How to keep RV cool for pets in summer- Tips to Keep Your Pets Cool ,Comfortable and Safe

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We recently did a RV camping with our 1 yo cavoodle pup. Its summer now in Australia and heat was building up. we were indeed worried to keep in RV . 

I did a Lot of Research and here is what I found on keeping your pet cool while RVing.

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Heat buildup in RVs may be quite harmful if you have pets inside.There are times when leaving your dog behind is necessary, but it may also be harmful. 

Every RV owner has to deal with the challenge of dealing with the temperature in their vehicle at some time or another. 

While dry camping or even parked in a parking lot for a lengthy period of time, it may be difficult to maintain the inside of your RV at an appropriate temperature. 

How to keep RV cool for pets in summer

For dog owners, this may be a particularly perilous undertaking.

We’ve all had to do it and done it!!, that is , leave your dog or cat alone in the RV from time to time.

You may feel a hankering to go to a museum or the shop, for example. You cant take your Pooch with you there.

In the meanwhile, let’s speak about the heat in your RV and how you can control it so that it becomes Pleasant  & Enjoyable stay for your Pooch

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How to Keep Your RV Cool for your pets

Park your RV in the shade

Even though this is such a common sense Note , we had to include this because common sense is not very common Now-a-days ha ha.

As long as the shade is  perfect, it performs an excellent job of slowing down heat accumulation.  Trust me.

Because of this, you should constantly keep an eye on where you park your RV if you plan on leaving your dog behind while you’re away from home.

Your RV’s exposure to direct sunlight will be reduced if you park it in a shaded area. 

This, in turn, reduces the amount of heat that builds up. 

Even if you can’t find shaded parking, you should still try to place your RV in a way that minimises the sun’s rays on your windows.

When possible, keep your windshield and side windows out of direct sunlight.

We used this fan ,that you can Buy it on AMAZON.

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Make Sure There Is Plenty of Water

 Indeed, Dogs need water to be well hydrated. When the heat becomes unbearable, they utilise water to cool themselves. so. keeping a Bowl full of Fresh drinking water before you go out of your RV is vital.

If they’re feeling hot and bothered, a cold beverage will do the same for both humans and Canines.

A few of additional bowls of water should always be left behind for them to sip on. 

Their small feet will grow thirsty, and running out on water is not an easy cure. 

As a result, you should give your dog more water than you believe they need to stay hydrated. It’s better to be on the safe side than than on the wrong side!

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Take Great care while Leaving Pets In The Camper Alone

We’ve often been forced to leave our pets in the camper when travelling or visiting a region/ place where dogs /pet are not allowed.

Rover did need a crate ( just on the 1st day)while we were gone away from our RV otherwise he was ok waiting for us in the RV. 

(However, if you have a chewer, the soft crates  may not be the greatest choice due to the material content–albeit a high duty substance.)

Before we leave the dogs, we ensure they have fed, urinated, have access to fresh water, a fav chew toy, and are securely contained in a cage or behind the pet gate.

Furthermore, You must

  • change the camper’s thermostat to maintain a pleasant temperature while you are away from the RV.
  • Turn on our camper radio and adjust the volume to a level that provides background noise but is not so loud that it disturbs our camping neighbours; and secure our camper.

Avoid Taking Your Dog on a Road Trip During the EXTREME HOT Summer( 40+ Degrees)

There are times when it’s better to leave the dog at home.

It’s in their best interest to do this. If you’re going someplace where dogs aren’t permitted, it may be wise to leave your dog at home. 

It’s common for RVers to have a lot of control on where and when they go.

If you absolutely must travel with your dog, this should assist you avoid the warmest places and time periods.

When travelling with a dog, many RV owners choose to visit cooler locations.

You should avoid regions like Arizona or Texas( In the USA) , NT & WA in Australia during the height of summer. These areas have Extreme Temperatures ( 40+ Degrees)during hot summer days.

If you don’t want to risk your dog’s safety, you may want to locate a dog sitter while you’re away.

The windows should be covered up with [pref] Dark Curtains

In the movies, you’ve seen kids use magnifying glasses to burn the nests of anthills. 

The light is refracted to generate extreme heat in this method. 

Within your RV, this may happen at a much greater scale. 

The windows will operate as a magnifying glass, amplifying the sun’s rays and creating heat within the building more quickly.

If you’re parked outside on a hot day, make sure your windows are closed. 

RV fabric awnings over the windows, or genuine window shields, may be used to protect the windows. 

By using something like  dark Curtains, you can keep your dog and yourself comfortable in the RV by keeping the windows closed and blocking the sun.

These Reflective Insulation rolls and the RV Windshield cover are the perfect way to keep your RV Cool.

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RV Windshield Cover RV Windshield Cover


The windshield cover lowers body temperature by 30-40°, making summer automobile rides more pleasant.

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Boost the Flow of Air

Keep your RV cool throughout the summer months by increasing airflow through your RV’s windows and doors. 

This means that not all of your windows should be open. It’s possible that this may result in a hotter, more stagnant environment inside your RV. 

You want to create a kind of “wind tunnel” within your RV in order to facilitate the movement of air.

This is done by opening both the front and rear windows to allow for the greatest amount of air to flow through the RV. 

When feasible, a ceiling fan should be placed.if you do not have one, make use of portable fans  .Your RV should have efficient ways to circulate air throughout it. 

When using solar power, you can operate ceiling and circulatory fans for a few hours at a time without a problem. 

Here’s all you need to know about how to optimise the ventilation in your RV, according to our recommendations.

At least one ceiling fan and numerous individual fan units should be installed throughout your RV to circulate air. 

As a result, the temperature inside your RV is kept more comfortable for you and your dog.

Get your Fido a Cooling Jacket

Dog ice chest has three layers of breathable cooling cloth, Put it on your dog, soak it in cold water, squeeze off the excess water, and then put on the cooling vest. Evaporative cooling principle, During the phase change from liquid water to water vapour, the temperature decreases, the mesh material helps wicking water, the central absorbent cotton retaining water isolates from the dog’s skin, and the mesh scatters the icy feel to all four directions of the dog’s body. You can Purchase One from Amazon here.

Dog Cooling Vest Harness Cooler Jacket Dog Cooling Vest Harness Cooler Jacket

The dog cooling vest is made of a soft and lightweight cloth that allows for a wide range of movement. It also helps UV protecting, prevents the intense sunlight from scorching summer, protects the dog from sunburn, and makes the dog feel like they are in a cool swamp.

The leash connection point and zinc-alloy D-ring on the dog's back of the DOG COOLING VEST make it possible for you to get the greatest possible no pull for your dog.

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Final Thoughts

On-the-go RV Monitoring via smartphone

As a result the summer RVing, we looked tirelessly for a surveillance device that might keep our children safe while we were out and about, eventually deciding on  “Airstream”

With a camera that can be seen remotely and sensors to measure temperature, humidity, and air quality, 

When the temperature, humidity, or air quality rises over a certain level, You’ll receive warnings on your phones. 

You’d receive an alarm if the RV became too hot, and we’d be able to come back home quickly to fix the problem.

Preparing for a wide range of weather conditions.

Aside from the weather, you’ll also want to keep an eye on the forecast, especially in Australia. The weather changes in minutes. Now its nice  with cool air, next minute will hotter than potter.

The weather may be pleasant when you awake in the morning, but the day may quickly heat up and roast your pumpkin.

Even on a windy day, an RV may get extremely hot if the windows are left open to let the air in. Another danger is that rain might come in via the windows if a sudden storm occurs.

Close the windows and turn on the air conditioning as the following step.

With this choice you can be certain that you won’t have to worry about rain or high temperatures.

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