it might put the family in a bind.

It’s easier to sell. You will have much less to move. If you and your significant other divorce, the house is in your name exclusively, so there will be less conflict. 

(Divorce is unpleasant, and while “in your name solely” may make things marginally easier, it is no assurance that things will be simple. Some courts may continue to consider the residence to be common property.)

It is an Investment. Because homes often rise in value quicker than mortgage charges (interest), the sooner and faster your assets grow, the better.

The downside of owning a home is that it might bind you to it. One of the major benefits of being single is that you have a lot of freedom; you are only accountable to yourself and the law. 

When you buy a house, it’s nearly like getting married: you must now keep up with a mortgage (unless you pay cash), taxes, and normal house care. 

You can’t just up and leave; you may need to sell the house. Selling a property from a distance might be quite difficult.

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When it comes to applying for a home loan, do lenders view single men and women in a different light than single women?

No one will be treated differently because of their gender or marital status. The disparity in pay between men and women is probably at the root of the problem.

Due to the fact that men earn more than women( Don’t get me now, LOL), it is likely that men will be in a position to generate a larger deposit than a woman, and they will also be able to borrow more money because they have a greater capacity to repay the loan.

The Mortgage Expert in Sydney we spoke to  Emma Goslin explains that the “5 C’s of credit, which are character, capacity, collateral, credit, and conditions, are the most important aspects to consider.

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Pros and cons of owning a house when your are a single person

There is a popular term called “house hacking” that I would engage in. It basically means getting a roommate.

 You can even do it before you buy a house if you rent the right dwelling. Basically, the idea is to have a dwelling where the layout is ideal for attracting another working adult to live with you. In the best case, the rent they pay is sufficient to cover the mortgage.

So, to answer the question: 

Yes it is worth buying a house while single, IF you are willing to treat it as an investment property. And you are more easily able to do that if you don’t have to drag an unwilling spouse and/or children along.


  1. A single person should have the lowest expense level of their life. This makes it easier to accumulate investment funds.
  2. A single person does not require much square footage. This means a standard American house has a lot of surplus space that can be potentially monetised if the right purchase is made in the right location.
  3. A house may or may not appreciate, but it will eventually be paid off. Typically, property taxes are cheaper than rent in a given area. Spend a few years having your roommates (tenants) pay your mortgage off (building equity), then you have a lot of options.


  1. When you are single and childless you tend to be young and inexperienced. That makes exercising purchase and operational discipline for a house, very difficult. It is easy to buy the wrong house because there are so many bad ones out there. 
  2. You may end up buying a smaller House, and years later when you get married and have kids around the house may feel & look smaller.

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It is worth buying a house when you are single?

Is it worth it? It depends on a lot. 

Several things to strongly consider especially as a single person since you are the sole person on the mortgage are; 

  • Do you have a down payment and monthly income to make your mortgage payments manageable or cheaper than renting? 
  • Do you plan on living in the house for at least 5 years or more? 
  • Are you prepared for the maintenance and costs of a home? 
  • Do you have the option to have a home without the 30 year commitment of a mortgage? 
  • Do you really need additional space beyond an apt as a single person? 

Reason why you need to ask these questions is because; as a single person you do not have the luxury of two incomes that couples have, so you alone are responsible for the full mortgage which means job security is a must, a high income is necessary and no life changes should be made that would force you out of your house prematurely. 

That is to say, expect to defer plans of moving, whether its a new job or meeting a new partner, or moving for family reasons. 

Also one thing that is very important that you have no control; your employer. 

Also remember that you will be dealing with the problems of the house alone without the support of a partner, which can get stressful. 

I would recommend a condo, however those do gain much equity so it ends up being the same as paying rent and then you have the responsibility maintenance. 

Contrary to popular belief, buying a house is not a good option for everyone. You almost have to be a family to make it worthwhile.

If You Already Own a House

You can now access your home equity without selling your home, taking out a HELOC, home equity loan or reverse mortgage.

Unlock Your Home Equity Today!

Is a condo or a house a smarter investment for a single person?

Should a single person buy a house or a condo ?

When you purchase a condo, you are simply purchasing the inside area. 

Aside from your contribution in the maintenance payments, you have no ownership of the outside. You also do not own the ground beneath. In the case of a townhouse, you own both the exterior and the land.

Sandy from Texas says 

“Yes. My decision to buy my first house on my own was a wise one. I benefited myself financially by saving money, obtaining excellent tax advantages, and creating equity.
Someone once questioned why I didn’t wait to buy a house after getting married. I asked, “Why should I have waited?” in response. I am a mature, competent, independent woman who wishes to own her own home. I also make a solid living.
None of the men who entered my life after I bought my first house were put off by the fact that I was a homeowner. I’m currently happily married to one, in fact”

Which to buy is determined by your lifestyle requirements, financial resources, and the Real estate market.

What kind of house should a single person buy?

 If I had to pick between a townhouse/Apartment and a condo or a suburban house, I would go with the townhouse/Apartment if I’m single

If outside care isn’t your thing, you might choose a condo where the association handles everything. What you buy may be influenced by the property market in your area.

Whether you are single or married it is beneficial to buy a house because you have more control over expenses if you buy a house. 

You have a place that you can call your own. No more checking with the landlord you can do any type of changes and addition to your house. You can renovate the house .as you like 

It’s not just about Money, it’s about Lifestyle

It’s not only about money, but about the single person’s lifestyle. Except in tiny towns with few apartment alternatives, buying a house makes little sense for a single man.

A single man would be better off meeting young ladies in a heavily populated location near a big metropolis. Houses are not built for singles, but for families.

Condos/houses are designed for families, which is why they are more costly. 

For the monthly expense of a great house, you could live in a chic apartment in a large city where you could meet plenty of ladies.

What is the first issue that a bank may raise with you when you apply for a home loan as a single person?

There is no difference between being a single person or a couple, except that you have some economies of scale as a couple, such as the possibility of earning twice as much as someone who is single,

So, As a result, you should be able to borrow more as a couple than as a single person.

According to a Financial  & Mortgage Expert, we spoke to 

Whether you’re applying for a loan as an individual or as a couple, the lenders are going to look at your credit history and evaluate your ability to repay the loan. Borrowing money is now significantly more difficult due to the implementation of the new “responsible lending” criteria. 

Your credit score will be the first thing that they check when they pull your report. If you have a low credit rating as a result of a high number of loan inquiries, existing debts, a negative history (arrears, defaults, or bankruptcy), or a “busy” history, then time and improved behavior should be your backup plan.

Buying house is just the beginning, Next Step is Making Your home Most Loved Liveable place

Final Thoughts

So, should you buy a house if you’re single? Absolutely,  Owning a house provides several financial benefits. It helps you to accumulate riches and raise the value of your property.

As the interest rates are low as of now( time we wrote this article in 2021), your monthly mortgage payment may be less than your condo rent. Another advantage is that, buying a property might also cut your federal income taxes

A single person’s living preferences can be realised with the suitable physical space. 

A condo uses less energy than a comparable-sized house.A condo has no outside walls, roof, or grass to maintain. It has greater privacy and internal space than a condo.

Real estate is a wise investment. In your case. You want to rent or buy? How long will you own it? Do you wish to be near the area nightlife?

There are too many variables to pick one. Overall, buying real estate is a wise investment.

If you can afford it, buying a home is always better. You may live in it without paying a monthly fee and sell it to recoup your investment.

Buying a decent property in a good area is one of the finest purchases someone can make, married or single. Money management has nothing to do with marriage. Why can’t a single individual spend wisely?

Chase Rine–  Real estate agent at West USA Realty. Freelance writer and editor Rine has extensive experience in the real estate industry. He has worked as a residential real estate agent in the Arizona area, and as a sales administrator for a commercial real estate firm, and now he uses his knowledge to advise others.

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