House sold but nowhere to go

House sold but nowhere to go- Tips to Deal with it!

House sold but nowhere to go- Tips to Deal with it!

Author Bio:Manny & Div

Author Bio:Manny & Div

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Many people who sold their property have this issue. 

My Partner and I put our house on the market last year , expecting it to take at least a few months if it sold at all. 

We were surprised just a week later when we received an offer that we accepted.

We expected to be chain-free because we had friends moving abroad for a year and had the option of using their house while we looked for a new place to buy, but this has now fallen through.

We are actively looking for a new home to purchase but have run into a snag in that there is currently nothing on the market that we like.

We are considering renting for few moths before we found our dream home, but it would be more time consuming and tiring to move twice( first to the rented property and then to our own house) Plus too expensive.

But we were lucky and we   purchased a new home in June 2020 ( Just 2 months after we sold our old house) just after the settlement. We were lucky that we found the dream house we always wanted. The current new home is a double storey house with 4 bedrooms rooms in it…We love it here!

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I did lots of research and how to deal with anyone having such a unique situation. Here is what I found…

Hire a Storage Unit for things

Turn your stuff into space..

Let’s face it: as much as we love our homes and our things, they don’t always work well together. Sometimes, there is simply not enough space in your home for your things or you have just sold your house and nowhere to go!!.

That means you need a storage option that isn’t just “shove it in the closet”!

Furthermore, moving from one home to another can be a nightmare if you have to pack, load, and unload your entire home all at once.

It’s much easier to find a storage box that will let you load up your things and hold them while you make the move at your own pace.

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house 3 scaled

Stay with your Family or Friends

This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to live until you find your dream home again.

However, there are some Moving in with Friends: Pros and Cons

Pros of staying with Friends:

  • Saving money
  • Splitting chores 
  • Avoiding risks
  • Having company and support 

Cons of Staying with Friends:

  • Lack of privacy 
  • Awkwardness 
  • Seeing your friend for who they are

So, should you live with your friends? Yes, if you believe it is the right step to take and you are prepared to deal with any problems that may arise. Just make sure you plan ahead of time.

Rent for short term

short-term rental is a furnished living space available for short periods of time, from a few days to weeks on end. Short-term rentals are also commonly known as vacation rentals and are considered an alternative to a hotel. 


Can you stay in a short-term rental for an extended period of time?

Every city has its own set of rules. Some areas limit stays to less than 30 days, while others allow stays of up to six months. It also depends on the type of property; multi-family homes may be subject to different rules than single-family homes.

Hire a Caravan

When you rent Caravans, they mostly come with tables and chairs for every member of your family. 

All of the vans come with electric cords, a greywater hose, a water hose, and all of your fittings. Our helpful staff will walk you through the process.

Plus, Most of the Caravans come with a fully equipped kitchen so you don’t need to bring anything from home. 

It will cater for your whole family – plates, breakfast bowls, coffee cups, glass tumblers and wine glasses, toasters, cooking utensils, kettles, pots, pans, frying pans, grill, stove top, microwave & serving bowls.

Hiring a Caravan until you find your new home is a great way to experience the Caravan lifestyle without the expense!

Stay in Motels

Typically motels are run “cheaper” than hotels.

But they also are typically older buildings in dire need of renovation. That keeps the room cheap as well.

So, Stay is a Cheap motel until you Purchase your new Home.

There are several situations where choosing a motel over a hotel makes more sense, such as:

Motels can be less expensive if you are looking for the best value and don’t care about property amenities (such as a fitness centre or room service).

If you’re in a transition period( You have sold your house and nowhere to go?), motels are a good option because they provide a cheap place to rest after a long day of driving.


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How can you avoid this situation happening?

Plan your post-House sale life well in advance

1.Start Looking for your new House/accomodation even before you sell

You may want to explore renting a fully furnished house for a short time and putting your current furnishings into storage during that time. 

According to Dan Hiller, “if you can get a furnished property, you’re looking at probably twice the typical cost,” which means that the monthly rent would be much more. 

Companies that rent out fully furnished apartments target the business travelling as well as the vacationer and base their rates on a daily basis.

Some removalists may offer to store your furniture in their vehicle until the day you move in if the time duration is shorter than a week. 

According to Ryan, “They charge enormous charges, but that would be better than actually unloading the truck and carrying things into a storage container.” “They charge enormous costs.”

2.Start Packing your stuff even before you sell

We started packing our stuff, after a week of Putting our House on sale in the market. 

Start Packing your stuff ( that you don’t use like the collectables, extra shoes and so on) even before you sell the House

This has two major advantages

  1. It makes your House Clutter-free for new Buyers coming in for Inspection
  2. It saves you much time on packing once your house is sold!! and so convinient to drop off in a storage box if you are yet to find your new house.

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