21 + Living Room fall decor ideas [ Works for any house]

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Living room Fall decor ideas [Trendy & Up-to-date]

Altering the appearance of your living room is a task that should be prioritised in preparation for the arrival of chilly weather. 

But the living room’s autumn decoration does not consist solely of charming sayings sprinkled with autumnal gourds. Instead, fall decor can be found in a wide variety of forms, sizes, and hues, including furniture in rich red and orange tones, velvet accents, and, of course, pumpkins in various sizes and colours.

Keep reading for some of our favorite ideas for decorating the living room for the fall season.

What are the trending Living room Fall decor ideas

Use Colorful & Decorative Pumpkins

There is no rule that says pumpkins for fall have to have the typical palette of autumnal hues. 

Instead, make the most of the autumnal appearance that pumpkins have naturally by decorating your living room with pumpkins in bright hues that are not traditionally associated with the season of falls, such as navy and turquoise.

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