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You are probably looking for the most popular apartment aesthetic that will perfectly fit your space if you are moving into a new apartment (or just looking to refresh the apartment you are currently in). 

Whether you are moving into a new apartment or just looking to refresh the apartment you are currently in, you are probably looking for this aesthetic. 

Lucky for you, I am all about exploring the various styles of apartment decor, and I found 15 of the hottest styles that everyone is trying this year. Lucky for you, I am all about exploring the various styles of apartment decor.

It is important to try and stick to one style while you are choosing the aesthetic for your apartment. Instead of pulling a bunch of inspiration from all over the place, which can cause things to start looking cluttered, it is important to try and stick to one style.

It doesn’t matter which design aesthetic you choose to go with; what’s most important is that you enjoy being in your space and feel at ease in it. Therefore, make sure to include elements that have a personal touch. 

Whether you prefer a minimalist or a maximalist approach to your apartment’s decor, you are going to adore the following aesthetic ideas!

1. Boho Apartment Aesthetic

In the past decades, the bohemian style has seen an explosion in popularity, and despite this, it has only continued to mature and become more beautiful. 

Creating the ideal bohemian atmosphere in your apartment can be accomplished by incorporating warm wood tones, a large number of plants, vibrant colours, natural textiles, and earthy, colourful wall decor. 

This room is absolutely breathtaking, and it demonstrates how you can make the most of the aesthetic of a small apartment.

2. Minimalist Apartment Aesthetic

In recent years, minimalism has also seen a huge surge in popularity, and this apartment is the perfect illustration of how one can achieve the look of minimalism while still maintaining a cosy and inviting atmosphere. 

This apartment is doing a great job of achieving the black, white, and cream colour palette that is characteristic of many minimalist looks. 

Marble is a natural material that can be incorporated into a design while still maintaining a sleek and minimal appearance.

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3. New York Apartment Aesthetic

Since I was a teenager, I’ve had a serious obsession with the aesthetic of city apartments. It’s not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the aesthetic of a studio apartment in New York City, but it manages to be very cosy while still incorporating some New York touches. 

Blending rich velvet textures with lots of gold, warm wood, and occasional dashes of black will help you achieve this look. 

These are some of the best ideas I’ve seen for decorating an apartment, possibly ever.

4. Danish Apartment Aesthetic

Oh, yes, the aesthetic of an apartment, which has been a permanent fixture on our TikTok for you pages, Pinterest pages, and Instagram feeds for the entirety of this year. 

This Danish aesthetic of pastel colours has become immensely popular, and it is simply irresistibly cute. 

To achieve this look, load up on the pastel hues in your decorative accents such as artwork, candles, coffee table books, and anything else you can think of.

5.Neutral Apartment Aesthetic

When it comes to the interior design of my apartment, I am a neutral girl, and my favourite colour scheme is one that consists of cream, natural wood, gold, and occasional black accents. 

Because it is light and airy, this apartment gives off the impression that it has been recently cleaned and is ready to welcome guests.

12. Scandinavian Apartment Aesthetic

A Scandinavian aesthetic is perfect for you if you like things to look simple and neutral, but you also want them to feel warm and inviting. 

The apartment has a neat appearance, which is largely attributable to the sleek and straight lines that are present in each piece of furniture and decorative item. 

A helpful hint: If you want to decorate your apartment in a Scandinavian style on a budget, IKEA is a great place to shop.

Grand Millennial Apartment Aesthetic

The term “granny-chic” has become somewhat of a household term to describe the grand millennial style, which is currently enjoying a surge in popularity. The aesthetic is characterised by the use of all pastel colours, the spirit of a tea party, and elegant gold details. It has a vibe that is both eclectic and has elements that are reminiscent of the aesthetic of Paris.

6. Modern Apartment Aesthetic

Stick to sleek furniture with defined lines and a crisp appearance if the look you’re going for is a contemporary apartment aesthetic. 

This apartment is so lovely, and it exudes all of the chic simplicity and contemporary style that is popular at the moment.

7. Retro Apartment Aesthetic

What an adorable throwback this apartment is! Even cuter is apartment decor that combines retro and boho styles… Just picture yourself lounging around here while listening to vinyl records and preparing delicious drinks. 

I’m obsessed. This look can be accomplished by framing posters or artwork that makes references to older forms of popular culture and bringing in vintage pieces of decor such as the chairs and lamps shown in the photo.

 Bonus points for those who proudly display both their record player and their record collection.

8. Girly Apartment Aesthetic

This specific apartment has been shared numerous times across all of my social media platforms, and I cannot get enough of it. 

If you want your apartment to have a more feminine vibe, you should get a pink couch, build a rosé bar cart, and stock up on other fun pink decor pieces. All I’m trying to say is that a night spent with the girls at this apartment would be unlike any other.

9. Coastal Apartment Aesthetic

If you want the room to have a beachy and coastal feel, there is a way to achieve that vibe without actually bringing a fish sculpture into the room. 

Incorporating beachy textures into your space, such as woven seagrass, natural wood, tropical plants, sandy tones, and subtle pops of varying blue tones, will help you achieve that coastal feel. 

This room is absolutely stunning, and it makes me think of an elegant cottage in the mountains.

10.Desert Apartment Aesthetic

This desert aesthetic may be compared to the boho look; however, it is typically quite a bit more neutral and incorporates elements of minimalism, whereas the boho style is colourful and more eclectic. It is recommended that your colour scheme incorporate shades of mauve, dark teal, rust, sand, and black in order to achieve the look of a desert apartment. Be sure to incorporate elements that are typical of the desert, such as real cacti or photos of cacti that have been framed, as well as lots of textiles with patterns that are inspired by native art.

11. Parisian Apartment Aesthetic

This apartment in Paris is the stuff that fairytales are made of! You might be wondering how on earth it is possible for me to pull off this look given that I live in an apartment that is geographically inaccessible to Paris. 

It is not as difficult as it may appear at first. Place a large, ornate mirror over your mantel, invest in vintage pieces of furniture that have a lot of character, and try to incorporate as much gold and crystal into your decor as you can.


How do I get a dark academia room?

In order to achieve the look of a dark academic institution, you are going to want to purchase the majority of your furnishings and accessories from vintage stores. 

This design aesthetic is characterised by the widespread adoption of elements such as gallery walls, tones of dark wood, the use of vintage books as decorative accents, and an abundance of candles.

How can one make a room for a girl look more attractive?

It is possible that making a decision regarding the aesthetic of a girl’s room will be challenging given the wide variety of options available. In order to make the space feel more cosy and welcoming, try combining a variety of textiles and incorporating warm colours through the use of decorative pieces.

How can I improve the aesthetics of my apartment?

Find a particular fashion that appeals to you or compile a collection of images that serve as inspiration first. 

Next, consider the fundamental components of the aesthetic that most appeal to you, such as furniture and paint colours. 

First, visit thrift stores to acquire some one-of-a-kind pieces; then, visit department stores and shop online for home furnishings that are tailored to your particular aesthetic.

What exactly does “aesthetic room decor” offers?

The goal of aesthetic room decor is to make the appearance of your preferred style more elegant and attractive. 

You can still have a gorgeous apartment aesthetic that speaks to your personal decorating taste even if you favour a style that is more eclectic or minimalist.

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