Disneyland Paris Tips for first timers for a PERFECT trip

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The Nifty Disneyland Paris Tips for first timers- Travel Guide

Recently we had  20 days Trip to Paris and Venice from Australia. So, You can Imagine how long the flight journey would have been.. We have a Break of 3 hrs in Abu-Dhabi Airport and the whole Flight Journey for around 22 Hrs…

The Disneyland Paris  is a very special place, and we had a truly magical vacation there, but it required extensive planning. 

Our ultimate Disneyland Paris Tips and Tricks are compiled in this guide to assist you with booking your Disneyland Paris vacation, knowing what you need to do before arriving, and how to plan your days from creating a perfect Disneyland Paris itinerary, insider tips, and the best places to eat in the park.

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There are some factors that you might want to look into when you are making your decision on when to go visit Disneyland, Paris.

  • Will the parks be busy?
  • Will the weather be suitable?
  • What events will take place?
  • The cost of the tickets
  • Usually, summer is the busiest time of the year. Even though it is crowded, that’s when they have extended opening hours and special events. And concerning the weather, every visitor is advised to choose a sunny day to get the best out of the experience as well as the price you paid.

The best option is from March to May when the temperature is about 15 – 20 ०C. Disneyland will be holding events such as St. David’s Welsh Weekend during this period.

Before you travel to Europe, make sure you don’t overlook these three vital considerations:

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The next best is during the month of October with the autumn vibes and cool breeze and stay for the amazing Halloween Celebrations at Disneyland.

The tickets are of various types and are priced accordingly. There is a Mini Ticket which is the most cost-effective option. But it is valid for off-peak days of the season. The Magic Ticket is a mid-range ticket valid for off-peak and some popular dates also.

The Super Magic Ticket is for visiting anytime during the chosen season but some special peak dates are not allowed.

The vali-for-all-days-of-the-chosen-season ticket is Super Magic Plus Ticket. It is equally valid for off-peak and peak days such as Halloween, October half term, November weekends and Christmas break.

Before you travel – Tips & Tricks for Getting the Best Deal on Disneyland Paris Tickets

Check out the various national websites for reservations at Disneyland Paris.

Even though this startled me when I was organising our vacation to Disneyland Paris, it became clear when I mistakenly visited the websites of two separate nations that there was a variation in cost. 

It is worthwhile to check the websites of the German, United States, United Kingdom, and other countries before making a reservation to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible.

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Is it better to schedule an individual trip to Disneyland Paris or a package deal?

Let me be clear: We usually don’t take up bundle offers when we travel overseas. When we arrange our Flights, lodging, transit, and other expenses independently, we almost always get better discounts. 

You may find firms specialising in Disney vacation bookings, but be sure they have all the proper insurance in place should something happen to the company or something like that.

What is the Best Time to Visit Disneyland Paris

There are currently two Disney parks in Europe: Euro Disneyland and Disneyland Paris.

With an area of 1951 hectares, Disneyland Paris is located just 32 kilometres east of Paris. In 1992, it was Built.

There are five key sections of Disneyland Paris.

It’s hard not to feel like you’ve stepped back in time when you visit Main Street USA, which is filled with old-fashioned small-town Americana.

The Grand Canyon’s high cliffs and the world-famous huge ships of Adventureland enhance the Parisian vibe.

Disney parks across the world are dominated by Western towns, the Grand Canyon, and pirate ships. Disneyland Paris is no exception. 

There is a distinct contrast between Disneyland Paris and other Disney parks in terms of how they are created to fit in with the local culture, whether it be the architecture of the castle, streets, buildings, or tree garden.

With its European-style castle garden vibe, it’s a world apart from other Disney parks. In addition to the theme park, there is a Disney Studio Park nearby.

The best season:

Perfect at any time of the year! All year round, Paris has a pleasant climate.

 If you’re going to Disneyland Paris, don’t worry about the weather too much, but if you do, be sure to check Tomorrow.io for the best weather conditions in Paris before you leave. 

Regardless of the time of year you go, you’ll be able to experience a unique charm.

Pro Tip: You can visit Disneyland all round the year. However, if you want less crowd, visit anytime between February to May when the visitors are comparatively less and waiting time is also shorter. 

Also, unless you have a pre-planned itinerary that can’t be tweaked, avoid visiting on weekends so that there’s no rush

What are some tips and hacks for making the most of our one day visit to Disneyland Paris?

Here are some hacks that I used on my Disneyland Paris trip:

  • Buy your tickets before hand and take a print out of your tickets when you go to the park.
  • Prefer traveling to Disneyland by Metro as:
    • The metro can make you reach faster than the bus or car.
    • The metro exit is situated much closer to the park entry than the bus/car parking
  • Reach the park by 9 AM. The buses typically arrive at 10 AM and that’s when the crowd starts filling in.
  • Carry your wallet and belongings in your jacket, rather than carrying a back pack. The queue at entry for visitors without a bag is at least 50 minutes shorter.
  • Carry the Disneyland map around with you.
  • Immediately head to the Disneyland Park and start off with one of the roller coasters – Indiana Jones or Hyperspace Mountain or Bigthunder Mountain.
    • Start off with Indiana Jones at 9 AM – wait time 0 minutes.
    • Hyperspace Mountain at 9. 15 AM – wait time 10 minutes.
    • Big Thunder Mountain at 9.35 AM – wait time 20 minutes.

So by 10 AM, before the crowd pours in, you’re done with 3 out of 8 roller coasters.

  • Finish one park before you head to the other one.
  • Do not plan to change parks during the parade, the main street is closed at that time (Typically at 5 PM).
  • Download the Disneyland app to keep track of wait times at various rides.
  • Take an off peak lunch time, so you’ll save time standing in the queue and during the typical lunch hours, you have be able to cover some rides with lesser wait times.
  • Use the FASTPASS wisely.
  • Shop right at the end. I’ve observed that shops are more crowded during the day.

I honestly think that if you’re focused, you can make the best of Disneyland, just in one day, though with your three year old kid, you may have to drop some of these hacks. I hope you enjoy!

How do I get from Paris to Disneyland?

On network maps, the A line is shown as a red line. Regardless of where you are in Paris, connect to the RER through the A line, which is shown as a red line.

It takes roughly 60 minutes to go to Disney from the central Chatelet station, and the final stop is Marne la Valee.

It’s worth checking to see whether the RER offers a package that includes both a rail pass and a park pass.

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Does it make sense to spend so much money on hotel rooms and tickets to Disneyland Paris?

I’d have a look at the facts. 

What is the price of the tickets? How much is a night at the hotel? 

Where are you going to get there? What matters most is what you can do for yourself and for your loved ones rather than how much you can afford. 

You should go for it if you can afford all of the aforementioned fees and it won’t effect your savings in any way that is out of the norm. You have the last say. 

Drake suggested several amazing alternatives that may be more cost-effective than the original. I’d say that Disneyland is magical. 

There are, however, more affordable options. I wish you luck in making your decision.

Is Disneyland Paris good in the end of March?

I’d say YES, especially if you can avoid going there either during the weekend or French school holidays ( so the end of the month of March should be good) … ideally Monday to Thursday is the best time of the week to go if you want to avoid long lines for the rides.

If you want a rather accurate predictor of affluence for Disneyland Paris, visit this site before booking your stay :

  • Prévisions de fréquentation
  • Black days are to be avoided (really)
  • Orange ones are very crowded
  • Blue ones are okay and green are even better
Disneyland Paris

How many days’ stay in Disneyland Paris is sufficient?

We just returned from Disneyland Paris Trip in March This year and the first thing you have to know is that the parks there are a lot smaller than either Disneyland,

California adventure and any of the parks in Disney World .

The answer to your question will vary depending on several conditions:

1- Time of your visit, obviously if you’ll be going in a high season, I would tell you 2–3 days at least.

2-Have you been to other Disney parks? if yes then you can probably skip quite a few rides and with some time management finish both parks in 1 day or at the most a day and a half if the parks are crowded (we were there in the beginning of May and we finished both parks in 1 day with time to spare)

3-Age of children in the party (of note Disneyland Paris doesn’t have that many rides for teens)

A general answer would be 2 days are more than enough with average crow

Tips & hacks to Visit Disneyland Paris

First and foremost, avoid visiting during peak travel times. During the French holiday season, this signifies “not” (End June – beginning of September, between Christmas and new year, around Halloween and the beginning of April). 

You’ll have a less enjoyable time because of the large number of people. If you can, try to attend on a weekday as well, as weekend crowds may be rather large. 

If you have the freedom to choose a date, I recommend visiting around the months of May-June or September.

In addition, download the Disneyland mobile app: ” Data roaming has been abolished in the EU, making this your most effective weapon against long lines. 

This will be your map, so you won’t have to carry about those paper things anymore!

Thirdly, bring food with you. This will save you money and allow you to eat as you wait in line (saving you time). Long waits for food are not uncommon, particularly during peak hours.

The fourth piece of advice is to have something to do while waiting in line. Waiting for 30 minutes may be made a lot more fun with a card game or any other form of entertainment.

Important note: I believe you can only get one Fastpass at a time for each park, if my memory serves me well. Fastpasses may be obtained for both the main park and the studios in this manner. However, I can’t say for certain.

Make sure to keep in mind how far apart the two parks are: While it may be appealing to switch parks, doing so takes a significant amount of time. 

Everything in the main park is within one and a half kilometres of everything in the studios (such as Hyperspace Mountain – Ratatouille) (1 mile). A 15-minute stroll, then.

Here’s what I’d do instead:

Arrive to the main park at least 30 minutes before it opens to the public. Definitely if you haven’t already. 

It is possible to visit the park 15 minutes before the official opening time thanks to additional magic hours for resort guests.

As soon as possible, make your way to the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad: 

Turn left at the end of Main Street (there is a tiny corridor to the left right after Main Street that will immediately transport you into Frontier Land), and don’t look at the castle too much. 

The fireworks will allow you to see it. 

The Fast-pass is an option if the wait time for BTMR is beyond 40 minutes and the Fast-pass counters are open (this will certainly be for somewhere in the afternoon).

Now is the best moment if you want to play Peter Pan. While it’s a well-known attraction, it’s only a few minutes long. Waiting in line for more than 20 minutes isn’t worth it in my view. 

Do it now before the crowds arrive if you intend to do it and the line isn’t too lengthy. Wait till later in the day and try to acquire a Fast-pass if you can’t get in earlier.

Pirates of the Caribbean and Phantom Manor are both excellent choices for sequels. Queues should be low because these rides have a large capacity. 

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is also worth a look. People seldom find the attraction until about an hour after it opens since it’s in a rear corner of the park that’s hard to find. 

On a day with moderate crowds, I was able to ride it three times in a row without waiting in line in the first hour after it opened.

Go to the recording studios. Consider the wait times for Ratatouille, Crush Coaster, and the Twilight Tower of Terror (TTOT), the three most popular attractions. 

If one of the other two rides is under 20 minutes, you should ride Crush Coaster. 

Get a Fastpass for TTOT and ride Ratatouille and Crush Coaster as a single rider if this is not possible (this should save you a chunk of time). 

After you’ve completed these tasks, you’ll be ready for the engines…action stunt show (there is one around 14h00). It’s worth it to use it to have lunch! . 

Consider taking a ride on the Rock and Roller Coaster before or after the performance (Is closed as of summer 2019, will reopen as a Marvel attraction in 2021). 

If the queues for RC Racer or Studio Tram Tours are too lengthy, don’t bother. 

These are the only attractions worth waiting in line for. If you’re planning a trip to the studios park between 2019 and 2021, you may want to avoid this time of year because of the addition of a Marvel section.

You may return to the main park from here. 

Make advantage of your BTMR Fastpass as soon as possible. To avoid this, make a very crucial decision (maybe affected by waiting periods) on the next attractions you want to see. 

The park will be divided into two halves for at least an hour during the afternoon’s Disney parade. 

It’s a Small World and any of the other four attractions you missed in the morning are still open on the left side of the park. 

Hyperspace Mountain, Star Tours, and Buzz Lightyear are all located on the right side of the park (all of these rides have fast-pass). 

During the procession, stick to one side and use the Fast-pass if required.

Make a table reservation at a restaurant that accepts reservations:

 If you work a 13–14 hour shift, a break at a table service restaurant may be worth the money and effort. 

Try Plaza Garden or Agrabah café for superb buffets, but make a reservation in advance if you want to eat there. 

The Toad Hall restaurant or Pizza Outpost are good options for a fast counter-service meal at a lower price.

Disney Dreams is a wonderful place to visit. Cinderella Castle Fireworks are a must-see after riding all of the above-mentioned rides. 

Stand in the middle of the square in front of the castle and take in the amazing display of projections, water fountains, and fireworks.

Quick Review

Let’s start from when you enter the park to when you leave.

  1. Parking. Assuming that you aren’t staying at a Disneyland hotel, parking is a pain. It’s $20 at the Disneyland parking lots which is a rip off. However, instead, you can park at a large grocery store just far enough away that they aren’t on the prowl for Disneyland freeloaders (about 2 miles is my sweet spot), then take one of the many buses to the gates of Disneyland for only $2 each way.
  2. Get the free Disneyland app. It shows you updated wait times for each line plus where all the bathrooms are. Do it.
  3. Fastpasses. Many visitors know about Fastpasses. You scan your ticket and get a receipt that tells you to return at a specified time to cut the line. However, what many people don’t know is that you don’t actually have to wait until you’ve ridden the ride to get your second Fastpass. 
  4. Say you get a Fastpass that tells you to return between 6 and 7. You can get another Fastpass right at 6 regardless of whether you’ve gone on the ride yet.
  5. Bring your Food. Much of the food at Disneyland is gross and overpriced. However, if you want cheap and good food, go to the Bengal Barbecue takeout counter in Adventureland. Order a few Banyan Beef skewers. They are delicious and a decent bang for your buck. 
  6. It’s literally in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and the food is good.
  7. 5. Single rider lines. Probably the best hack in the world. If you are by yourself or don’t mind not riding next to your partner, you can go up to many rides and tell an employee you want the single rider line. 
  8. They will hand you a ticket and send you to a secret line, usually through the exit of the ride. They use people in this line to fill up single seats in each ride. 
  9. Tomorrowland tends to fill up in the afternoon and evening, and Fantasyland tends to be full in the morning. Fantasyland feels quite magical in the mornings, but it’s chock full of young kids and I tend to avoid it until the kids have gone to bed.
  10. Yes, you can bring food and water into Disneyland. No “selfie” sticks allowed, though
  11. Get a Fastpass early for Hyperspace Mountain. The lines are long, and the Fastpasses tend to run out early, but the ride is worth it.

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The Ultimate & Comprehensive Disneyland Paris Travel Guide & Deals (Updated 2023)

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