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I’m stumped. I’ve never had the opportunity. I’m baffled by the negative connotations attached to the term “suburban.”

Yes, I am well aware of this. Normal, average, and just like the next one besides them are all synonyms for  Home. 

‘Cozy and Coy’ in my opinion, may be both warm, Trendy and traditional at the same time. 

There is no way that your suburban house design be merely conventional & Traditional. It has the potential to exude a sense of refinement and Trend.

So, why can’t a suburban home be Trendy and classy?

Despite what you would think, a normal home or a person  can nonetheless be beautiful, classy and Trendy too. 

There are a variety of ways to feel warm. Once in a while, the comfortable can be inventive in its own right.Yes , they can be.

But the most important thing to me is…

This neighbourhood is referred to as “suburban” since a family resides here.

To me, it’s family and friends relaxing on the couch, grabbing something from the fridge, and playing board games at the kitchen table or relaxing in the Theatre room or the Rumpus.

Most of the suburban Homes have big Yards( Front & Back) and also have extra rooms like the Theatre room, study room , Rumpus and so on, that many of aprtments and studio homes lack.

But no matter whatever  I choose, it would be decked out in my signature Suburban flair. Cozy and Trendy as well as Classy and sophisticated, in my opinion.

I say Suburban home is not Just “Normal”

These posts are designed to help you transform your “Normal” suburban home into a stylish and fashionable place to live rather than merely functional,  Whether you are a Frugal or want to Spend on home decor.

I have decor Ideas for all Budgets!

Check out Affordable, as well as Luxury Home decor ideas. As I said, we have Decor Ideas for all Budgets.

Why Not .. right?

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