Are there any reasons not to buy a used Maserati Granturismo?

Reasons not to buy used Maserati Granturismo

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There is a lot of misinformation and recycled comments regarding the Maserati brand on the Internet.

After doing a couple of years of research on forums where people who ACTUALLY owned a Maserati contributed, my friend went ahead and purchased a used Granturismo Sport last week.

The car is mechanically flawless; 

The F136 Ferrari-derived engine and the bulletproof ZF transmission are known to be extremely reliable, with the former configured into different variations in the Ferrari F430, 458, and as well as the Maserati Quattroporte, whereas the latter has been used across many BMW series models, Rolls-Royce, etc.

I had checked with my friend all about his car…had ridden with him too

This is what I heard from him about the  used Maserati Granturismo car.

The “downsides” are things that vary from person to person, how old are you Maserati is and whether or not you care for them.

The tech of the car is quite outdated. 

There is no Bluetooth audio from the factory for model years 2008–2017. 

My Friend bought a Bluetooth module on Amazon for $10 and that solved the problem. He can now listen to Bluetooth music exactly as he used to when he had his Mercedes AMG.

The car is not as fast as many other cars for the same price or less.If you are Coming from daily driving a very capable car with 500+ hp, you will find that the Granturismo still gives you a special feeling that speed and power alone cannot.

Plus,  If you live in an area with heavy traffic, you don’t need nor get to experience the breakneck sensation of speed.

The car gets a lot of attention. This can be good or bad depending on the type of person you are. 

My friend personally doesn’t like that many pairs of eyes trained on them when he is in the car/getting in/getting out of it.

The attention has all been positive, but intense. I had someone approach me at the gas station.

People shout out the brand name when I drive by, say “Nice car!”, and take pictures and videos as well.

Insurance is high. It may also be due to many factors like your age, and driving experience but insurance companies seem to tack on a premium on cars they deem to be a high luxury.

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For people who complain about maintenance, it’s not bad at all if you do oil changes yourself and goes to indy shops. I’ve done that for my other cars in the past. Way, way cheaper than you’d think.

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Many Reasons Not to buy a Used Maserati Granturismo

There are plenty of reasons not to buy a used Maserati.

For starters, they are one of the worst cars made when you take into account the build quality. 

Probably the only thing worse than a Maserati is an Alfa Romeo, and a used Maserati! (Source for the Alfa is a friend, who claims he heard it on an episode of Top Gear UK).Also, as is generally the case with most owners of high-end cars, they tend to sell off their vehicles once they are out of Warranty. 

So, buying a used Maserati is even worse than buying a brand new one.

You will take on all of the liability, and parts are not cheap!The cost of maintaining a Maserati is pretty high, and a used one is a big no-no. 

You will be paying through your skin for every component that needs to be replaced, and if it is a slightly old one, there are going to be plenty!

If you are going to be using it for your daily commute. Maseratis are not easy on the gas.

Also, they tend to break down fairly often.

If you are going to use it daily, I hope you have a backup car ready, because the Maserati is going to spend more time at a service station than in your driveway.

If you are buying it just for weekend joy rides, then it’s a different thing.


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There are a lot of factors to consider before investing in a pre-owned Maserati.

To begin, when considering the level of craftsmanship involved, they are among the worst automobiles ever produced. 

The only things that are likely to be worse than a Maserati are an Alfa Romeo and a pre-owned Maserati. (A buddy of mine claims that he heard it on an episode of Top Gear UK, which is where I got the information about the Alfa Romeo.)

In addition to this, after the warranty on their vehicle has expired, the majority of owners of high-end automobiles have a tendency to sell off their vehicles and move on to a newer model. 

Therefore, purchasing a previously used Maserati is an option that is even less desirable than buying a brand new one. 

You will be responsible for the entire liability, and the components won’t come cheap.

The cost of maintaining a Maserati is rather costly, and purchasing a secondhand one is not recommended in any way. 

You will have to pay out of your own pocket for each individual component that has to be replaced, and if it is even a little bit outdated, there are going to be a lot of them!

You have said that you are going to be utilising it for your commute to and from work each day. 

The Maserati is not a fuel-efficient automobile. 

Additionally, they have a high propensity to malfunction often. 

If you intend to use it on a daily basis, you had well make sure you have a backup vehicle ready, because the Maserati is going to spend more time at the service station than it does in your driveway. 

It’s one thing if you’re planning to use it for work, but quite another if you just want to have some fun on the weekends.

Why are used Maseratis so cheap?

Poor Reliability:

A direct answer to this question is that they are cheap because of low residual value as a result of poor reliability.

 In terms of materials, they still consider themselves to be a bespoke auto manufacturer.

Lack of Service support:

 They are not as dependable as a comparable German vehicle. They also lack the dealer support network of, say, BMW or Mercedes Benz. Recognize that the real profit at a dealership comes from the service department, and if you have a car that is complex and expensive to maintain, the average Maserati owner may be tempted to let it slide. 

As a result, the resale and residual values are low.

They arguably outperform their direct competitors in their respective market segments.

For example, they provide silk and leather seating surfaces. Phantom territory, indeed.

However, in order to achieve this while remaining relevant, they hire subpar companies to manufacture these parts (often by hand).


Maserati, like other more exotic brands, tends to depreciate because the reliability is largely unknown and demand remains soft, mostly for that reason. 

There are no Italian cars that are considered all that reliable, unfortunately, and they all tend to not do well when it comes to depreciation.

Luxury cars in general face horrible depreciation. Most are sold to people who lease them and probably manage to get a tax write off, like a lawyer, who claims he uses the car for work.

If you want to know the real depreciation of cars, ask the dealer to quote you some lease rates and look at the residual value as a per cent of the total value.

Compare it to other models and brands.

The irony of used luxury cars is that if you have the money to fix them, it means you have the money to buy a new one, and it will come with a warranty.

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 High Maintenance costs:

 It is pretty expensive to maintain a Maserati. Overall quality has been improved now. 

Maserati is not for second-hand markets like MB or BMW. Lots of people do not want to get into Maserati because of high maintenance costs.

That will automatically drive the depreciation like crazy. High inventory and low demand will do it clearly.

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Maserati GT Convertible

MC20 Maserati

Tips to consider before buying new or used Masareti

If you’re considering buying a Maserati, new or used, then you already know that they aren’t cheap and they’re not easy on gas – but that’s not why you’re buying it. 

You buy Maserati because they are interesting, exclusive, beautiful and great performers.

I drove the Granturismo for 8 years and about 50K kilometres with no issues outside of normal maintenance.During that time, it put a smile on my face every time I fired it up. That’s why you buy an exotic car.

If you’re looking for an economical daily driver to run errands and haul cargo, then neither the Maserati nor any other sports car is a good choice.

But if you want something special that you won’t see everyone else in, it’s a pretty darn good choice.

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If you are thinking of purchasing a Maserati, whether it be new or old, then you are well aware that they are not inexpensive and that they are not easy on the wallet when it comes to gas mileage; nevertheless, those are not the reasons why you are purchasing it. 

I am currently on my third. My first vehicle was a 2004 Gran Sport, then in 2008 I upgraded to a Granturismo, and currently I drive a 2016 Ghibli S Q4. 

I purchased mine due to the fact that not only are they gorgeous, but also because they are unusual and distinctive. 

I put roughly 50,000 kilometres on the Granturismo over the course of eight years and had no problems with it other than the routine maintenance. 

During that time period, it never failed to bring a grin to my face whenever I turned it on. For this reason, you invest in an exotic automobile. 

If you want an inexpensive daily vehicle that you can use to run errands and transport freight, neither the Maserati nor any other sports car is going to be a good choice for you. 

However, if you want something unique that you won’t see other people wearing, this is a pretty darn nice option for you to go with.

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How does it feel like to own a Maserati Granturismo?

Maserati Granturismo Sport, is an incredible automobile. Its cool not to turn off the audio because the sound of the exhaust is so enticing, and you’ll always glance back at it when you park because it is so stunning. 

The ceiling is suede, and the entire inside is upholstered in leather. Even the floor mats themselves are made of quilted leather. 

You’d enjoy the attention you’d receive whenever you drive this automobile, which is a lot. 

It may not be the most powerful automobile on the market with only 454 horsepower, but it is certainly quick enough and quite smart. 

Purchase it, and you won’t be sorry you did. This is my favourite automobile, although I’ve had approximately 40 cars, including examples from almost every brand of sport cars and exotic cars.