Are Alfa Romeo reliable- A reliability review of this Exotic car brand

Are Alfa Romeos reliable- A reliability review of this Exotic Euro car brand

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Are Alfa Romeos reliable?

The simple answer to that question is “no. Not Really” 

When looking at different automobiles, dependability is an essential component to consider. Because it is so crucial, finding a new automobile that meets our needs in this regard is one of our highest concerns.

Is this, however, the situation for individuals who are considering the purchase of an Alfa Romeo . “it’s well known that anyone who buys an Alfa Romeo does so with their heart rather than their brains.”  Is that the case? Is it true that Alfa Romeos are notoriously unreliable?

In this article, we investigate whether or not Which magazine is correct, whether or not Alfa Romeo vehicles are indeed as unreliable as their reputation suggests, and how they compare to other automobile manufacturers.

The dependability rating that Alfa Romeo receives from Reliability Index is 214, which is considered to be extremely low. The following factors are used while compiling the UK Reliability Index:

  • The elements that go into making a repair
  • The amount that the parts cost.
  • The number of times that they occurred.

The average value for all automobiles is 100, while the average index for the United Kingdom is 118. Therefore, the smaller the number, the higher the car’s level of dependability( Source)

In addition, we said that Alfa Romeo has a total score of 214. According to the Reliability Index, the average age of an Alfa Romeo is 4.9 years old, and the average mileage on an Alfa Romeo is 54,857 kilometres.

In terms of dependability, Alfa Romeo is given a score of poorly by WarrantyDirect as well.

On the other hand, if we check at the reports from people who own the Alfa Romeo Giulietta and submit them to Auto Express, we find that the reviews are very different. In point of fact, if we were to only consider those reviews, it would appear as though Alfa Romeo is one of the most dependable brands available.

Having said that, Auto Express has stated that there is an issue with dependability, and in their Driver Power Survey of 2015, the Giulietta placed in 69th place, which is a significant drop from its position in the top ten when it was first introduced in 2013.

And thus, according to the results of the poll conducted by Which, Alfa Romeo was ranked as one of the top five least trustworthy automobile manufacturers, with a dependability score of only 69 percent.

Everything we have read, with the exception of driver reviews, suggests that Alfa Romeos are unreliable cars.

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Alfa Romeo is one of the most venerable car manufacturers, having been around since 1910. 

The Spider drop-top driven by Dustin Hoffman in the 1967 film The Graduate is one of the marque’s classic vehicles, helping to encapsulate an era. 

For those looking for a high-end European vehicle that isn’t made in Germany, Alfa Romeos have provided an Italian option. 

Whatever the reason, if you’re looking for a high-end cars from Italy, asking “Are Alfa Romeos reliable?” is a reasonable enquiry.

Firstly, a little history of Alfa Romeo in the United States is necessary before we get to the solution. 

Alfa was offered as a speciality brand in the United States from the 1960s until the 1990s. 

As far as the corporation was concerned, they weren’t going to sell many automobiles in this market. reports that Toyota’s highest year for U.S. sales was 1986, when it sold 8,201 vehicles. 

According to Car and Driver, Chevrolet sold more than 400,000 Celebrity sedans in the same year.

Alfa withdrew from the United States market in 1995 after sales had dwindled to a trickle. When Chrysler filed for bankruptcy in 2009, things took a turn for the worst. 

Instead of letting one of the Detroit Three to go out of business, the United States government arranges for Fiat to acquire Chrysler (which owns Alfa Romeo). 

Alfa Romeo plans its comeback to the United States through this link-up.

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Why are Alfa Romeos unreliable?

Alfa Romeos are unreliable and Alfa Romeos are unreliable for several reasons.

According to the Reliability Index, the Axle and Suspension is one of the most problematic components. This represents 25.91 percent of all errors. Electrical defects account for 18.13 percent of all defects.

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Alfa Romeo is synonymous with elegance but Not Quite Reliable..oops!

Alfa Romeo is synonymous with elegance, grace, and speed. With Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo is among the most sought-after luxury automobile manufacturers by aficionados who want to stand out from the crowd. 

To have a luxurious sports car experience, the Alfa Romeo can be the right choice.

Is there a reason Alfa Romeo is so rare?

Mercedes-Benz was the fourth most popular automobile brand in the USA and the UK in 2018, with 172,238 registrations, according to Motoring Research. 

The whereabouts of Alfa Romeo are unknown. There were less than 5000 registrations for this company, which is only bettered by Aston Martin, Bently and McLaren – all of which are quite famous. When compared to its chief rival, what led the Alfa Romeo to plummet so low?

Alfa Romeo’s Giulietta is currently cheaper to lease than Mercedes’ A-Class on the same terms, according to our website’s comparison of the two companies’ current rates. So cost isn’t a factor. 

While conducting some research on the Alfa Romeo’s fundamental flaw, I kept seeing the same word used repeatedly. This is what I’m trying to say: 

Whatcar Survey

The WhatCar Survey ranked Alfa Romeo sixth overall in a field of 32 manufacturers for overall reliability. 

Alfa Romeo outperformed brands like Honda and Subaru along with luxury rivals Audi, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW. 

 Alfa Romeo is a brand you shouldn’t neglect when looking for your next car if you value dependability, according to these studies.

As per Warrantywise Survey

Alfa Romeo has Reliability rating: 53%
Average repair costs: $1200

According to the data that Warranty Wise compiled on repair claims, the not-exactly-outstanding reputation that Alfa Romeo is known for in terms of dependability seems to be supported by reality. 

In spite of the fact that Warranty Wise reports that Alfa Romeo automobiles are more likely to experience mechanical issues than Chevrolet models, the claim data demonstrates that Alfas are significantly less expensive to repair on average when problems arise.

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Issues with Alfa Romeo car


Your Giulia might have a faulty relay that runs to the charge cooler, which is the component that is in charge of chilling the compressed air that comes from the turbo and cools it down before it enters the engine. 

This is the third potential problem that could arise with your vehicle. The symptoms are readily apparent, since the car will not provide its maximum power to the driver.


This one is a little strange, but it makes sense when you consider that the automobiles come from Italy and are transported by water. 

It is quite convenient that the battery is situated in the trunk, exactly behind the right taillight, where it can be easily accessed. 

Having said that, the terminals have a propensity to rust as a result of the saline air, which, if not cared to, can produce electrical gremlins.


One more time, there is nothing to be afraid of, and the solution is straightforward. 

Radiator seam problems in earlier models can cause leaks, and they can occur either at the top or the bottom (usually at the bottom). 

Alfa Romeo has issued a service bulletin to address this issue, which is present on previous models of cars (including this 2018 Giulia). 

Changing out the radiator is the typical course of action, which can take up to three hours to complete.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia is the brand’s first sedan with rear-wheel drive since the Alfa Romeo 75, which was produced in 1985. 

As such, the Giulia was something of a Genesis for the Italian brand, and it truly shown that Alfa Romeo is capable of once again competing with the more reliable products that Germany has to offer in the market sector. 

Giulia dispels the beliefs that Alfa Romeo automobiles are unreliable, which is an accomplishment of much greater significance.

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Is Alfa-Romeo the finest quality luxury automobile brand?

I’m the owner of an Alfa Romeo Giulia TI with 26K miles on it thus far. It’s obviously not the finest grade LUXURY automobile out there. 

Not even close. The inside is fair quality, probably even somewhat inferior quality than Mercedes Benzes and BMWs of the same class.

Despite what many may tell you, the dependability is actually fairly decent. I have brought my car into the dealership a few times, but they were all for small aesthetic concerns such as a rattling in my door panel, stitching that came undone on the dashboard. 

All covered under warranty and so insignificant that the typical person would never have seen them. 

Aside from that, the car has been as dependable as any Mercedes or even Lexus product I’ve had.

Where the Alfa shines is as a driver’s car. Not since my 5 Porsches have I ever driven a car that is as much a driver’s car as the Giulia. 

I just drove a friend’s E60 BMW M5 and it seemed numb in comparison. My previous Mercedes E-Classy car seemed like a dump truck in contrast. 

And let’s not even try to compare a Lexus… it would be like a wheelbarrow in contrast.

Alfa Romeos are not for everybody. Lexus offers comfort and luxury. 

Mercedes combines luxury and sportiness. BMW combines sportiness and luxury. 

If you’d rather take the longer route since it has more twists and turns, the Alfa is for you.

Why are Alfa Romeos so excellent?

For me, it is the fact that they each have a strong and unique personality. 

Clearly, this character has problems, but this is what makes characters intriguing, whether they are humans or robots.

When driving an Alfa, you can always tell that the designers had the driver in mind and sought to create the most exhilarating automobile imaginable. 

Even if the thrill involves the rare breakdown and some usability issues, they frequently achieved success.

Aside from this, numerous Alfas seem and sound amazing. 

They are both stylish and classless while remaining affordable: with a $15,000 vintage Spider, you can drive up to the Opera or a posh casino and feel like you belong… Try it with a 15k Volkswagen.

Also, I’ve always had the impression that people were similar to my Alfa. Children point to it and show their fathers. 

The timeless style and tradition of the Alfa brand are valued by older men. Without being “bro” vehicles that women can’t connect to, these automobiles exude an air of Italian design and masculinity that women find appealing.

Why do People LOVE Alfa Romeos ?

Let us imagine that we take a super-expensive luxury car maker – Bentley, for example. Let us then have a wild flight of fancy – what if Bentley made an economy hatchback with sporty performance that ordinary people could buy ?

Let’s go further – we are aware of Ferrari. 

What would a four-door Ferrari passenger car that traveled at normal roadway speeds be – given that a Ferrari does not ‘wake up’ below a lose-your-licence 150 km/h speed ?

In both cases – the answer is direct : an Alfa Romeo.

The superlatives are long and great –

We worship at the altar of the Engine – Alfa engines all sound sublime – they rasp, growl, howl, whisper, grunt, bark. I’ve often driven without the radio on, to enjoy that sweet music. 

The Busso V6 in my 156 is called Alfa’s Stradivarius violin. 

The Twin-Cam engines sound like a quartet of trumpeters at optimum rpm. Modern twinsparks and four cylinders make melodious noises and rasps which are consistently exciting. 

The Guilia Cloverleaf’s V6 is another all-time great – despite being twin-turbocharged it is not muted – it delivers a crackling rasping bellow worthy of cars three times its price. Who needs a car radio ? I often turn mine off…

And with all of this comes torque and power – Alfa engines turn their cars into more than could ever be expected from them. 

They accelerate hard, and yet sip fuel while singing their mating song. All Alfas can reach and sustain the top speed on their speedos – those numbers are not their for fun. And they rev to high heaven – gear change happiness is 4000 rpm, and 9000 rpm is the end of the world. And all of the torque is there – at 2500 rpm !

Suspension geometry and handling identical to a Ferrari – the road feel that allows you to know whether the paint your front wheel went over was matt or gloss.

The geometry gives the Alfa an incredible amount of communication to the driver – when the road conditions start getting dodgy, then the car immediately gets ‘squirrely’ and lets you know in no uncertain terms that you should back off in terms of speed and steering input. Alfa Romeo drivers benefit from this.

All Alfas are sporty – they have a near-ideal weighting of performance and handling which give the driver more than a standard car would. 

There is no need to modify an Alfa when it comes out of the factory – it is already near perfect. The most that an Alfa owner will do is add Cloverleaf badges … perhaps. High performance Alfas , V6’s usually, are often drastically quick compared with German and Japanese cars.

Almost all Alfas have always had 5 speed manuals and four-wheel disk brakes – they are thus very performance oriented.
Alfa Romeos are drop dead gorgeous in terms of their appearance. 

Where the majority of other cars are designed to be functional, and purposeful, an Alfa more than any other car is designed to look good from every angle.

Alfa has been very pro-active in applying aerodynamics to its cars from the 1960’s onwards – it makes the car more fuel efficient, quieter – and more often than not good looking in the bargain.

Owners of a Ferrari and an Alfa will often play games of ‘spot the bits’ shared between their cars. Its fun…both ways.

Alfas are incredibly tough if looked after in a general way, and driven regularly. Bad stuff happens if you are not driving your car every day, and this applies to any car. 

Sadly, many Alfa buyers are not interested in putting km’s on their car. 

Those that do – live a life of joy. To put in perspective – given their low production numbers, Alfas are as tough as a series production car made in its millions. For most other cars of such low production numbers, this is usually a recipe for a door falling off as you drive along !

Relating to toughness, provided an Alfa has its bonnet opened every weekend, maintained like any other car, and problems dealt with as they appear – then it is an easy car to live with. 

Alfa have these days incorporated the minimum electronics into their cars as required legally, and used tried-and-trusted systems design as far as possible, making them again easier to live with overall.

There’s a real clue to when you have a ‘good’ rather than a ‘bad’ Alfa – the good ones have their driver’s seat showing decent wear. Its been driven every day, and is all the better for it.

The interiors are incredible for an Alfa – they are exciting, and the right mix of luxury, technology, and function. They also do not take you away from the experience of driving.

As the State Car of Italy, you are in the concept of cool cops, Prime Ministers, and His Holiness the Pope, all of which make use of Alfas. Each of mine has been blessed by the parish priest in good faith – these are not Roman cars, they are from Milan. 

There’s not a movie extant where, when set in Italy, we do not see Alfas – they are mandatory. They can keep up with James Bond’s Aston. Minis in real life would be dead if caught by a Guilia police car.

There are some ‘home truths’ that need to be discussed to – because Alfa Romeos are not flawless.

For some Alfas made in the 1970’s – 1980’s in Italy, sulphurised Soviet steel has been their death knell – only South African carbon-steel Alfas from that period are worth anything – and in the same period, there were more Alfas in South Africa than there were in Italy, or anywhere else.

The hideous ARNA which was wrong in all the worst ways.
Electrics in cars before the 164 are deserving of an immediate upgrade in their wiring looms !
Selespeed transmission – more trouble than it is worth. Avoid !

Imagine a manufacturer of ultra-expensive premium automobiles, such as Bentley. 

Then, let’s indulge in a fantastic fable: what if Bentley produced an affordable hatchback with sporty performance that average consumers could purchase?

Let’s go – we are familiar with Ferrari. Given that a Ferrari does not ‘wake up’ below the 150 km/h speed at which drivers lose their licences, what would a four-door Ferrari that travelled at typical highway speeds be?

In both instances, the solution is straightforward: an Alfa Romeo.

The superlatives are numerous and impressive –

Alfa engines sound amazing; they rasp, growl, snarl, whisper, groan, and bark. I have frequently drove without the radio on in order to appreciate this wonderful music. 

The Busso V6 in my 156 is referred to as the Stradivarius violin of Alfa. At optimal RPM, the Twin-Cam engines sound like a quartet of trumpeters. 

Modern twinspark and four-cylinder engines provide melodic sounds and rumbles that are continually enthralling. 

The Guilia Cloverleaf’s V6 is another all-time great; despite being twin-turbocharged, it is not subdued; it emits a crackling, rasping growl that is comparable to automobiles costing three times as much. Who requires a vehicle radio? I often switch my off…

And with all of this comes torque and power – Alfa engines enable their automobiles to surpass all expectations. 

They speed rapidly while sipping gasoline and chanting a mating song. 

All Alfas are capable of reaching and maintaining the maximum speed shown on their speedometers; these figures are not arbitrary. 

The happiest gear shift occurs at 4000 rpm, whereas 9000 rpm signifies the end of the world. And the entire torque is present at 2500 rpm.

Suspension geometry and handling equal to that of a Ferrari; road feel that enables you to discern whether the paint your front wheel passed over was matte or glossy.

The Alfa’s geometry provides an unbelievable amount of feedback to the driver; as soon as the road conditions deteriorate, the vehicle becomes’squirrely,’ alerting you to reduce your speed and steering input. Drivers of the Alfa Romeo profit from this.

All Alfas are sporty; they feature a near-ideal balance of performance and handling, giving the driver more than a typical automobile would. 

There is no need to alter a factory-fresh Alfa because it is already nearly flawless. The most an Alfa owner will do is possibly put Cloverleaf emblems. Compared to German and Japanese automobiles, high-performance Alfas, often V6s, are typically incredibly swift.

Almost all Alfas have always been equipped with five-speed manual transmissions and four-wheel disc brakes, making them particularly performance-oriented.

Alfa Romeos are breathtakingly beautiful in appearance. Whereas the bulk of other automobiles are built to be utilitarian and purposeful, an Alfa is designed to be aesthetically pleasing from every viewpoint.

Alfa has been highly proactive in applying aerodynamics to their automobiles since the 1960s; it makes the vehicle more fuel-efficient, quieter, and more often than not, attractive.
Ferrari and Alfa owners frequently engage in games of “spot the parts shared by both cars.” It is enjoyable both ways.

Alfas are exceptionally durable if properly maintained and driven frequently. Bad things occur if you do not drive your automobile daily, and this is true for any vehicle. 

Sadly, many Alfa purchasers are unwilling to put miles on their vehicle. 

Those who do – have a joyful life. In context, considering their low manufacturing numbers, Alfas are as durable as a mass-produced vehicle created in the millions. 

For most other vehicles with such low manufacturing numbers, this is a formula for a door to come off while driving.

In terms of durability, an Alfa is an easy-to-live-with automobile if its hood is opened every weekend, it is maintained similarly to any other vehicle, and issues are addressed as they arise. 

In order to make its automobiles simpler to live with, Alfa has resorted to tried-and-true system architecture to the greatest extent feasible, incorporating only the minimal amount of electronics necessary by law.

The driver’s seat of a ‘good’ rather than a ‘poor’ Alfa is an excellent indicator of the vehicle’s overall quality. It has been driven daily and has improved as a result.

The interiors are outstanding for an Alfa; they are luxurious, technologically advanced, and functional. They also do not detract from the driving experience.

As the State Automobile of Italy, Alfas are associated with cool police officers, Prime Ministers, and His Holiness the Pope. Each of mine has been blessed in good faith by the parish priest, but they are not Roman automobiles; they come from Milan. 

Alfas are obligatory in any film set in Italy; they’re ubiquitous. They can match James Bond’s Aston Martin. Minis in the real world would perish if apprehended by a Guilia police vehicle.

There are some “home truths” that must be addressed, since Alfa Romeos are not perfect. 

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