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If you’re anything like me, you probably spend a lot of time looking at different flight options.

To get the most out of our vacation in terms of both time and money, I put in an inordinate amount of research time trying to determine the greatest combination of dates, prices, and destinations.

I love to use I Want That Flight website for this because it is an excellent tool for performing this activity.


I Want That Flight website compares 100s of airlines and show you who is offering the greatest bargains on tickets.

It is an online travel business website that allows customers to make hotel reservations, vehicle rental reservations, and flight bookings.

It first started doing business in 2010 and has its headquarters in Australia.

🌐 More about “I want that flight” website

Customers can look for and reserve flights, hotels, and rental cars through I Want That Flight, an online travel service. The business is headquartered in Australia and was established in 2010. The website’s most important details are listed below:

Flights: I Want That Flight enables users to look for flights by providing information about their trip, including the cities of departure and arrival, the dates of travel, and the number of passengers.

Following that, the website presents a list of accessible flights from different airlines and ticket booking companies, together with those flights’ costs and other information. Consumers can refine their search results by price, airline, departure time, and other parameters.

Hotels: Along with booking flights, I Want That Flight also does so for lodging. Users can use the website to search for hotels by entering their travel dates and destination, and the search results provide a list of hotels that are close by along with their pricing, reviews, and other information. Customers can sort their search results by price, hotel rating, location, and other things.

Car rentals: I Want That Flight also lets people look for and book cars from a number of rental companies. To view a list of available cars and their costs, customers can enter their pickup and drop-off locations, dates, and other information.

Travel Insurance: I Want That Flight also enables users to look for and get travel insurance. To view a list of available travel insurers and their costs, customers can enter their pickup and drop-off locations, dates, and other information.

Payment Options: I Want That Flight customers can pay for their reservations using a credit card or PayPal. To protect the security of consumer payment information, the website employs SSL encryption.

I Want That Flight provides telephone and email customer assistance. A FAQ area on the website also provides common questions and answers on reservations, payments, and other subjects.

⭐️I want that flight Reviews

I Want That Flight is a free, trustworthy, and easy-to-use website that provides a variety of travel booking possibilities. IWTF is a comparison website, and they are just fine, they simply just pull the prices they get from the various travel agency websites and show you the cheapest. 

I Want That Flight is a website that has gotten mixed reviews from critics, who don’t all agree with each other. I Want That Flight now has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars overall on Trustpilot, a website that compiles customer reviews and ratings.

This rating is based on more than 2,000 reviews. Many customers have said nice things about how easy it is to use the website, how cheap it is, and how helpful the support staff is.

However, some of the bad reviews point out that it is difficult to get in touch with customer assistance and that there are problems with canceling or making modifications to bookings.

I Want That Flight has been given an average rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars on Sitejabber, which is another website that compiles user ratings. This rating is based on about 100 reviews.

Again, a large number of consumers are pleased with the website’s rates and user-friendliness; but, some unsatisfied customers have mentioned having issues with cancellations and customer care.

I Want That Flight appears to be a credible website for arranging travel, based on the fact that it has customers who are both pleased and unhappy with the service they received.

When making a reservation for any online service, it is critical to familiarise oneself with the available customer feedback and do independent investigation.

I wonder how many times you’ve been looking at flight options online when you see a fantastic offer and exclaim, “I want that flight!” just to click on the link and find out that the flight is full. We’ll bet you’ve done it more often than you’d care to admit.

Nevertheless, it’s not as tough as you would think to locate and book the flights you want at a price you’re comfortable with.

We have many options that will have you yelling “I want that flight!” and boarding it in no time.

🧐How can “I Want That Flight” save you money, then?

Easy peasy – I want that flight website compares 100s of airlines and show you who is offering the greatest bargains on tickets.

The website displays all of them before letting you make a direct booking. Sometimes it’s the airlines themselves, other times its travel agents. The list is entirely free of any additional fees or expenses.

If your travel dates are open, selecting “I only want the lowest fare” will display the cheapest dates to fly. You could save hundreds of dollars by simply changing your vacation dates by a few days!

If you are always looking for the finest airfare offers. I want the flight can undertake the labour-intensive research to identify the lowest-cost airports.

The benefits of using I Want That Travel coupons

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I want that flight deals

✈️Worldwide flight searches
You can reserve flights to your prefered location, near or distant, using the I Want That Flight website.

🆓 It’s FREE to use
I Want That Flight is free to use for both flight searching and booking.

Did you know?

If you subscribe to the I Want That Flight Newsletter, the company will send you an email including information about the least expensive flights leaving from the airport that is most convenient for you.

👍🏻”I want that flight” Review- based on Customer Reviews

Competitive prices: Iwantthatflight.net is praised by many consumers for offering flights at a lower cost than other travel booking websites.

I Want That Flight is well-known for providing flights at pricing that are comparable to those offered by other airlines, which making it a choice that many travellers find to be within their price range.

Customers are able to find the greatest bargains on flights by using this website, which compares prices across a number of different airlines and businesses that book travel.

Clients have the opportunity to restrict their search results by price, airline, departure time, and other parameters, which will assist them in locating the most cost-effective solution that satisfies their requirements.

I Want That Flight provides its consumers with a variety of travel options, including flights, hotel reservations, and vehicle rentals, all of which have the potential to save customers money on their overall travel costs.

However, it is essential to keep in mind that the rates listed on I Want That Flight and other travel booking services might fluctuate based on a variety of factors including the time of year, the location, and the availability of flights.

If you want to make sure you’re receiving the greatest deal possible, it’s always a good idea to check the rates offered on a number of different websites.

User-friendly interface: A number of reviews have noted how simple it is to use and navigate the website, as well as how simple the booking process is.

Friendly and responsive customer service: Several consumers have had good experiences with the customer service team at iwantthatflight.net, finding them to be helpful.

Cancellation problems: Some negative comments mention problems with canceling or changing reservations, and some customers say it’s hard to get in touch with customer service.

Customer feedback is kind of mixed: while many customers are pleased with the service they received from iwantthatflight.net, there are also a sizable number of unfavorable reviews that highlight problems with reservations, customer support, or cancellations.

How Does “I want that flight” works

domestic flights

There are two methods for finding the lowest domestic flight costs. Dates can be entered in the search field. You can view one month’s worth of fares for all airlines at once if you choose flexible dates.

The second method displays a graphic representation of the prices for the coming few weeks together with an overview of the year.

By visiting the Domestic Flight page and choosing the place you want to go, you can see this:

Choose your departure city on the following screen. Following that, you will see a graphic depiction of the forthcoming flight costs along with some details on your destination.

The yearly summary is quite appealing to me. It often doesn’t matter when I travel, so knowing when it can be the least expensive time of year is helpful.

For instance, My husband travels to Sydney to visit his business team & Friends, but he doesn’t really mind what time it is. I can see the following details quickly:

Here are some pointers for using the I Want That Flight website to look up domestic flights:

  • Describe your trip plans here: Start by inputting your travel dates, passenger count, and departure and arrival cities. Also, you can choose between one-way and round-trip flights.
  • Use the filters on the left side of the page to limit your options after viewing your initial search results. By airline, time of departure, price range, and other factors, you can filter results.
  • Results sorted: To locate the most practical or cheap alternative, you can refine your search results by price, departure time, duration, or number of stops.
  • Make careful to check results from many carriers to compare costs and possibilities. I Want That Flight searches numerous airlines and travel booking websites.
  • Be flexible with your travel dates: If you can change your travel dates by a few days, examine whether the price will change by using the website’s “flexible dates” tool.
  • Register for alerts: If you haven’t decided on a flight yet, you can register for price alerts to be notified when the cost of your chosen itinerary decreases.
  • Before booking your travel, make sure to review the baggage restrictions and prices of each airline, as they can differ.

By using these pointers, you can use the I Want That Flight website to identify the domestic flight options that best suit your requirements and price range.

International flights

There are two ways to look for international flights, just like you can for domestic ones.

Then, you can search for dates by entering your departure and arrival airports . After then, a screen with all the flight rates returned and numerous filters will appear.

You can sort, for instance, by the airline, cost, transit airports, etc.

This search is quite effective, and I appreciate that it returns possibilities I never would have considered.

For instance, combining flights from budget carriers like Cathy pacific and Air Asia would have been less expensive for the Singapore Qatar flights we are looking for from Dubai.

When leaving Australia, the second option is excellent.

You may use search parameters, such as a date range for when you want to travel and then a time frame for when you want to return, to navigate to a really intelligent page to compare two potential destinations.

Consider the following scenario: You need to take a two-week vacation in April- May of the next year, but you don’t care exactly when.

You can go to this page, specify a range of departure dates in April and May and specify a return date that is two weeks away. It will give you the most affordable dates.

Go to the International Flights page to get started. From here, choose the city you want to visit or, if it’s not listed, All International Destinations.

I can see the year breakdown of average monthly costs if I scroll down farther, just like I did with domestic flights.

Here are some pointers for finding cheap international flights via the I Want That Flight website:

  • Try to be flexible with your travel dates and destination when searching for international flights on I Want That Flight. You can search for flights to a country or region rather than a single city, which can help you find the lowest options.
  • Price comparison: Use I Want That Flight to compare costs from various airlines and travel booking websites. You can also use the “flexible dates” function on the website to see if changing your travel dates by a few days will result in reduced pricing.
  • Book early: In general, booking your international ticket early will help you get a better bargain. Try to book at least three to six months before your travel date to take advantage of early bird savings.
  • Contemplate layovers: You may be able to locate cheaper options if you are willing to have layovers on your foreign travel. Check the layover times and locations to ensure they are reasonable and will not cause you to miss your connecting flight.
  • Sign up for price alerts: If you aren’t ready to book your overseas flight yet, you may sign up for price alerts to be notified when costs for your chosen itinerary drop.
  • Check for package deals: I Want That Flight also provides flight, hotel, and auto rental packages. If you’re planning a long foreign journey, this can often be a terrific deal.

You can locate good international ticket deals on the I Want That Flight website that meet your budget and vacation preferences by following these recommendations. Remember to compare pricing and options across various websites to obtain the best deal.

Make use of newsletters and alerts from “i want that flight”

Setting up notifications
to receive emails whenever a flight’s price decreases below a specified level is another fantastic feature of this website.

I particularly enjoy using these during flights, like those my Husband takes to visit the team in Sydney. I have it set to alert me when the price falls below $75, at which point I can buy a deal.

There is also a newsletter that will give you all the best offers from the airport that is closest to you.

Great if you want some inspiration for your next vacation. But, travellers like myself should be warned that this can be a risky decision.


If your travel plans are somewhat flexible, though, you may find yourself scrolling through a list of possible flights that has you exclaiming, “I want that flight, and that flight, and that flight!” Signing up for email newsletters, updates, and alerts is another wonderful method to boost your chances of receiving the flights you want at the correct price.

This means that the greatest deals will be sent directly to your inbox. In addition, after our algorithm learns where you want to go and how much you’ve been looking to spend, you’ll begin seeing offers that are better suited to your preferences.

Avoid the heartbreak of desiring airline tickets that aren’t available by making use of the wide variety of resources available today while purchasing online.

Remove the middleman and put the control back in your hands. Moreover, you may book your ticket and price immediately, rather than waiting until business hours, after you find the flight that you want.

I am so happy I found “I Want That Flight.” For those of us who live in Australia, it makes it extremely simple to get the best offers, making it much easier to find inexpensive flights.

FAQs- I want that flight Cheap Flight Booking FAQs

How far in advance should I book my flight to obtain the best deal?

To get the greatest bargain, it’s typically advised to book your flight at least 3–4 weeks in advance. Prices, however, might also change according to seasonality and demand.

Are there any certain days of the week when flying is less expensive?

In general, weekday flights are less expensive than weekend ones. The cheapest days to fly are often Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Is booking through a third-party website or directly with the airline preferable?

It varies. Sometimes benefits like loyalty incentives and improved customer service are available when flying directly with the airline. Nevertheless, independent websites may provide additional options for flights from several airlines at lower prices.

Should I wait to buy my flight until there are last-minute deals?

Although last-minute offers can occasionally result in lower costs, waiting until the very last minute to book your travel is generally not a good idea. It is best to make reservations as far in advance as you can because prices tend to rise as the departure date approaches.

Are low-cost airlines a decent choice for low-cost flights?

Budget airlines might be an excellent choice for locating low-cost flights, but it’s vital to read the fine print and comprehend any added costs they may impose for services like luggage and seat selection.

I Want That Flight takes what types of payments?

I Want That Flight doesn’t handle payment processing. Before referring you to the airlines’ websites to make a reservation, it enables you to compare the costs of several airlines. Although each airline has a distinct selection of payment methods, they all often accept major credit cards.

What is the cancellation policy for I Want That Flight?

I Want That Flight is a travel aggregator; it does not handle reservations. It is a good idea to check the cancellation policy of the website you plan to use before making a reservation.

How can I locate the most affordable flights?

Finding the least expensive flights is made easier by a number of websites and apps. Skyscanner, Kayak, and Google Flights are a few well-liked choices. Set up price alerts for the dates you want to travel so you can be informed when prices decline.

How do I reserve flight ticket on I Want That Flight?

To discover flights for your route and dates, use the search bar. Then, pick your prefered fare from the list of results and the website you want to use to purchase your ticket. To be taken to the airline or booking website, click “Book.”

Do I Want That Flight discount coupons exist?

No. You won’t make your flight reservation through I Want That Flight because it is an aggregator. It has no promo or coupon codes because it doesn’t accept payments. The use of the website is free.

How can I use “I Want That Flight” to find the cheapest prices?

The website will show you all the airfares it has found across various websites and airlines when you search for flights. It lists them according to pricing so you can reserve at the lowest cost.

How can I make sure I don’t miss a chance to save money?

On this page, we’ve compiled all the top offers for you. You can sign up for Airfare Flight Alerts on I Want That Flight if there’s a flight you want but don’t want to book it just yet. When the cost of the flight decreases, you’ll receive a notification. Click on the below Image to get the Subscribe Option on I want that Flight 👇🏻

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