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House staging Ideas – A quick start guide [ HOME STAGING TIPS & GUIDE TO FOLLOW ]

When you decide to sell your home, one of the smartest investments you can make is to stage it beforehand so that it will attract the highest possible offer and sell for the most money possible.

 Research has revealed that homes that have been staged sell three times faster than properties that have not been staged.

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 Furthermore, seventy percent of real estate agents claimed that home staging boosted the offer value on a house by up to ten percent.

Peplifestyle team sat down with two industry experts, Sonja K  & Olaga Hudson ( Both Leading Interior designers), to talk about the characteristics house buyers desire, the benefits of home staging, and how to stage a property well.

There is no question that staging a house, regardless of whether or not you hire a professional company to do it, can offer it significant “buyer appeal.”


According to Sonja K  

“Staging is Really Important for Two Reasons,. The majority of people are unable to see beyond than what is immediately in front of them. Because of this, you will need to demonstrate to them what is feasible in order to break free of their preconceived notions.”

There are instances when rooms are look awkward, and you have to demonstrate to them how the space may be employed most effectively. 

The second possible explanation is that the individual could not be very good at making use of available space. 

When there is no furniture in a room, it has a tendency to look and feel much larger than it actually is. Therefore, the arrangement of furniture that we show customers provides them with a taste of what is possible.

No matter how much money you have to spend, these tried-and-true home staging strategies will produce results.

STAGING COST: The median cost to stage a home is $675 for each home.*


When you initially begin the process of home staging, the very first task you should do is decluttering. 

Clutter is a distraction for potential buyers, since it will cause their eyes to be directed to the items in your home rather than the rooms itself. If the rooms are messy as well, they will give the impression of being smaller and less organised.

Nearly all of us have an excessive amount of “things,” & ” stuff” which we have amassed over the course of many years, if not decades.

Remove at least thirty percent things of the people living in your family. This might seem severe, but it will make a significant impact nonetheless. 

You can get an early start on packing by putting away seasonal items, stuff you won’t use for the next half year, and other miscellaneous items in boxes. 

You might want to think about renting a storage unit or temporarily storing belongings at the house of a friend, family, or neighbour. 

It is preferable to store things where they cannot be seen, but if you have no other options, you can carefully arrange labelled bins and boxes in a corner of the basement, in a storage shed, or along one wall of the garage.

Olaga Hudson  says that

 “Decluttering each space is a wonderful investment of your time. It is essential that prospective purchasers can picture themselves living in the property; in order for this to occur, it needs to feel as though you do not currently reside there.”

You should make it a goal to clear as much horizontal space as possible on shelves, coffee tables, and most importantly, in the kitchen. 

Wicker or rope baskets are great for stowing away objects that you require but don’t necessarily want to keep track of at all times. 

Should you find that you need additional room, storage lockers and containers are additional helpful options.

Clutter creates not one but two difficulties.

To begin, it has the effect of making any place appear noticeably smaller, which brings the value down. Second, it gives the impression of being cluttered and disorganised, both of which are huge turnoffs for prospective buyers.

The difficult part is figuring out what the buyer considers to be clutter and what they do not regard to be clutter. 

Since the sentimental significance of an item could impair your judgement, we suggest that you seek the advice of an objective third party, such as a reliable friend, your real estate agent, or a qualified expert who stages homes.

Declutter your Home & Garage

It is always Less is More !!

De-cluttering is one of the most fundamental pieces of advice that can be given to folks who are trying to stage a home on a limited budget.

A home that is disorganised and full of clutter will not show as well as one that is well-maintained and in order.

Always keep in mind that less is more when you are trying to stage a property on a budget.

The process of decluttering a home is not only easy on the wallet, but it doesn’t cost anything other than the time invested.

When you are trying to sell your property on a budget, it is strongly recommended that you get rid of as many of your personal things as you possibly can.

This may mean removing the calendar magnets off the refrigerator and wiping them off, or it may mean putting down all of the family pictures that have taken over your living room.

When staging a property on a budget, the key reason to remove personal belongings is that potential buyers may become distracted by these belongings while seeing a home.

This is why it is important to remove these belongings. One of the most useful pieces of advice for getting a house ready for showings is to adhere to the maxim “less is more.”

Many people who are selling their homes are under the mistaken impression that they have decluttered their space when, in reality, they have not.

Asking a someone who is in a position to provide an objective assessment, such as a real estate agent, is an excellent approach to determine whether or not your property has been effectively decluttered.

A Few Pointers on How to Stage a Living Room

  • You should go through your home and get rid of any furniture that isn’t necessary to assist free up each room.
  • When you stage a home for sale, you will probably hear the term “de-personalize” used. Putting away any pictures of the family that you might have lying around the house is one option for achieving this goal.
  • A significant number of houses have magazine racks that are crammed full with out of date issues that are seldom read. Don’t forget to put them away or recycle them!
  • When looking for ways to stage a living room, one thing that you will likely observe is that hallways are not left looking empty. Think about bringing in a rug that is long and narrow to fill in the empty space.
  • When hanging artwork throughout the house, make sure to hang the largest piece on the wall that can accommodate it.
    After getting rid of your old magazines, replace them with a lovely book that can be displayed on a coffee table.
  • To assist in the creation of additional space in specific spaces, such as the living room, move the furniture away from the wall.
    Think about getting some modern curtains to replace the old ones. This will help to revitalise the atmosphere in the room.
  • When hanging pictures, gather together works of art that are similar in size and style.
  • In the event that cords and wires from your televisions, receivers, lamps, or any other electronic devices are visible. It could be a good idea to tuck the cords aside so that they aren’t visible.

Put Those Minor Repairs & fixes Into Effect[ Get Repairs done]

Complete the items on your list of things to accomplish in order to give the impression that your home is well maintained. 

The impression of a well-maintained home can be conveyed to a prospective purchaser by completing projects such as patching walls, changing caulk, correcting flooring scratches or stains, replacing light bulbs, and unclogging slow drains. 

The last thing you want is for prospective buyers to start compiling a mental to-do list in their heads of all the things that need to be fixed if they buy your house. 

However, before you take on the role of Mr. or Mrs. Fix-It-All, we suggest having a discussion with your real estate agent first. 

They have a lot of experience talking to potential buyers, which allows them to determine what aspects of a home are important to them and should be fixed as a result.

If the walls are chipped, damaged, or covered with wallpaper, most people’s first thought is to give them a fresh coat of white paint. This is especially true in cases where the walls have been covered with wallpaper. Also, if there are holes left of any Posters pr hanging deco can be filled too.

These are a pretty inexpensive and simple modification that, when the time comes for the auction or sale, will almost probably more than pay for itself. You can either DIY them or use a pro handy man in your local area.

Put your money into storage bags & storage Blocks

Now that you’ve gotten rid of a lot of clutter, you can see quite clearly where additional storage may be required in order to make the rooms feel very neat and ordered. 

In an ideal situation, you should make sure that your storage units, whether they are covered behind doors or not (have in mind that buyers will open cupboard doors), are not overloaded with items.

When you stage a home for sale, you want potential buyers to believe that your property can accommodate all of their possessions since the storage space is sufficient and not crowded.

Fave storage
Cotton Rope Basket for Storage

If you are looking to save space & spend less. These are awesome. storage idea.. Any of these enormous storage baskets can be used as a laundry basket, shelf basket, dog toy basket, living room blanket basket, ornamental basket, or shoe basket.

This is an all-natural, recyclable woven storage basket woven like large wicker baskets for blanket storage, with a thick fabric base and strengthened handles.

Foldable woven storage baskets keep their shape. For a crease-free look, simply steam iron it.Available in variety of shades that suits your Interiors.

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De-personalize [ It’s the Key Element]

Now that you’ve gotten rid of a lot of clutter, you can see quite clearly  what ‘s on your rooms.

Along the same lines as getting rid of clutter, you need to be able to stage your property so that it appears as though it already belongs to the buyer and not to you.

This is the only way they will be able to imagine themselves living there, which will ultimately increase the emotional connection they have with the home and influence their choice to purchase it.

This means you need to remove:

  • All the Family portraits, Photos , painting a and so on…
  • Decorations that could be perceived as controversial (nude artwork, religious items, political posters, etc)
  • Personal items
  • Pets stuff( let your Buyer know you have cat or dog- make sure  they are not allergic to cats)
  • Hygiene products
  • Personalised decals
  • Traces of your hobbies (sewing machine, peloton bike, paint brushes, etc.)..Your trophies if any…

Tips for Staging a Bedroom

  • Hang your clothes in groups, all facing the same way, to organise your closet.
  • TVs and other forms of entertainment might be removed to create a more calm atmosphere.
  • It’s difficult to avoid having the bed pushed into the corner of tiny bedrooms. To better balance the space, think about moving the bed away from the wall.
  • Over time, bookshelves frequently gather more than simply dust. Eliminate any built-ins and bookcases.
    Clear out and store half of the closet’s contents. Almost always when inspecting houses for sale, purchasers glance into the closets.
  • Replace any mismatched hangers so that everything matches after organising the closet.
  • Some homeowners’ bedrooms are entirely decorated in sports or princess themes. Making these spaces into a more neutral bedroom is a fantastic idea.
  • while converting a playroom to a monochromatic bedroom. Clean up and put most of the toys away. When it comes time to move, this will be helpful.
  • Replace worn-out linens with fresh, white, textured ones.
    Make the bed, add new pillows, and throw pillows to make a bedroom feel cosier.

Get a Pro Clean done 

Whether  you are opting for DIY House staging or hiring a pro , I would strongly suggest get a through pro clean done. The spring clean, walls, windows , Wall trimmings etc.  

Even people who plan to make improvements to the property won’t purchase a place that seems like it hasn’t been maintained since even they value cleanliness and don’t want to move into a place that appears to have been ignored. 

In addition, a home that has been recently cleaned and given adequate ventilation will exude an impression of openness and vitality, which will make it easier for prospective buyers to picture themselves residing in your property.

If you do nothing else, make sure your home is clean, clutter and odor-free (you may be used to the smell your food give off, but buyers won’t be!) advises Sonja K. 

‘If you do nothing else, make sure your home is clean, clutter and odor-free.’- Sonja K


When you stage a home for sale, it’s not enough to simply bring in some brand-new furniture; in many cases, you’ll need to part with some cherished belongings as well.

Throw away any old & stained rugs or furnishings . It leaves potential customers with an unfavourable impression overall if left just like that. A worn-out appearance is created as a result. 

Olaga Hudson suggests that if you are unable to purchase a replacement rug, you can purchase a few inexpensive rugs from Amazon and layer them on top of the old rug.

Reupholstering furniture is not as expensive as people imagine it to be, and it can make a significant difference in the appearance of the piece. 

Reupholstering a piece may really bring it back to life, especially if you like the shape of the item. 

You only need to select a cloth that falls somewhere in the middle of the price spectrum.

“Updating the room with new furniture that has a modern aesthetic can make it look much better.”

Painting the cabinet fronts can give a kitchen a significant facelift without requiring a significant financial expenditure if you are unable to completely remodel the kitchen yet it is outdated.

A home can have the appearance of being well-balanced by having colourful throw pillows that coordinate with one another and by having throw blankets that are the same colour.

“Accessories can also make a significant difference.On the coffee table, you might think of putting a candle or an attractive decorative piece next to a book”

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The atmosphere of a room may frequently be dramatically altered by making even seemingly insignificant adjustments to its design. Sonja K- lead Interior designer, offers the following piece of advice: 

“I would recommend always replacing bed linen and towels with new replacements that are  white.The principle is the same for both bath towels and hand towels. Candles and scented oil diffusers are two of the most effective methods to transform a drab space into a cosy and inviting one.

Always accessorise in sets of three

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When staging a home, make sure to use actual indoor plants.

When staging a house, it might be helpful to make use of the plants that are already within.

Olaga Hudson explains that her company prefers to make use of genuine plants wherever it is feasible for them to be maintained on a weekly basis.  Again, customers report that the space seems less like a hotel and more like a place where they can imagine themselves living. 

We seldom ever use artificial flowers unless they are of such exceptional quality that it is nearly impossible to tell them apart from the real thing.

Comfort is the key..STAGE A HOUSE FOR COMFORT

“People are staying in their houses for longer periods of time, therefore comfort is much more important,” says Sonja K.

“People are staying in their homes for longer periods of time.The phrase . “We are getting requests for enormous comfortable sectionals for extended Netflix watching with the entire family” comes up very frequently.Consumers are coming to the realisation, in contrast to the early 2000s, when everyone preferred open concept living, that they require privacy and quiet in order to work or engage in online learning. 

A growing number of customers are reconfiguring their rooms to include workspaces for all members of the household.

Olaga Hudson says 

“‘I believe potential buyers like to see contemporary furnishings that don’t look too sterile. It was a fad for everything to be white for a while, but it also has to make people feel like their lifestyle could fit in with this on a daily basis, so it’s crucial to avoid giving any area the look of an impersonal hotel.

A Few Pointers on How to Stage a Dining Room

  • Take off any more table leaves and put them away so that the dining room appears to be larger than it actually is.
  • Prepare the dinner table as though you are going to have guests over for a special occasion and set it up appropriately.
  • You may allow in more natural light by cleaning and opening the blinds.
    In order to lighten up gloomy rooms, for the time being you should replace light bulbs with lower wattages with light bulbs that have 100 watts.
  • Bring in a variety of plant species to brighten up the interior and infuse it with more life.
  • In low-lit locations that are difficult to illuminate, installing an additional lamp or two will help bring in more light.
    Add mirrors to help reflect light and create the impression that a space is larger than it actually is.
  • Do not hang photos and works of art on every single wall. Consider leaving one wall bare.
    When setting a home, the artwork should be hung at eye level.
  • Curtains of a light colour should be hung all the way from the floor to the ceiling. This will assist give the impression that the ceilings are higher than they actually are.

DO NOT Overlook the Importance of Staging the Back Yard!

Continued from the previous section, Olaga Hudson says, 

“If you are fortunate enough to have any outside space, you really need to maximise this as much as possible.” You need to get this to do the selling, and it doesn’t matter if it’s six feet by six feet or three hundred feet long.

Assess what has to be done to make the back of the property look as presentable as possible, just like you did with the front of the property. Consider it an additional room, and home stage it as you would any other room in the house. 

Start by taking measurements of your outdoor space and deciding what kind of furniture will be best suited to your requirements and way of life. 

For instance, a Patio two-seater table and chairs  set is ideal for romantic al fresco dining on a city balcony, whereas a large sofa set is a good choice for a sociable family household in a suburb. All of these ideas for the backyard will be helpful.

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Home staging advice: Stage your front yard to make a good first impression on potential buyers.

Olaga Hudson – leading Interior designer , thinks that 

“Staging your Front yard is a timeless expression is suitable to selling your property.The moment a buyer sets foot on the property is not the beginning of the decision-making process; rather, that moment occurred one hundred metres earlier.”

 As a result, any corrective work or upgrade that can be performed to the property’s front entry will be extremely profitable.

This can be as simple as weeding the path leading to the front entrance, or as involved as investing in some gorgeous front yard flower bed ideas,This can also be as involved as painting the door itself.

You should make an effort to clean any and all windows that you can, focusing particularly on the one that is located at the front of the property. 

As the summer progresses, new flowers or a hanging basket can generate a great impression; additionally, the perfume of these plants can also create a good first impression.


“I make it a point to avoid using metallic accents.” Olaga Hudson comes to the conclusion, “I feel that it is an outdated style and can cheapen a room.”

The editor in chief of peplifestyle – Home  offers this piece of advice to homeowners: 

“I would always urge homeowners to go out when purchasers are expected to visit — let your realtor show them the property. In my personal experience, people will feel more relaxed, be more inclined to spend more time looking around, and more likely to see themselves living there. 

Additionally, the property will feel less like yours and more like – maybe – theirs. 

De-personalization is necessary for this reason, as well as many others. The family photos now hanging on the wall should be removed for the time being and replaced with more impartial artwork.


“People do want to see a pop of colour in pillows or in an occasional chair,” explains Sonja K.

 “People do like to see a pop of colour in an occasional chair. When it comes to home staging, one of our favourite things to do is to incorporate a bit of unexpected colour and art.” 

According to research on the psychological effects of colour, the vast majority of individuals are drawn to items that are blue. 

In residences designed in a more contemporary manner, you will want to  employ a muted colour palette that features a greater amount of black than you would in buildings designed in a farmhouse style.

Although in the fall and winter, we do prefer to utilise more muted hues than in the summer and spring. 

To add some depth and dimension to the design, we might incorporate some organic elements and a thick throw. Because summer is often a joyful season,You can  make an effort to incorporate a variety of vibrant hues into our design, particularly when it comes to the exterior.

Staging is also necessary in Bathrooms

Staging tips for bathrooms

  • Put away the toothbrushes, the toothpaste, the shampoo, and any other products related to personal hygiene.
  • Make sure that the restroom has been cleaned completely. This includes the bathroom sink as well as the area behind the toilet.
    Either hang a brand-new shower curtain that is white, or clean the one you already have so that it appears to be brand-new.
  • Not only is this a pet gripe of the majority of real estate agents, but also of some prospective homeowners. Always make sure the toilet seat and lid are in the down position.
  • A homebuyer will not pay attention to doors that are quiet, but they will take notice of doors that creak. Take care of any creaking doors that may be found throughout the house.
  • Towels should be replaced in the bathroom, and they should be white. To save room on the wall, you might want to consider folding the towels into thirds.
  • Around the bathroom, remove the old caulk that has mould growing on it and replace it with new caulking that is white.
    Put the wastebaskets out of sight or put them away.
    Place a brand-new bottle of high-quality hand soap on the counter in the bathroom.
  • Hand towels of a smaller size and lighter colour should be rolled up and placed in a basket that is kept on the counter.

A HOUSE Ought to Be Staged So That It Fits Its Age and Style

The process of staging an older home is identical to the process of staging a more contemporary property, with the exception that the inside of any home will look best if it complements the home’s age, architecture, and style. 

A home can appear to be larger if it has a consistent design aesthetic that is carried through the entirety of the house.

Rework on Room layouts

Altering the configuration of a home’s rooms may be part of the staging process. 

When it comes to staging a living room, this is one of the most crucial aspects to consider. This is especially true if the living room is open-concept and doubles as a kitchen and dining area; in this instance, you may need to study fresh living room layout ideas.

Sonja K  is quoted as saying, 

“I organise the room to look its best – not for the sake of its functionality. For instance, occasionally a table may be too close to a cabinet for good opening and closing, and that is because we are merely going for a balanced look rather than necessarily attempting to be as practical as possible.’

The same can be said for the placement on television. 

Some real estate agents become fixated on the question of whether or not the television can be seen from different pieces of furniture. 

We can argue that it is irrelevant from a marketing standpoint because prospective buyers will not be watching television inside the house while they are there.

RENOVATE YOUR KITCHEN AND BATHROOM A few helpful hints for home staging

This is the last one… Not required if you think your budget is not going to allow. If your kitchen is hurting your chances of making an offer, you may need to think about remodelling it.

 If you do it right, you should be able to recoup the cost of the redesign when you sell the house. Staging a kitchen may involve more than just cleaning and clearing away clutter.

“The most important upgrade for a potential buyer is a brand-new kitchen.” Potential purchasers can see that the house has been modernised thanks to this feature. Olaga Hudson  says, 

“Updating your kitchen and bathroom will almost always result in a return on your investment.”

It’s possible that this just means repainting the kitchen cabinets; a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference.

Olaga  offers the piece of advice that

 “bathrooms and landscaping are important, too.Refinishing the floors in your home is a worthwhile investment if you plan to remain there, but it is not required in order to sell it. Cabinetry that is built in is another option.

Declutter your Kitchen counter

A Few Pointers on How to Stage Kitchen

  • You should clean your counters and put away the majority of the goods that are often kept there.
  • The use of a bowl of fruit as a source of additional colour is a tried-and-true staging trick.
  • Homebuyers may be quickly turned off by vibrant and eye-catching colour schemes. Think about painting any rooms you want to change into a more neutral colour.
  • Simply cleaning the interior and outside of all of the windows is a quick and easy approach to let in more natural light.
  • Repair any faucets that are dripping, and get in touch with a local plumber who is licenced to handle any plumbing problems. When looking at homes, prospective buyers consider the following factors.
  • Staining or painting outdated cabinets can be a time-consuming process, but the end result can quickly make a kitchen look completely different.
  • After you have given your outdated cabinets a facelift, you might want to think about upgrading the knobs and hardware as well.
    When you stage a house for sale, one of the ways to depersonalise it is to empty the refrigerator of all of its contents.
  • Spice up the kitchen! There are several different fast and simple ways to instal a new backsplash in order to give the room more flair.
  • Think about getting a fresh new faucet in place of the one that’s so outdated and out of date.


Home staging is one of the most straightforward and effective techniques to increase a property’s value. 

Home staging encompasses a large variety of distinct services, ranging from simple cleaning and decluttering to the execution of an extensive interior redesign. 

You are able to do these matters on your own, possibly with the assistance of your real estate agent; however, hiring expert house stagers will make the process more streamlined, expedient, and potentially more fruitful.

There is a lot you can do to increase the marketability of your property, which is what we’re looking into here, and the prices for home staging can vary depending on the scope of the work that needs to be done. 

However, there are many things you can do to increase the marketability of your property.


Because it is in the homeowner’s best interest to get a faster offer, sale, and perhaps a higher price, they will pay for the house to be staged before it is put on the market.


To stage your home yourself, follow these simple steps:

  • Reduce the amount of clutter in each room and store excess goods if necessary.
  • Investing in quality storage space will provide the impression that a room is well-kept and orderly.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of your property.
  • Replace bright or aggressive colour schemes with ones that are more neutral and bring more light into the room.
  • Rearranging the furniture in a room can make it appear that the space is larger.
  • Get rid of old, worn, or very personal belongings, or put them in storage until you need them again.
  • Make sure that the street /Front yard appeal is taken care of.

Additional Advice for Staging a Home for Sale

  • Cleaning and painting the front door will give a home’s entrance a fresh look.New, appealing house numbers are one imaginative method to give a home’s entrance flair.
  • Any shoes or coats that are typically kept at the front door should be packed away.
  • Change out the worn-out welcome mat for a fresh one.
    Make sure all doors are simple to use, both to open and close and to lock and unlock.
  • It’s likely that your carpet needs extra care if you have pets or use shoes inside the house. Deep-clean your carpet thoroughly.
  • Don’t simply tuck objects behind furniture or in closets while storing them away. Start early, and when organising your home, think outside the box.
  • Take away any evidence of pets so that guests won’t quickly notice them. Homebuyers occasionally enjoy randomly inspecting windows. Ensure that all windows are simple to open and close.
  • Make careful to dust and clean the ceiling fans when you are cleaning the house in preparation for a showing.

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