Can you refuse to sell a house to someone?

Can you refuse to sell a house to someone?

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We have sold our home recently. We did get a lot of offers but some we had to reject. Main reason for rejecting offer was that It was  NOT What we were expecting, mainly the offer itself was lesser than we were hoping to get.

I did a Lot of Research If we can reject offers  Here is what I Figured out.

Well, You’ve been approached with an offer ! But for some reasons you are not happy with the offer what do you do if you want to reject someone’s offer?

Continue reading to learn on what grounds you can refuse an offer and on what basis you cannot. Also, find out how to respond to any proposals and how to navigate the negotiating process more effectively.

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Selling a property isn’t easy— but there could be many reasons you want to reject an offer.As long as you do not reject an offer for any other reason than the ones listed below, you are within your legal rights.

There are a variety of legally valid grounds for rejecting an offer, including low offers and worries about the buyer’s financial situation.

Yes! You can reject an Offer. You can reject an offer because you were not not happy with the offer itself or you are getting a better deal elsewhere  or even you changed your mind and you are not selling your property anymore. Sellers, on the other hand, are not permitted to discriminate against persons who are protected by state and federal law.

It is not permissible, for example, to refuse to sell a home to someone just because they have children Or pets  or are of a different race than you or they are Gays or even  they are Transgender.

For private parties in the United States or in Australia, it is generally accepted that they can reject an offer if they so want to.

There are, however, some reasons that you are not allowed to deny for legal reasons.

Discrimination on the grounds of race or sexual orientation is prohibited almost everywhere.

Discrimination on the basis of religion, sexual orientation, gender, age, or disability is prohibited in a number of jurisdictions around the country.

However, you can reject someones offer just because you dislike them or because they wore a cheap Kmart bag(LOL)

My recommendation is that if you receive a full-price offer that meets your Expectations, you should sell.

Despite the fact that discrimination is permitted for all but a few specific grounds under the law.

If you are sued, it will be extremely difficult to persuade the courts that you discriminated against someone for this terrible but permissible reason rather than for this awful but forbidden reason.

If you’re going to say no, be sure you have a good reason for doing so.

In certain cases, the buyer may be denied financing because they do not have sufficient credit or because you have a superior offer, or because the buyer desires a lengthy closing process or is hesitant to put enough money down, or for any number of reasons.

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Reasons not to sell your House to someone

In reality, there are a variety of reasons to decline an offer. The pros and cons of every offer will be explained by an attorney or real estate agent, however there are a few acceptable grounds for rejecting an offer, including the following:

1. The offer was not competitive enough( Lowball offer)

Taking a loss on your property is something you absolutely do not want to do if at all possible. A property seller has the right to reject any offer that they believe does not accurately reflect the worth of their home.

We rejected an offer from a Buyer because he was offering too less of our Expectations. This is legal to do that as It’s your home and You want make a good amount of money out of it by selling .

2. You’re not confident that the house buyer will be able to obtain a loan.

Potential buyers who have poor financial standing may find it difficult to obtain a mortgage loan from a lending institution. 

When a buyer borrows to buy real estate, financing must be authorised before the transaction can begin. 

A financing condition must be mentioned in the contract if funding is not authorised at the time the contract is signed. A purchaser is seriously jeopardised if he or she does not have a financial condition.

Accepting an offer only to have the transaction fall through before to closing wastes important time and may discourage property owners from accepting a stronger offer in the future if the market improves.

Funding that is questionable

A buyer who intends to finance the purchase of your home with a loan will frequently include a pre-approval letter from their lender demonstrating that they are eligible for a loan in the amount of the purchase price. 

While a pre-approval letter is not necessary, it provides the seller with peace of mind regarding the closing of the house if they accept this offer. 

If the seller has any cause to mistrust the ability of the prospective buyer to complete the transaction, they will almost always reject the offer.

3.What if the Buyer says “Their Loan is pre-approved from a Lender”-can you still Reject the offer?

Lenders utilise phrases like “pre-approval” or “approval in principle” to trick borrowers into believing that funding has been granted when it has not.

At most, “approval in principle” and similar words indicate that the house loan will most likely be accepted if all of the assumptions made by the lender based on the information supplied by the prospective borrower are true.

Of course, if any of the lender’s assumptions are incorrect, the lender has the option to withhold permission or rescind a conditional approval.

A loan that has been “pre-approved” or “authorised in principle” is NOT approved! So, as a seller you have the right to reject the offer if you feel the buyer many not get the full and final approval.

4. You’ve changed your mind and no longer want to sell your home.

This point is simple and Straight forward. It’s your home, and you may stay there for as long as you like without being asked. Just because you placed your house on the market doesn’t mean you have to sell it right now.

When you are in the process of selling your home, it may appear that you are totally committed.

It might be daunting when buyers submit offers and your realtor encourages you to pick one and go forwards. 

However, if your circumstances have changed after you put your property on the market and you no longer wish to sell, you are not required to accept any of the offers.

A proposal( offer) is just a proposal

It is a simple task to hang onto your property if you have not accepted any of the offers you have received. 

There’s nothing more to it than to refuse signing any of the proposals. You do not have a contract and don’t have to sell your house if you do not accept an offer by signing and having your agent send it to the buyer or his agent. 

Even if a buyer offers you an offer that is at the advertised price, this statement still remains true. 

If you’ve requested that your agent remove the property from the MLS, then tell your agent that you’ve ended your sale negotiations and that you have instructed him to remove the listing from the MLS.

When you accept the offer,

Whether you accept an offer or not, you will still have options available to get out of the arrangement.

While the transaction is still on the table, there are several conditions that the buyer must take care of. 

Lending, organising a house inspection, and placing suitable deposits into escrow are a few of the activities you should engage in. 

5. You can Take your House Off-market without any Reason

Sales are “at will” and you can take your home off the market for any reason or for no reason. You are not forced to accept an offer. 

Do keep in mind, however, there are fair housing laws in place. Read them and make sure you do not violate them.

Fair housing prohibits a seller from rejecting an offer based on, color, sex, familial status, or national origin. 

In other words, you cannot reject an offer just because the person who made it is different from you or that makes you uncomfortable.

6. You are Getting a Better Offer

In competitive marketplaces, sellers will frequently wait until they have received multiple bids before accepting one and rejecting the others.

 In situations like this, homeowners generally don’t give much of an explanation for why they turned down the offer.

7. What is the buyer had previous Criminal record? Can I reject the Offer?

 Will the buyer be refused a Real Estate transaction if their Police Check fails?If your conviction has nothing to do with owning/renting/buying/leasing a house, then a failed Police Check should not jeopardise the Real Estate transaction. However, if you have a recent conviction for murder, property damage, arson, sexual abuse, or other “severe” offences, an agent or a Real Estate firm may deny you their services or alternatives( Source

Is the buyer’s agent need to disclose a criminal conviction as an adverse material condition if the buyer’s agent is aware of the buyer’s criminal history?

No, in most circumstances.

The buyer’s agent must disclose material details about the sale, such as:
The buyer’s capacity to finish the transaction financially
The buyer’s intention not to occupy a home purchased as a primary residence.

Other facts that the broker is aware of:

The buyer’s agent is not required to do background checks on their customers, nor is it needed to verify whether what the buyer says is correct or complete.

Furthermore, under laws, the buyer’s agent is prohibited from disclosing any information about the buyer unless required by law or if omission to reveal would be fraudulent or dishonest.

That is, even if the buyer’s agent was aware of the potential buyer’s criminal record, he or she is not obligated to report it unless the conviction is for something that requires disclosure, such as paedophilia (Source)

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Reasons for Refusing to Sell That Are Illegal

The right to refuse an offer is reserved by the homeowner, however rejecting an offer for the incorrect reasons might result in legal action. It is Illegal to reject on offer based on the following:

  • Based on their Sexual Orientation
  • Based on Their Gender
  • Based Their race
  • Depending on their Religion
  • The Buyer is a Transgender
  • Their family Status ( Divorced or Single mum)
  • Their age( Too Young or Too old)

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Refusing a Home Purchase Offer Etiquette

Please respond as soon as possible.

You should not just ignore someone who submits an offer that you are dissatisfied with, regardless of whether you intend to challenge their offer.

Respond to them as soon as possible before their offer expires (it typically says when this is on their offer).

Simply allowing a buyer’s offer to expire is something most people consider impolite, and it is a certain method to ensure that the buyer will not offer again if you do not receive any more bids.

Refuse the offer with a Counter offer

You can challenge their offer by having your listing agent cross out the initial offer price on the Purchase to Sell agreement and returning it to them.

With the amount of time and energy that this paper has been handed back and forth, it may become a real disaster.

Prevent this from happening by instructing your agent to contact their agent with your best offer.

Refuse to accept anything at all.

If you’re confident that you don’t want to consider any offer from the possible buyer or that you don’t want to counteroffer, have your agent contact out through email with a short response such as,  client does not want to Go ahead with this offer   and then follow up with a call.

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money in order to accomplish a good work.

Reject with out a Counter Offer

If you choose to reject the offer without offering any sort of counter-offer, we recommend that you do it in writing. 

Include a brief, sincere explanation of how you arrived at your asking price and why your home is worth the money you’re asking.

You should also keep the door open by requesting permission to contact the buyer in the future if your financial circumstances should alter.

We hope that you are now a little more confident in answering your offers and reject an Offer if you are not comfortable with.

Yes, of course – any offer to your house might be rejected. However, if you accept it, the purchasers court will take the ball and the decision.

My concern is why do you want the full price offer to decrease if you walk away? 

Can you afford or are ready to spend lots of money on a personal issue. It’s time to move forwards sometimes…

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