Do’s and Dont’s of owning a Convertible car that you will be glad you know them

What are the Dos and Donts of owning a Convertible car?

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We purchased a BMW mini cooper Convertible. in 2019. We are so excited to drive top-down as the springs and summers are awesome in Australia.  

However, I always had few weird thoughts about what to do and what not to do owning a convertible. I did a lot of research and here is what I found..

When it comes to convertible ownership, do you know what you should and shouldn’t be doing in order to get the most out of your vehicle? 

The following are some of the most important things you should know about owning a soft top convertible car, and if you follow them to the letter, you won’t go wrong, I promise you. :-).

Do you like to adhere to all of these  Do’s and Don’t ?

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are Convertibles safe?

The Do’s

Check your Convertible Throughly before Auto car wash

DO check that the roof is up, the windows are up, and the trunk is properly closed before taking your car through the car wash — you’d be amazed how many people forget to do this. Double-check that everything is watertight.

However, if you own a “older” convertible, it is recommended that you avoid vehicle Auto washes altogether because they are not well recognised for keeping you from getting wet.

Consequently, you will have to wash your car by hand, the old-fashioned manner, which I believe is the finest option since you will grow to appreciate your vehicle even more as a result of the experience.



Be ready to clean the Interiors More Often than a regular car

Be ready to clean up the clear leaves and other debris out of the interior of your convertible – it’s simply one of the drawbacks of owning a convertible, and it’s something that comes with the area You live in. 

The neighbourhood we live in has some kind of Purples flowers Trees, so during fall & Spring  time we get lots of these Flowers and the Leaves in our Convertible.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to prevent this from happening, unless you choose to never drive with the top down in the first place, which defeats the purpose of owning a convertible in the first place.

Protect Your Body from harsh Sun

If you plan on driving around town in your convertible, the chances are good that it will be bright & Sunny when the roof is down. 

As a result, you will be more exposed to the sun’s rays. DO learn to enjoy wearing hats & Sunscreen.

So,  it would be good idea to invest in a stylish hats to keep your head covered as a kind of protection.

DO open all of the windows when the roof is down – While the roof is down, make sure to open all of the windows since the wind may make a pleasant summer evening feel like a chilly blustery night in November.

DO keep the windows closed when the roof is down – It will also go a long way towards preventing your hairdo from becoming our tiny rabbit pal on your left.

DO have a long-sleeved shirt, top, cardigan or a Pullover in your car at all times. 

During the summer months, it is easy to get caught out by the sun beaming brightly in the sky. 

However, just because the sun is out does not indicate that it will be warm when you are driving around with the roof down.

Get your Convertible a wind -Deflector

( Trust me this is one of the nicest things we have got for our Mini cooper convertible)

Do get a Wind-deflector ( we have one for our Mini Convertible). It basically reduces the wind gust and keeps your hair ( almost)intact while driving roof down.



Pro -Tip for Two door Convertibles:

Parking in tight areas should be avoided by any car owner, but it should be avoided even more so by drivers of two-door convertible vehicles. 

For this reason, they have longer doors than 4 door convertibles, making them much more difficult to exit in confined situations than they already are. 

Now the Dont’s

Avoid Leaving your Convertible Top-down when Parked

DO NOT leave the top of your convertible down when you park it – This is a typical error committed by convertible owners. 

If you’ve ever done this and parked beneath a lamppost or a tree, you’ll understand where I’m trying to get at with this story. 

Birds. These scavengers don’t give a damn about where they dump their waste, thus raising the roof will at the very least prevent seagull droppings off of your brand new cream leather interior’s luxurious cream leather seats. 

The second problem with keeping your roof up while parked  is that it serves as an open invitation for your neighbourhood criminals to come in and have a look at that high-end head unit and speakers you’ve just had installed. 

Avoid parking 2 D Convertibles in Narrow space.

If you drive a two-door convertible, avoid parking in narrow places. .

Avoid lowering the hood while on the move

DON’T try to be adventurous and raise or lower the top of your car while driving — this is dangerous.

If your convertible was built before 1999, it is likely that you will be unable to raise or lower the top while driving.

It is going to end in tears. However, there are a few of soft top automobiles that DO have this capability, however they are often only capable of travelling at a maximum speed of 30KM/hr.

Avoid driving top-down on the highways/Motor ways.

It is not recommended to drive with the roof down on a highway as it may result in severe consequences as the speed in Highways are more than 100 Km/Hr.

If you have ever driven on a motorway with the windows down, you will understand to some level what it is like to drive with the roof down; it is anything but pleasurable.

While you’re driving, your hair will not be the same colour it was before you left, much alone the avalanche of leaves, garbage, and other rubbish that will find its way into your car while you drive.

Mini cooper convertible car

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22 Nifty Tips for your First Convertible car that will make you even more Comfy Driving your Convertible

You may be tempted to buy your first convertible when you see success in your career and Life. 

Enjoy, but know a few things you must know and you will be so thankful that You knew them before Purchasing a Convertible car.

1. When the top is down, don’t use the washers. and Close the side windows while the top is down. If you lower the side windows, it gets chilly and windy.

2.In hot weather, have a long-sleeved shirt in the car to cover your arms.

3.Never leave your automobile with the top down. It’s been bad since the bird was conceived. And birds aren’t the only creatures that may desire to enter your vehicle. the squirrels, cats, and  dogs may visit as well.

4.If you still think you can  try to leave the top down when not in the car do remove all your valuables like the wallet, watch and Phones and IPads.

5. My most valuable suggestion – In hot and humid conditions, don’t lower the top. The AC is more pleasant.

6.The top should be down in more than simply pleasant weather. The car’s speed creates a wind-chill factor.

7.On the Highway avoid driving with the top down. At 100 Km/hr wind, coupled with the roaring of semis and other vehicles, is not comfortable. Just put the top down on local 40-KM/HR roads. There’s also grit flying. It will dirty your car’s interior and hit your body as you drive.

When you lower the top, the stereo grows louder. It does it automatically to reduce road noise.

7.With a convertible, you will have to clean the inside of the car of leaves and other debris.

8.Since,  two-door automobiles have longer doors, limited parking areas must be avoided.

Take your other car to shop at big-box retailers.

A hard-top convertible will garner a lot of attention when the top is up or down.

9. Expect passersby to appreciate your car’s appearance and ask whether you paid extra for the standard wheels ( In our Mini cooper convertible ,W e Ofter get asked by the Onlookers)

10. If you want to lower the top, check the trunk’s top-stow-away area before leaving.When lowering the top, leave no loose papers in the passenger compartment.

11.If you have the top down and notice a wet road ahead with sprinklers running, don’t drive across it.

12.Never place anything on top of the trunk baggage cover. Before letting you lower the top, the automobile looks for an item on the material.

13.When the top is down, run the air conditioner, seat warmer, or heater. The objective is to feel good. Remember you’re not poor?

14.Close or open the top inside only if absolutely necessary. A two-seater automobile cannot be reclined for a sleep when driving or parked.

15.When the automobile is moving or in a heavy wind, do not try to raise or lower the top.

16.Never drive with the top partially open or closed. If you wish to transfer a kid in a car seat, consider the rules and your vehicle’s arrangement.

17.Close all windows and the trunk before going through a car wash.

18.Keep anything away from the working parts when raising or lowering the top.

19.Make sure there is adequate room above the automobile for the top to move.

20.Don’t lower the top if it’s damp. Otherwise, the water will seep inside the car or trunk and mildew. This usually happens after a car wash.

21.Defrosting the rear window with the top down is not recommended.

22.Open the trunk only when the top is fully up or down.

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