Is it More Expensive to Insure a Luxury Car?

Is it More Expensive to Insure a Luxury Car?

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You’ve decided to purchase that fancy car you’ve always desired, but now it’s time to insure it.

If you are unprepared, you may be startled at the cost of insuring one of these vehicles.

How Much More Does Insurance for a Luxury Car Cost?

On average, a premium car costs 18 per cent more to insure than a standard vehicle, all other factors being equal. 

Fortunately, there are certain things you can do to help cut your rates slightly, and it all begins with understanding what they are.

Methods to Reduce Your Insurance Costs

Even though you pay a higher insurance premium for a luxury car, there are still ways to keep those costs manageable. 

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The majority of insurance providers assist you in lowering your insurance charges so that they are not expensive.

Several strategies for lowering your insurance prices include the following four:

Consider Purchasing Insurance on a Pay-As-You-Go Basis.

Pay-as-you-go vehicle insurance is not for everyone, but if you plan on using your luxury automobile on a limited basis, it may be worthwhile to conduct some research on this sort of insurance.

 Assume you intend to drive the car to a few auto shows each year. Pay-as-you-go auto insurance is the ideal answer in this circumstance.



There Will Be No Teen Drivers in Insurance

If you own a high-end automobile, do not let your teen drive it!

Teenagers just lack the experience necessary to safely operate a premium vehicle without increasing their chance of ruining it, which no auto owner wants.

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Teenagers are destined to destroy your car if they drive it for an extended period of time, so spare yourself some misery by keeping your luxury vehicle out of their reach. 

While not all minors will ruin your automobile, given the statistics, it is simply not worth the risk of allowing a juvenile to drive your luxury vehicle.

Consider Increasing the Deductible

Increased deductibles result in lower monthly payments while maintaining the same level of coverage under the policy you choose. 

Your insurance agent can walk you through the process and demonstrate how much you can save.

Even a $300 to $350 difference in your deductible can result in significant monthly savings, so this type of reduction is well worth investigating. 

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The insurance company argues that the higher the deductible, the lower the monthly rate should be.

Become a member of a club for owners of luxury automobiles

There are numerous types of car clubs, including those designed exclusively for owners of premium vehicles. 

Numerous insurance companies automatically provide discounts for membership in this type of club, as it demonstrates, in addition to other benefits, that you take pride in your vehicle and will take good care of it.

Questions That Are Frequently Asked (FAQs)

What factors do car insurance companies consider when calculating the premium for a luxury vehicle?

Insurance companies consider a variety of factors, including your credit score, commute time, residence, occupation, and, of course, your driving history.

All of these factors have an effect on your insurance rate.

Why is it more expensive to insure a premium car?

Luxury automobiles are more expensive to insure since they are significantly more expensive to repair and replace. 

Indeed, when an insurance company is required to pay for something, the expenses are increased, and the increased cost is passed on to the client.

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Can I still shop around for insurance providers to see if I can obtain a better deal?

Naturally. While all of these firms will offer low rates, you’ll discover that, as with other types of insurance, the cost of insuring a luxury car varies considerably between businesses.

Comparison shopping will undoubtedly help you.

I’d prefer to stay away from some of the most expensive luxury automobiles. Which premium automobiles are the most expensive to insure?

The Nissan GT-R; Porsche Panamera; some Mercedes models, including the Maybach S650, S65 AMG, S560 4MATIC, and AMG GT R; and BMW models such as the i8, M760i xDrive, some BMW Mini cooper ( Convertbles) and M6 Gran Coupe all have exorbitant insurance prices.

Final Thought

While owning a premium car will always cost you more to insure, insurance firms work hard to ensure that you have options for lowering the cost of insurance. 

Factors like installing an anti-theft device, selecting an older luxury vehicle, and deciding between full coverage and another form of coverage can all make a difference.

Why Is Insurance More Affordable for Newer Cars?

Along with luxury vehicles, there are other types of vehicles that are more expensive to insure, such as antique or classic cars, vintage automobiles, exotic automobiles, and kit cars, to name a few. 

Therefore, if you own an uncommon vehicle, you might as well face the reality that your insurance price will be a little higher.

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