How to stage kitchen For a faster, more profitable home sale

How to stage kitchen for sale For a faster, more profitable home sale

How to stage kitchen for sale - a faster, more profitable home sale

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Author & Real Estate Expert : Sonia Balani

Author & Real Estate Expert : Sonia Balani

Property Manager at WB Real Estate and real estate salesperson were Sonia's occupations while she worked in Melbourne Australia. Those experiences, together with her work as a blogger, sparked her interest in writing and real estate from an educational perspective.

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One of the most important features potential buyers look for in a house is the kitchen. Home purchasers want to feel a strong emotional connection to the area, as this can be a significant factor in determining whether or not they will make an offer or not.

Kitchens that are out of date or lack aesthetic appeal are sure to be a major deterrent for prospective buyers. 

The majority of homebuyers are looking for properties that are “move-in ready” because they do not want to be responsible for what they believe will be expensive renovations in the future. 

If they are undecided between two houses, and one of the houses has a nice kitchen while the other requires some work, there is a good chance that they will choose the house that does not require as much work.

However, this does not necessarily imply that you need to make a significant financial investment in order to bring it up to standard. It’s possible that all you need to get your house ready for the demanding real estate market is some straightforward advice on home staging.

Even if your kitchen is stunning and was recently renovated, there are still a few things you can do to make it more desirable to prospective buyers of your home. It is not enough to simply look at the structural components of a kitchen; one must also consider how a potential purchaser will react when they enter it. 

Because it is likely that they will visit other beautiful kitchens on the same day, if you want yours to stand out from the competition, you will need to appeal to the buyer’s psychology and make the space feel more inviting.

The following are some of our favourite kitchen staging tips, which are sure to make this space in your home much more appealing to prospective purchasers.

Step 1: Start by Decluttering the Kitchen counter

Remove any items that are on the countertops.
Before you put your house up for sale, cleaning off the countertops should be your top priority in every room, including the kitchen. 

It is important to store away all of the smaller home appliances, such as a blender or toaster, in a cabinet. 

Only a few carefully chosen pieces of decoration should be stored away. If you keep your kitchen countertops clear of clutter, you will not only be able to showcase how much space they offer but also give the impression that the kitchen as a whole is larger than it actually is.

Include a bowl of fruit.

“You can never go wrong with a bowl full of fresh fruit,” Lory Ken says, “but the best impact comes from limiting this to a single type of fruit.” “Imagine a bowl full of lemons (or apples, or oranges).”

And, yes, there is a focus on new. Remember when people used to decorate with fake fruit? (As an aside, the gelatinous grapes were particularly strange, though entertaining to poke at.). Fruit in a variety of vivid hues should be displayed artistically on kitchen countertops makes it look lively

  • Simply putting out a single flower arrangement or potted plant that is still alive and breathing on the counter will do the trick.
  • Include a bunch of grapes & Apples in the decoration of your kitchen by letting them hang over the side of a bowl in such a way that they look natural.
  • Put lemon halves through the garbage disposal to eliminate any lingering smells in the kitchen before potential buyers arrive.
  • Stage your kitchen countertop with your Moka pot coffee maker or classic Kitchen Aid appliance in stunning colour.
  • Build an enticing vignette by using chic bottles of oil and vinaigrette in a range of sizes and forms, a loaf of artisan bread, and a miniature breadboard.
  • On the countertop of your kitchen island or peninsula, arrange two place settings using plain placemats; please do not use placemats with ruffles or lace trim. Set the stage with a bottle of wine and some wine glasses.
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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Step 2: Repaint the cabinets and switch out the cabinet pulls and knobs.

A new coat of paint can make a MASSIVE difference in the appearance of your cabinets, particularly if they are in good condition but appear a little weathered or dated. If the cabinets just require some tender loving care, there is no reason to shell out a significant amount of money for an expensive renovation. 

To ensure that they go well with your countertops, paint them a neutral colour such as white, beige, or grey. In the event that your countertops are not only dated but also in poor condition, it would be prudent to make the investment in some new ones.

 If you look around and compare prices, you can frequently find excellent deals on slabs of granite. It will feel like you have a brand new kitchen for a fraction of the cost of a full renovation if you finish it off by replacing the old hardware with some pretty new doorknobs. This will give the illusion that you have a brand new kitchen

Step 3: Add a few splashes of colour here and there.

A few well-chosen accents can infuse your kitchen with personality, help it come across as warmer and cosier, and give the impression that it was updated by adding some flair and contrast.

 It doesn’t take much because you want to maintain a clean and uncluttered appearance; therefore, in this scenario, less is more. 

Fresh flowers in an attractive vase, apothecary jars filled with textured materials such as beans or noodles, and a book stand on which an open cookbook set is displayed are some of our favourite kitchen staging décor ideas.

Kitchen Appliances

Matching kitchen appliances are a “must have” for today’s home buyers. If you don’t have them, a request for matching appliances will almost certainly make its way onto the list of home sale negotiations.

Consider purchasing new kitchen appliances if your current ones are in poor condition. They do not have to be costly. The fact that they are new and clean will continue to entice buyers.

Add some gleaming new burner plates to an older but still functional electric stove. Make sure the entire stovetop shines as brightly as the new burner plates.

When staging the kitchen, your oven and dishwasher should be spotless on the inside and out. The majority of buyers will open them to look inside. Buyers will get the impression that the appliances (and home) have been well maintained if they are spotless.

Please do not leave a microwave on the counter unattended. This screams “no space!”

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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Step 4: Make some changes to the lighting.

A significant number of older homes have lighting fixtures in the kitchen that are no longer in use.

 If you still have fluorescent lights or other outdated fixtures in your kitchen, it would be in your best interest to replace them with options that are either more modern or more traditional.

 Fluorescent lights have been phased out for many years. It will immediately give the impression that the kitchen has been updated, which buyers will undoubtedly pick up on. 

As another precaution, you should avoid using bulbs that give off a yellowish glow in the room. Use bulbs that simulate natural light, as this will give the impression that the room is more open and clean.

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Step 5: Arrange the bar and island.

Put out place settings for each of the seats at the bar, if your kitchen has a large island or a bar area where bar stools are arranged. 

This will help set the stage for the event. This will draw attention to the wonderful selling feature, and it will also make the space feel more inviting overall. 

You can also take advantage of this chance to inject a splash of colour into the room by selecting a vibrant placemat or charger for the setting and then stacking white dishes on top of it. It is not necessary for it to be extravagant in order for it to look chic.

How to stage a kitchen island

  • When staging the kitchen, place a few colourful placemats and table settings at the bar area. Two is more than enough.
  • Is there no island? Consider getting an inexpensive rolling cart with a wood top and storage underneath if you have a single wall of kitchen cabinets and plenty of floor space.
  • Another option is a free-standing butcher block table. Wood is a popular choice right now with many beautiful options available. Wood adds warmth to a kitchen, and buyers will value the additional storage and workspace.
  • A free-standing table in the centre of the kitchen can double as an island. A rustic farm table with warm wood tones will add character as well as more work surface.
  • Around an island, you should have at least three feet of manoeuvrable space.

Common Mistake the DIY sllers make

One of the most common errors I’ve seen home sellers make is leaving a stack of dirty dishes in the sink! When I was a Realtor holding an open house, I washed the dishes myself.

  • Dish soap, froggy soap dispensers, washrags, scrub brushes, and sponges left at the sink.
  • The dish rack was left on the counter.
  • Organizing dirty dishtowels and potholders.
  • The front of the refrigerator is being used as an art gallery.
  • Leaving odorous garbage can outside. Take it outside during viewings if you can’t hide it under the sink or inside a kitchen cabinet. “No room!” screams a kitchen with an exposed garbage can.
  • Covering the toaster and other appliances with knickknack fabric items such as quilted toaster covers, which make a kitchen appear dated.

How to make a small kitchen appear larger

  • Open shelving in the kitchen.
  • Instead of closed cabinetry, use open shelving. By drawing your eye all the way to the wall, adds depth to a kitchen.
  • Illusion is a valuable tool in the home stager’s arsenal. The following are some ideas for visually expanding a small kitchen:
  • Don’t diminish the size of your kitchen with clutter. Display only one item on the countertop, such as a flowering plant or a bowl of fruit.
  • Avoid using patterned tiles. Cluttered patterns have a busy appearance.
  • Replace upper closed cabinetry with open or floating shelving. By drawing your eye all the way to the wall, visually expands the space in a small kitchen. Floating shelves also eliminate the need for unsightly hardware and brackets that take up valuable “visual space.”
  • Use a light colour palette with only two tones. The small space will appear larger if the cabinets and walls are all the same light colour.
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