Creating a Relaxing Oasis: Essential Decor and Bedding for Your Dorm Room

Dorm Room Essentials

PEPLifestyle College Dorm + Apartment Checklist

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I was excited and overwhelmed at the same time as I prepared to move out of my childhood bedroom and into my college dorm room.

On the one hand, I was eager to get a taste of college life and start fresh friendships. On the other side, I found it challenging to cram everything I needed into a small dorm room.

But with a little forethought and professional guidance, I was able to design a cosy and useful living area that felt truly like home.

I’ll list my top dorm room necessities in this blog article, the things that made my time as a college student more convenient, comfortable, and fun.

These necessities are likely to be useful as you start this exciting new chapter in your life, whether you’re a first-year student or a returning PHD …

Bedding Essentilas

  • Duvet Cover or Comforter;
  • Dorm-Approved Headboard;
  • Duvet Inserter
  • 2 Sets of Sheets;
  •  Pillow Inserts for Shams or Pillowcases;
  •  Decorative Pillows;
  • Euro Pillow
  • BodyPillowInserter
  • BodyPillowCover;
  • Throw Blanket
  • ExtraLongBedSkirt; –
  • BedBlanket
  • BedsideCaddy
  • MattressProtector
  • BedRisers;
  • MattressTopper

SetUp Your Dorm Study Space

  • Desk Lamp;
    Storage Bins;
    Desk Organizers
  • SeatCushions;
  • Printer( Optional)

Kitchen Things!

  • Cups + Coffee Mugs
  • Plates + Bowls
  • Utensils*
  • Coffee Maker*
    Can + Bottle Opener
  • Microwave
    Mini Fridge
    Mini Drying Rack
  • Dish Soap
    Paper Towels
  • Disinfectant Wipes
  • Hand Sanitizer

Bathroom Essential

  • – Towels;
    – ShowerCaddy;
    – OvertheDoor Vanity;
  • – BathMats
    – MakeupOrganizers
    – ShowerCurtain+Liner-
  • HairTowel
    – Makeup
    – SelfCareProducts
    – ShowerShoes*


  • – AreaRug;
    – AccentRug;
    – Mirrors;
  • – RoomAccents;
    – SideTableLamp;
  • FloorLamp

Storage Solutions

  • Over-the-Door Organizer
  • Under Bed Storage Bin on Wheels Shoe Storage
  • Jewelry Organizers
  • Beauty Organizers*
  • Hangers*

Small Space Furniture

  • NightStand;
  • StorageOttomanwithSeatBack; –
  • Shelves;
  • Chairs

Dorm Needs & Necessities

  • StringLights;
  • LaundryBackpack;
  • HamperforCloset
  • ExtensionCord
  • Laundry Detergent
  • DryingRack
  • BackMassagingPillow
  • LapDesk
  • TechNecessitiesKit
  • Batteries
  • LightBulbs
  • TV( small one)
  • AirMattress
  • FirstAidKit
  • WeekendBag
  • WindowTreatments
  • TensionRod
  • ToolKit( Optional)

Style Your Wall

  • WallPrints;
  • WallDecor;
  • PhotoDisplay;
  • RemovablePeel+StickWallpaper


Duvet Cover or Comforter;

Dorm Approved HEADBOARD

A headboard that is acceptable for dorm rooms should be portable, simple to put up and take down, and safe for use around furniture and walls. Some appropriate choices consist of:

Command Strip Headboard: A lightweight headboard-sized piece of fabric or cardboard can be hung with Command Strips to bring style and comfort to any dorm room.

Freestanding Headboard: A freestanding headboard, such as a foam board or cardboard cutout, can be leant against the wall behind the bed to provide a cosy backrest without putting any wear and tear on the space.

The use of a tapestry as a headboard can give colour and texture to the space while also serving as a decorative accent.

Pillow Headboard: To make a nice and comfortable headboard that is simple to rearrange or take down when necessary, stack a number of pillows against the wall.

It’s vital to remember that each dorm may have its own rules for using headboards. Students should check the laws and restrictions of their dorm before making or purchasing a headboard to make sure that their prefered option is permitted.

SetUp Your Study Space

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Kitchen Things

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Bathroom Essential

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Storage Solutions

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Small space Furnitures

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