Is Buying a Luxury car worth it?

Is Buying a Luxury car worth it ?

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Considering splurging on a luxury automobile ?.

You know the kind: the kind that makes you mentally drool behind the glass, or creepily touch and photograph with you sitting or standing next to it the moment you get up close and personal with it.

There are a number of factors to help you consider buying a luxury car and by doing so, there are many options for saving money and keeping your car as it is now.

We have been driving Mercedes Benz for a couple of years now.

When I was Purchasing Benz I did heaps of research on the Pros and Cons of Luxury cars. 

Here we go…

Is Buying a Luxury Car worth it?

Yes, buying a luxury car is worth the money. Premium cars are far safer, far better assembled, very well-equipped, and well-finished. They are more comfortable and more forward-looking, technology-wise.

Additionally, Luxury cars have the following goodies:

  1. Cars are also made with affection and willingness and endurance.
  2. Whereas ordinary cars last up to three years, many faults will arise for owners to sell and purchase new vehicles.
  3. Luxury cars also have efficient, stronger and more effective engines. This makes them more costly than conventional cars.
  4. If you choose to buy a premium vehicle; they won’t let you crash your car ( Yes! it’s true), for example, Volvo cars. The new Volvo XC90 moves at the speed to prevent collisions and accidents involving pedestrians at up to 50 kilometres per hour when Volvos detects an imminent collision.
  1. Luxury cars are Very quiet and relaxing to drive for long distances at freeway speeds. You arrive more relaxed and less stressed.
  2. Multi-way power seats aren’t just about comfort, they reduce driver fatigue. No sore tired butt after a 4-hour stretch without stopping.
  3. More safety in a collision. My Mercedes was hit from behind by a car going over 40 MPH, I was fine, the people in the other car went to the hospital. My car was damaged, their car was unrecognisable.



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Why Luxury Cars are Expensive

The money you pay for a car is grossly divided into 3 major components:

1) Engine and everything that makes the car functional

2) Suspension and handling components

3) Creature comforts and aesthetics

The “regular” model will have the most money on #1 and then #2 and then #3 with the remaining money. So as you spend more on the “premium” or “luxury” models you will get better at the following:

1. Suspension components and smooth ride with better handling in turns etc. 

The day 1 of my BMW test ride and all subsequent rides I gave to anyone who was riding a BMW the first time noticed how smooth the car drove, like a warm knife through butter. It is noticeable no matter how familiar you are with cars as a driver or passenger.

2. Cabin noise. When I closed that door of a 745Li and started driving, it just felt like all the outside noise just disappeared. This also translates to less freeway wind noise and less

3. Interior dash, electronics and upholstery. My Subaru’s interior is the most “clunky”. 

The BMW interior was cool orange and the controls features superior to others I test drove in that price range back then in the late 1990s. (BMW is just an example by personal experience).

So in a nutshell, as you spend more on the same size/kind of car, the money overflows from the “motion” features to the “emotion” features.”noise fatigue” on long drives. 

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Luxe Car Buying Trends:

  • In 2021, luxury brands delivered 2.2 million light vehicles in the U.S., which is 14.7% of all light vehicle sales. (News about Cars)
  • 75% of people who buy expensive cars see them as a way to show who they are. (CarGurus)
  • 44% of people who bought a luxury car said they needed it very or extremely quickly, while only 28% of people who bought a new car overall said the same. (CarGurus)

What’s good about luxury cars …

Well,  luxury cars are generally WAY too quieter. You can really enjoy the HiFi system in them. 

You might not realize the difference at first because ears adjust, but the music shows it all.

Then, they have really good suspensions and handling. 

You end up driving past people at max limit even in bad weather and don’t even realize it’s a blistering snowstorm around, because the car handles like summer anyhow, thanks to state of the art suspension with airbags and advanced stability control and such.

Also, many little things from proper headlights with automation etc help to have a much better experience.

The seats are usually really good too.

You don’t even notice driving hundreds of miles with air-conditioned leather seats and very complex ways you can adjust the back support with air and such.

Drivability is also top-notch, often RWD drives, or 4WD, they have the superior feel of the road and a very active driving experience.

They also have plenty of sophisticated power, torque being quiet you don’t even realize how effortlessly they move, the only indicator again is that all the other traffic seems terribly slow in comparison, people take aeons to get up to speed from the lights and it seems like everyone drives like their grandmothers.

We Purchased a fully loaded, However, My advice is to buy a big Mercedes with the least accessories available, with the most basic configuration.

That makes for a car that drives like a luxury but is simple and easy to maintain by anyone in their yard. 

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Quick Tips to Purchase a Used Luxe Car(Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Maserati, BMW ,Audi…Etc)

Buying the first model you see just because it’s inexpensive is the worst option.

Do your homework if you want a reliable vehicle that will last you for years.

The worst thing that can be done is to get the cheapest model available.’

If you want an automobile that is in good condition and will provide you years of driving pleasure, you must conduct study.

Perform your Own research and adhere to these Nine steps:

  • Investigate the vehicle’s history.
  • Conduct a system check on the vehicle (request this be done with your pre-purchase inspection).
  • Most crucial, have an expert Luxury car Mechanic evaluate the vehicle before you purchase it.
  • Test drive it before Purchasing it
  • Check the Interiors Completely and Thoroughly
  • Check the Insurance costs
  • Check internet reviews and ratings, as well as  online forums.
  • Negotiate the price of the used Luxe car
  • Apply for AUTO Loan

The top reasons why Is Insurance Less Expensive on Newer Cars:

1. New Tech Devices to prevent theft
2.Unique keys
3.Additional Security features

Why are Luxury cars better than Ordinary cars?

  • Safety, both front passengers have not only sided and front airbags but also knee airbags. 
  • Heated seats for all passengers, front seats are cooled as well.
  • Sound insulating front windshield and front windows.
  • Sound insulation stuffed everywhere, go knock on a normal car’s doors and then go knock on a luxury car front door (higher-end luxury cars sound deaden all doors), you will hear a dud on the luxury car instead of metal echoing sound.
  • Sound insulation in the engine bay: on my car, the entire engine bay is covered with sound-deadening foam-lined plastic, to further reduce vibration, noise and harshness.
  • Paint: Quality Paint is hand polished between coats. This is very rare for mass-production cars and only happens on Bentleys Rolls-Royce.
  • No need to slam close your doors ever, Most of them have soft-close doors that if closed too lightly that the first click is engaged, will power close the rest of the way.
  • One-piece zinc hand-polished door exterior trims, instead of plated or plastic made to look chrome on normal cars.
  • Adaptive Xenon headlights, not only turns with your steering input, above 5 mph, it will also dive when you’re full throttle so it doesn’t blind oncoming traffic, it will also raise when you slam on the brakes so you can still see the road.
  • No cheap-outs: on an entry or mid-level luxury car, for the keyless ignition system; it only has 2 touch lock buttons on the front doors, on most Luxury cars, it’s on all doors. (European cars cut costs even more by eliminating all physical lock buttons on door handles, they have a designated area to touch to lock, downside = have to take your gloves off, instead of physical lock button you can hard press).
  • Tighter tolerances on transmission and engine parts, tolerances on doors, trunk and hood are down to 0.2mm.
  • Polished mirror finish camshafts.



LuxeCar Wash Products

Ideally, you have 2 Options to wash your Luxury car Exteriors and the Interiors

  1. Get it manually cleaned by any Car Wash Companies around your local area
  2. You can clean your car at home. 

I do my Mercedes cleaning at home on the days I do not get  free time to go for a car wash outside Or I m a bit bored at home.

Here is the list of my fav products that I use to wash my Mercedes.

1. Wet or waterless car wash-This car wash kit features a powerful formula that provides a quick, easy and quick clean without water or soap.

2.VARSK 4-in-1 Car Vacuum Cleaner

It is a 4-in- 1 device with  vacuum cleaning and tire inflation in one portable machine (The “I” mode is to vacuum, the “II” mode is to inflate). 

Besides these two essential functions, digital tire pressure LCD display is easy for you to read, and built-in LED work light illuminates your surroundings to provide extra safety and security when operated in the dark.

If you are looking at a cheaper Vacuum cleaner  This work Car Vaccum Cleaner – will be suitbal for your budget. It’s a Portable, High power and Hand held- 

This one is the cheaper version and This is A mini vacuum for car or truck that is compact, lightweight (2.4 lbs), and easy to use. 

The large dust bin capacity is ready for ash, dust, or drive-thru food spills. A fully loaded interior car detailing kit housed in an ergonomic design.

3. Auto-fiber [Scrub Ninja Interior Scrubbing Cleaning Tool]

4. LUCKLYJONE 10Pcs Car Cleaning Tools Kit, Car Wash Tools Kit

5. Armor All Original Protectant Spray and Refill, Car Interior Cleaner with UV Protection 

Final Thoughts

You know that a luxury car will envelop you in plush suede, buttery leather, exotic wood trim, and a sound system worthy of an opera house.

However, there are pampering extras that can put you at the cutting edge of technology, enhance your time spent in your car, save you money on ownership, and possibly even result in years without a car payment.

Then there are the advantages. Consider the manner in which you are greeted and treated at the Mercedes Benz Showroom.

That is what modern luxury car ownership entails.

The true value of car ownership is in the service, perks, and amenities.

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