10 best casual restaurants in paris

Best casual restaurants in paris

Paris is a city known for its fine dining and Michelin-starred restaurants, but sometimes you just want a casual meal in a relaxed setting. Fortunately, there are plenty of casual restaurants in Paris that offer delicious food and a welcoming atmosphere.

From cozy bistros to trendy cafes, these restaurants showcase the best of French and international cuisine in a casual setting. Here are 10 of the best casual restaurants in Paris to check out:

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  1. L’As du Fallafel – This legendary falafel stand in the Marais is a must-visit for its delicious and affordable falafel sandwiches.
  2. Frenchie To Go – A popular spot for brunch and casual dining, Frenchie To Go offers sandwiches, burgers, and other American-style dishes with a French twist.
  3. Buvette – This cozy wine bar and bistro offers small plates, charcuterie, and a wide selection of wine and beer.
  4. Café Constant – A classic French bistro with a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, Café Constant offers traditional French dishes like steak frites, escargot, and crème brûlée.
  5. L’As du Fallafel – This lively and casual restaurant serves hearty Basque cuisine, including dishes like cassoulet and steak tartare.
  6. La Maison Mère – A trendy and modern bistro offering creative French cuisine with a focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients.
  7. La Cantine de la Cigale – This casual and cozy bistro offers a range of dishes, from salads to sandwiches, with a focus on fresh, organic ingredients.
  8. Holybelly – A popular spot for brunch, Holybelly offers a range of American-style dishes, including pancakes, waffles, and eggs benedict.
  9. Chez Gladines – Another spot for hearty Basque cuisine, Chez Gladines is known for its large portions, affordable prices, and convivial atmosphere.
  10. Maison Plisson – A gourmet market and cafe offering a range of delicious and fresh dishes, including salads, sandwiches, and pastries, made from locally sourced ingredients.

These casual restaurants offer a range of dining experiences, from classic French cuisine to international specialties, and are perfect for a relaxed and enjoyable meal in Paris.


Paris is a city that’s known for its fine dining, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a casual meal in a relaxed setting.

These 10 casual restaurants in Paris offer delicious food and a welcoming atmosphere, making them perfect for a casual meal with friends or family. From classic French cuisine to international specialties, these restaurants showcase the best of Parisian food culture in a casual setting. So next time you’re in Paris, be sure to check out these casual restaurants and experience the city’s diverse and vibrant dining scene.

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