Are IB Schools Really Expensive-Interesting facts every parent should know

Are IB Schools Really Expensive

“I’d like to send my child to an IB school, but is it really that expensive?”.

We are seeing an increase in IB preference in the country, but the school’s fee structure can be prohibitively expensive at times. Or so it appears.

Today’s parents have a lot on the line as they plan their child’s education and must begin making the necessary investments and financial planning to determine how much they have covered. 

That is exactly what this article on the fee structure at IB schools does.

Dinner table discussions include topics such as which curriculum is best for my child, why is IB so expensive, is it a fad in Tier 1 cities, and much more.

Do you truly want your child to attend an IB school? Is it really that expensive? 

We have seen a high demand for IB schools in Australia , UK and the USA , but the fee structure is sometimes prohibitively expensive.

Nowadays, parents must work very hard for their child’s good education, as well as make the necessary financial plans and investments to determine how much they have covered.

In this article, we will look at whether IB schools charge a lot of money.

Which curriculum is best suited to your child? Is IB education prohibitively expensive in bigger cities? These are some of the topics that have been discussed.

What is International Baccalaureate
( IB)

The International School of Geneva began offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) in 1968. 

The curriculum was heavily influenced by a booklet titled Do Peace Education Techniques Exist? 

The International Baccalaureate, also known as the IB, is a question-based curriculum that focuses on developing globally aware individuals and global leaders.

It teaches students to take charge of their own education. It enables them to consider the perspectives of others on them, ask appropriate questions, and reflect on the decision-making process.

The program’s emphasis on international cooperation and tolerance is one of the reasons it is so popular with schools and universities worldwide.

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Why is the IB curriculum so costly?

It is not correct. All IB schools are extremely affordable. In Australia, there are several IB schools that charge between $900- $1200 per month depending on your Child’s School year.

Almost all parents, students, and counsellors agree that the IB curriculum provides superior learning opportunities.

However, there are numerous reasons why IB is regarded as more expensive than other educational programmes. IB schools are rapidly expanding across Australia, UK and the USA.

As a result, counsellors advise parents to select schools with a proven track record of placements and programme offerings.

Many international schools have emerged to ensure the success of students all over the world. The International Baccalaureate, or IB, is one of the most prestigious methods of education.

It is a totally different board than the traditional approaches used by traditional schools with limited learning and teaching styles. 

As a result, it is critical to select IB schools based on their experience, academic excellence, and track record.

key takeaways:
Almost all parents, students, and counsellors agree that the IB curriculum provides superior learning opportunities.
However, there are numerous reasons why IB is regarded as more expensive than other educational programmes. IB schools are rapidly expanding across Australia, UK and the USA.

There are many reasons why IB is deemed more costly than other programmes for education.

In the whole of Australia and the US, IB schools are growing fast. Consequently, counsellors advise parents to choose schools with a good history of placements and programmes. 

The IB Programme Costs have been much discussed and much debated.  

We have found that especially if the program comes under fire, there is a tendency on the part of School Administration to hide costs deep within the school’s general budget. 

It is important to look for the following costs in addition to the published fees in order to get a full accounting:

Training Costs: 

Largest commitment of budget – IB requires that all IB instructors be certified by IB–these costs include the IB fee for the seminar, travel, lodging and sometimes car rental expenses.

IB offers three Levels of training. Each Level consists of a three day seminar, rarely offered in a district’s home state, and averages $1,500 per teacher, per 3 day seminar. IBO is beginning a new series of “online training courses”.

These 6-8 week “sessions” consist of a teacher logging into an IB “message board” for four (4) hours a week. The cost for the “online training” is approx. $620 (per teacher, per course).

Application fees: Have now risen to a total of $25,000 per school! Consideration Phase – $4,000 Part A – $9,500 Part B – $9,500

This is up from $17,000 just one year ago. Also, schools are required to pay IB annual membership fees for the two years a school undergoes the authorisation process.

In the case of a school applying for the IB Diploma program, not including IB teacher training, a district will pay $23,000 for the “privilege” of applying to IBO.

The application includes two days of an IB Consultant’s services. School responsible for additional 20 hours of IB Consultant stipend, estimate approx. $3,300.

Costs associated with required IB Evaluation visits – approx. $3,500 per IB team visit.


  • Ongoing teacher training – variable, $20-60,000 per year avg.
  • Salaries and benefits for additional instructors:  IB requires that foreign language be taught a specific number of hours per week in the Elementary School.  This requirement often necessitates additional staff.
  • Establishment of IB Coordinator Positions – (recommended at least 25% release time)
  • CAS Supervisor – (stipend approx. $2,500 – 3,500)
  • EE Supervisor – (stipend approx. $2,500 – 3,500)
  • Books and materials for IB classes – IB course guides must be purchased from IB Store – $20-30,000
    Postage to mail materials to IB offices around the world. (avg. of $5-7,000 per yr.)
  • Salaries for substitutes for IB classes when teachers are out for training – (variable)
  • IB DP Student registration fees $150 per student, certificate or full diploma, payable in the year first IB exam is taken.
  • IB MYP Student registration fee $69 per student
  • IB MYP Course moderation fee $690per subject
  • Annual IB DP authorisation dues –$11,820 (2020)

Should I go for IB school for my child?

The IB is a superior educational system but I warn you, it isn’t for the faint of heart! It requires a lot of studying, good language skill, and the ability to manage your time accordingly.

Not to mention, class prioritisation is extremely important as you’ll have challenging courses that you’d take for  years and plenty of IB centred projects and mandatory essays.

My daughter is  an IB student since her KG class who’s been involved with the MYP previously and who is finishing up their first year of IB learning.

I personally agree with the perspective that whether or not you should take IB depends on yourself.

The IB curriculum, in my opinion, is geared towards making a “whole” human being and personality development.

This can be seen in its various aspects: the fact that you are required to take one subject from all 6 areas (Language A, Language B, Humanities, Science, Math & CS and Art, although there are quite a few exceptions to the rule).

Finally, some Conclusions:

Much of what the IB has to offer cannot be matched by its domestic counterparts, but where there are advantages, there are disadvantages.

The International Baccalaureate is not for everyone financially or otherwise. 

And if you do decide to do it, make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. Those who are a good fit for the programme will thrive, but those who aren’t may struggle.

You want your child to perform well in the right environment for your  child’s academic and intellectual development, whether that is the IB or another option.

If you want your child to take IB courses but need assistance managing the rigours coursework or maximising your performance for the best possible results, there are many IB advisories in every IB school to help you decide! 

If you’re still unsure about which curriculum is best for your  child’s strengths and interests, schedule a free one-on-one consultation with any IB Colleges around in your area   and meet up with Academic Advisors, who can help you get started on the right track.

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