Do niche websites make money ? How to Earn PASSIVE INCOME with Niche Websites

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I’m constantly getting messages about how to start a niche website company since we started our new Niche relevant Income website design and build. 

As a result, I decided to address everything here because it was becoming increasingly difficult for me to respond to everyone in detail.

The Niche Website Business Model- Beginners Guide

Well, No one tells you the whole truth about passive income websites.

The majority of the time, you must learn on your own.

But, this article can get you to know more about passive Income websites and we are hopeful you will be ready for niche passive income websites.

With Niche website Business Model You don’t need to sell anything, you can earn through publishing ad on your website. Plus, recommending Amazon and other affiliate products on your website.

With 100+ articles, you can expect to earn $3,000/month, to begin with

The least amount we earned is $1.2K, and a maximum of $10K+/month.

But, You need to keep 8-12  months in mind, or a maximum of 1-2 years, as Google takes time to rank your articles.

You should keep  8-12  months in mind to start earning money on your niche site. 

Keep your hopes low in the beginning., as they are passive income Strategy, not a quick Money Scheme or the Get Rich quick scheme of some sort.

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What actually you  need to do: 

  1. You decide on the niche ( Hobby or a skill) that you are comfortable with or you love to write about.
  2. Get the domain Registered
  3. Get Hosting 
  4. Build an SEO Friendly, Responsive and Lightweight WordPress website.
  5. Start writing articles ( Niche relevant )on your own, or hire a writer and get 90-100 articles.
  6. Start off with 30 Blogs in the 1st 2 Months. I would Highly recommend write them all yourself.
  7. The next step is to wait for 8-12 Months for Google to Index your Blogs and website and start showing up on google search.
  8. Get yourself into Amazon or any other Affiliate marketing programs.
  9. Get accepted with Adsense or any other Ad Publishing service
  10. VIOLA!!! Start making Passive Income from your Niche website

The niche website covers you in an emergency.  Remember $1000-3,000/month is average after 8-12 months, but let’s say your website only makes $1,000/month. You can sell it for $24,000 at least to banish your money worries. The rule is to multiply your monthly income by 24.

Is blogging still profitable in 2022?

For a niche site to be successful, you have to:

  • Create a website with  WordPress( Self hosted)
  • Conduct keyword & Topic research and write quality content with good search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Update your posts frequently to start ranking on Google search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Join affiliate programs and strategically place your affiliate links to start earning commissions.
  • Plus, Join Ad Publishing Agencies like Adsense or Infolinks.

Next, once you get to a certain level of traffic (think 50,000+ visits per month), you can add display ads as well for even more passive income. 

I recommend you check out ad platforms like Mediavine or AdThrive, which provide higher earnings than Google AdSense.

“If You Think Math is Hard Try Web Design

7 Things To Remember Before Creating A ‘Niche Website’.

1.Create a Blogging website around a hobby/skill, not a product.

Create a website around a hobby/skill, not a product. 

Yes! You Head it right.

For your success, you’ll need good niche site ideas.

After all, it all begins with a thought.

And if you want to start an online company, you’ll need some niche site ideas to get started. 

As a result, what I’ve produced below is what I think will be the most useful.

If you’re new to niche website development (or even if you’re a seasoned pro), you’re probably curious to see some concrete examples of popular niche websites – even if it’s just to see evidence that you can still make a living online.

Check our NICHE SITE IDEAS Blog to get an idea.

Why start a Blog ? Reasons WHY you SHOULD start a Blog

2.Choose a niche, but it shouldn’t seasonal, check it on ‘Google Trends’.

Google Trends is a website that searches for trends, as the name implies. It tracks the popularity of Google search queries over time, to be more precise.

Google Trends will give you an idea of what people are looking for all over the world.

Google Trends, unlike basic keyword analysis tools, will give you meaning for common search queries.

If you want to write material that people want to read, this is incredibly helpful.

You may, for example, look at search queries related to current events in the “Latest Stories and Insights” section.

How many posts before my website starts Earning? Content Monetization Tips

As of the writing of this article, people in the United States should look at three key topics:

3.Make sure the Hobby related product is on Amazon or ShareASale or even Click-bank

If it has products on Amazon or ShareAsale, it is better. For example, in the Fishing hobby, you can promote Fishing rods, in the Organic Pet Treats  Niche you can promote pet Treats, or in a Snowmobiling niche, you can promote Snow gears, Google and so on. 

10 Simple ways to Boost your BLOG Traffic quickly

4.Publish at least 30+ Articles to Start with

Content is King!  and Content Creation is a Continuous Process.

Content is King because it allows you to provide the viewers with something they’ve never seen before Or compare it with what they have seen before.

Providing them with the same old material that they can get from someone else would not help you.

You will impress your audience if you provide them with unique content.

Is creating content online profitable? What counts as creating content and what doesnt?

To do so, you must conduct research to gain a thorough understanding of your target audience.

In the shortest and most direct description, content marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on creating and sharing consistent and relevant content.

This content is valuable and gets people engaged; keeping current customers and targeting a wide, new audience.

At DivDigital Marketing Agency, we build niche websites Plus 15 Blogs( depending on your plan) for you Kick start your niche passive income business. 

How many posts before my website starts Earning? Content Monetization Tips

As is it said Continuous content creation is the key. You can further create blogs on your own or hire any freelance blog writer or write more blogs for your niche site.

We would recommend 100+ Blogs & Articles and a waiting time of 8-12 months for Google to Index and start ranking your website on Google Search.

Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.

5. Answer your Target Audience Questions

Answer questions about your niche in 1,500+ words, but the pillar post shouldn’t be less than 4,500+ words. Write Blogs for beginners in the niche. 

How can I get more traffic to my blogs on low budgets -10 cost-effective tips

We call it Info Blogs. Any Activity., Hobby or skill there are always many newbies trying it.

So, Start your blogs with Info blogs ( that 1000-1500 words). Info Blogs are “How to”  or the Little Informative Blogs. 

Then Move on to the  1500+2500 Words blogs with Tips and “How to” Blogs. The next stage is Pillar Content that is 3000+ words.

6.Cleverly promote the products in the articles.

The more clicks on the affiliate links you make, the more money you’ll receive assuming your niche site attracts people interested in your niche and therefore potentially interested in items within the niche.

This strategy is more effective at peak shopping times of the year so you may wish to only implement some of the ideas below during those popular shopping times such as

  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday;
  • December;
  • Other statutory holidays/sales events when merchants have big sales;
  • Sale events put on by merchants you successfully promote (I love these);
  • Seasonal buying times depending on your niche (i.e. Spring for gardening niche).

Read : Ideas for getting more clicks on your affiliate links:

7. Become Ad Publisher on your website

Here are some of the services for publishers (for example, bloggers, website owners) who wish to make money through Publishing ads on their website..

  • DoubleClick (Google)
  • AdSense (Google)
  • Mediavine
  • Infolinks

8.Write Products Reviews

You must write the product reviews also, but that shouldn’t be your main focus. If you are publishing 100 articles, you shouldn’t have more than 20 product reviews on your website. 

This is mainly because too many product Reviews on a  Niche website looks spammy.

You must cleverly put the Product reviews in your Information blogs rather than writing a blog solely on Product Reviews.


Once your website starts generating money and you achieve the $3,000/month mark, you should buy the products for video reviews and publish them on your website. 

Show your visitors through the video that how the product actually works. 

If you are in a health-related niche (I hate health-related niches), you can pay $200 or $300 to a professional physician or specialist for a 10-minute interview. 

These small details make your niche website more legitimate in the eyes of Google and make the visitors trust you more. You earn more. You can cross the $10,000/month mark too.

The best thing? You can repeat the process to increase your income.

“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.”

How to Earn PASSIVE INCOME with Niche Websites- Quick summary

One way to earn passive income with niche websites is to create a website that focuses on a specific topic or niche, such as a hobby or interest, and monetize it through advertising, affiliate marketing, or sponsored content. Here are a few steps you can take to create a niche website that generates passive income:

  1. Research profitable niches: Start by researching potential niches that have a high demand and are profitable. Look for niche topics that have a strong and dedicated audience, as well as a variety of products or services that you can promote.
  2. Build a website: Once you’ve chosen a niche, create a website using a content management system like WordPress. Choose a professional and responsive theme, and optimize it for search engines.
  3. Create valuable content: Develop high-quality, valuable content that is relevant to your niche. This could include blog posts, videos, tutorials, reviews, and more. Make sure to publish content regularly to keep your audience engaged and attract new visitors.
  4. Monetize your website: There are several ways to monetize your niche website, including:
  • Advertising: Place ads on your website, such as Google AdSense, to earn money every time someone clicks on them.
  • Affiliate marketing: Partner with companies and promote their products or services on your website, earning a commission for each sale.
  • Sponsored content: Partner with brands and create sponsored content for them, such as sponsored blog posts or videos.
  1. Promote your website: Drive traffic to your website by promoting it on social media, through search engine optimization, or by running ads.
  2. Continuously Optimize: Continuously monitor your website’s performance, and optimize it for better user experience, SEO, and conversion.

It is important to note that earning passive income with niche websites may take some time and effort to establish, but once it is set up, it can provide a steady stream of income with relatively little maintenance.

Wrapping Up!

Do Niche sites make money?

Yes, earning passive income from niche websites is possible, but it does require some effort and dedication to set up and maintain.

Building a niche website that generates passive income involves several steps, such as researching profitable niches, creating a professional website, producing valuable content, monetizing the site through various methods, and promoting it to attract visitors.

It takes time to establish a niche website, attract visitors and build reputation.

Once it is set up, however, it has the potential to provide a steady stream of passive income with relatively little maintenance.

Keep in mind that earning passive income from niche websites is not a “get rich quick” scheme and it requires a lot of effort and dedication to achieve your goal. It’s also important to note that there is no guarantee of success, and the level of income will vary depending on the niche, competition and your approach.

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