Do Mini Coopers have spare tyres? The Must-Know Buying Guide

Do mini coopers have spare tyres

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Mini Cooper has no spare tyres. Instead, Mini has put in a run-flat tyre, which means if you get a flat, you can keep driving but only up to speeds of 80km/h for 80km.

Not ideal if you’re out on country roads, a long way from home.

The Mini is a popular car brand that is as British as they come.

In 1999, the original Mini was voted the second most popular car of the twentieth century, and it was a staple of British culture in the 1960s( Source)

Mini, which is now owned by BMW, remains a prominent brand in the United Kingdom, USA and Australia.

Cars, especially from the BMW Group, are increasingly being equipped with run-flat tyres.

Spare tyres take up a lot of room in a medium/small car such as the mini as well as adding to the cost.

This coupled with the fact that punctures are becoming less common thanks to improvements in tyre technology & better road surfaces mean manufacturers are abandoning the supplying of spares.

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What are Run Flat Tyres

Run-flat tyres are a newer tyre technology that makes getting flat tyres less inconvenient.

If it’s time to replace your spare tyre, this could be a viable option.

But what exactly are run-flat tyres, and how do they work? Excellent questions!

These tyres perform exactly as their name implies. In the event of a sudden or gradual deflation, they can continue to run safely.

Your vehicle can continue to move despite a loss of tyre pressure if it is equipped with run-flat tyres.

It can also function when there is little or no pressure.

Run-flat tyres have a number of advantages over traditional tyres. These are some examples:

Increased safety – the vehicle remains controllable in the event of a sudden tyre deflation.

Less inconvenient and safer – no need to change tyres and wheel assemblies at the roadside.

You don’t need to carry a spare tyre, which saves weight and space.

According to research from Edmunds, run-flat tyres come standard on fifteen percent of all new automobiles.

Even though the number of cars on the market with run-flat tyres has increased by a factor of two in the past ten years, sales of these cars appear to have levelled off.

Since the beginning of the last decade, the overall percentage of vehicles that can be purchased with run-flat tyres has remained constant at 14% to 15% of the total.

Run-flat tyres are now standard equipment on the majority of vehicles produced by BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Mini.

Run-flat tyres can also be found on several different Cadillac models


It is critical to use run-flat tyres in conjunction with a tyre pressure monitoring system to ensure the driver is notified when there is a loss of pressure.

Run-flat tyres are designed to “get you home” and, depending on the tyre brand, can be operated up to a distance of 100km, provided the vehicle’s top speed does not exceed 80km/h.

It is recommended that you consult the specific tyre manufacturer’s recommendations for their specific guidelines.

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Do Mini Coopers have run flat tires?

Most MINIs are now fitted with Runflat tyres – this means that even with a puncture, you can safely drive for up to 50 miles at 50 mph until you reach a MINI Centre.

You can spot a MINI Runflat tyre because they will have a Runflat related acronym or logo on the side wall.

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Can you replace run flat tires with regular tires Mini?

If your vehicle was originally equipped with Run Flat tyres, you can switch to ‘conventional’ tyres.

However, if the vehicle was built with Run Flat tyres in mind, you may be stranded without a spare! Purchase a new spare tyre as well as tyre changing equipment.

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Why do MINIs have run flat Tyres?

Most BMW minis began to use what is now known as run-flat tyres.

This simply means that if you get a puncture, the tyres will still be strong enough to get you to safety if you only drive at 50 mph.

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The Price of run flat tires for a Mini Cooper?

The MINI Cooper S. The Michelin Primacy MXM4 ZP 225/45R17  is priced at  $200 to $250.

If you’re in the market for a summer tyre, the 205/45R17 Pirelli P Zero Run Flat is priced at around $200

Where is the spare tire located on a Mini Cooper?

The older models of the Mini did not come standard with a spare tyre.

They came with a can of tyre repair spray and run-flat tyres when they were originally purchased (fix-a-flat).

The floor of the cargo area of the Cooper conceals a spare tyre.

There ought to be a method for bringing it down. There is no spare tyre included with the Cooper S.

The tyres on the vast majority of Mini Coopers, if not all of them, have gone flat.

There isn’t a spare tyre available. Run-flat tyres enable you to continue driving for up to 50 miles at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour.

Attempting to fix a flat tyre on the side of the road is fraught with danger.

The riding quality of run-flat tyres is worse to that of standard tyres due to the more rigid sidewall construction of run-flats.

The Mini Cooper S does not include a spare tyre in the standard equipment. It does come with run flat tyres and a can of fix-a-flat or anything like, as far as I can see.

This is due to the fact that the battery was relocated to the back of the vehicle in order to make room for the supercharger in the engine compartment

Can you go for non-run-flat tires for a Mini Cooper?

Yes …Nevertheless, you will need some things, such as a spare wheel.

Emergency tyre repair with a jack wheel and brace in the event of a flat tyre while driving.

You are not obligated to drive exclusively on run-flat tyres at any time.

Many vehicles came factory equipped with run-flat tyres for reasons pertaining to safety.

Customers who are concerned about cost and ride quality generally prefer non-run-flat tyres in this day and age, when inflation sensors and portable compressors are available.

When did mini start using run flat Tyres?

In the year 2005Mini Cooper S  2005 model had Run-flat tiresMini one 2006-2013  also came with run-flat tyres.

How long do Mini Cooper run flat tires last?

Between 38000 and 50000  KMS.
The new tyres that come standard on the Mini Cooper have a UTQG (government rating) treadwear rating of 240 to 320, which means they will last 24,000 to 32,000 miles under normal driving conditions.

They come in two varieties: high-performance summer run-flat tyres and grand touring summer run-flat tyres.

Are run flat tires loud?

A run-flat tyre does not make more noise on the road.

The very stiff sidewall and the butyl layer that serves as the tube that is made more robust are what cause the tyre to remain in control.

When the tyre goes flat, the rim does not ride on the sidewall, causing the radial-ply and the butyl layer to be damaged.

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First Generation MINI (2001–2006):

Second Generation MINI (2007–2013):​

Third Generation MINI (2014–2021):

What are the best tires for Mini Cooper?


  • Recommendation #1 – Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric A/S. For increased handling and performance out of your MINI, look no further than the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric All-Season. …
  • Recommendation #2 – Continental ExtremeContact DWS06. …
  • Recommendation #3 – Kumho Ecsta PA51.

How many years do run flat tires last?

Run-flat tyres are intended to be safe and functional for a limited period of time when there is no air pressure.

That means that if you get a puncture, you can drive for about fifty miles before having to change the tyre — which could be enough to get you home or to a garage.

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What Tyres are on a Mini Cooper?

The Mini Cooper can be fitted with tyres ranging in size from 15 to 18 inches. 175/65 R15, 175/60 R16, 195/55 R16, 205/45 R17, 205/40 R18, 235/35 R19 are the sample sizes. Original equipment tyres for Mini Cooper cars are available from a variety of tyre manufacturers.

Can a slow leak in a run flat tire be repaired?

As long as you don’t drive on your run-flat when it’s flat, you can fix it just like any other tire…because the tread-face is built the same way (differences are only in the sidewalls).

If you’re leaking air every few days, the problem isn’t too serious.

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What size are mini wheels?

As long as you don’t drive on your run-flat when it’s flat, you can fix it just like any other tire…because the tread-face is built the same way (differences are only in the sidewalls). If you’re leaking air every few days, the problem isn’t too serious.

Do I really have to Buy run-flat tires?

You don’t have to use run-flats. period!

Many people are buying a non-run flat for a Run-flat tyre car model like mini Cooper.

Most people tend to say the ride comfort is a lot better on standard tyres and best to buy a space-saver spare just in case though.

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