Are chemical guys products good? An Honest Review & Tips on what to buy

Are chemical guys products good? An Honest Review from Experts a.k.a Car owners

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No matter how long you’ve been driving, you’ve probably heard of the Chemical guys..

With practically all auto shops carrying their products, they are one of the most well-known manufacturers of automotive detailing products in the world.

Chemical Guys, although a well-known brand, has had its fair share of complaints from car owners and detailers in the past.

There are likely to be both positive and negative reviews of Chemical Guys products if you do your investigation/ Research.

To help you make an informed decision about whether or not you should use Chemical Guys products, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to the auto-detailing brand.

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Build your Own Kit

Save up to 15% when you build a 6-item or 12-item kit with all your favorite Chemical Guys products.

Why Chemical Guys for your Car detailing?

This company has been around since 1993, and their products have evolved as they have grown.

They are fortunate to have a knowledgeable team of chemists who stay current on the latest scientific developments in car care technology.

Their R&D department is constantly looking for ways to improve existing formulations while also looking for new ones. They are dedicated to creating products that keep your vehicle looking new and clean.

Chemical Guys is a company dedicated to keeping your vehicle looking good by providing high-quality, safe automotive care products for any surface on it.

They make everything from interior cleaning Materials to polishes and waxes, all with one goal in mind: to make you proud of the car you drive.

Once you apply any of their products, they will provide you with months of protection.

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Quality of Chemical Guys products any good? Are Chemical Guys products worth it?

To be honest, I haven’t been disappointed in any way. I purchased a couple of upholstery brushes (drill attachments) that worked perfectly. Using Mr. Pink car wash soap is perfectly OK.

Their products are OK – I particularly appreciate their soaps and G6 coating – but the company’s crazy marketing might leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Hybrid V7 Car Wash Soap is formulated with super-slick paint cleaners, lubricants, and gloss boosters for a scratch-free wash that leaves a dazzling shine on your vehicle.

Washing surfaces using special emulsifiers that lift and separate abrasive debris and grime results in a soft, scratch-free washing experience.

To put it another way, it’s a car soap. That’s all there is to it. It was filled with “paint cleaners,” and it was “super refined,” as if they dug it out of the ground or something, according to the crap they wrote on their website.

The fact that they never appear to remove old products from their cycle (they develop an updated version and continue to sell the old one, many times over) makes it difficult to weed through the drivel and figure out what they’re doing wrong.

If you can figure out what the hell you’re getting yourself into, the products themselves are really good and works well..

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Why Chemical Guys?

Currently accessible on the market, Chemical Guys auto care solutions are the most popular professional grade washing, detailing, and waxing products available.

Chemical Guys is the top-selling car care brand on Amazon, with over 90 percent positive reviews from verified customers, and #1 best sellers in exterior care, exterior cleaners, sealants, tyre care, waterless wash, and car wash equipment. Chemical Guys offers a wide range of products designed to keep your prized ride in peak condition.

LuxeCar Wash Products

Ideally, you have 2 Options to wash your Luxury car Exteriors and the Interiors

  1. Get it manually cleaned by any Car Wash Companies around your local area
  2. You can clean your car at home.

I do my Mercedes cleaning at home on the days I do not get  free time to go for a car wash outside Or I m a bit bored at home.

Here is the list of my fav products that I use to wash my Mercedes.

1. Wet or waterless car wash-This car wash kit features a powerful formula that provides a quick, easy and quick clean without water or soap.

2.VARSK 4-in-1 Car Vacuum Cleaner

It is a 4-in- 1 device with  vacuum cleaning and tire inflation in one portable machine (The “I” mode is to vacuum, the “II” mode is to inflate).

Besides these two essential functions, digital tire pressure LCD display is easy for you to read, and built-in LED work light illuminates your surroundings to provide extra safety and security when operated in the dark.

If you are looking at a cheaper Vacuum cleaner  This work Car Vaccum Cleaner – will be suitbal for your budget. It’s a Portable, High power and Hand held-

This one is the cheaper version and This is A mini vacuum for car or truck that is compact, lightweight (2.4 lbs), and easy to use.

The large dust bin capacity is ready for ash, dust, or drive-thru food spills. A fully loaded interior car detailing kit housed in an ergonomic design.

3. Auto-fiber [Scrub Ninja Interior Scrubbing Cleaning Tool]

4. LUCKLYJONE 10Pcs Car Cleaning Tools Kit, Car Wash Tools Kit

5. Armor All Original Protectant Spray and Refill, Car Interior Cleaner with UV Protection 

Are chemical guys Products Professional grade? An Honest Review from car owners

Wealth of knowledge and support videos to help Customers

This year, I went a little crazy with the detailing products I purchased. I primarily chose Chemical Guys goods (for the vast majority of my needs) because of the abundance of information and support videos available on their website.

Others may have similar items on their websites, but I was the first to discover CG’s offerings.

I purchased A Torq TQ10 DA polisher ,which included all of the manufacturer’s pads, four different compounds, pad cleaning, and a pad brush (Super sale combo thing I got a great deal on).

I really like the polisher, and the compounds appear to be of high quality. In the spring, I polished my 2013 WRX with their green pad, VF36, and medium(ish) speed settings.

In the summer, I polished it again with the same settings. Because I was new to DA polishers, I was quite cautious. It turned out fantastic!

Since I’ve done that, my father has asked me to service his 2010 Audi Q7 (which is not his daily driver, but is used to haul boats). Paint-wise, it has been neglected for a number of years.

It handled it like it was nothing since it had a lot of surface area. It turned out beautifully.

In the beginning, I used the green pad with VF34, and I was able to achieve a reasonably excellent finish with it.

After that, I used a red (finishing) pad and some glaze/wax detailing Kit to apply a good protective layer. It performed admirably considering that it is eight years old and has 145 thousand miles on it.

In order to remove oxidation off his ski boat, I polished it with an orange pad and 3M fibreglass cut/polish compounds, which took most of the day to complete.

The Torq TQ10 is a fantastic tool, and the pads are extensively described here.

10 out of 10 (better than I’ll ever need) on TQ10

Build your Own Kit

Save up to 15% when you build a 6-item or 12-item kit with all your favorite Chemical Guys products.

Another car owner says: I purchased a gallon of their clay luber, and it has shown to be really effective.

It has a bubblegum scent, and it will colour your fingers blue if you don’t wear gloves while handling it. I don’t have this problem because I use basic latex gloves while I work with clay.. It also does not leave any residue behind! 9/10

Here are some of Chemical Guys products I love to use on my Mercedes.


MIC50612 are awesome for wax residue removal and drying! Tons of thick fibers and working surfaces to work with. 9/10

MIC70101 are the easiest “streak-free-finish” microfibers I’ve ever used on glass. 9/10

Microfiber wash mitts: Cheap, work well, Wash well. Great for a few months of “every Sunday” washes on multiple things. Cheap enough to throw away if it gets dingy. 8.3/10

Cleaning Materials

SPI19116 Lightning Fast Carpet and Upholstery Stain Extractor.

Works very well, but it’s similar to a lot of other upholstery cleaners.

I have 3 different diluted bottles of this. 20:1 for light stains, 10:1 if I’m going to let something soak and probably forget about it, and 1:1 just to make half strength to scrub heavier stains out. 9/10

CWS104 Bug and Tar Heavy Duty Car Wash Shampoo. I use this 5:1 diluted on body panels to let soak and soften up old wax residue and bugs.

I use it 1:1 on my wheels to clean them. It works well, but isn’t the strongest stuff out there. That being said, it doesn’t have super toxic smells/fumes so I’ll give it an 8/10

SPI66316 InnerClean interior quick detailer works great when you don’t need to clean your interior surfaces, but want to dress them up quickly.

Similar to a lot of other products I’ve used, has a reasonably good smell (if you like pineapple…). 7.5/10

CWS40216 Mr. Pink Super Suds soap. If you have hard, mineral-heavy, or severely chlorinated water, you will never get excellent suds from your shower or bathtub.

Period. When I wash automobiles, I have a tiny filtration system that I use to assist me with this task.

I live in a location with really hard water, so I’ve put up a little system to deal with it. 8.5/10

Waxes and sealants:

Deep Reflections XP is great if you have light scuffs or swirls that aren’t deep. This will glaze over them pretty well and give a good shiny finish if you don’t have time to touch-up polish. Easy to apply and use. 9/10

Jetseal. I haven’t had time to use this yet, but it’s on the list for next weekends detail.

I got a 16oz bottle free from one of their “purchase more than $100 and here’s a free gift” sales.

Butter Wet Wax is easy to apply and remove and gives a very nice protective layer.

I use my DA and a red pad to apply it to large Pannels, and do it by hand in small areas with trim. 9/10


Grit Guard Must have for any bucket washer. I use the 2 bucket technique with a grit guard in each bucket. I have a 3rd bucket dedicated to wheels and wheel brushes that also has one of these in it. 10/10 will buy again… if I need to…

Microfiber wash detergent. I use this in a bucket to soak my used (soiled) microfiber to soften up any compounds that might be on them.

I take wring them out and put them in my washer on “warm” setting.

This will clean the microfiber back to like-new cleanness. Run a cycle in the washer while empty with this stuff to clean out any softeners or other detergent that might be lingering in there.


Sonax wheel cleaner works great on brake dust, not so great on tar (that’s what tar remover is for…) To fully clean wheels, I take them off and scrub this stuff onto them for a while. 8.5/10.

Their car wash KIT( HOL126) : This is a fantastic starter set. With this Kit, you’ll have everything you need to get started with auto detailing.
This is something I wholeheartedly endorse. When using a hose, you won’t obtain the thick, thick foam that you see in the movies if you don’t have a pressure washer (which I didn’t until lately). However, it’s a terrific tool that performs its job well.

Best OverAll- Our Pick
Chemical Guys HOL126 ( car wash Kit) Chemical Guys HOL126 ( car wash Kit)

This car washing kit from Chemical Guys is designed to compete with professional-grade setups and comes complete with a foam gun that can be attached to a garden hose. Butter, Wet Wax,

Some of the additional high-quality products included in the set are: Honeydew, Snow Foam, Diablo Wheel Gel, Silk Shine Dressing, Signature Glass Cleaner, a detailing bucket, a Cyclone Dirt Trap, a microfiber wash mitt, a short-handled brush, three microfiber towels, and an applicator.

Those that take a lot of pleasure in their vehicle will appreciate the synergy that all of these items create to give your automobile an incredible shine that makes it look almost brand new.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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They have waaayyy too many products

If you have had a look at some of the Detailing tools offered by Chemical Guys, you will notice that the company offers a too many variety of products that handle the same problem in different ways.

For example, Chemical Guys offers more than 5 different car wash shampoos, each of which can be used to thoroughly clean your vehicle.

This begs the question: why can’t a company put all of its resources into developing a single outstanding car wash soap rather than flooding the market with dozens of inferior products and confounding innocent buyers?

This is a fantastic strategy from their perspective. The greater the number of products they have on the market, the greater the number of sales they will make.

Consumers, on the other hand, find it difficult to choose from a large number of products, especially if they all answer the same problem and are manufactured by the same company.

When we combine all of the aforementioned concerns with their sluggish customer service, it is possible that Chemical Guys is not the finest auto-detailing product producer, as some people would like to believe.

What Do Automobile Owners Think of Chemical Guys Products?

Who better to tell you about the quality of Chemical Guys products than the people who use them? Right?The fact that this brand is so well-known is a plus point.

This implies that they have a large number of customers, and as a result, there are a plethora of reviews online that can assist us in determining how good their products are.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the various reactions that Chemical Guys customers have to their products.

The Rinse-less Car Wash concept is brilliant.

The Chemical Guys’ products appear to do exactly what they are supposed to do.

Optimum No Rinse has been the only detailing product that has truly blown me away.

The idea of a rinse-less wash was foreign to me, so seeing firsthand how well ONR performed was extremely satisfying.

I use a few of their items: Mr. Pink soap is extremely effective. Excellent suds and a pleasant aroma. After using it, my car looks fantastic.

There are no complaints with Mr. Pink Soap. I use their citrous APC, which worked wonders on cleaning the plastic part of the driver’s side floor mat, which has seen a lot of abuse over the years. I ordered a micro-fiber waffle weave towel for drying from their website and works absolutely fine.

A Bit Over priced may be!

Many of Chemical guys  Products are very good and works like charm  but they are a little overpriced, and the quality is not very consistent across all products.

At least, from what I’ve seen. Some products, on the other hand, are really good, so if you like it, go for it.

Confusing product Descriptions But they are really good products

Another car owner says “Then there’s the confusing  product descriptions (is it a glaze, a sealant, a polish, a wax, or a super nano poly transinhibiter designed for maximum shininess and ultimate translumenous refractifiny?).

Once you get past that, you’ll find some pretty good products.

I like their citrous wash (it has a nice foam and can strip wax better than dish soap with the right dilution) and their honeydew foaming wash (my current fav).

Many people adore Blacklight and V07. I used it on my wife’s car and liked the shine it provided. I also purchased some JetSeal.

We’ll see how it holds up over the winter (I just used it on the wife’s car; I layered two coats and some 845 on mine).

Another Car owners says…Their citrus wash and the green prefoam is outstanding.

The citrus wash gives my truck a just detailed look weeks after having flayed and polished and sealing it.

Customer Service is Awesome:

I get all my car washing and shining stuff from them and their customer support has been great for me. They face timed my brother to teach him how to properly use the orbital polisher and which products to use etc. that’s pretty awesome in my books.

I recommend it.

Another Car owner says, I recently picked up CG’s Butter Wax and personally think it works better than Meg’s.

The wax has held up longer and I have gotten complimented even after not having washed the car for 3 weeks.


What is car detailing, and why is it important?

Cleaning, reconditioning, protecting, and rejuvenating your vehicle is what car detailing is all about.

Car detailing is a time-consuming operation that involves several processes and, of course, meticulous attention to detail.

To finish the procedure, the vehicle’s interior and exterior must be kept in good working order.

The inside of the vehicle should be the initial element of automobile detailing, since it is usually more effective to start there before moving on to the outside

What are the best starter products to start detailing cars?

First you need the knowledge of what Detailing means. Not wash, vacuumed and dry. To detail a car yourself, takes several hours.

  • You need Car Detailing Kit to get into all the nicks and crannies induce the cabin.
  • You need brushes to completely clean the grill and all its parts you need brushes to clean the wheels, and tires.
  • You need chrome cleaner for the bumpers, grill and exhaust pipes.
  • You need leather cleaner for the seats. Shampoo for cloth seats. Shampoo for the floor mats.
  • Soap and water for the outside. A good quality wax for the outside. And applied by hand and shined by hand. Power polishers leave circle marks on the car.

Why do I need car detailing?

Providing protection( Shine protection , Paint protection and so on) is one of the most important reasons to detail your vehicle.

Of course, there are a variety of methods for accomplishing this, but detailing always appears to be the most effective method for applying a protective layer to all regions of your vehicle.

A Wide Range of Products to Choose From:

The Chemical Guys have been providing high-quality car maintenance products for more than two decades.

They provide a comprehensive selection of high-quality detailing products to meet the needs of both professional detailers and individuals who choose to clean their own vehicles in the comfort and convenience of their own homes.

Everything from washing soap to deep wheel cleaner can be found at the store.

A Care package/Kit, which includes the paint finish as well as the other power tools, as well as cleaning solutions and a cleaning products, is also available from them.

What criteria should I use to determine which type of product I require?

It’s simple to determine the type of Chemical Guys you’d require for any given car.

Exterior car cleaning products are designed with the paint, wheels, and glass in mind, however interior car surfaces require a different type of cleaning product altogether!

When it comes to Car paint sealants and Car waxes, what’s the difference between the two?

Using a Car Paint Sealant will preserve your vehicle from future harm while also making it simple to remove dirt, debris, and bugs from the surface.

A Cherry wet Wax shields the paint from ultraviolet rays, which can cause it to fade and break over time.

How Good is their Customer Service?

The Support from Chemical Guys is excellent: Chemical Guys has a customer support service that is accessible to assist in answering any queries that you may have.

They also provide the option of contacting them via live chat or email!

To speak with a representative from Chemical Guys, call (800) 343 – 3300 and ask for guidance on your car maintenance needs.

If you’re interested in getting started with a purchase, you can use the live chat feature to get an answer quickly.

You can also send an email to to reach out to the company.

Wrapping up

Exorbitant costs considering the quantities available. Huge amounts of duplication between different product lines.

You are not only paying for the real goods, but also for the marketing and the brand of the company.

The most significant problem people have with Chemical Guys is that they produce some good gems (VRP( Shine Protectant), honeydew( For Extreme SUD Cleaning), jet seal), but in order to get to those gems, you have to sift through mounds of costly mediocrity.

They produce certain things that are of high quality, as well as those that are not.

In my perspective, the prices are about average given the level of gear that is being offered.

In addition to this, their customer service is quite inadequate.

Among their products, there are some of good quality and some of low quality.

Given the high quality of the goods on offer, I believe the pricing are fair.

Furthermore, their level of customer service is appalling.

CG isn’t bad. They have a few solid products that work pretty well. Hydroslick isn’t bad, V07 works and their extreme slick QD is pretty good.

But if you’re going to buy it, buy it in something bigger than individual bottles.

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