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I really need to share my negative experience with Rivercrest Christian School, as I had hoped for a much better educational environment for my child.

Unfortunately, the school’s inefficient teachers and disbalanced teaching structure have left me with no choice but to warn others considering this institution.

Furthermore, We decided to seek resolution through the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) due to the school’s persistent shortcomings.

We have Knocked on the VCAT doors for all the stress the school caused us because of their Sub-standard Teaching.

You can download our VCAT complaint here.( VCAT, the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, resolves disputes and makes decisions.).

Rivercrest College is an IB school that offers the International Baccalaureate program to its students. 

I am compelled to share my experience at Rivercrest Christian College , where my daughter has been struggling due to the lack of quality teaching and an unsupportive learning environment.

Her once-enthusiastic demeanor has been replaced by a constant sense of demotivation, leaving her wanting to change schools in mid 2021. [Now she is in a better school & Thriving].

Our daughter was in RCC from her PreSchool, Until Grade 3 all went fine.

However, Issues Started when she Enters Grade 5 in 2021 and Teachers Hired by the school were unable to teach higher classes as Grade 5.

From the very beginning, of 2021, we noticed a significant lack of qualified teachers at RCC. My daughter frequently complained about teachers not being able to clarify concepts or answer her questions effectively.

This left her struggling to understand basic principles, which began to take a toll on her academic performance and self-confidence.

The school’s learning structure is another area of concern. Certain subjects seem to be prioritized over others, creating an unbalanced curriculum.

This has resulted in my daughter missing out on a well-rounded education and left her questioning her ability to excel in various subjects.

She has expressed her discontent on numerous occasions, and it’s disheartening to see her so demotivated.

As a parent, it’s agonizing to watch my daughter lose her motivation due to the shortcomings of RiverCrest Christian School.

The lack of good teaching and an unsupportive learning environment has left her wanting to change schools in the hope of finding a more nurturing educational experience.

River Crest College, in my opinion, is a substandard institution.

The college lacks quality teachers and has a poor teaching methodology, which results in a disbalanced learning experience for students.

First and foremost, the faculty at River Crest College is substandard.

Most of the teachers lack the requisite experience necessary to impart knowledge effectively to the Higher Classes ( Grade 4 and Above).. It is evident that the college has hired these individuals based on their affordability and not their competence. 

As a result, students ( above Grade 4)are left with mediocre teachers who struggle to teach even the basics of their subjects.

The lack of qualified teachers has a severe impact on the quality of education that students receive.

So, RCC is Ok for your child until they are in Grade 4. From then the Teaching issues begin.

Furthermore, the quality of teaching at River Crest College is poor.

The teachers follow a set pattern of teaching without considering the individual learning style of each student. Additionally, Rivercrest College (RCC) have larger class sizes than what one would typically expect from a private school.

The college relies heavily on Dis-balanced teaching methods, that is more Fun & games But less of Substantial Learnings.

The teachers seldom use practical examples to explain concepts, making it difficult for students to grasp the concepts.

Another significant issue with River Crest College is the disbalanced learning experience. The college has a biased approach towards some subjects and neglects others.

The curriculum is not well-structured, and the college does not offer enough choices for students to explore different subjects.

This approach limits the students’ opportunities to develop their interests and explore different fields.

  • The college must prioritize hiring qualified teachers who are passionate about teaching and can create an engaging learning environment for students.
  • Additionally, the college must adopt a more personalized teaching methodology that takes into account the individual learning style of each student.
  • Finally, the college must ensure that all students receive equal opportunities to excel regardless of their social class or background.
  • If these issues are not addressed, the future of the students at River Crest College is uncertain, and the reputation of the college will continue to suffer.

In conclusion, my experience at RCC School has been nothing short of disappointing.

As a concerned parent, I cannot recommend this school to anyone looking for a positive and supportive learning environment for their child.

I hope that other parents will learn from my experience and choose an institution that Prioritizes the well-being and education of its students.

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