Why are oil changes so expensive in Maserati?

As a Maserati owner, ensuring that your car is regularly serviced means that your vehicle will continue to work in top condition.

Regular service not only replaces worn parts like filters. It also provides your mechanic with an opportunity to check that everything else is still in top working order including things like your brakes, steering, etc.

Are there any reasons not to buy a used Maserati Granturismo? Maserati Buying Advice

There are plenty of reasons not to buy a used Maserati.

For starters, they are one of the worst cars made when you take into account the build quality. Probably the only thing worse than a Maserati is an Alfa Romeo, and a used Maserati! 

Why is Maserati so an expensive car to own? 7 Things that make Maserati Expensive

Maserati automobiles are ultra-high-end luxury automobiles. Their prices are high for a variety of reasons, including “Brand, Quality, Manufacturing Methods, and so on.” But the main reason for their high price in comparison to their competitors is that they are only second to Rolls Royce Cars in terms of customisation.