Can soft top convertibles go through a carwash- How I wash My Convertible?

Can soft top convertibles go through a carwash?

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We recently got a Mini Cooper convertible. We are excited to drive top-down as the summers are awesome in Australia.  

However, I always had few weird thoughts about can I take my soft top convertible through the Auto wash. . I did a lot of research and here is what I found..

When it comes to convertible car wash, do you know what you should and shouldn’t be doing in order to get the most out of your vehicle? 

The following are some of the most important things you should know about auto car wash for convertibles.

The majority of soft-top vehicles can pass through a car wash without incurring damage. However, the manner of cleaning depends on the model and manufacturer of your vehicle. The best way to clean a convertible is with a touchless car wash or by hand.

Can I take my Convertible for Auto Car wash

A Car Wash for Hardtop Convertibles

They are just like any other automobile that has a roof on it. When your car’s roof is removed, you may use a hand-free vehicle wash without fear.

A car wash’s roof is open, what may happen? Many internal components will be severely harmed by this. 

For example, the water can damage the electrical system under the seats, and the engine may also be harmed.

Auto Carwash for Convertible Soft-tops

Cotton and PVC are utilised to make the canvases on these automobiles. That means it can’t resist the high-pressure sprays or the harsh chemicals in a car wash tunnel.

In addition, the canvas canvases are unable to resist water, thus they will get wet and leak water inside the automobile.

Canvases are also vulnerable to water damage. Some of these automobiles have been damaged by the brush bristles in the tunnel since they are not as sturdy as a conventional car roof.

Whether or not a convertible has a soft-top, can it still be washed? Definitely. Cars built by Mercedes-Benz and Buick are said to be eligible for automatic carwashes, according to reports.

Pro -Tip for  Convertible Owners:

  • You can drive your soft-top or convertible through a car wash if the owner’s manual specifies that it’s safe to do so.
  • Ensure that the cleaning method you employ is suitable for your vehicle
  • If in doubt, wash your convertible or soft-top at home by hand with gentle cleaning agents.

The effective Ways to Clean your soft-top Convertible

The most effective methods for cleaning soft-top convertibles

As a result, you may be asking how to properly wash your soft-top convertible without ruining the canvas cover. At-home hand washing with caution may be a solution to this problem.

Hand-washing will not harm your convertible because to the regulated application of chemicals and water sprays.

Certain reputable carwashes provide a specialised cleaning service for these soft-top convertibles. For your knowledge, this sort of service requires a great deal of maintenance and is rather costly.

The appropriate level of care with automated vehicle washing

Many convertible owners avoid automatic vehicle washes out of fear that the brushes would scratch the top or the plastic glass.

This fear is frequently unjustified!

Convertible drivers may also safely wash their car in a gantry car wash or conveyor tunnel system using current, soft brushes such as SofTecs and the appropriate cleaning chemicals.

When picking a vehicle Auto wash, it is essential to ensure that it appears clean, and if you have any worries, it is best to consult the car wash’s operator. Numerous car washes even have a dedicated convertible cleaning programs.

How to restore the lustre to your convertible car

Car washers buff their convertibles with a wax treatment in the automatic car wash!

Regular automatic vehicle washing with wax application protects the convertible’s paintwork and folding top from ageing and damaging environmental factors such as UV radiation and acid rain. 

Nonetheless, you should adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations as detailed in the vehicle’s operating handbook.

The sprayed-on liquid wax creates a tight protective coating over the paintwork and folding top.

This is how automated car washing contributes to the convertible’s value preservation.

Consider the following while washing a convertible top:

  • Special water drains have been installed to ensure that the water from the convertible top drains properly.
  • When cleaning, add some water and test to ensure they are functioning properly.
  • They become blocked if the water does not drain rapidly.
  • The drains can then be cleaned using a wire strand, being sure to cover the sharp edges with adhesive tape.
  • Additionally, inspect the convertible top’s rubber joints.
  • They must be supple and well-maintained in order to be waterproof and leak-proof.
  • Clean the joints if necessary and apply a little amount of silicone oil.

Can Your Convertible Be Cleaned at Home?

The convertible can be cleaned at home with a few cleaning products. However, the last phase of the cleaning process for convertibles with vinyl and fabric tops differs.

Here are the straightforward procedures for cleaning your convertible at home:

  • Remove all dirt from the surface with a soft brush.
  • The car’s roof gets vacuum-cleaned for extra precision.
  • Since an all-purpose cleaner may not work on a dry surface, wet the car’s surface with water first.
  • Rinse the car’s roof with clean water and a soft bristle brush to avoid harming the finish.
  • Apply the all-purpose cleanser to the entire surface, allow it to soak for a few minutes, and then scrub the surface in a circular motion. Avoid washing your car with dish soap or cleaning products containing harsh chemicals, as they might damage the canvas.
  • Utilize a low-pressure power spray and a garden hose to remove the cleaning solution.
  • If necessary, speed up the drying process by wiping the vehicle’s roof with a lint-free micro-fiber cloth. However, it is preferable to leave the car overnight to allow the top to air dry.

Can a BMW convertible go through an Auto carwash

BMW cloth tops are quite durable, and regardless of whether or not a driver want to put their taxi through a vehicle wash, the top will hold up well. Again, if possible look for Brush less Auto car wash .

Extremely forceful brush type washes aren’t going to be optimal, but the hanging cloth type washes will work just fine.

We’ve had cars with these tops for many years, the most recent one for five years, and the tops have shown to be really durable.

The use of a car wash is definitely better than the alternative of leaving heavy dust or salt spray in the cloth.

Lowering the top of the car while it’s really unclean is something you should avoid. Cleanliness is essential because the sharp micro edges of dirt particles will undoubtedly cut fibres, just like they do in carpets.

Can a mini convertible go through a carwash

According to the car wash business, the majority of convertibles are safe to use in automated vehicle washes. 

Every day, millions of convertibles are cleaned successfully, and the machines used to do so are specifically built to do so without causing harm to the vehicles.

My mini cooper gets a once-over at the vehicle wash every now and then, generally during the winter months when I have to drive it. 

I agree with the suggestion to seek for vehicle washes that use brushless technology.

Because I intend to retain my Mini cooper for many years, it is not the best option for the top.

However, it is better than allowing the road salt to remain on the road for the whole winter.

In addition, with the car washes, you will need to clean and condition your top more frequently; after the first two car washes, the top needed to be cleaned and conditioned again.

During the winter months, I find it more convenient to park the car in the garage and just use it once or twice a month.

The majority of convertibles are easy to clean in the car.

Quality checks are performed on each vehicle to verify that it is watertight.

When travelling up and down at speeds of up to 31 miles per hour, the top structure is extremely stiff, making it impossible to damage with a vehicle wash brush.

A Mercedes-Benz spokesperson also verified that all of the company’s convertibles are safe to drive through a vehicle washing facility.

How can you get a convertible through a vehicle wash without damaging it?

Because they are concerned that the brushes would harm the top or the plastic glass on their convertible, many convertible owners avoid driving through automatic car wash lanes.

This is a common misconception that is false!

What should you do if the inside of your automobile becomes soaked?

Baking soda is a simple and inexpensive remedy for excess moisture.

Close all of the doors and windows in the car, and leave a couple of baking soda boxes open in the backseat.

Do not use baking soda to clean the inside of your vehicle.

Baking soda, while still in its open container, will aid in the absorption of excess moisture.

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In Conclusion

Keep in mind that washing your convertible top requires special attention.A convertible soft-top must be treated differently from the rest of the vehicle.

As a result, it is recommended to use a convertible washing programme that is specifically designed for this purpose.

Not only does a gentle wash with the proper cleaning chemicals make convertibles sparkle, but it also helps to maintain the paintwork and top from damaging environmental impacts.

You will be delighted to see your convertible Glowing


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