7+ Best Travel outfits for Europe in summer[ Not to Look like a Tourist]

Are you prepared to spend two weeks in Europe, but you still haven’t figured out what to bring & what to wear?

We are generally concerned with our appearance and how others view us. But even if you don’t care too much about how you look, it’s best to dress like a local when you travel.

By the time you’ve finished reading this, I’m hoping you’ll have a good sense of how to dress like someone from Europe.

However, there are a few things you should know about European dress style before I tell you what to pack for Europe.

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Dressing like a local would be the best way to feel at home in Europe.

Don’t go all out like you’re going to the Academy Awards, but also don’t look like you rolled out of bed.

Wearing something that makes you stand out as a tourist increases your risk of being a victim of pickpocketing and other forms of fraud while in Europe.

When trying to blend in more like a local in Europe, it’s just as important to know what not to wear as it is to know what to wear.

The way you dress can influence the level of service you receive in Europe and prevent you from being targeted by pickpockets because you stand out as a “out-of-towner.”

Follow the lead of the locals and dress like the unique Europeans that you will be among.

When Americans and Australians travel abroad, they tend to dress in a certain way that immediately gives their nationality away. Do not behave in that manner.

Ball caps, sports team shirts, white tennis shoes and socks, worn Levi’s, polo shirts, American logos, and backpacks stuffed with paperwork and jewellery are all styles you may want to ditch while traveling internationally.

Below are some of the most flattering and comfortable dresses for vacation in EUROPE

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European Style of dressing

First-time visitors to Europe may be taken aback by a number of things, one of which is the fashion prevalent across the continent. It’s hard to find a poorly dressed European in Europe.

As a whole, North Americans prioritise convenience over fashion, whereas Europeans place much greater importance on their appearance.

While there isn’t a hard-and-fast rule about what to wear, Europeans often prioritize style over practicality.

Despite the city’s reputation for casual dress, few Parisians would be seen dead in an ill-fitting or ugly outfit.

When compared to other regions of the world, clothing in Europe is notoriously more expensive.

Not only that, but the quality is superb. Despite European women’s comparatively limited wardrobes, the clothes they do own are of high quality and have a flattering cut.

Dressing Like a Native of Europe

The focus of this post is on the styles popular in major European cities like Paris, London, Venice, Rome, Amsterdam, etc., and I feel the need to make that point plain right away.

Smaller communities and vacation areas, as well as rural areas, will allow you to fit in more easily with the inhabitants.

Depending on where in Europe you’re headed, your packing list may change. What you bring on a short trip to Zermatt will be different than what you bring on a three-day trip to Paris.

You may avoid standing out as a tourist by following the advice in this guide, which will tell you what to wear and what to leave at home.

European Attire for Women

You should be aware that people in Europe will form strong impressions of you based on how you look and will treat you appropriately.

Hotel staff and wait staff will be the people with whom you have the most direct personal interaction as a tourist.

You need to dress the part if you want a decent table and good service. It’s not impossible to strike a balance between practicality and aesthetics.

What are the Must have summer travel Outfits for women Travelling to Europe in 2023

  • Dresses & Skirts
  • Dress pants, short-sleeve and long-sleeve tops 
  • Comfortable shoes
  • A pair of Heels for dinner
  • Jeans, Top & pair of Boots
  • Scarfs and accessories
  • A Nice Bag (preferably not cross-body)-Don’t bring a messenger/cross-body bag to Europe! No one carries them there, except the American tourists
This post contains affiliate links, which means we'll receive a commission if you purchase through our links, at no extra cost to you. Read the disclosure here.

Dresses & Skirts

Europeans are known to dress up more for meals and important occasions than their American counterparts.

That being said, if you’re invited out to dinner, don’t show up in your PJs, sweats, or a T-shirt. They are NOT on-trend in the European continent.

Another piece of advice: leave the gym gear at home. A lot of people will look at you funny unless you’re genuinely exercising.

Consider picking up some items from the following retailers for fashionable European wear while putting together your packing list for what to wear in Europe:


Dress pants, short-sleeve and long-sleeve/Halter neck tops 

There is no better piece of clothing to have in your summer wardrobe than a cool jumpsuit or dress pants.

It’s a complete outfit for when you don’t feel like putting any thought into your appearance. You can just toss one on and go.

You can find dress pants to wear in the sun in every color or pattern you can imagine. carefree.

If you want to stay warm in the evenings during the summer, wear a shawl, cardigan, or denim jacket over your dress. Wearing a belted blazer is another option for achieving a more put-together look.

You need a pair of strappy shoes to finish off the look. Go for ankle-strap high heels, a shoe closet essential this season.

They are wonderful for summer since they allow you to display your new pedicure.

STYLE IDEAS FOR These Dressy pants/Jumpsuit

Comfortable shoes for daily walks

The versatility of denim shorts makes them a summer staple. They’re as versatile as your favourite pair of jeans and go with practically everything.

These shorts paired with a button-down shirt will give you a stylish, contemporary style. Put on a shirt that is one size larger than you normally would so that you can tie a knot at the bottom.

Complete the getup with a pair of sneakers, and we suggest Nike’s new Air 1 for the summer. The outfit’s adaptability is its greatest strength.

Swap out your sneakers for some heeled sandals or boots if you’re looking to amp up your style.

A pair of Heels for dinner Night

Pink Sunnies | Nordstrom
Air NIKE | Nordstrom

Jeans, Top & pair of Boots

During the warmer months, a lot of bars tend to get busy.

To join in with the party atmosphere when going out with friends, you should dress in an attire that is both enjoyable and noticeable.

The mini skirt is a great summertime garment for this purpose. If worn with an off-the-shoulder top, it strikes the perfect balance between sultry and laid-back.

STYLE IDEAS FOR These Denim pants

Scarfs and accessories

Have you made any plans to spend some time relaxing on the beach this summer? In that case, you should pair your swimmers with a kimono.

In addition to looking great, it protects you from the sun while you relax by the water. The kimono’s wrap style also makes it convenient to throw on over a bathing suit for added modesty.

Nice Bags

Summer Europe Travel Outfit Ideas

Selecting items that are both stylish and functional is the key to a winning summer wardrobe.

Keep in mind that you can never go wrong with a wardrobe heavy on short cuts, flowy fabrics, and bold colours.

If you wear any of the aforementioned ensembles, you’ll look like a summer goddess no matter where you go.

Now that you have your summer wardrobe sorted, go over to Wander for recommendations on where to go and what to do this season.

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