Locked Out of Your Mercedes? Here’s What You Need to Know About Key Replacement

Can a locksmith replace key for a Mercedes

There are numerous advantages to owning a luxury brand car, such as a Mercedes, which are worth considering.

Mercedes, as one of the industry’s early adopters of the smart car key, has years of experience in putting this technology to work for their customers.

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Yes! a good locksmith can be able to replace your Mercedes key . However It’s important to go to a reputed and talented Locksmith.

With technological advancements in key programming for Mercedes it has become quicker and easier to produce high quality replacement keys in a short amount of time. 

Many Locksmiths do offer onsite key cutting and programming for all Mercedes.com vehicles including, bladed and infrared keys up to 2015.

Even if you manage to misplace your Mercedes key, replacing it at the dealership will cost you a few hundred dollars at the very least. 

Can a locksmith replace key for a Mercedes
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This procedure can take some time, and you may find yourself wishing to purchase a new vehicle even before your replacement key is delivered.

It is not possible to reprogram a used Mercedes key to work with a different Mercedes.com model if you obtain a used Mercedes key from a different model and take it to a Mercedes dealership, according to the manufacturer. 

This is primarily due to security concerns, as only a limited number of keys can be linked to a single vehicle at any given time.

Nonetheless, this is only because Mercedes dealerships prefer that you purchase a new key from Germany, have it shipped to you, and then have it programmed through a Mercedes dealership. F

or older Mercedes.com models that do not contain any electronic components, it is possible for a locksmith with the appropriate tools to even create a Mercedes.com key for you.

However, it also implies that replacing such a small but highly effective piece of technology can be  expensive. Mercedes-Benz older models have a flip key, whereas newer models have smart keys. 

Flip keys are key fobs that have a metal key that can be pulled out of the fob to unlock the car or begin the engine. In some cases, a smart key is as simple as a fob, while in others, it is a more complex piece of technology that includes keyless entry and remote start capabilities. Transponder chips are present in both types of keys.’?

What to do when you loose your Mercedes key during road trip

Losing your Mercedes key during a road trip can be a challenging situation, but there are steps you can take to address the issue:

  1. Stay Calm and Assess the Situation: It’s essential to stay calm and assess the situation. Take a moment to retrace your steps and search thoroughly in and around your vehicle, including checking your pockets, bags, and nearby areas.
  2. Contact Roadside Assistance or Mercedes-Benz Support: If you’re unable to locate your key, reach out to your roadside assistance provider or contact Mercedes-Benz support directly. They can guide you through the necessary steps and provide assistance.
  3. Provide Key Information: When contacting roadside assistance or Mercedes-Benz support, provide them with the necessary information, such as your location, vehicle identification number (VIN), and any relevant details about your vehicle and key.
  4. Consider Spare Key Options: If you have a spare key, try to access it. If the spare key is not with you, inquire about options for obtaining it. Depending on your location and circumstances, you may need to arrange for the spare key to be delivered or seek assistance from a nearby Mercedes-Benz dealership.
  5. Tow or Transport the Vehicle: If you cannot access a spare key and other solutions are not viable, you may need to arrange for your vehicle to be towed or transported to a Mercedes-Benz dealership or service center. This ensures that the key replacement process can be properly handled by authorized professionals.
  6. Key Replacement: Once you have access to your vehicle and the necessary documentation, consult with a Mercedes-Benz dealership or service center to arrange for a key replacement. They will guide you through the process and provide you with a new key programmed specifically for your vehicle.

Remember, losing your key during a road trip can be stressful, but remaining calm and reaching out for assistance will help resolve the situation effectively.

It’s advisable to have spare keys accessible or stored in a secure location to prevent such scenarios in the future.

Four Ways to replace your Mercedes Key

1.Go to the Dealer:

Replace a Mercedes key or smart key in the same way that you would replace a key or smart key from another vehicle brand.

If you need a spare or replacement key, you can always go to your local Mercedes dealership. 

However, this is typically the most expensive option and it may take the longest time to complete depending on your specific situation and needs.

2.Purchase replacement keys online

 While doing so make sure to do your research before making a purchase. When your vehicle is built, the keys to your vehicle are programmed in Germany. 

Models manufactured after 2004 are equipped with high-security push-to-start programming that can be difficult to duplicate outside of a Mercedes-Benz dealership.

In fact, for any Mercedes keys equipped with a transponder chip, visiting a dealership will be the most cost-effective method of having your key replaced.

3.Working with a locksmith to replace or obtain a spare key for a non-chip key

Working with a locksmith to replace or obtain a spare key for a non-chip key, which is another term for an older model of metal key, will be a cost-effective, quick, and easy way to replace a lost key or obtain a spare.

If you require any type of replacement, you will be required to bring your personal and vehicle information with you in order to keep the process moving along smoothly.

If you want to get new or replacement keys made, you’ll need to provide proof of identification and address as well as the VIN number of your vehicle and information about the make, model, and year of your vehicle.

A good Locksmith with the right tools can create a functional Mercedes key even though doing so is not recommended by any Mercedes dealers or service shops. 

However, this will not deactivate the key that you have misplaced, and this could pose a serious threat in the future, particularly if the key has been stolen as previously stated.

Some people purchase used Mercedes keys from E-Bay and hand them over to individuals who are properly equipped in an attempt to gain access to the vehicle in question.

This might not be a problem if you are doing this for yourself, but it does appear to be suspicious. Furthermore, it is highly unlikely that a car with a bypassed key will be sold.

Go to your insurance company

Alternatively, you may be able to request a replacement key through your insurance company, but this may result in the highest cost and may also have an impact on your long-term insurance premiums.

If you require a replacement key, visiting an authorised dealership is the safest and most dependable method of obtaining one.

Problems with keyless entry and keyless go systems

The convenience of not having to remove your key from your pocket to get into your car and start it is certainly appealing. 

All Mercedes models now feature these systems, which were first introduced a few years ago and are now standard equipment.

Security-wise, remote start and keyless entry are not the most reliable systems. 

Many cars are stolen using special receivers that can pick up the key’s signal and bypass it, allowing the thieves to drive off in your vehicle.

You’d be surprised at how quickly a skilled individual could gain access to your car without the assistance of the dealer. 

There are some car insurance policies that will cover a car theft with a by-passed key.

A third-party locksmith, on the other hand, is unlikely to be covered by insurance.

What should I do if I lose my car keys?

There’s no better way to destroy your day and send you into a frenzy of frenzied self-loathing than realising you’ve misplaced your vehicle keys.

From a distance, it may appear to be a weird dance: a pocket-emptying, couch-cushion-flipping, garbage bag-rummaging panic, generally followed by a period spent anxiously looking through the window of your parked car, frantically expecting to see your lost car keys inside. 

At the same time, I’m hoping not to.

Of course, the best-case scenario is that they come up precisely where you left them (Parent Logic claims that they will always be in “the last place you search,” but why would you keep looking after that?) However, this is not always the case. 

And if you don’t have a spare set, things go from bad to worse. So, here’s what to do if you’ve inadvertently said goodbye to your fob for good.

First and foremost, the bad news: this is not going to be inexpensive. 

Because of the advanced technology involved in remotely unlocking your vehicle, there is a lot more to replace if you chance to misplace your super-smart electronic key.

Although remote-unlocking technology was once reserved for high-end automobiles, the proliferation of this technology has resulted in virtually every modern automobile, from the newest Holden Commodore to the Hyundai i30, Mazda 3 or even the most expensive of BMWs, being equipped with an electronic key fob.

While not inexpensive, loosing a single key is at least a relatively simple procedure. 

Your dealership will be able to duplicate your spare key and create a new one for you without the need to make any changes to the vehicle’s interior. 

A car locksmith may also do this service for you, and in many cases at a far lower cost, so it always pays to shop about.

If you lose both keys, on the other hand, one of your car’s computers – the one that controls the doors and immobiliser – will have to be reset or entirely replaced in order to work with a new set of keys, which will cost you more money. 

The job falls to a dealership, and the additional effort entails significantly more money.

Choice, an Australian consumer advocacy group, conducted a study in December 2014 to determine the average cost of changing contemporary vehicle keys, and the findings were not encouraging.

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Where to Order New Replacement Key for Mercedes Benz

Ordering a new Mercedes-Benz replacement key may be done online.

Is it necessary for you to get a new Mercedes Benz key created? Have you misplaced all of your keys? That’s absolutely fine with me. 

If you own a newer Mercedes-Benz, you will not be need to provide the old keys in order to order a new Mercedes-Benz key. 

Simply follow the steps outlined below to place an order for a new Mercedes key.

Keys for Mercedes-Benz vehicles from the past

We’ve heard that Mercedes-Benz no longer produces new keys for older vehicles, which is disappointing. 

In general, if you possess a Mercedes-Benz that was manufactured before 2000, you may have difficulty obtaining a replacement key. 

You should consult with your dealer, however if they have no longer available keys for your vehicle, the following are your alternatives.

Locate a locksmith who specialises in European automobiles. They are more likely to be in possession of a device such as the AK500 programmer.

Instructions on how to order a new Mercedes replacement key

What information do you require in order to place an order for a new key? You don’t need to bring the automobile or even your existing key with you, to be honest. 

The dealer will order the correct key for your vehicle based on the VIN number you provide. Having said that, they are quite rigors when it comes to confirming ownership.

If you are the current owner of the car, you must do the following:

Obtain a copy of your most recent car registration. If the title is not registered, the old title will suffice.

Get your driver’s licence, passport, or other form of identification.
Make your way over to the dealer.

Take  all of your documentation with you  and pay the price ( $400 to $500) for a new key. 

Some Mercedes-Benz owners have complained that replacing a key may cost as much as $760 in some circumstances.

It will take 3 to 4 days for your key to be sent to your dealership. Keys are manufactured in the United States; but, in certain circumstances, they must be delivered from Germany, in which case you may have to wait up to ten business days.

Quick TIPS:

Use a Mercedes key cover to protect your key from being damaged by a foreign object.

It may be necessary to replace your Mercedes key fob shell if the shell is cracked or otherwise damaged.

There are certain models that allow you to order a WALLET KEY that will unlock and start the car but will not have the door keyless functionality.

The pocket key is less expensive, so see whether it’s available for your model before purchasing.

Copies of the originals of the above-mentioned papers are not permitted. They have to be one-of-a-kind.

Every time your smart key unlocks or locks your automobile, it utilises a different rolling code. As a result, you are unable to simply duplicate the existing key.

If you have misplaced your car key and are concerned that it may be in the wrong hands, you can drive your vehicle to the dealer, where they will deactivate the missing key.

Mercedes Benz claims that they must first sync the new key with the vehicle. That is something that you can simply accomplish yourself.

The key arrives pre-programmed to your vehicle, and it will start it without the need for any additional configuration.

The synchronisation is mostly for the doors, windows, and unlock function, among other things.

Even those features have consistently worked for me without the need for any further synchronisation.

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