I sold my car and the buyer never registered it- What Now?

Buyer never registers a car you sold- Whats do I do ?

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We recently sold our car and it all went well. One of my neighbours  sold his car few months ago and they had some weird Experiences. 

That the buyer did not register the sold car in his state as it was an Interstate sale.

So, If a buyer fails to register a car you sold them, you will have a headache on your part. 

While most people are good and simply want to live the best life they can, there are always a few who seem bent on breaking the rules for their own gain.

While I would like to think, it is extremely rare, some car buyers may choose not to register their vehicle after purchasing it, saving them not only the cost of registration, but also the penalties of parking tickets, traffic tickets, and possibly other crimes.So, what are your options? You could be Selling your beloved car for many reasons including you want to upgrade.

We sold our Mini-Cooper recently because we want go for Mercedes Convertible or Maserati  but it can also provide an opportunity for unscrupulous people to use the your good name in a criminal act.

It’s uncommon, but it can happen. Here’s what you need to know if you sell your car to a shopper who then fails to register it with the DMV( the Registration office of your country/state)

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Key takeaways:
Before handing over the car to the buyer, many states require private sellers to sign the back of the existing title, along with the date, sale price, and exact odometer reading

So, Have you sold your vehicle but the purchaser has failed to complete the registration transfer?

A seller advertises their vehicle online, a prospective buyer visits, agrees to purchase the vehicle, pays the purchase price, and the parties complete and sign their respective sections on the Application for Transfer of Registration form. 

This is typically the end of the process for the seller.However, the seller begins receiving speeding tickets and other traffic / parking citations as the vehicle’s owner on dates subsequent to the vehicle’s sale.

 Clearly, the buyer did not file the required paperwork within the required 14 days of the sale.

Here is what you can do to avoid  such a situation

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Make Sure It Doesn’t Happen to You

Before handing over the car to the buyer, many states require private sellers to sign the back of the existing title, along with the date, sale price, and exact odometer reading.

The buyer would then take the title and register it with this information. 

Unfortunately, unless the sale is conducted at a DMV office( in the US) , DVLA in the UK, Vehicle Registration offices in Australia a buyer cannot be forced to register the vehicle.Make a duplicate of both sides of the signed title for your records. 

Also, ensure that the odometer reading is accurate; it should show the exact time ownership was transferred from your name to the buyer’s name.

If you round the odometer reading up to the next zero and the buyer has an accident 5 miles later, they may hold you liable.

Completing a bill of sale is also a good idea. Make a copy, have both parties sign it, and then send the bill of sale to the DMV. 

If something goes wrong and the buyer fails to register the car, you’ll have the proof you need to show that ownership has been transferred and the car is no longer in your name.

Some states in the USA require that license plates be returned upon sale as an added layer of protection, cancelling the registration in the seller’s name.

Ascertain that the purchaser understands the importance of vehicle registration.

Occasionally, the best course of action is to provide the shopper with clear instructions. Who is to say? 

Perhaps this is the new owner’s first vehicle purchase and they are unaware they need to register it.

When a shopper purchases a car privately from you, they must take the transferred title to their local Department of Motor Vehicles office and register the vehicle in their own name. 

This information may be concealed from the shopper, as all paperwork would be handled for them if they purchased from a dealer.

Regrettably, if the new owner never registered the vehicle in their own name, any parking tickets or driving infractions caught on camera will be filed against the seller. If a crime is committed in the vehicle, law enforcement will target the seller.

Vital that the seller keep a copy of the completed Application for Transfer of Registration.

It is critical for the seller to retain a copy of the completed Application for Registration Transfer. 

If half of our clients did this, they would have avoided the need for our services in the first place.

With a copy of the Application for Transfer of Registration, the issue can easily be resolved with VicRoads) In the state of Victoria, Australia).

In Vic, and all outstanding fines and infringements can be passed on to the vehicle’s purchaser. However, without a copy of the form, the process can be somewhat difficult.

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Forced registration

VicRoads may process what is referred to as a ‘forced registration’ in these circumstances, but only if the seller provides sufficient information about the purchaser and the sale.

This information includes the seller’s full name, birth date, home address, driver’s licence number, the vehicle’s registration number, the date of sale, and the purchase price. 

Generally, if all of this information is available, the forced registration can be completed along with a cover letter describing the circumstances surrounding the events.

If only a subset of those details is available, it will depend on whether the information provided is sufficient for VicRoads to process the transfer.

Tips before selling your car Privately in Australia.

You may get more for your old car if you sell it privately rather than trade it in. 

However, finding a buyer can take time, effort and advertising expense.

Try to find out your car’s market value by checking prices asked for similar models in a similar condition. 

Looking at advertisements on the internet, in newspapers, and in used car magazines can help you with this.

Once you have determined your car’s value, write an ad and choose a publication or website to place it in. Some print classifieds also place ads on the internet, which can be useful in reaching more potential customers. 

You must provide a Certificate of Roadworthiness that is less than 30 days old if you are selling a registered vehicle. ( Source)

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