Why are oil changes so expensive in Maserati?

What are the costs of owning a Maserati ? Tips from Maserati owners: average upkeep costs of owning a Maserati ..

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As a Maserati owner, ensuring that your car is regularly serviced means that your vehicle will continue to work in top condition. 

Regular service not only replaces worn parts like filters and oil changes. 

Maserati is, without a doubt, a luxurious European (Italian to be precise ) speed machine. That is not to say that its ownership costs will break your bank without your permission. 

You are somehow in charge of removing your roadster’s yearly maintenance from your spreadsheet

I mean to say that if you keep up with your Maserati’s maintenance schedule, you will never have frequent breakdowns and your overall maintenance cost will be lower, whereas otherwise your intermediary will fail on a regular basis, draining your notecase. 

Instead of calculating the overall cost of car aftercare/Upkeep costs, you should service your car at the recommended intervals to extend the life of your adorable Maserati and keep its yearly aftercare expenses within your budget.

It also provides your mechanic with an opportunity to check that everything else is still in top working order including things like your brakes, steering, etc.

During regular service, your mechanic will note any other issues they identify and let you know what they are too. 

They’ll  provide a quote on the spot for any additional work, so you know what to expect.

I think Maintenance is not that high considering that a Maserati is such an exclusive and exotic automobile with a pedigree, a very sexy gorgeous design and an engine that involves another exceptional brand (Ferrari).

My Maserati was under warranty but the maintenance was about $4,000 per year (complete annual inspection done by an Authorized dealer + 4 new tires). 

Spending $4,000 annually for a car that retails for $140,000 new is not that high.

I would say, yes, Maserati ownership is very expensive in terms of real dollars.It may is not that far off compared to other car brands that produce similar cars (BMW, MBZ, Porsche). Of course, the cost of ownership is not limited to Servicing & Oil Changes and also includes depreciation, maintenance, and consumables.

You can book online now for new vehicle servicing such as Maserati servicing or Skoda, Lancia and Mitsubishi servicing.

The mechanics are fully able to carry out your regular logbook service without affecting the validity of your current warranty.

A dealer cannot specify which service provider you, the car’s owner, must use so if you prefer to opt for a local and convenient mobile mechanic rather than another service provider then you can do so without penalty.

As per the Trade Practices Act, it is the buyers’ right to choose any qualified service provider to carry out standard logbook service, i.e you need not Go to the Dealership to get your car serviced.

Many  reputed car Servicing guys  make sure the work is  complete on a vehicle including fuel pump, starter motor and battery as well as standard servicing .

Many do offer warranties like  standard 12 month or 20,000 km warranty. Look for such servicing centres in your local area

When you choose the outside dealership mechanics/Service centres to maintain your regular logbook servicing needs, you are not only covered by your original warranty but you are now also covered by the mechanics as well.

So, Who is looking after your car’s tyres?  

Tyres are frequently the most ignored parts of our cars, but we should take better care of them  because our daily lives depend on them.In an ideal environment, such as on a completely dry road, tread actually diminishes a car’s performance since it limits the contact patch area, lowering the forces that can be transmitted through the contact patch.

There are many local mechanics that offer a fully mobile tyre service which you can book online for anything from tyre repair and replacement to rebalancing and rotation.

Just like with any of other mechanical services, you can comfortably sit back and relax at your specified location including your place of work, your home or even on your holidays, while all of your tyres are maintained and looked after to spec, on-site and on time.

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Possible upkeep cost of a Maserati under warranty

1. Battery problems along with 2 burned-out tail-light bulbs – battery diagnosis and changing of bulbs was $200 (most of that for the battery diagnosis)

2. 25000-mile service – $1800

3. If you need  a spare key – $500 for new key and programming

4. Stone guard installation along the bottom edge of the car – $700

5. Anti-squeaking tape installed along sunroof to prevent annoying squeak when cornering or over bumps – $75-$90

6. If you are in a Snowy area or visiting a snowy area – A Full set of snow tires for car, installed and TPMS installed (I live in a location where it seemed necessary for driving the car as my daily driver year-round) – $2000

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Possible Upkeep cost of a Maserati without warranty

Service cost is about $2500-3000 for full service( tune-up, oil change..ex..) . The Prices vary depending on the country /state.

This price is an Indicator only.

1. Alignment and new tires cost $1,650 and also replaced 2 front tires after popping on potholes, $500.

2. 18K service and new brakes, pads and rotors turned. $1,350
3. New T-bar reverse shifter installed $400.

4. New thermostat and new rear O2 sensor installed $460.

5. Complete detail to remove swirl marks $500.

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How often does a Maserati need an oil change?

Maserati needs an Oil change every 10,000 to 15,000 miles. Most Maserati vehicles only require a synthetic oil change once per year or every 10,000 to 15,000 miles. 

An oil change at a dealer is quite Expensive around  $400-$- $500.  However, if you get the oil changed outside your dealership( Still protecting your warranty) it comes up to $200–$ 350.  

Plus, When you need to change pads and rotors some dealers charge upwards of $3000 for front and rear pads and rotors. 

I believe a medium service is around $1700 and a major service is anywhere from $2800 to $3200. It really depends on your area and your dealership. Also read: Are Black Cars Hard to Keep Clean? 5 Nifty Tips keep them Clean

Issues that can surface with Maserati

1. Noisy/squeaky brakes (factory defect)

2. 1 second delayed acceleration (better in sport mode)

3. Transmission gear shifter constantly gets stock and is very hard to get into the right driving mode. Pops into Reverse instead of Park or N instead of drive.

4. Infotainment screen auto-dimming and brightness adjustment for day/night don’t work

5. Standard speakers produce very plain and empty sound especially at low-mid volume, not very loud at full volume.

6. For the exterior side of the car, the interior accommodations are very tight and the trunk is smaller than most sedans.

7. Very poor communication and customer service Long island Ferrari/ Maserati Service centre

8. Eats a lot of gas, even in eco-mode (ICE MODE) 350 miles per 20-gallon tank

Issues that can surface with Maserati

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Maserati Upkeep Costs After Four Years of Purchasing it.

You’ll have covered the vast majority of regular Maserati maintenance items after four years. 

As your vehicle ages, you’ll have to repeat each of these appointments. 

Just remember to look into our service specials before you come in! 

You might be able to significantly reduce your Maserati maintenance costs. Consider a pre-paid maintenance plan while you’re at it.

How much does it cost to maintain a Maserati after four years? 

Although Maserati Levante or Maserati Ghibli maintenance costs may rise if more expensive components need to be replaced, understanding the fundamentals can help you plan ahead of time for any unexpected repairs.

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Is Maserati ownership really that expensive?

Is Maserati ownership *really* that expensive? I Purchased new, these cars are between 120-170K (depending on your location, trim, and model selection).

Is a 3K-7K repair bill commensurate with the  Maserati?

The way I see it, these cars are built for people making 6-7 figure salaries. 

Take a look at any review, and the first thing talked about is the high price, and the “exclusive” market segment – the reality is, a 2005 QP/GT with some miles is cheaper than a well-optioned new Honda Accord.

So, given that a Maserati can be bought used for less than a new Honda Accord, are the fears/complaints about high maintenance costs well-founded?

I would say, yes, Maserati ownership is very expensive when it comes to regular servicing, oil change and repairs.

It May not that far off compared to other car brands that produce similar cars (BMW, MBZ, Porsche).

Of course, the cost of ownership is not limited to repairs and also includes depreciation, maintenance, and consumables.

Ongoing Service

Maserati owners are encouraged to schedule a maintenance visit every 25,000 miles or so, in addition to oil changes, filter replacement, and other basic preventative maintenance. 

During these visits, the vehicle will be tuned up to ensure that it runs smoothly for a long time. 

Most Maserati service visits cost around $1,200-$1500, so prospective buyers should be aware of this before making a purchase.

Other Components

Maserati parts can be difficult to find and frequently need to be shipped from Italy, so they can cost several times the price of a standard repair part on a domestic vehicle. 

Nonetheless, Maserati owners are encouraged to purchase original parts rather than depreciating their vehicle with aftermarket replacements, which may be less expensive but are not of the same quality.

Spare Keys

Everybody misplaces their keys from time to time. If a person’s Maserati key is lost, it must be re-keyed and programmed by a licensed locksmith. 

Because Maseratis come with a special key FOB designed to increase security, these keys are more expensive than the average car key. 

On average, car owners should budget $700-$1000 for each Maserati key replacement that is required.

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Maserati GT Convertible

MC20 Maserati

Tips to consider before buying a Masareti

If you’re considering buying a Maserati, new or used, then you already know that they aren’t cheap and they’re not easy on gas – but that’s not why you’re buying it. 

You buy Maserati because they are interesting, exclusive, beautiful and great performers.

I drove the Granturismo for 8 years and about 50K kilometres with no issues outside of normal maintenance.

During that time, it put a smile on my face every time I fired it up. That’s why you buy an exotic car.

If you’re looking for an economical daily driver to run errands and haul cargo, then neither the Maserati nor any other sports car is a good choice.

But if you want something special that you won’t see everyone else in, it’s a pretty darn good choice.

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