Can convertible CAR be your family car for your NEXT Road TRIP?

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We just purchased a BMW mini Convertible  along with our Mercedes Benz SUV.. 

When the convertible top comes down, it feels awesome. I love this car, but I’m sure it will work well for our family .

That’s why I’m talking about this. I want to know more! In general,  My daughter (10 yo)  rides in this car very often, However, parents of Younger( babies and Toddlers) kids have apprehension about is,,,

Convertible car safe as a family car for Road trip?

Yes, they are safe, but may not be practical for Long Road Trips… I mean to say..A convertible car can be used by a family on a road trip, but depending on your needs and preferences, it might not be the best choice.

Here are some things to think about:

Space: Space is usually tight in convertible cars, especially in the back seat. This can be a problem if your family is bigger than two people or if you have a lot of luggage or gear to carry.

Comfort: Convertible cars can be comfortable for short to medium-length trips, but they may not be as comfortable for long trips. The small space, open-top design, and sporty suspension can be bad, especially for people who are taller or need more legroom.

Weather: Convertibles are made for good weather and may not be good to drive in bad weather, like heavy rain, snow, or extreme heat. If you are travelling with children, this can be a worry because they may be more sensitive to changes in temperature and weather.

Safety: Convertibles may not have as many safety features as SUVs or minivans, which are other types of family cars. Also, the lack of a solid roof can be dangerous if the car rolls over or gets into an accident.

You might think that if your car rolled over and hit your kids, they’d get hurt, but hopefully not as bad because their heads don’t go above the seat. 

This is because their seats are low, so their heads don’t go above the seat. (It’s just a guess, and I might be completely wrong.)

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But sometimes they think convertibles are the best thing ever, and kids should have fun. Because I want to keep them safe, I have been researching online how can I do it. 

Here is what I found ..

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    Using Roll bars in Convertibles cars

    I came across something called roll bars , so I am thinking I’d like to add a roll bar to the car. 

    What does driving a convertible say about you? Answer is going to surprise you

    So  does adding  roll bars really help to the safety of kids on convertible cars? What are  statistics says about convertible rollovers, injuries, and deaths. 

    It’s important to all Mums including Me that kids are safe, but I’d still like them to be able to ride in the car because convertibles are so much fun.

    The top being down doesn’t make much of a difference since it’s just canvas stretched over a flexible frame.

    That’s why I was wondering about the roll bar, and if it would make much of a difference since my children’s heads likely wouldn’t hit anything if the car rolled.

    Even if the entire top of the car was flattened,

    I don’t think it would hurt the kids because they’re sunk low in the car.

    I don’t mean to sound ignorant of the subject, but I guess I am. It’s just that my husband is a hardworking man who does a lot for our family, and I felt he deserved something nice, so I supported his decision to get a “cool” car.

    He knew that it wasn’t practical like a Mini Cooper Convertible  would be, but we weren’t considering that the kids would be riding in it very often so the convertible wasn’t the first thing that crossed our minds.

    When the driver is seated in a normal posture, all convertibles are required to have rollover protection that is either OEM/Factory Rollover Protection or certified Aftermarket Rollover Protection. This protection must be at least 1 inch higher than the driver’s helmet.

    A straightforward Height Test involves getting a broom stick with a level attached to it, placing the broom stick on top of the vehicle’s “Rollover Protection” while it is level, and checking to make sure that you are at least an inch below the broom stick when you are in a normal driving position while wearing your helmet( Source)

    Take note that the car’s windscreen structure, often known as the “A pillar,” may have additional rollover protection built into the manufacturer.

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    Why Your Convertible Sports Car Needs a Roll Bar

    Roll bars are standard on most current convertibles.

    When sensors in the automobile detect that the car’s pitch has moved to a hazardous angle, they deploy via the convertible top/bodywork/rear seats in a fraction of a second.

    Some vehicles, such as the Mazda MX-5, are equipped with optional roll bars that are mounted to the vehicle’s chassis and protrude from the vehicle. 

    When these roll bars are installed, they replace the factory system, which is then either removed or deactivated. 

    The apparent advantage of adding aftermarket rollover protection is that it reduces the weight of the motors/electronic assemblies associated with OEM systems.

    Thanks to modern safety regulations, almost every convertible in a developed nation has some rollover protection beyond the reinforced windshield frame, from a raised partition section of the body behind the driver like many of the Ferrari convertibles, to a full roll bar (Porsche , Mustang).

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    Is convertible car good for winter ? Effective tips to make your convertible winter worthy

    Aftermarket roll bars must be able to support the vehicle’s weight and be at least 1″ taller than the minimum height standards. (driver’s helmet)-(Source)

     It is the driver’s responsibility to show evidence that the aftermarket rollover protection (roll bars) meets the aforementioned requirements.

    Important Notes:

    • SCCA and NASA-approved roll bars are valid.
      Consider using eye protection, glasses, or sunglasses, if you drive a car with the top down.
    • Passengers in convertibles must be at least 1″ below the permitted roll bar.
    • Fiber glass hardtops and other convertible hardtops do not offer structural protection, and are therefore not approved rollover protection.
    • The Height Test may be re-checked at the track, and if you DO NOT pass, you will forfeit your entry fee and be unable to participate in the event.

    Can I Put baby car seat In my Convertible car?

    Yes, it is legal, you can carry your baby  in a convertible car. The safest place for children to be sitting is actually in the middle of the backseat, but some of us who have multiple children or, in your case, have a 2 seater car, have no choice but to put a child in the front seat.

    If you need to put a car seat in the front seat, slide the seat as far back as possible and you might want to turn the airbag off. If you can’t turn the airbag off, do not place a rear-facing infant car seat in that spot! 

    Active airbags pose a huge danger to babies positioned in a rear-facing seat. Those seats position their head so close to the dashboard that they’re directly in the air bag’s line of fire. (Air bags often burst from the dashboard at 200 mph instantly after a crash. 

    This impact can injure or kill children who are seated too close to the air bag)

    Convertible Cars That Can Fit a Child Car Seat & baby Friendly

    Those Convertible cars that can fit a child’s car seat easily for safety and peace of mind.During the year of 2015-2016 or so , U.S. News put out a list of convertibles that you can fit a child’s car seat into. Because some of these cars are better for kids in the back than adults. 

    They start with a convertible called a Ford Mustang, which is one of the most well-known convertible cars in the world today. If you have grown Up Kids, the Mustang doesn’t have a lot of room in the back seat for you to move around. But kids are shorter, and when the roof is off, headroom is not a big deal. 

    That’s not the only thing: It also has two sets of lower LATCH anchors.

    This is another convertible you can put the kids in. The MINI cooper  convertible is another good one to do this. 

    There are plenty of room for kids in the back of the car. It even has room for a rear-facing car seat. 

    Meanwhile, if you want to buy a high-end convertible, look at the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. It can fit four people and has a smooth ride and a beautiful interior.

    Some people think that convertible cars are better for kids because they have back seats. 

    For example, the BMW Z4 is not a good car for kids because it has two seats. As a bonus, this type of car has more room in the back seat than some other convertibles. 

    A car seat takes up a lot of space, even if kids don’t have to have a lot of room for their legs. 

    So, even though all cars with rear seats have LATCH anchors, they might not have enough room for a child’s car seat to fit comfortably.

    No, they don’t work today.

    Is it still a good idea to buy these cars in 2021? In 2020, the Mustang got a new look. Unfortunately, the new look took a hit when it came to child-seat safety. 

    Let’s Shop for your perfect car
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    There aren’t as many LATCH anchors or rear seats that are big enough for kids in this model as there were in the past. 

    The Mercedes-Benz E-Class convertible is still a good choice. It’s still a good idea to buy one. 

    The luxury and space are still there, and it also comes with a lot of safety features that make it a good choice. 

    Because the E-Class costs a lot, it’s not the best car. Starting at $80,000, this model isn’t going to be cheap.

    In the case that you want a convertible that you can still drive as a family car, you have a lot of choices. 

    If you want to be rich and have the money to buy it, the Mercedes-Benz is a good choice. 

    New isn’t always better. Older Mustangs, like the 2010 model, have good safety ratings and LATCH anchors that are easier to get to, like those on the 2010 model. 

    As a bonus, it isn’t nearly as pricey as a new car. 

    Reviewers have stated that the engines included in the Chevrolet Camaro deliver excellent acceleration and handling that is more enjoyable than those found in other muscle vehicles. 

    The Camaro also has seating for four people, and despite criticism from critics who say there is little room for adults, transporting children in the rear seats should not be a problem. There are two different sets of lower anchors for kid safety seats in the Camaro.

    The Infiniti Q60 has enough room for four passengers, and critics are impressed by how quickly it can accelerate. 

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    As a result of the presence of two lower anchors for the installation of child safety seats, parents are able to demonstrate the Q60’s nimble handling without worrying about the safety of their children.

    The BMW 2-Series is praised for its agile handling, and there is no reason why your children cannot accompany you on your travels in one of these vehicles. 

    The BMW 2 Series comes standard with two sets of lower anchors for child safety seats, as well as two rear seats. 

    There is a possibility that older children will find the room in the rear seat to be cramped; but, if you drive quickly along some winding back roads, they may forget about the lack of space.

    Reviewers have similar things to say about how the BMW 4-Series drives, making it a good alternative if the BMW 2-Series is too compact for your family. 

    The 4-Series, just like the 2-Series, has seating for four people. The BMW 4 Series is an excellent choice for a vehicle to take on a date while the children are staying at home.

    If there have been any accidents or safety problems with the car, make sure to check the car’s history. There is no need to give up your convertible when you have kids, unless you have two-seater. 

    This way, you can keep your convertible even if you have kids. Sorry, there aren’t any kids in the front

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    What are the pros and cons of buying a convertible?

    When you live in an area where the weather is typically unfavorable, driving your convertible on a day with good weather is something you eagerly anticipate. 

    For Instance

    the “first day of spring with clear skies.” You are able to predict when this day will randomly occur because on that day, everyone will take their vehicle to the car wash. 

    This is the day that you get your convertible out of the garage, drop the top, and crank up the heat to its highest setting. 

    You get the impression that the sun is completely engrossing you, and you can feel the brisk wind blowing over the top of the windshield.

    The heat from the floor prevents you from getting too cold by keeping your legs and body at a comfortable temperature.

    It is recommended to drive with the windows up on this day (but top down).
    Summer nights are crystal clear. Place the top in the down position and head downtown.

    Drive around and make frequent stops at traffic lights and intersections to look up at the sky. It is possible to take pleasure in the bright lights of a bustling downtown area and admire the high buildings.

    At the next traffic light, simply straighten your back and gaze upward for a few moments. Be amazed by the contrast between the dark sky and the towering buildings and architecture.

    Any given evening at the outdoor movie theatre complex. If you live in an area that is fortunate enough to have an old-fashioned drive-in movie complex, going to the movies in a convertible offers a significantly different and significantly more enjoyable experience than going in any other vehicle.

    Put the top down, recline your chair, and take in the view! It’s almost as if the movie itself is the entire night sky.

    When you turn up the volume of the movie, leaning back in your chair brings you closer to the rear speakers, which are typically larger and produce more bass.

    Evenings of autumn If you live in an area that has a fall season that lasts for a significant amount of time, the fall is the ideal time to own a convertible.

    The cosy fall evenings, complete with the rustle and aroma of freshly fallen leaves, are nothing short of enchanted.

    Trips to Home Depot/wayfair/costco .. This is awesome.

    The advantage of owning a convertible is that when the top is lowered, there is no roof, and consequently, there is no ceiling that restricts the amount of cargo that can be carried. 

    If you have a hardtop car or a hatchback, it may be difficult to fit long boards of wood (eight to twelve feet in length) and large landscape pieces (three to five year old trees, for example). 

    Typically, you won’t be able to fit all of this in a hatch without some of it hanging out the back. 

    Therefore, you will have to travel the entire way home with the liftgate wide open (or rent the home depot truck). 

    However, if you have a convertible, all you need to do is drop the top, recline the passenger seat to an angle of 45 degrees (which is halfway back), and drape a moving blanket over the seat. 

    To free up more space in the footwell, make sure to slide the seat all the way back (towards the rear of the vehicle). The next step is to load your boards by first placing them on the seat, and then placing the ends of the boards in the footwell. Seat Belt it in. 

    It is recommended that you strap it and flag it as well. You should have no trouble getting a board that is 12 feet long into your car at this point. 

    Apply the same principle to the trees. The seat should be reclined at a 45-degree angle, and the burlap root ball should be placed in the footwall with a trash bag placed underneath it to keep the floor clean. 

    On the exciting ride back to your place, you and your new tree friend will both be able to experience the wind blowing!


    • The sun warming your skin and the breeze blowing through your hair (provided that you have straight hair).
    • Everybody gets to watch you driving it
    • Women think they are hip and appealing.


    • When they are damaged, soft top and hard top convertible tops are incredibly difficult to replace and quite expensive to do so.
    • If a convertible does not have a roll bar or roll bars, there is a significant danger of serious injury in the event that the vehicle rolls over.
    • Noise from the road is a problem for almost all convertibles, and it can be rather bothersome.
    • You are only truly able to make use of them in locations that receive at least a reasonable amount of sunlight each day.
    • If you have a Big family , It’s not the car for you!
    • Rain is a Big spoil sport! I must say
    • Theft and vandalism. Parking your soft top vehicle on a city street is an invitation for someone to cut the top to just rummage through the glove box. You are better off buying a ‘club’ steering wheel lock and leaving the doors unlocked over night with the glove box open.

    Convertible CARS… are they safe for babies & Kids in general?

    5 Door Convertibles are as safe as any other cars. However, 2 D convertibles are not for babies to travel. 

    These types of cars aren’t very child-friendly. Child here , we are talking about under 5 Year olds. 

    These types of cars also tend to be less safe when they get into accidents. However, a child can ride in them and be safe.

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    Do you regret buying a convertible car?

    Children under the age of 12 should never ride in the front seat.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that children should always be in a child safety seat that is properly installed. 

    In general, kids should stay in a rear-facing car seat until they are over a year old and at least 20 pounds. 

    A front-facing model with at least five points should be used until they are at least 40 pounds. 

    Children should stay in a booster seat until they are at least 8 years old, if not already 4’9″ tall. 

    They should also have a lap and shoulder belt on. The back seats of many small cars can usually fit kids safely with a little work.

    If you can’t put their carseat or booster in the back of the car correctly, it might be dangerous for them to ride in the car. 

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    Is driving an open or convertible automobile really more dangerous than driving a car with a fixed roof?

    When it comes to the safety of a rollover, open cars continue to be a more riskier option than their hardtop counterparts. 

    Although many modern convertibles perform pretty well in rollover scenarios thanks to integrated bars and stronger windshield frames or electronic stability controls that can prevent rollovers, this safety is only present in the scenario when the convertible is being tested on a testing site.

    After taking into account the local circumstances of the accident locations, it appears to be less fantastic. However, the vehicle’s stability controls can only do so much to protect the vehicle’s wheels from leaving the ground.

    After all, a rollover accident does not always take place on a flat surface. 

    When the vehicle comes to a stop on top of them in an upside-down position, there is always the possibility that there will be obstacles in the path that will cause severe injury to an exposed part of a human body.

    Just avoid rolling your convertible.

    What is it like to drive a convertible on a Road Trip?

    I always have a silly smile on my face when commuting, and I walk into work with a positive attitude. Here in Sydney . 

    As long as it isn’t pouring rain or really hot outside, I have no problem driving with the top down on a daily basis. 

    I arrive at my destination having been kept fully awake and alert by the buffeting air, and I immediately begin looking forwards to the next opportunity I have to drive anywhere.

    Because the parking lot at my place of employment is sufficiently secure, I am able to leave my convertible car parked in the covered garage with the top down. 

    This frees me from the inconvenience of having to put the top back in place after each trip. 

    It’s not like it’s a big deal—changing the hardtop takes just 22 seconds, and all you need is one button—there aren’t any additional locks.

    My Partner and I with our child are now making our way down to Southern Sydney by car, and I am penning my response from here. 

    We travelled around 460 miles from Sydney to Melbourne, and then from Melbourne to SA and returned to Sydney with the top down the entire trip.

    In addition to that, my hair is constantly in a state of disarray. You may believe that your hair would flow smoothly in the breeze while you’re driving, but in reality, it will merely flop around goofily all over your face, giving the appearance that you just got out of bed each time you stop.

    When it’s chilly outside and the top is down on the car, it’s one of my favourite things to do. 

    My convertible car has heated seats, a heated air vent across my neck, and a fairly strong heater that creates a pleasant bubble of warmth for me even while driving at highway speeds as long as the windows are left up. 

    It is true that driving in the winter with the top down will garner you some unusual stares, but I’m going to try to convince myself that such looks are caused by jealousy rather than pity.

    To summarise, it is not only costly but also impractical, puts your body in danger, and has the potential to make you the punchline of jokes. 

    Having said that, I can honestly say that I’ve never been happier with a car.

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