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Manny Acharya is a blogger, influencer, and co-founder of PepLifestyle and Artmellows. Manny loves being a lifestyle & Digital Art blogger. 

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Manny Acharya is a digital artist, blogger, and entrepreneur known for his creative work, inspiring content, and innovative approach to digital Art & 3d Sculpting.

He combines traditional and digital art techniques in his art, and is a thought leader in the creative and technology industries.

Manny is also a successful entrepreneur, having founded several companies and a respected blogger sharing his insights on art, technology, personal growth, and entrepreneurship.

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Manny Acharya is a skilled digital artist, blogger, and businessman who has established a name for himself as a result of the innovative work he has produced and the motivational content he has published.

Manny’s art has captivated audiences all over the world thanks to his distinctive style, which combines traditional art techniques with digital art techniques.

In addition to being a successful artist and technologist, he is also a successful blogger who writes about the intersection of digital art, Photography and technology, as well as personal Fitness, Outdoor Adventures, sports and business.

As an entrepreneur, Manny is known for his creative approach to resolving issues and achieving success. He has established and grown a number of companies in the creative and technology sectors over the course of his career.

Manny has recognised as a thought leader and an inspiration to a large number of people thanks to his achievements in the fields of art, writing, and business.

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