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Porsche Reliability for Road trip – An Honest Reliability Review of the Auto Giant

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Porsche is a luxury sports car manufacturer and is generally known for building high-quality and reliable vehicles. However, like any other brand, the reliability of a Porsche can vary based on various factors such as the model, year, maintenance history, and driving habits. Overall, Porsche vehicles are considered to be reliable, but it’s always a good idea to do research and check reliability ratings and reviews before making a purchase.

No one can deny that a Porsche is a luxury vehicle. It has a long track record of delivering high-quality output, and this is something that customers can count on.

The Porsche was created by Ferdinand Porsche, an Austrian inventor, because he could not find what he considered to be “the perfect car.”

According to the findings of the annual automotive study conducted by J.D. Power, Porsche tied for second place with Toyota in terms of overall reliability. 

Furthermore, Porsche’s 911 sports car was recognised as the industry’s most dependable/Reliable vehicle for the very first time, earning the company the award.

The annual J.D. Power research evaluates the dependability of automobiles that are three years old during the course of the preceding year; hence, the survey that was conducted this year focused on the 2016 model year. Customers place a high amount of importance on dependability, and this quality is frequently taken into account when determining an item’s potential resale value in the long run.

In the 30-year history of the survey, this was the first time that every German car manufacturer has beaten the industry average. 

Porsche was singled out for its recent progress in the study and was highlighted as an example.

According to the findings of the survey, the automotive sector as a whole showed an improvement of 4 percent over the previous year, as measured by the number of issues per 100 vehicles. 

That makes 2018 the most reliable year ever when it comes to cars and trucks. 

The researchers looked into 177 particular issues that fell under eight broad groups. The average number of faults per 100 cars throughout the sector was 136.

Sourced from JB Power

Are Porsche engines known for their dependability?

Yes Indeed. When subjected to scheduled maintenance.However, doing so on a consistent basis is not something that one could describe as being simple. 

The engines of Porsche cars are a wonderful example of over-engineering. 

The intricacy of those rear-mounted flat-6 motors (I’m assuming you were talking to their sports cars, rather than their SUVs and the Panamera), even for the most basic of maintenance routines like changing the oil, will require someone who has previously worked on them.

As a result, a Porsche 911 or 718 will continue to function reliably till the end of time if you have access to a skilled and experienced mechanic and you reside in an area that has well-maintained roads.

Porsche is another luxury brand that does not do well in terms of mechanical dependability .

This is due to the fact that Porsche’s reliability rating is just two percentage points greater than that of Land Rover.

The data provided by Warranty Wise indicates that Porsches are less likely to have mechanical failure than other makes and models on this list; yet, the average cost of a repair claim for a Porsche is the most of any of the other brands in this ranking, coming in at $2,550.

Pro Note: The simplest ones are usually more reliable. So, if you want the best reliability, avoid air suspension and if possible turbos and automatics – the sports cars tend to be very reliable, the SUV’s and sedans are better for reliability than any other company except Lexus (tied) but their sports cars are designed for motor sports, meaning they are quite overbuilt.

Is maintaining Porsche Expensive?

The Cost of Keeping Your Porsche in Good Condition
No matter whatever Porsche model you are interested in, you should expect your maintenance expenses to be greater than those of a typical automobile. 

A Porsche is a premium vehicle, and as such, it comes with all of the associated maintenance costs.

Depending on how often you drive, Porsche recommends servicing your vehicle every 10,000 miles or once a year, whichever comes first.

 A routine repair that includes an oil change and an inspection will cost roughly $300-$400, while a more in-depth service that includes a transmission flush and alignment would cost approximately $1000. 

The brakes on a Porsche are one of the most expensive maintenance items to replace. 

Due to the fact that they are model specific, a front and rear brake upgrade might cost upwards of $1500. Yeah, I know, it’s a mind-boggling experience.

When purchasing a secondhand Porsche, there is one important consideration to keep in mind: 

Certain models feature Porsche Cabriolet Brakes (PCB) (Performance Ceramic Composite Brakes). PCCB is a higher-spec braking system that may last up to 100,000 miles.

 However, examine the service history before purchasing a vehicle with them, since a new set can cost as much as $10-14,000. Yes, you read it right: “You read that correctly!”

Porsche’s engines are powered by high-performance synthetic lubricants. 

They may use up to 10 litres of water every change, and a litre can cost as much as $10. 

Porsche advises changing the oil every 10,000 miles, however if you reside in a hot area, such as the Southern United States, it is advised that you replace the oil every 5000 miles since synthetic oil degrades more rapidly in hotter climes.

Aside from tyres, there are a few additional consumables to keep an eye on. 

The use of low-quality tyres on a high-performance, excellent handling vehicle is a waste of money, even if it is a previously owned vehicle. 

Tire selection should not be taken lightly; after all, it is your car’s single point of contact with the road, and wouldn’t we all want that contact to be as good as it possibly can be? 

Then you’ll want to make sure you have good tyres.

Furthermore, excellent tyres might cost anywhere from $200 to $350 per tyre. The cost of high-performance tyres varies depending on the brand and size, however they may cost up to $500 per tyre.

Some Cayenne versions feature wheels that are 21 inches in diameter. 

When it comes to finding these tyres, they are quite tough to come by and extremely costly when you do. I strongly encourage you to avoid purchasing any of these specific models.

How reliable are Porsche 911s

Manny says Owning 911 c2s as daily driver for 3 years has been quite hard. Half of the mileage is  made Travelling to the dealership To & Fro.

It had numerous Issue as the following:

  • Cooling circulating valve (Red engine sign, ask me to stop)
  • A/C had leak of coolant.
  • A/C button broken.
  • sports plus button broken.
  • satnav hard drive failure (yes, they still use PATA hard drive, noobs)
  • windows control button plastic snapped both driver and passenger side.

Some are covered by warranty, but many are paid by myself, as they say this is consumable parts (like tyres).

Gill says “I am surprised they still in business. such quality scares me. hope engine will last longer”

What are the downsides of owning a Porsche 911?

For affluent single men who are real Porsche lovers and live in hilly regions of Germany, the 911 is an excellent choice.

There are a lot of disadvantages that come along with owning an automobile like this for the rest of us.

  • The pricing of the automobile starts at 113,300 dollars. The cost of insurance and maintenance will also increase proportionally. 
  • Depreciation costs alone will cost you over $46,000 once five years have passed.
  • The automobile has space for only two persons inside and a very limited trunk space.

Although the vehicle has a top speed of 191 miles per hour, the maximum speed restriction in the majority of states is just 70 miles per hour, which is a number that can be readily attained by any current automobile that is in working condition.

Some people will get the impression that you are a jerk and will presume that the reason you drive an expensive and unnecessary automobile is because you want to impress women and get laid.

However, the majority of 911 drivers are caught in local traffic on straight roads, where a sports vehicle has no other advantage beyond appearing cool to certain people. 

Although the automobile is typically represented on gorgeous, winding mountain routes, the reality for most 911 drivers is quite different.

In certain regions, such as the San Francisco Bay Area, driving a 911 is not enough to get other drivers’ attention or to be regarded outstanding by other drivers.

If you do not have a significant amount of money and you possess a 911, you will probably wind up in some sort of financial difficulty, which will more than cancel out the benefits of owning the automobile.

Because your vehicle has such a low ground clearance (109 mm), you are going to experience a great deal of anxiety whenever you drive over speed bumps, dips, highway debris, or other obstacles of a similar nature.

Numerous studies have shown that people have a tendency to grossly exaggerate the positive effects that acquiring material items would have on their overall levels of pleasure. 

According to research, even though you could get an initial spike in happiness and life contentment after purchasing an item, by the time you’ve had it for two months, you’ve adjusted to the change and are back to your original baseline level of happiness and life satisfaction.

If you are married, increasing your chances of getting a divorce by buying a car that is both pricey and unsuitable is not a good idea

Unless you have a significant amount of spare cash hanging around, it is quite doubtful that many different women will agree that making such a purchase is a smart option.



Can you daily drive a Porsche 911, and how reliable would it be?

Yes, in my opinion, you may use them as your everyday drivers without a shadow of a doubt. They are every bit as trustworthy as a Toyota or a Lexus.

Although I wouldn’t use it as an off-road machine, a road automobile is one of the best uses for one of them. They are comfy for a journey that lasts between six and eight hours, however after that point my butt would fall asleep!

Not only are they a fantastic vehicle for everyday use, but they also rank among the most intimidating automobiles available.

It was a lot of fun whenever a youngster would come up next to me on the highway with the intention of racing. 

I would get them up to around 120 miles per hour while maintaining a distance of approximately half a vehicle length between us. I would give them a wave and then put my foot down. It was priceless to see the look on their faces!

Down sides of Owning a Porsche 997TT.

Down sides of Owning a Porsche 997TT. 

1.) They weren’t really made for being outside in the elements. Park under a tree or something and watch your engine bay and trunk/hood get full of leaves. 

Then when it rains and the drains plug up — Party! It hasn’t happened to me but only because I knew other Porsche owners that had their cars electronics ruined.

2.) You get attention good and bad. 

This is not so much a downside as it is a flashy car, but you’ll get some haters. Overwhelmingly you’ll get thumbs up. 

If that gets to you, don’t get one. Still nothing like owning a Toyota Supra or other tuner car. That will rain down the love and hate.

3.) Gas mileage

4.) Cost of ownership. Yeah it’s a downside but when you drive it you realize that this thing doesn’t drive like a Honda Accord. 

Quality in automotive doesn’t mean “lasts a long time” it means that it does what it is supposed to do, very very very well. 

For example brakes – this thing stops crazy fast, but they wear out more often, cost more to replace than a regular grocery getter, but still not too bad, I mean, it’s not like a Mercedes AMG with $1K rotors.

5.) Mercedes makes nicer cars. I have an E63 AMG. It has comparable 0–60 as the Porsche but is a completely different beast. 

So if you have money to buy one, you likely have money to buy the other too. 

You might want to consider what you really want, luxury, ride quality, etc… much nicer in my Mercedes. But the Porsche is way more fun to throw around corners.

Dowbsides of owning a Porsche Boxter S

Colson says “I’m a first-time Porsche owner with a 2017 718 Boxster S. Believe it or not, it ‘s my daily driver for most of the year until the weather sets in (live in MD) and it’s too cold to drive”

Some of the downsides Of Porsche Boxter S are:

  1. It’s expensive to insure.
  2. You have to buy premium gas
  3. The way I drive, I get shitty gas mileage but that’s my own doing.
  4. Idiots pull up next to you at stop lights and want to race. My kid is sitting next to me so no, I’m not racing you.
  5. You get a second and perhaps third look by cops judging whether or not to put a notch on their belt and claim bragging rights they pulled over a Porsche.
  6. You go out of your way to park away from everyone in a huge lot and come out of the store and some dipshit with a POS corolla with more dents and rust than paint is right next to you trying to make a point.
  7. People assume if you can afford the Porsche, you can afford everything else. I saved and waited years to afford to pay for that car so no, I’m not rich.
  8. A set of the Goodyear F1 Eagle tires will run you close to $1800
  9. Except for a Corvette, you’re sitting lower than everyone else in traffic.
  10. You can take it on road trips but it’s not the smoothest ride out there. The sport suspension is really tight.

Downsides of a Carrera S and a GT3 RS

Downsides of a Carrera S and a GT3 RS and here’s my general opinion without knowing where you live (city vs suburbs) and what you plan on using the 911 for (2nd car, track car or daily driver).

  • If you live in a congested area, it can feel like you never get to open the 911 up and experience it fully on the roads.
  • 911 engines burn oil. The amount of oil will depend on your particular engine and you’ll need to top it off occasionally.
  • Depending on where you live 911s can attract more attention from law enforcement.
  • In general, it’s not recommended to drive 911s on short trips. If you are only going a mile or two and driving a new 911 with the DFI engine, your engine oil will almost certainly not come up to temperature during that trip. It’s up to you whether or not you care, but Porsche does not recommend doing this.
  • If you care a lot about not getting door dings, bird droppings, tree sap, etc… on your 911, then you may find yourself obsessing over where you park. This is a personal thing and may not affect you.
  • You didn’t mention what model of 911 you are considering but I’ll add that the track oriented 911s like the GT3/GT2/RS have their own issues like coming with tires that aren’t safe in standing water, being wonderfully loud, are very low to the ground, and come with very stiff clutches.

The 5 Most Common Issues used  Porsches

The 5 Most Common Issues used  Porsches

First, the  recalls.

Porsche, like many other automotive manufactures, has experienced recalls in recent years. 

As an example, one of the failures involved the Intermediate Shaft Bearing. If left unchecked, this might lead to an engine failure. In truth, only approximately 5% of the 2005 vehicles were affected by the recall. 

If you’re considering purchasing a model from this era, be sure to double-check that the recall has been completed.

It would be helpful if this task was recorded in the vehicle’s service record. It’s possible to upgrade the plastic to metal using an upgrade kit, but it’s a time-consuming process and may cost a lot of money to do so.

When taking a vehicle for a test drive, we may not play with all of the features, and temperature control may be missed. 

You remark, “It’s only a heater/AC unit!” Only internal panels may be used for repairs and replacements on this device. 

In my experience, automotive interior panels that have been removed and reinstalled tend to create annoying sounds for the rest of their lives once the process is completed.

A test drive is an excellent opportunity to listen for strange clunking sounds and look for leaks under the wheels. 

To obtain a clearer picture of what you’re looking at, it’s ideal to place it on an auto ramp. 

This is not always the case when purchasing a pre-owned vehicle.

Coolant Problems

Porsche’s Cayenne featured a coolant system that went under the manifold from front to rear in the mid-2000s. 

Somebody had the audacity to think that building these pipes from plastic would be a wise decision. 

That was not the case! 

Some engines had to be completely dismantled because of the massive volumes of steam that were produced when the coolant system leaked.

Faults in the engine

The biggest problem with engine failures is the lack of a tiny hand-held code reader. 

In a matter of seconds, any and all engine problems may be remedied. 

In other words, you’ve made a terrible purchase. However, there is an easy fix. 

Monitoring devices for emissions systems must be recalibrated every five to six vehicle cycles. 

For example, if your dashboard reads “not ready,” it’s best to walk away from a potential purchase as soon as possible.

Temperatures Inside car

When it’s cold outdoors, we all want to be warm, and air conditioning is a welcome pleasure when it’s hot outside. 

In a premium automobile, that’s what we’re hoping for. 

Porsche vehicles, like the Cayenne, have a propensity to fail their fan systems over time. 

In other cases, you may only be able to choose from a limited number of speeds, if any at all.

The suspension problem

As automobiles become older, they are certain to have issues. Because of their design, certain automobiles have issues. 

A Porsche may be likened to something like this. 

The heavy weight of a Porsche makes it susceptible to suspension issues, which may quickly turn into pricey ones. 

Prior to making a purchase, examine the service history to make sure that the bushings are in good working order

Is it worth Buying a used Porsche car

Should I Purchase a Pre-Owned( Used) Porsche? (After all, why wouldn’t I?)

Porsche is considered to be the ideal luxury sports automobile by many. 

From the legendary Porsche 911 to the roomy Cayenne SUV, Porsche is known for its flair and high performance. 

However, when it comes to purchasing a pre-owned Porsche, there are several factors to consider before making the purchase.

Porsche maintenance is costly, and Porsche maintenance is required on a regular basis. 

Porsche automobiles, on the other hand, are dependable and, if properly maintained, are as dependable as any other brand. 

A well-maintained Porsche at a reasonable price makes for an outstanding used vehicle investment.

Purchasing a secondhand automobile is not something to be taken lightly. 

You must be aware of the kind of issues to watch for, and if you purchase a used Porsche, you must be prepared to pay the additional costs that will accrue year after year. 

If you want to avoid costly mistakes get your car  Get Instant and Fast to read Report here

Why would anyone buy a Porsche 911

It would appear that you are attempting to answer the question of why anyone would spend a higher amount of money (for a Porsche 911) when they could pay a lower amount of money for a Corvette and have the same or even better performance.

To tell the truth, it couldn’t be easier. Assuming for the sake of argument that you are accurate about the performance comparison that is indicated, individuals are willing to pay a higher price for a Porsche so that others are aware that they spent more when they might have paid less.

I went out and spent tens of thousands of euros on luxury bags such as Gucci, LV, and Jimmy when I could have had the same look at Zara or H&M for a fraction of the price. 

Why did I make even more purchases? 

Why did you choose to do this? 

Well, because I wanted to demonstrate that I am successful in life and that I am competent at what I do.

The following is a list of occupations that ALL pay really, really well, sorted from the most valuable to the least useful to society in terms of their social impact: Ivy League schools are home to people like doctors, engineers, lawyers, bankers, entertainment stars, drug lords, and corrupt politicians, as well as diversity officers.

Why then would all of these individuals, who have laboured so hard throughout their lives to acquire a particular position, be content with something that even someone who hasn’t laboured as hard as they have, whether it’s a home, a car, or a bag?

When you find the answer to this question, you’ll understand why luxury firms demand such high prices for their wares.

So , Are Porsches Reliable?

certainly! The Porsche models are consistently the most reliable, according to the breakdown data. 

That is something that is certainly reasonable to anticipate given the price. 

On the other hand, have a look at the other manufacturers since they have numerous issues with their vehicles: Ferrari, Lamborghini, and other sports cars experience issues with their engines considerably more frequently than other vehicles (head gasket, for example). If you maintain it properly, a Porsche can last you a lifetime.

As per JD Power Research Porsche is the Most trustworthy model: For the second year in a row, the Porsche 911 ranks first in the research. This is the 911’s third time receiving this accolade in the last four years, a tremendous accomplishment( Source)

ABOUT  J.D. Power
J.D. Power is the world’s leading provider of consumer insights, consulting services, and data and analytics. J.D. Power has been supplying insightful industry information on customer interactions with brands and goods for more than 50 years, and is a pioneer in the use of big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and algorithmic modeling skills to understand consumer behavior. J.D. Power guides the customer-facing strategies of the world’s largest corporations across various sectors. (source

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