Organic modern living room Ideas: It Is Not That Difficult As You Think

Organic modern living room Ideas to make your Living room Look a Million Buck

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Do you adore the organic yet contemporary style? Maybe you weren’t even sure what to call your approach to interior design, but you do know that you adore contemporary spaces that have a natural and unforced atmosphere. That almost certainly indicates that you will enjoy the process of developing an organically modern home.

Applying these straightforward top 10 design rules will help you style organic modern decor in your home right away.


The organic modern design aesthetic is a stunning synthesis of two design philosophies that are diametrically opposed to one another.

To begin, there is the contemporary style of design. Usually, this is classified by having smooth textures, clean lines, and a colour palette that is predominantly bright and neutral.

Organic design, on the other hand, is another option. The “organic” category includes all of the different substances that can be found in nature. Stones found in their natural state, materials derived from wood, leather, rattan, and natural fibers such as cotton, silk and linen are all examples of organic materials.

Scandinavian minimalism serves as the foundation for the design philosophy known as organic modernism, which also draws inspiration from the Mid-Century Modern movement and bohemian interior design trends.
Focusing on workmanship and the elegance of organic shapes, delicate curves, and natural materials, the final product exudes a sense of carefree luxury. 
For Instance- A great room with a fireplace made of stone or a dining room with wooden dining table & wooden accessories..

Organic modern living room Ideas

  • Natural (of the earth) materials like clay, wicker, wood, linen and cotton
  • Add Live plants bring in a living element
  • Highly textured elements for interest
  • Rough-hewn wood accents
  • Organic clean lines (or simplistic curves)
  • Intentional layers for casual coziness
  • Minimalist base with functional additions
  • Vintage or antique accents for extra character
  • Unique modern lighting
  • Heavy use of materials like linen, jute, and sisal
  • Inclusion of natural stone or pottery accents
  • Reliant on a mixture of old and new


  • Leather
  • Rattan
  • Stone
  • Cotton
  • Wood
  • Wool & Silk

2. Use more of materials like wicker,Linen, wood & Cotton

Adopting organic forms is a great place to start, but they can feel fake or even childish without the right variety of materials to support them. We frequently combine more sculptural furniture pieces with raw natural fibers, which strikes an interesting balance between texture and form.

Organic Home Decor

3. Add Live plants – bring in a living element

Organic Home Decor

4. Highly textured elements for interest

Get a Wooden Dining Table and wood accessories, Jute runners & use a lot of texture

Organic Home Decor

5. Minimalist base with functional additions- keep your space clutter free

Modern Organic Home decor

6. Add Rough-Hewn Wooden accents like a coffee table or side table

Wooden accents

Reviewed By: Sonja K – Interior Designer & Home decor Expert based in Sydney, Australia. Interior Designer DIA Award GOTYA Graduate of the Year 2013 NSW/ACT Interior Decoration & Design