7 Things Modular Homes are NOT… Find out

Modular Home Myths – Find out here

Learn the truth about the most frequent myths surrounding modular homes so that you can have a better understanding of these homes.

The industry of modular construction is by no means a young one. It has been around since the beginning of prefabricated homes, has endured a wide variety of misguided incarnations that have given it a bad name, and has now arrived at the forefront of innovative housing innovation.

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To get a better understanding of modular houses, let’s begin by defining what they are NOT before moving on to what they are.

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A Prefabricated Home Is NOT…Less safe

Less Safe than StickBuilt House
People frequently conflate modular homes with manufactured homes, which leads them to believe that modular home construction is inferior to that of manufactured homes.

This is the furthest thing from the truth that it is possible to get. Because each module must be able to withstand being lifted onto the back of a flatbed truck and being driven to the construction site, which can be hundreds or thousands of miles away, modular homes are fabricated in a factory to even higher building standards than most site-built homes.

This is because modular homes are built to withstand being lifted onto the back of a flatbed truck and being driven to the construction site.

According to FEMA, modular homes have a greater chance of being able to securely resist conditions comparable to those caused by hurricanes.


It is NOT… More Difficult To Maintain A Modular Home

Some potential buyers of modular homes appear to have the misconception that while modular homes are less expensive to build initially, they end up costing more in the long run due to the higher costs associated with their maintenance and upkeep.

I have no idea where they got this idea, but it seems to be widespread. Because of the higher overall building quality, modular homes actually require substantially less money to keep up and maintain.

Because of the more precise factory construction, the costs of heating and cooling a modular home are significantly reduced. Additionally, the likelihood of expensive maintenance issues in a modular home is significantly reduced.

A Modular Home Does NOT…Depreciate In Value

Some people believe that modular homes depreciate in value, which means that if you want to resell your home, you will get less than it cost to build it. This misconception most likely stems from the fact that people mistakenly believe modular and manufactured to mean the same thing.

Although this is the case for manufactured homes, the value of a modular home will rise in the same way as that of a site-built home.

In point of fact, when it comes time to sell the home, they are typically in better shape than their counterparts that were built on the site because they have less faults that require upkeep.


A Prefabricated Home Is NOT… 50% Less ExpensiveThan Stick Built Houses

50% Less Expensive
Less-than-honest modular home manufacturers often spread the myth that you can save up to 50% on the cost of building a home, even though it is clear that building modular homes is more cost-effective than building similar homes on site.

It is sometimes assumed that this is the case because a manufacturer will provide quotes based on the cost of fabricating the home but will not include costs for the delivery, setting up, buttoning up, finishing work, or site work—all of which add significant expenses to your final bill.

The reason for this misconception is that a manufacturer will give quotes based off of the cost of fabricating the home. Building a house out of modular components should wind up saving you anywhere from ten to twenty percent of your total budget.

A Prefabricated Home Is NOT… A mobile home on wheels

Because the process of building modular homes is sometimes referred to as “manufacturing,” many people have the misconception that modular homes and manufactured homes are the same thing.

They are not the same! In addition, HUD homes, mobile homes, doublewides, and trailer homes are not the same thing as modular homes. The most significant difference is that other types of homes just need to be HUD certified, whereas modular homes are held to the strictest building requirements possible.

This is one of the most crucial differences. Here, you may get additional information regarding the distinction between modular and manufactured homes.

A Prefabricated Home Is NOT…Different Looking From Site-Built Homes

Because they don’t want other people to know that they bought a modular home, some people avoid modular construction for their homes.

Even putting aside the fact that you ought to actually want people to know that your house is modular because it is actually a more environmentally friendly, financially sound, and responsible way to build, modular homes appear to be indistinguishable in appearance from traditionally built houses.

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