Disneyland annual pass – What Tickets to Buy?

Disneyland annual pass

At Disneyland Paris, there are not one but two theme parks! Right next door to each other is the Disneyland Park, which first opened its doors in 1992.

The park that is most frequently referred to as “the one with the Castle” or “the main park.” Because it is widely considered to be the most beautiful and well-balanced Disney park in the world, this park has undergone very little change since it first opened its gates.

The Walt Disney Studios Park first opened its doors in the year 2002. Referred to as Hollywood Studios or Warner Brothers by the general public, lol!

The lands of Pixar, Ratatouille, the Tower of Terror, and some of the best live entertainment that Disneyland Paris has to offer can all be found in this park.

In addition to this, there is the unimportant matter of Avenger’s Campus and the future expansion plans, which are set to include the frozen kingdom of Arendelle!

Are you staying in the area? If you have purchased a hotel package, it is highly likely that your tickets are already included in the cost of the package.

This is typically the case when booking through Disney Direct or any other travel agency that has a direct contract with Disney, such as viator.com, Breakaway.ie, Abbey Travel, or Magic Vacations.

Many times, online travel agencies like Expedia, Hotels.com, and Booking.com will sell hotel stays at Disney Hotels without including the cost of tickets in the package (room-only).

Before you make a purchase, make sure you read the fine print!

What Tickets to buy?

Types of standard day tickets

There are 2 parks at Disneyland Paris! Right beside each other:

  • Disneyland Park, opened in 1992. Commonly referred to as “the one with the Castle” or “the main park”. This park is largely untouched since opening, because its widely regarded as the most beautiful and most balanced Disney park in the world!
  • Walt Disney Studios park, opened in 2002. Commonly (and incorrectly) referred to as Hollywood Studios or Warner Brothers, lol! This park showcases the lands of Pixar, Ratatouille, the Tower of Terror and some of the best live entertainment at Disneyland Paris. There’s also the small matter of Avenger’s Campus and the future expansion plans to include the Frozen land of Arendelle!

Staying on site? If you have bought a hotel package, your tickets are likely included in the price!

This is normally the case with Disney direct or all agents with Direct Disney contracts such as , Breakaway.ie, Abbey Travel and Magic Vacations.

Online outlets such as Expedia, and Booking.com often sell Hotel stays at Disney Hotels that do not include tickets (room-only). Check the small print before buying!

Types of standard day tickets

There are 1-day and 4-day day passes for Disneyland Paris. These must be used one after the other. At the gate, you can’t buy general admission tickets.

Disneyland Paris 1-Day Ticket

For park tickets, we recommend buying them directly from Disney or from Getyourguide.com, which could save you money and help Irish people find work.

  • Dated tickets: Dated tickets allow you to choose the specific dates on which you will visit the theme parks. These tickets already include the cost of park registration. They are not valid on any other days of the week. You have the option to cancel these tickets up to three days before the date on which you are scheduled to attend the event. Please click this link in order to view the calendar of day ticket availability.
  • Undated tickets: Tickets with no expiration date are known as “open” tickets, and they can be used on any day within one year of the purchase date. Getting them as presents is by far the most common use for them. Once you have determined when you will visit the park, you will need to register your attendance at the park separately.
  • 1-park tickets: This means that you must stick to the park that you first enter. These are cheaper than 2 park tickets and can be bought if you know that you are only sticking the main Disneyland Park, for example. You can leave and re-enter the same 1 park all day.
  • 2-park tickets: These tickets allow you to move between the 2 parks, you effectively have free roam. These are best on days where you want to perhaps do Walt Disney Studios in the morning and then finish in Disneyland Park for it’s parades and firework.
Paris: Disneyland Multi-Day Entry Ticket

💡Nifty Tips:

👉🏻A useful piece of advice is to look into purchasing three separate one-day passes to each of the parks if you intend to spend three consecutive days there.

You could spend the first and third days exploring Disneyland Park, and the second day exploring Walt Disney Studios Park.

This will always be less expensive than a ticket good for three days and two parks!

Tickets for Disney Hotels: If you purchase your ticket or have it included as part of a package for a Disney Hotel, you will automatically receive two park tickets for each day of your stay at no additional cost (including your first and last day).

These are a part of your MagicPass room keys and include Extra Magic Time, which allows you to enter the parks up to an hour before other guests who aren’t staying at a Disney hotel.

Annual Passes : If you have been bitten by the Disney bug, you may want to consider purchasing an annual pass to Disneyland Paris in order to maximise your time there.

Because of the high cost of day tickets, purchasing an annual pass makes a lot more sense than it would otherwise. For instance, during the Christmas peak season, a ticket good for three days and two parks costs 312 EUR each.

You don’t have to pay anything extra to get into the parks if you have an annual pass because it gives you access to the parks on all of the days that are listed on the calendar of the specific annual pass mentioned below:

Discovery Pass: 229 EUR for 150 days of entry, valid at participating locations

Magic Flex costs 319 Euros and grants entry for 300 days, as well as discounts of 10% in shops and restaurants and 20% on 1-day tickets.

A discount of 10 euros off of an annual Photopass+ membership as well as reduced room-only rates at Disney hotels. Parking is completely free at the parks.

The Magic Plus ticket costs 369 Euros and grants entry to Disney parks for 350 days. It offers the same discounts as the Magic Flex ticket, with the exception of a 15 Euro discount on the annual Photopass+ ticket and an increased discount on room-only rates at Disney hotels.

You will also receive a limited number of privilege tickets, which are day tickets for friends and family that are offered at a significant discount.

When you purchase Magic Plus, regardless of where you are staying, you will receive an additional hour of Extra Magic Time each day. Special gates at the entrances to the parks.

Infinity costs 499 Euros and grants access for an entire year, along with discounts of 20% in stores and 15% in restaurants. All of the advantages of Magic Plus at a reduced price, along with other privilege ticket discounts.

The rental of strollers and wheelchairs within the theme parks are both free of charge, as is the annual Photopass+ package. Free storage for guests is provided at the parks. Fireworks and shows will only be viewed from within the exclusive VIP viewing area.

A helpful hint: you might need to spend more money on an annual pass in order to save more money. For instance, in the case of a vacation lasting two days with an Infinity pass, it is possible to “make up” the difference in cost between Magic Plus and the base pass. merely by picking up your complimentary annual Photopass+ and renting a stroller for two days! Not to mention a place for guests to store their luggage as well as increased discounts at local businesses.

💡Pro Tip:

You can make reservations for a room-only discount at Disney Hotels by calling either the dedicated French AP Reservations number, which is 0033 3448 008 898, or the general Irish phone number, 01 605 8383, and asking for a room-only discount with the AP.

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